masked melody episode 71 & 72


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EPISODES 71 & 72


The ray of the sun coming in through the window hit Goddess on the face, she turned around facing the other side while covering herself properly

Her room door made way as Stacy matched towards her on the bed

“Is she still sleeping?” She asked surprised, Goddess is always the first to wake up

No liquor bottle on the floor, no empty pack of cigarettes, it was just her sleeping peacefully like a baby

“Since when did you start sleeping till sunrise?” Stacy mumbled to herself, pulling the duvet off her

“Get up fat @ss,” she spanked Goddess @ss so hard that it turned red.

She was about spanking her again when Goddess caught her hand and sat up, using her other hand to rub her eyes before stretching herself

“Stacy, it’s still past midnight…..”

“It’s 1:20 Fat @ss,” Stacy said cutting in

Goddess raised her brows, “Pm or A. M.” She asked

“Afternoon, but kid what happened?” Stacy sat by her bedside, ready to hear the full gist

“Nothing happened, get out,” Goddess replied going down, she put on her slippers walking toward her bathroom

Stacy sat watching as her @ss clapped against each other, her transparent nightgown stopped right under her @ss

“I wish I had a d**k, I would have f**ked that @ss from behind till I die, what an @ss,” Stacy said, making a face

“Surgery can fix it….”

“As if you did surgery, stringy fellow,” Stacy scoffed


Goddess sat on her bed with a cup of coffee in her hand, while her other hand was operating the system in front of her

She’s currently going through the footage in her room, it’s unlike her to sleep without a nightmare

She never had a good night, so why today?

“Jeremy,” she mumbled, after watching the video



“Mistress,” he called gently

Goddess was silent, staring at him by the door

“I didn’t know that you were coming…..”

“You took care of me last night, does that mean you also know about my little secret?” She asked cutting in

Jeremy looked at her, he dropped the clothes in his hand walking to her

They are currently in his room

She sat on his couch Crossing her legs

“Yeah, I did Christine!” he replied and almost immediately she flung up


“What? Isn’t it your name?” He asked, staring directly into her eyes

She took in a deep breath.

“Why are you here?” Jeremy added moving closer.

“Thank you for taking care of me last night,” she replied, standing on her feet and ready to leave.

“Really? Just that?” Jeremy asked, his voice filled with emotions

“You know, I have been through a lot of things, hoping that one day I will get out of here but when that day didn’t come I started to leave and see this place as home but then, the rich married girl from the party,” he chuckled and looked at her.

“I have just one question,” he added shifting closer, so close that there was no space between them

“Did you know that it was me?” He asked, she looked up and their eyes met, she looked away

“Look me in the eyes and tell me what I need to know,” Jeremy said authoritatively

She was silent

“Are you afraid…..”

“I’m not afraid of anything!” She snapped, staring at him with those dark eyes

“Then tell me, do you?” He asked and she nodded

He scoffed unbelievably, moving away from her

“You knew and you ordered your men to torture me, I was whipped countless times, you shoot my arm just because I told you what you did was wrong, you comple……”

“I’m sorry,” she suddenly said to his shock, did she just apologize?

No, it can’t be true.

But he wasn’t buying it

“You’re sorry, is that all you know how to say? You bought me like some pic of cookie and you used me however you want knowing that I was the same person you knew from somewhere,” He said, tears finding their way out from his eyes

“It’s not my fault…..”

“Yeah, it is my fault! It is my fault that I was kidnapped at 7 and I can’t even find my way home again,” Jeremy fired back

“You knew and all this while you derive joy in seeing me in pain…..”

“life is pain!!! What I did was wrong, everything about me is wrong, I’m just that woman who wants others to feel what’s inside her, eating me up. They call you a weakling when you expose your heart, and if you don’t and it cut so deep and leaves a scar they call you a demon,” She snapped angrily

“No one can see it, I tried to start over but I don’t how to restart, I tried committing suicide twice but death ran away from me, okay? I wasn’t sure, I don’t even trust myself that’s why when my mind told me that you’re the one I had my doubts, I’m all messed up and don’t deserve forgiveness and…..” She stopped, staring at his face

Jeremy scoffed

“You hurt me without considering my feelings, even when you found out that I was the boy you still hurt me again, so why should I believe the words coming out from your mouth?.” He stopped, walking over to his closet

“I need to get out of here,” Jeremy muttered after gathering a few of his things



“I will come back as soon as I can,” Jeremy said to Melody who was sobbing softly

They are both in his car.

“You’re leaving….”

“I will come check on you, maybe after a year,” he replied and she burst into tears.

“Why? What did Mom do this time?” She asked sobbing sorrowfully, it hurts a lot.

“Nothing…..” Melody opened the car and rushed down before he could finish.

“Melody!!” Jeremy called, he went down running towards her but she rushed in and jammed the door.

He roughed his hair with watery eyes, he didn’t want to hurt her but he has to let go.

“She will be fine,” Lorenzo said by the door

Jeremy walked back to the car and brought out the huge teddy bear, he walked over to the door and handed it over to Lorenzo

“It’s my Christmas gift to her,” He said sadly

Lorenzo took it, he made to walk in but Jeremy pulled him back by his clothes

“She’s everything to me, if you hurt her I will waste you,” He said meaning every word.

“I won’t, sir,” Lorenzo replied nodding his head in support, normally he doesn’t call anybody sir

“She’s in your care,” Jeremy walked away.



Bex alighted from the car and Glassman did the same, walking over to her, he made to peck her lips but she took her head to the side

He looked at her face

“I’m not feeling too well,” she lied, making a face

Glassman stroke her hair, cupping her face, he kissed her hair and smiled

Putting his left hand in his trousers pocket he brought out a small red box, a huge smile lingering on his lips as he opened it and brought out the gold necklace

“Bex, will you be my girlfriend and give me the Honor of being your baby’s stepdad,” he asked curiously

She blinked twice, not saying a word

The silence was suffocating, his heart pounding against his chest as she did not attempt to speak up


“I’m sorry, I tried to feel it but couldn’t, the heart choose not me,” she replied and his hand Which was holding hers slowly dropped

She felt bad instantly

“Glassy, you’re a very good man and I would be the luckiest woman on earth to call you mine but the heart chooses, I’m so sorry and I hope you found love someday,” she said sadly

Glassman didn’t know when tears dropped from his eyes, she just broke his heart

He turned around walking away without saying a word, he was heartbroken.

“Glassy,” she called but he went into his car and Zoomed off, heading to Nickolas’s mansion

What would take 30 minutes took him 10, Glassy packed at the lot rushing into the house

Nickolas who was having a meeting with his board members with his laptop saw him and narrowed his gaze

“What are you ….” That was interrupted by a sudden punch that brushed his lips

Nickolas staggered back and Glassy threw another Punch at his face, he dodge and returned the punch

Before you could know it fight started

A few moments later

Glassman had a cut on his face as he staggered out of the house while Nickolas held a broken bottle in his hand

Blood gushing out from his tummy as he staggered towards the home phone, he manages to call 911 before losing consciousness



“So, after research, I found out that your mother’s sister with the name Stacy, eliminate your dad in cold blood,” Jacob the privet investigator said.

Showing Melody a picture of her Dad

“You did well by coming alone, with you and I joined together we will bring your father’s killer to justice…..”

“My mom’s sister will never kill Dad,” Melody said fighting back tears

“I bet your mother has never said anything about him to you or has she??” He asked

Melody shook her head negatively

“That’s because she can’t tell you how horrible she and her sister is to eliminate your father just to have his wealth,” Jacob added

Melody stood, taking her purse along

“I’m going home,” she said walking out, not waiting for his response

Jacob called someone immediately after she left.

“I have her,” Jacob said over the phone



“Dad, I can’t stay here for so long, get me out,” Michael yelled

“You will be out soon son, I’m still speaking with your lawyer,”

“Make it fast, I’m losing it, how can a senator’s son be behind bars?” He ranted

“I will son,” his father replied

An office walked in telling them that his visiting hours were over, Micheal was taken back to jail, and immediately after he entered

Eight guys were waiting for him

“Rapist,” One of them mumbled, going closer

The one who seems like their boss has already taken off his trousers

“What are you doing? Noo….. Daddy!!!!” He screamed terrified, another person covered his mouth, pushing a dirty towel Into his mouth

They made him hold the wall, bending over as the one who seem to be their leader shove his Erotic d**k straight into his @ss In the most cruel way ever.


“It hurts so bad!!”

“My @ss,”



“You’re the worst mother on this planet earth, I hate you, I hate that I came from a wench like you, I hate that you’re even my mother and if I can disown you I will do it…..”

“Melody!!!” Stacy shouted, she couldn’t believe that she will speak to her mother in such manner

Goddess on the other side just face the window not saying a thing

“What?? You were her accomplice, if she knew that she wasn’t gonna be a good Mom why did she have children?” Melody fired back angrily

Zion and Bex just stood by the door watching

“You’re lucky,” Goddess finally said turning her face to her

“Oh really, for what? First, you sent Zion’s dad away and now Jeremy, you, and Stacy k*lled my Dad. What will you gain after all this?” Melody spat

“You sent Jeremy away???” Stacy asked to be sure

Goddess was silent

“Don’t you dare give me that silent attitude…..”

“He chose to leave…..”

“Lier, you sent him away because you think Christine and Richard are meant to be,” Melody sneered cutting in

“Who are Christine and Richard???” Both Zion and Bex asked at a time

Goddess finally lost it

“I will tell you what you wanna hear, I wasted your Dad, yes, I did. I wasted my Mom too because she crashed my brother, who would do anything for me, anything for his kid sister. he was my superhero and my life support,” Goddess stopped, tears lingering at the corner of her eyes

“My father left when I was 5 and since then my mother made my life hell, she said I remind her of him, she would watch her boyfriend abuse me without saying a thing, at 13 she sold me off and my first experience of s*x was with 4 grown @ss men, they didn’t pity me,” She sniffed

“It was all Richard, just him and only him that took care of me, but then my mother’s boyfriend which is Pablo your boyfriend’s Dad Crashed him, I watch him die in cold blood, coming to the city was hard but it was his wish for me to become somebody,” she chuckled bitterly

“I got laid and got paid, I met Stacy and I got married to your violent Dad. He tried to strangle me but I did and Stacy took the fall, I was at the edge of getting myself together when the cops took Stacy away, then every piece of me broke again,”

“I needed a companion, I wanted somebody to tell me that everything will be alright, I need help cos I was alone with two kids, no family, no friends, it was just me,”

“I remarried a Drug lord who was no different from my ex-husband and Marcus, Zion’s dad helped me put him away, I married him, but I was still not happy so I left him, drinking and smoking became my best friend,”

“I tried committing suicide but death ran away from me, I fought with depression and this Motherf**ker turned my heart cold, you won’t understand depression until you can’t stand yourself in an empty room. from a kid, I’ve been anchored in pain. Cinderella got the prince but I’m no Cinderella, I’m no character in fiction or fairy tales, I’m only human….. With feelings and emotions that can be triggered not a robot,” she raised her head, as tears rolled down her eyes

“Got what you wanted, Huh?” Goddess asked staring at Melody who was silent

“No one taught me how to be a Mom, if I were to raise you and your siblings the way my mother raised my brother and I….” She chuckled, cleaning the tears in her eyes

“You’re lucky,” She wraps it up, heading towards the door.

“Mom, I’m sorry,” Melody mumbled sadly

“From this minute henceforth you have the power to do whatever you want, you’re no longer in my care, and welcome to adulthood, just so you know….. It sucks!!!” She walked away

Getting outside she went into a red sports car and drove out.

Minutes after she left A black Van drove into the compound and men dressed in all black alighted from the car

The back door opened and a very dangerous-looking person came to view

Stacy’s heart jumped into her stomach immediately she saw who it was, and fear gripped her instantly.

Hot sweat came running down her head as her phone slid down her hand……

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