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meilin reborn episode 6 & 7

( Battle for the heart and throne )


By Authoress Rhema 🧁



A blue vortex opened and Den stepped out with Fen and Boi, they were all dressed like humans.

“Woah, what is this place” Boi [email protected], looking around.

“It’s earth” Fen replied.

From the look of things they were on the mere road, a speed car just [email protected] them and Boi screamed.

He immediately hid at Den’s back.

“What was that?” He asked, his legs shaking really [email protected]

“I think it’s a vehicle” Den replied.

“Gosh this place is so weird” Fen said, looking at everything, the houses, the trees, everywhere.

“You’ll get used to it” Den replied.

“So highness what do we…

“It’s Angie, start call me Angie, don’t call me highness” Den cought Boi off.

“Sorry your highness…

“What did I just tell you” Den sighed and [email protected] his forehead.

“Oh my high.. I mean Angie” Boi smiled, showing off his white teeth.

“So dum” Fen scoffed.

“So let’s give us a quic-k test, Fen what’s your name?” Den asked.

“Rick” Fen replied immediately.

“Boi?” Den asked.

“Angie” Boi replied and both Den and Fen glared at him.

“What isn’t it Angie?” Boi asked, looking innocent and unaware.

“Highness I think you should s£nd him home” Fen said and Den gave him a look.

“Sorry Angie” Fen corrected.

“Listen up Boi, your name is Elvis, once we get to the school, answer the name Elvis un-derstood” Den instructed.

“Copied high… I mean Angie” Boi corrected.

“Good, what should you call me?” Den asked.

“Highness” Boi replied and Fen [email protected] his forehead.

“You’re so dum, you’re going to disgrace us” Fen complained.

“What should you call me Boi?” Den glared at him this time, his eyes turning yellow.

“Angie, yes Angie, I’ll call you Angie plea-se don’t hurt me” Boi corrected himself immediately.

“Good, let’s go look for where to stay first” Den smiled and began leaving while they followed him.

“Angie I really don’t get, aren’t we supposed to go to bliss college first?” Fen asked.

“It’s not yet time for their exams if you check the time is still 4:30am, humans should be slee-ping by now” Den replied.

“So what are we gonna do till then?” Boi asked.

“Look for a h0tel to stay, we’ll also need to get some humans stuffs we’ll need when we resume the school” Den replied again.

“Sorry what is a h0tel?” Fen asked.

“It’s like a small comfortable shelter for humans to settle down if they move into an environment newly or like if there’s a sudden emergency” he answered.

“Woah how do you know all these?” Boi asked, feeling amazed.

“Because I re-ad books” Den smiled.

“So how are we going to get to the h0tel?” Fen asked

“Like this, hold my hand” he said, stretching his both hands out for them.

They held it and before they knew it, they found themselves in another place.

It was beautiful house, it… They can’t even describe it.

“This is Shanghai h0tel, we are in Shanghai China” Den answered their question without them asking.

“Woah, it’s beautiful, let’s go in now” Boi [email protected]pped.

“Hmm” Den nodded and walked up to the receptionist who was slee-ping on a chair at the reception.

“What do we do?” Boi whispered and Fen tapped him lightly, silently telling him to keep shut.

Den cleared his throat before speaking.

“Ni hao(hello)” he waved.

The male receptionist immediately opened his eyes.

“We need a room” Den said politely.

The receptionist sighed and sat down.

“I guess it must be so urgent for you to come this early in the morning, what are your names?” The man asked.

“I’m Angie and this are my friends, Rick and Elvis” Den replied.

“Oh” the man nodded and did somethings before looking at them.

“Your room will cost 13,000CN¥” he told them.

“No problem” Den smiled and di-pped his hands in his pocket, then counted some cash, he handed it to the man.

“Room 149, here’s the key” he said to them.

Den smiled and collected it.

“Thanks, Elvis, Rick let’s go” he called out and began leaving.

Fen and Boi rushed after him immediately.

“Highness, you’re so cool” Boi gushed

“He alre-ady told you that it’s Angie” Fen snapped.

“Sorry” Boi apologized with a [email protected]ûghty smile.

Den just shook his head and chuckled.


Another vortex opened and Kai jumped out of it, he looked at everywhere confusedly before the vortex closed.

It was like he’s on the.. A speed car moved [email protected] him and he jumped.

“What is this place” he muttered while looking around, he looked totally lost like he don’t know where to start.

He sighed and closed his eyes then stretched his palms and the book Chuyun gave him appeared on it.

He began opening the pages and going throu-gh it till he found out that he was on the mere road.

“What now” he muttered and the book opened by itself.

It says, st©p a cab and go to a near by h0tel.

Wait what the hell is a h0tel!!, He frowned [email protected] as he pondered on that question.

The book opened again.

~ A h0tel is a small comfortable room a person can stay at, for the meantime ~

“Oh” he muttered and another car [email protected] him again and he jumped.

“This place is too scary” he muttered and rubbe-d his forearm.

A taxi then st©pped at his front and whined down.

“Going somewhere?” The taxi man asked

“A h0tel” he replied.

“Which h0tel?”

“Any” he replied.

“Alright come in, fly h0tel is not to far from here, it’ll just cost you 15 yuan” the cab said.

“Yuan?” Kia asked.

His book wanted to open again but he held it really ti-ght.

“Money” the cab man creased his browns as he said that.

Who won’t know the meaning of yuan in China??

“Oh I don’t have any money” Kia replied.

“You don’t, just where the hell did you come from??” The cab driver snapped.

“I said I don’t have money, will you take me or not!!” Kia said angrily and something in his eyes made the cab man shuddered in fear.

“Come in, I’ll drop you I see you’re new to China” the cab man said fearfully as he opened the door for Kia to enter.

Kia entered and closed the door, the ride was very silent because Kia had just entered with a strong aura.

The cab man finally got to fly h0tel and he st©pped his taxi.

“We are here” he announced.

Kai nodded and [email protected]£ down, he took two steps forward before turning back to the cab man.

“Can you lend me some of your yuans?” He asked.

The cab man nodded as if he was [email protected], he opened his tiny locker and brou-ght out his money.

“Here, take them” he gave it to him.

Kia didn’t smile, he just collected it and walked out without looking back at the cab man.

He got to the reception and it turns out that he was at the same h0tel with Den.

He met the male receptionist slee-ping, he looked at him then looked at everywhere confusedly before ban-ging his fist on the table.

The receptionist immediately spranged up, he looked up and the moment he saw Kai’s face, he stood up and rushed to hide at the back of his chair.

Kia wasn’t surprised, when he was still at the Ouze palace, each times he come out, a lot of people start hiding from him but he doesn’t care, that’s what he loves.

“Can I get a room?” He asked.

“Yes plea-se what number?” The receptionist asked with a shaky voice.


“Sorry I mean a room will cost 13,000CN¥” he replied.

“That’s Yuan right?” Kia creased his brows.


Kia di-pped his hands in his pocket and counted some money, infact he didn’t know how to count it.

He just placed everything on the table.

“Count it yourself” he said.

The receptionist immediately counted 13,000 and gave him the remaining change.

“Your room number is 150, here’s your key, it’s my the left there’s a tag on the door” he gave Kia the key.

Kia nodded and took it then walked into the h0tel, he kept looking at the doors till he saw 150.

Guessing it’s his, he moved to the door, he didn’t even know how to open the door so he broke it and entered in.


8:30am, ROOM 149**

“Wake up” Den screamed and Fen spranged up with Boi.

“Is it time to go your highness?” Boi asked sleepily.

“St©p calling me your highness!!” Den gro-an ed.

“Sorry Angie” Boi corrected.

“Ofcourse it’s time to go, get up you both or I’ll shock you” he warned.

Fen and Boi stood up immediately.

“So now listen carefully, once we step out of this h0tel, don’t ever call me Highness or prince Den, it’s going to be Angie till I complete my mission” he said.

“Yes Angie” Fen and Boi nodded.

“And the both of you, go with the name Rick and Elvis till we are done un-derstood?” He instructed

“Yes Angie” they replied again.

Angie, Rick and Elvis both stepped out of the room, they are about taking a step forward when someone walked [email protected] them.

Angie st©pped immediately, Rick and Elvis st©pped with him.

“Did you both felt that?” He asked.

“Feel what high… I mean Angie?” Elvis immediately corrected

“Like a dark aura or something” he replied.

“Maybe you’re over thinking” Rick said.

Angie sighed and nodded, he doesn’t have time to think so he’ll just take it like he’s over thinking.

“Let’s go” he said and they both left with him.



“Another day of boring, how I hate Mondays” Gianna yawned and sat straight on the be-d.

“Better get your a*s up, [email protected] will start any minute from now” Nevaeh who had alre-ady showered and dress said.

“You’re very wicked, you’ve bath and dressed but you couldn’t wake me” Gianna pouted.

“Why should I, wanted you to learn how to wake up on your own” Nevaeh rolled her eyes.

“And you know clearly that’s it those three cans of coke that allowed me to sleep this much” Gianna scoffed.

“Will you get up alre-ady, dress up and let’s have a bite before going to [email protected] urgh!!” Nevaeh gro-an ed.

Gianna scoffed and stood up, she went to the bathroom and took a quic-k bath then changed into her cute printed pinafore and a white pair of snickers.

“All set” she smiled and began leaving.

“You forgot your bag pack” Nevaeh reminded her in a deadpan tone and Gianna turned back immediately.

“Oh my” she [email protected] and rushed to take her bag pack then arranged the books she’ll be needing to for today’s lecture.

“Now I’m done” she smiled.

“Shh, who forgets their bag pack in their hostel and goes for a [email protected]” Nevaeh scoffed.

“This weirdo right here” Gianna smiled.

“Thank God you know” Nevaeh chuckled and took her hands, pu-lling her to the direction of the cafeteria.



Nevaeh and Gianna both stepped out of the cafeteria after ordering some donuts and milkshakes.

“So do you know that the school entrance exam is today?” Gianna asked.

“Who doesn’t know that” Nevaeh replied.

“I know but I can’t wait to see who will join us, I hope we get one more girl to come stay with us at our h0tel” Gianna gushed.

“One more girl??, I’m okay with just that both of us plea-se” Nevaeh rolled her eyes

They got to the [email protected] and where about entering when those three pain in the n£¢k, Violet Isla and Lucy walked [email protected] them, purposely bu-mping into them and pushing them.

Since Gianna was the kind of girl that don’t have stamina she fell flat on the ground and everyone began laughing at her.

“To hell with all of you” Nevaeh seethed, she raised Gianna up and dragged her to her seat.

“Thank you” Gianna smiled.

“Who’s re-ady for today’s history” the history lecturer, Prof Chao said as he entered.

The students began murmuring but he didn’t mind them,he just turned to the board with his chalk.

“Today we’ll be talking about the great wall of China” he said.

Violet rolled her eyes and brou-ght out her make up, she began [email protected] herl-ips, while Isla and Lucy were secretly pressing their phones.

They never liked [email protected] anyways.



The selected [email protected]£s for the exams were lead into the hall.

They were all instructed to settle down, everyone are sitting one on one and they are going to be using a computer to write their exam.

Elvis kept looking at his computer with a squee-zed face, it looks so weird, he don’t even un-derstand how to work it.

“Angie how do I operate this?” He asked and before Angie could answer, the female invigilator beats him to it.

“Hey no talking, I’ll just let this slide but the next time I catch you, you’d leave the hall” she warned.

Elivs closed his mouth immediately.

*Elivs if you have any questions, we can communicate throu-gh mind link* Rick said in his mind and Elvis heard it.

*My gosh, I didn’t think of that* he smiled.

*You never think anything* Rick eyed him.

*You can operate the [email protected]©p by cl!çk!ng on the keyboard, if the answer is A, cli-ck A, if it’s B, cli-ck B, C, cli-ck C* Angie st©pped the argument with his explanation.

*But…. I don’t know the answer* Elivs pouted.

*Me too* Rick added

Angie sighed and closed his eyes

*Then I’ll teach you, I forgot that I’m the only one who re-ads books* Angie rolled his eyes.

*What’s number one plea-se Angie?” Elivs pleaded.

*Pick D* Angie replied.

*2?* Rick asked.

*Pick A* Angie replied again.

*Number 3?*



*C again*….

Kia kept looking at the [email protected]©p, he also didn’t know how to operate it.

He looked left and right and spre-ad out his palm, his book appeared but he’s the only one that can see it.

“How can I solve this?” He asked.

“Who talked?” The invigilator asked and everywhere turned silent.

The book opened and Kia saw the solution to his problem.

“I do not know the answer” he said again and the Invigilator heard him.

“That boy, get up” she ordered and he stood up.

“Your name?” She asked.

He looked at her face, their eyes met and hee heart skipped out of fear, first was his strange handsomeness, second was his dark aura.

“Zachary” he replied nonchalantly.

“I’m sorry, you were not the one I wanted to call, plea-se sit down” she said in a shaky voice.

Zachary sat down and Angie creased his brows.

He was not blind to see that the woman was shaking in fear, she would have almost fall if she wasn’t holding her table.

However he decided not to pound too much on that matter, he has a mission to do, his first mission on earth.

Zachary looked at his books that opened, he began seeing all the answers to his questions and he began picking it.


“Times up!!” The invigilator announced and the whole system went shut.

Some students began complaining Because they were not able to finish.

“Why are you complaining, there was a limited time wasn’t there?” The invigilator hissed and crossed her arms.

“You may leave now” she said.

Students stood up and began leaving grumpily.

“Angie” Rick called when he got to him.

“Rick” Angie smiled and looked at his side to see Elvis coming.

“Hope you guys did well in your exam, hope you finished?” He asked.

“Yes” they nodded.

“Good wait for me outside, I have to check out on something” he ordered.

“Okay Angie, Elvis let’s go” Rick took Elvis hands and dragged him out.

Angie smiled before leaving the hall, his plan was to go look for that girl and see how she looks like live even though he saw her face in his memory.

Zachary also stepped out of the hall, he was about walking out of the school building but st©pped.

“What if I look for the girl and kill her so I can live this weird place today?” He thought.

He then nodded deciding that, that was what he would do right now.

He turned back to the school building and entered.


HISTORY [email protected]**

“That’s all for today’s [email protected]” Prof Chao concluded.

Students began covering their notes.

Prof Chao took his text book and turned to leave but paused when he saw Gianna slee-ping.

“Gianna” he yelled and she spranged up immediately.

“What?, What… Sir you called me?” She said and the whole [email protected] bur-st out into laughter.

“Very funny, everyone give your note book to Gianna and you have 30 seconds to take them to my office or else you’ll get an F in your upcoming exam” Prof Chao said and left.

No one dares joke with Prof Chao, when he says something he means it.

“Everyone your note now” Gianna yelled, she rushed table by table, collecting everyone’s notebook.

“Ana calm down Prof Chao…

Gianna didn’t listen to Nevaeh, she collected her note, collected Violet Isla and Lucy notes even though they were reluctant to give her.

Jett didn’t come to [email protected] today so less problem, she collect Colton’s note and by the time she was done, her legs were shaking.

After carrying the books properly, she rushed out of the [email protected] immediately.

Thirty seconds, no time.

She kept running down the stairs as fast as she could and at the same time trying not to drop a notebook till she bu-mped into someone.

The notebooks fell of her hands like it was nothing, not just the notebooks, she was about falling too.

She shut her eyes ti-ght expecting to see herself rolling down the stairs but someone held her hand ti-ght, someone strong held her and pu-ll-ed her to himself.

Her hands landed on his shoulders and his hands on her [email protected]!st.

She slowly looked up at him and suddenly her breath st©pped working, she st©pped breathing.

He was so handsome.


N/B: Angie as Den, Rick as Fen, Elvis as Boi and Zachary as Kia. That’ll be their names from now on so don’t get confused

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