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meilin reborn episode 4 & 5

( Battle for the heart and throne )


By Authoress Rhema 🧁


Kia looked up the moment he heard her.

“Yes your highness, I’m re-ady for any mission” he replied.

“This one will be different from other missions, are you sure you’re re-ady for it?” She asked.

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“Yes your highness, I will do anything to serve the Ouze palace” he replied with pure determination.

‘I love how determined and serious he is about everything’ Daiyu gushed in her mind as she watched him with a smile.

Chuyun smiled raised her hands for the maids beside her to help her up.

Three held her from the left, three from the right and they all raised her up.

“This time you’ll be going to earth” Chuyun said and Kia gave her a confused look.

“Your highness, I don’t un-derstand” he said.

“I’ll be s£nding you to earth for the mission” she said and he mouthed an “oh”.

“What you’ll need to do is to apply for the entrance exam into bliss college, look for any girls with a kind and pure heart and kill them, keep killing them till there are no more kind girls left” she ordered.

Kia thought for a while before looking at her.

“I have no problem with it” he replied.

“Good, you’ll leave first thing tomorrow, according to my research their entrance exam is starting tommorow, go and apply for it, get into the school do your job and come back” she added.

“Yes your highness” he bowed.

“You may rise” Chuyun smiled and he rose up immediately.

“Good, I’ll tell the maids to escort you to the dressing room for your make over” she said and he nodded.

Chuyun turned back to the maids.

“Go with him” she ordered.

They bowed at once and escorted him out of the palace.

“I’ll go tell some painters to sketch the kind of cloth he would wear” Daiyu said and Chuyun nodded so she left.

Chuyun sighed and walked back to her throne then sat down.

“Xia Meilin, even after you’re gone you’re still giving troubles” she said in anger.



“The angel of light has arrived” a guard announced and all the chiefs, general, maids and guards bowed immediately.

Two guards rushed to open the hvge gate to the Grand hall immediately, the moment they opened it, they bowed also.

Slowly a handsome young tall man, putting on a smooth white gamete found his way in with his two personal guards following him from behind.

His face carried a lot of warmth, his face looked light and young, he looked very handsome too, pointed nose, soft eyes, thinl-ips, thin sculpted tall face, tall height and good b©dy…

“Greetings Angel of light” they greeted him all at once.

He just smiled in response before walking up to the Jade queen and king, he st©pped at their front and went on his knees, his guards knelt behind him.

“Greetings your majesty, your highness” he greeted, his voice sounded smooth and light too.

“You may rise my son” the king replied and he rose up, he bowed and walked up to a small throne then sat down.

Ofcourse, he’s a royal.

He’s the king and queen son, his name is prince Den the angel of light, he’s 2000 of age and his powers deals with controlling lights.

He is the eldest in his family, he has two younger sister who are twins and he’s the only son.

He’s sisters are the angel of flowers, their powers is to grow flowers but they are not here today because they are in school, a royal school.

“Father, you called for me?” Den asked.

The king smiled and looked at him.

“Den, the heavens have chos£n you to take [email protected] in a mission this year” he said.

Den smiled revea-ling his dimples, his cute dimples.

“Wow I’m honored” he replied.

“Good, have you heard about the famous princess Xia Meilin?” The queen asked.

Den thought for a while before nodding.

“An ancient princess who died years back” he replied.

“Good I’m glad you do re-ad books, the heavens has marked that her recanalization will take place in a human b©dy and you’ve been @ssigned to protect that human” the king said.

“A human?” Den creased his brows.

“Yes a female on earth, she’s also a college student and her life is in danger because the enemies will be after her very soon” the king replied.

“But father I might not know what the girl might look like” Den said confusedly and the king smiled.

“Close your eyes” the king said.

Den closed his eyes and the king chanted somethings to him, he opened his eyes after few minutes and smiled.

“I’ve seen her” Den smiled.

“Good I’ll tell the maids to give you some make over and you’ll go to earth with a new name and personality” the king said.

“Alright father” Den nodded.



Gianna secretly [email protected]£ here all by herself, she didn’t tell Nevaeh that she was coming to the bookstore today.

Last night she couldn’t sleep.

She remembered standing up from the be-d and doing some jumping jacks so she could forget about that book.

Seeing that jumping jacks wasn’t working, she did some night yoga but it didn’t work either.

Now she found herself in this bookstore again.

She walked in with a casual smile and greeted the casher before going to the store at the back.

She stylishly brou-ght out her phone and stylishly opened the novel.

Peeped if the woman was looking, seeing that the woman was not, she began taking some pictures of it, she took like up to thirty pages before getting a comic book.

She walked up to the cashier and payed for the comic at the same time, silently asking God for forgiveness inwardly.

Finally she’s out of the store, it’s a Sunday and she’s not planning to go back into the school for now, she would have to re-ad this book in peace and there’s only one place that gives her peace.

She smiled to herself and jogged her way to only God knows where.


The sign board says THE FORBIDDEN, DO NOT ENTER but who cares.

For all she knows, she has been coming here for ages and nothing has been happening to her.

Well every humans must have something to gossip about or set a rumour about, there’s this rumor that’ve been going on for so long now, by so long I’m talking about years.

It says, thousand of years ago, someone was cold-bloodedly murdered in this building.

There haven’t been justice for the person yet so the person spirit keeps roaming about and looking for who to take it’s anger out on.


That’s what Gianna believes, they are all lies just like the lies they do make up to write a supernatural story.

One thing she loves about this place is that it’s surrendered with flowers, different kinds of flowers especially fresh Roses.

Although she hasn’t been inside the building before, she believe it’ll be beautiful just like the outside.

She has always wanna go in but that’s the forbidden, it’s locked with strong padlocks, there are over ten locks on the door.

Trust her, if that door wasn’t locked then she’d have entered and do a lot of things in by now.

Gianna smiled and dusted the rock, she dropped the comic book on the floor, maybe she’ll give it to Nevaeh later but now it’s this book and her.

She opened her gallery and began viewing the pictures one by one as she re-ad each lines with pure seriousness.


Chuyun and Daiyu both flew back to the palace, today they had just did what they have always wanted to do.

They just killed their sister, not like they killed her even though her spirit is still alive, they destroyed her b©dy and banished her to an unknown place.

“What’s next?” Daiyu asked the moment they st©pped at the palace.

“Taking care of Mom and Dad” Chuyun replied.

They both smiled to themselves as they went in, the moment they got in, guards welcomed them.

“Princess Chuyun and Daiyu have both arrived” a guard announced and everyone went on their knees.

Chuyun and Daiyu both walked up to the queen and king and bowed at their front.

“Greetings mother, father” they greeted.

“Where’s Xia Meilin?” The queen asked, straight to the point.

“Xia Meilin?, You didn’t even ask if we got injured in the battle we faced?” Chuyun frowned.

“Will you answer my question, where is your sister!!” The queen growled.

“She’s dead” Daiyu replied.

“What!!!” The king screamed and everyone bowed down even more including Chuyun and Daiyu.

“I dare you to say that again!!” The king said angrily

“I’m sorry father” Chuyun replied lowly and bowed.

“No” the queen shook her head and fainted on her throne.

“Mother” Daiyu stood up along with Chuyun.

“My queen” the king called with a shaky voice.

“Mother!!, quic-k get the doctor” Chuyun yelled and some guards immediately rushed out.

“Mother” Daiyu cried, tapping her mother lightly.


After checking up on the queen it was stated that’ll she’ll fall into a de-ep comma and might not wake up for years.

The King always stay by her side, meditating without eating or slee-ping.

He have been doing it for days now.

The door slowly opened and Chuyun stepped in with Daiyu.

“It’s time” she said.

“What are you planning to do?” Daiyu asked.

[email protected] the king, make sure no one enters” Chuyun ordered and Daiyu nodded.

Chuyun sat on the floor and closed her eyes, some dark smokes appeared behind her as she did some f!nger formations.

Her mouth whispering some spells and slowly the some dark smokes moved to the king and queen, surrending them both.

“From now on, you’ll do whatever I ask of you” Chuyun whispered with a low sm-irk.


Inside the ground hall, days later.

“Imperial order, the king has decided to give the title of the crown princess to his first daughter Xia Chuyun” the king personal counselor announced.

Chuyun smiled as a maid took the crown and wore it on her head.

Everyone, the guards, the maids, the elders, the chiefs, the generals all bowed all at once.

“Greetings crown princess, may the crown princess live long” they greeted.


Gianna swiped her phone for the next chapter but it was finished.

“No no no there has to be more, there has to me more!!” She almost cried as a result of frustration.

re-ading it was as thought she was inside there, watching everything that happened life.

Why did it end, just why!!

She pouted and stood up.

“Another day of suspense, I can’t believe those princess did that to their sister and parents, if I was there I’d have smatched their face with my fist!, I’ll punch them,I’ll kick them!!” She lamented as she punched the air, imagining it as the two princesses.


She frozed immediately and turned back with a funny expression on her face.

“What are you doing here, let’s get out of here hurry” Nevaeh said, her legs were shaking like she was de-eply afraid.

“Bush” she shook her head.

*I wanna stay here for a bit more” she added with a pout.

“plea-se now is not the time to be stubborn, it’s extremely dark, let’s go before I pee on my [email protected]” Nevaeh pleaded.

Gianna looked at everywhere and realized it was dark alre-ady.

“plea-se let’s go, I’ll buy you anything you want” Nevaeh pleaded.

“I want to drink three cans of coke this night” Gianna sm-irked.

“Consider it done now let’s go” Nevaeh pleaded even more, she was almost crying.

Gianna smiled and picked up the comic she bought then her phone, she rushed to Nevaeh and gave it to her.

“I got it for you” she smiled.

“Thank you let’s go, don’t you know it’s dangerous to come here” Nevaeh said, rushing out of the building with her.

“Lies!!” Gianna replied.



The maids dragged the giant mirror at the front of Kia.

“General Kia, you can open your eyes now” one of them said.

Kia slowly opened his eyes as it wi-de-ned slightly, he almost couldn’t believe his eyes.

He wanted to [email protected] and scream but he didn’t, the maids standing beside him knew he was kinda surprised even though his facial expression didn’t show anything.

Where was his long hair?, Was the first thing that [email protected]£ to his mind, his hair is now short, plus what is he wearing??

He doesn’t un-derstand what he was transformed into, was this how the earthlings dress??, If it’s so then he’s given them zero out of a ten.

He slowly stood up, he’s putting on a dark jacket and a t-shi-t inside with a ti-ght fitting jeans that made him look a lot more s*xier in the eyes.

Infact the clothing just made his whole perfectly built b©dy more visible in the eyes, some maids had forgotten what to do and began drooling over him.

However Kia didn’t mind them, he was still too busy, staring at himself in the mirror with creased brows until the door opened and everyone turned back to see Chuyun and Daiyu.

They bowed immediately.

“Greetings crown princess and princess Daiyu” they greeted.

“You may rise” Chuyun replied and they all stood up.

“He really looks like those earthlings” Daiyu gushed.

“Hmm, good job guys, you may all leave expect Kia” Chuyun ordered.

Everyone bowed left.

“Your highness” Kia bowed.

“This is how you’ll look and dress from now on and your name is no longer Kia, from now on you’ll go with the name Zachery Chen” Chuyun said.

“Yes my lady” Kia nodded.

“Good” Chuyun opened her palms and a book appeared on it.

“I’m other to live like a human, you’ll need to have this book, it’ll guard you on everything you wanna do” she said, sanding the book to him.

He collected it and bowed.

“Thank you your highness” he bowed.

Chuyun didn’t reply, she just turned around and left, Kia was still waiting for Daiyu to leave but it feels like she’s not leaving anytime soon.

He lifted his face up and almost [email protected], her face was super close to his.

“Highness” he called in a whisper when he saw her gaze fixed on hisl-ips.

Daiyu paid him no attention, she continued leaning closer and just as herl-ips were about to t©uçh his, he looked elsewhere.

“I think you should leave now princess Daiyu” he said coldly but still trying to maintain his cool.

Daiyu sm-irked. The guts he has to s£nd her out!!

She stared at him again.

*You’ll be mine sooner or later* she said in her mind then turned around and left.

Kia immediately shut the door after her and sighed.



Den kept staring at his reflection in the mirror with a weird look on his face.

“Your highness, you look handsome” Fen, one of his personal b©dyguard said.

“It’s what I’ve been trying to tell him” Boi, his second personal guard added.

“How can I start dressing this way, it’s weird, even my long hair has been murdered” he said, tou-ching his alre-ady short hair.

“Your highness, if you ask me, you look more handsome than…

Before Fen could complete what he wanted to say, the door bur-st opened and two teenage girls, dressed in a long rope rushed in.

“Gege” Ling called happily.

“We heard the gist about you” Shine added.

They both rushed to him and held his arms at once.

Those are his twin sisters, Ling and Shine the angel of flower, they are both teenage girls of 900 years old.

“You’re back from school” he smiled.

“Hmm, so are you really going to earth, will I never see you again?” Ling asked in tears.

“Come on Ling, he’s not gone forever” shine rolled her eyes.

“Shine is right, I’m not gone forever, I’ll come back soon” Den smiled and stroked Ling’s hair.

“But I’ll still miss you” Ling pouted.

“St©p being a baby Ling!” Shine snapped.

“Why are you so happy that he’s leaving, so that you can bring your lovers home!!” Ling snapped back at Shine.

“Who told you that I have a lover” Shine eyed her.

“Shh, I know you want him to go so you can do whatever you like, you can [email protected] your friends and not do your homework” Ling scoffed.

“That’s not true” Shine gritted her teeth.

“It is!, Gege Shine has become so lazy these days you should check her report card, she…

Shine immediately pounced on Ling and blocked her mouth.

“Get of me!!” Ling struggled.

Den sighed and snapped his f!ngersand they both disappeared from his room.

“Those twins never seems to amaze me” Boi laughed.

“Hmm but for real we’ll miss you” Fen muttered.

“Why?” Den asked.

“Because you’re leaving and we are always used to be staying by your side” Boi pouted.

“And you both will” Den replied.

“Your highness?” They both chorused.

“The both of you will disguse as a human and come with me, Fen you’ll go with the name Rick and Boi you’ll go with the name Elvis” Den shurgged.

“For real?” Fen asked and Den nodded.

“What about you your highness, what will be your name?” Boi asked.

Den thought for a while before smiling.

“I’ll go with the name Angie” he replied.


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