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Mine forever episode 29

💛 Mine forever 💛
( Attracted to each other )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 29
Alexander’s Pov~
“What did you say?” I asked in anger to the officer on call.
“He got escaped. I am sorry Mr. Pearce but we are currently doing our best to get hold of him.
Our best teams are out there searching for him. Do not worry Sir, we will handle this. Please….”
I disconnected the call without listening further and cursed at him.
We all gathered at my parents’ home right now. Mom invited us for dinner, just a small family gathering for scarlet returning home safe and sound.
But they are unaware of the fact that she is still in danger as that asshole Vince is still out there planning to destroy our peace.
“What happened?” Ashton came out to the garden area and asked me with concern.
“Vince.., escaped.”
“How the hell did that happen?”
“Lucca Donati…”
“Oh damn him. F**k! Now what…?”
Baxter might be able to track or something. Let our girls be home unaware of the situation.
I don’t want them to panic; besides Scarlet is already shaken with all that happened with her.”
“Yeah that’s right and we will tighten the security much more than ever. I’ll call more guards to protect our house as well as the surrounding neighborhood.” Ashton said while taking out his cellphone.
“Kids… don’t let them come out of the house. Tell our maid Miss. Andy to keep them inside and be vigilant. I don’t know, anything can happen and we have to be careful.”
I said with concern while thinking about every possible precaution to be taken to keep all my family safe.
“I know. Alex, I think few of us should stay home with them. It will be safer and we can be in contact updating ourselves with the situations…Yeah?” He said with a thought.
‘Yes, that’s a good idea. I need Maximo and Ray with me. Baxter will be working with his team in his apartment.”
“Okay, I’ll be here with them along with dad and Derek. I’ll inform these plans to Derek as well as dad so that we all can tackle problems together.”
“Yeah, let’s go inside.” I said while keeping a calm face and headed inside with Ashton.
“Where were you both boys? We are waiting for you two. Come on now.” Estelle grabbed our hands and led us to the dining room.
I saw Scarlet with concerned eyes and I walked towards her side and placed a kiss on her head, giving a warm smile.
She instantly felt relaxed a bit and turned to look at the others. I know how she is feeling right now and have lot of questions to ask.
But right now we have other matters to handle so we will have our talk later when everything is over.
The family was happy and having dinner with content and peace while having discussions and other silly conversations.
On the other hand, I was on a calculative thought of formulating a plan to get hold of Vince. Scarlet placed her hand on mine and I came out of my thoughts while I looked at her.
Her smile is the one thing I would die for and to keep her happy I will do everything possible.
I will not allow him to take her away from me.
I kissed her back of the hand and reassured her that everything is fine.
Once when dinner was done, Scarlet and Taylor sat together having a conversation with each other.
Taylor recovered from her injuries and is fine now. Kids were playing around with Derek and Ray.
Mom, Estelle and dad were having a discussion regarding something with excitement.
I was standing with Ashton and it was time for me to leave.
So we both pretended to have a discussion regarding an office matter and I cleared my throat for everyone’s attention.
“I am sorry everyone. An urgent matter has come up at the office and so I need go to attend it.”
Taylor and Estelle groaned while kids protested. Mother instantly stood up with wide eyes.
“Son…. Can’t it wait…At least for tonight, we need to do so much and…” Estelle grabbed her shoulder and made her stop saying anything further.
Mom immediately placed both hands on her mouth. Definitely they are up to something but now it’s not the time to enquire about that matter.
Scarlet was looking scared again and that expression upsets me a lot but I still hold myself together.
“It is important so I’ll have to leave. All of you rest and don’t wait up for me. I will wrap up the matter for once and for all.” I said with urgency.
Ashton supported me.
“Don’t you worry… Go and finish it off soon. We will be fine. Dealing such business is important right dad?”
“Yeah… But…okay son. Take care of it and be back soon.” Dad said with a smile.
“Thanks’ dad.”
Ashton said will discuss the matter with dad and Derek now and patted on my back and went over to them.
Scarlet came forward to me and hugged me instantly in a tight grip.
“Is everything okay?” She asked in a small voice.
I was making her calm down while rubbing her back.
“Everything is fine Dove. I will be back soon.”
“I…I am scared.”
“Shhh… I am there for you. I will protect you. I love you Dove.”
She took a deep breath and looked into my eyes.
She was on the verge of tears. I pulled her closer to me and gently kissed her lips filled with love and care.
Tears rolled down on her cheeks while I kissed her with all my emotions.
I wiped away the tears with both of my thumb pads while holding her cheeks.
She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down and I gave her a smile, hugged her once again and kissed on her head. She is so fragile right now and I don’t want to leave her side.
But, I need to go now for her…for us and for everyone else.
We were at Baxter’s Apartment right now.
“Can you find out Baxter?” I asked him while pacing back and forth.
Ray was having a conversation with the security team assigned at home and Maximo was on call with his secretary.
Suddenly I got a call from an unknown number.
“It’s James Knight here. Where are you now?”
“James. I am at Baxter’s place? Why? And that asshole got escaped… ”
“Hmmm, I know. Lucca Donati is a powerful man but not as powerful as the others.
Lucca have few places here as hideouts in the form of clubs. Vince was being taken towards one of his club.”
“What do you mean was?”
“Well, I am not an idiot to totally rely on the damn FBI squad and men in blue to escort him behind bars.
That’s purely bullshit and the ones who had taken him by road were his men.
Few cops were on their side, they had it all planned out.
I had my men follow them and have captured Vince.”
“How did you…”
“Alexander Pearce, I know them damn well. Just come over to my place and we will talk about the rest.”
Saying he disconnected the call.
“Guys…! Vince has been captured by James Knight’s men. We need to go at his place.” I said to them and Maximo smirked.
“Oh that bastard is faster than me. I knew this would happen so I had my men follow them too. But his people got him first. Damn him! ”
“Why didn’t you tell us about it? You idiot…!” Ray muttered and I glared at him.
“Oh I thought you know that such things are bound to happen when a mafia is involved.” He said while shrugging his shoulders.
“Baxter, I want you to look into James Knight.”
“You don’t know about The Knights?” Maximo asked with wide eyes.
“Well, should I? Do you Ray?”
“No. I don’t think so.” Ray said with a deep thought.
“He is a business man in the US just like you Alex. Hey, check this out.
He has a business empire set up all around the world.
This guy is way more famous than you. Man.” Baxter started talking but was interrupted by Maximo.
“Once when we reach at his place, you all will get to know who the hell he is. Now come one, let’s go.
The knights are waiting for us.”


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