masked melody episode 69 & 70


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EPISODES 69 & 70


Nickolas’s car came to a hint in front of the gigantic gate

“Welcome to my humble abode,” Nickolas said alighting from the car, Bex did the same

Going into the house he opened the door

“Nice,” Bex mumbled, scanning through the living room

“You can say that again,” he exclamation proudly

“You said you wanted French rice…..”

“You don’t know how to cook so don’t show off,” Bex cut in mockingly, making him widen his eyes

“Do you realize you’re talking to Nickolas, the best chef in Las Vegas?” He boosted, raising his shoulder

Bex laughed at him

“I would have asked you to show me what you have got but….” She stopped, staring from his head to toe

“You’re far behind,” she added the last part, making his jaw drop


Seeing the look on his face she burst out laughing

“Which way to your kitchen?” Bex asked grinning

“Let’s set a timer, it’s a competition between you and me,” Nickolas said folding his sleeves

Bex burst out laughing, she laughed so hard and fell on the couch

“Come on, stop laughing at me,” Nickolas mumbled like a kid, seeing the look on his face Bex roll off the couch hitting the ground

He frowned, flinging his sleeves over the couch, he went into the kitchen

Nickolas looked around

Normally he doesn’t have time to cook, he has maids and that’s their job, not his, he has a company to run not cooking.

Staring at the gas cooker he ruffles his hair

“How do they open this?” He asked checking it out, the roar of laughter from behind settled him

“You w*tch,” he screamed frustratedly and rushed towards her

Bex took off but she haven’t taken up to five steps when he caught up with her, wrapping his hand around her waist from behind

Her knees crumbled and she falls, but he didn’t let her hit the ground before pulling her up.

Bex stopped laughing after some minutes and looked at him

“French rice,” she mumbled grinning inwardly

Nickolas stare at her face, it was now that he realizes how beautiful she was, why didn’t he notice at first?

He felt a kick on his pam which he placed on her baby bump and looked down, he could see the moment

“It’s moving….. Haha, it’s moved again… Come here, hey!!! it moved…. hahaha it’s moving,” he shouted laughing

“Do you have legs? Are you going to Washington? Hahaha, it’s over here… Did you see that?” He asked looking up at her face

Bex was silent, she has already stopped laughing, watching as he played around with her baby bump

“I’m sorry, for everything… If could take it back I will, am really sorry,” He said softly and looked down at her baby bump

He looked at her face


“Just admit that you can’t cook….”

“I can cook, I have been a chef since I was 16 ask my mom,”

“Prove it,”

“We can order today and cook tomorrow, but I can cook,”

She burst out laughing again



It started like a little fight but before you could know it many were already down, Lorenzo had a deep cut on his arm and back

Blood dripping from his back and face as he looked around, from angle to angle

Melody was right beside him, the only thing going through his mind was how to get her out of here

Dead bodies were already on the floor, Melody was shaking in fear as she watched in horror

Shivering, fear eating her up.

“Renzo,” Melody called in a shaky voice, they were surrounded, no escape root

“Helper will come,” He assured her

Just then two bikes speed to their center knocking down the assassins blocking the way

“Hop in,” Came Lilly’s voice from one of the bikes

Simon was already dealing with the assassin’s

Melody climbed the bike

“Lilly, Protect her as you would protect me…..”

“You’ve said that to me countless times, she’s you and you’re her, I know,” she speed off

Lilly drove through the highway breaking all the traffic rules, two cars here right behind them

“Hold tight,” she uttered heading toward the bridge

“What are you……argh!!!!” Melody let out a loud scream as their bike jumped over the bridge

Letting go of Lilly she went falling into the sea

The cars coming for them stopped and reverse instantly

Meanwhile, Simon and Lorenzo were still dealing with the guards

A sudden bullet went into Lorenzo’s lap, and before he could know it another one went into his arm

He fell to his knees

Police sirens coming from afar made the assassin retreat

“We have to leave,” Simon said helping him up, He was badly injured and couldn’t carry himself

A hand hijacked him from behind walking towards a car packed not far from them

“Tell Lilly that I love her, I didn’t do this for you,” Sebastian said and walked away instantly

Did Sebastian just help him? No, it can’t be Sebastian his brother. Something is wrong somewhere.



“Melody,” Lilly did the CPR again but she wasn’t waking up

Lilly gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, she did it four consecutive times and Melody coughed out water

“Bad boys baby,” Lilly called and helped her up, making her sit on the sand

Melody coughed out water, trying to regain her strength

“I’m dead?” She asked coughing, she thought she was in heaven already

The way Lilly jumped over the bridge scared her to death.

“No, but gosh! I told you to hold tight,” Lilly scolded, she nearly put her in trouble and Lorenzo has anger issues



Arianna opened the door only to see Glassman standing on her doorstep

“Hey Anna, I was wondering if Bex called you?” He asked worriedly

“No, why? Is there a problem?” She asked concerned

He licked his lips

“Emm… No, she called me earlier but my phone was on silent, I tried reaching her but she’s not picking up,” he added sadly

“Maybe she’s still mad at what happened between you two, but she will come around, she doesn’t keep malice,” Arianna replied

“Alright thanks,” Glassman turned to leave, she closed her eyes as tears fight their way out of her eyes

“Why does it hurt so bad? She should have just kissed him….. No, Anna, you can’t do that, no you can’t,” she scolded herself

“Hey,” Glassman came back, his both hands stuck in his trousers pocket

He raised her brows

“Just wanted to apologize for what happened the other day, don’t think too much of it, it was a mistake,” Glassman said expressionless

She nodded sadly and he walked away

Arianna jammed the door leaning on it, she slowly slide down as tears came running down her eyes

“Why does it have to be him???”



Goddess has been turning from one side of the bed to the other, sweating profusely

Her body was burning with high temperature

Jeremy dropped the bowl in his hand, picking up the neatly soaked towel he placed it on her forehead

After some seconds he removed it, putting it back in the cold water he dry it a little before placing it on her face forehead.

by the time he finished, her temperature has already reduced to normal

He arranges her clothes while staring at her face, he sat next to her on the bed and leaned closer, placing a soft kiss on her forehead

“Sleep tight, and stop having nightmares,” he whispered and carried the bowl

It suddenly fell from him, Jeremy slowly turned to see Goddess holding on to his waist

He was still sitting on her bedside

“Richard, you came back,” she whispered in her sleep

“Richard,” she called and held tightly unto him


“Richard, it’s me, Christiane, don’t you remember me,” she mumbled again

“Christine???? Her real name is Christine?” Jeremy tried to release her hold but she held him tightly

“Richard stay with me, don’t leave me again,” She mumbled tightening her hold

“I have to drop this bowl…..”

“I did everything, look. I built a big empire, I did everything you ask me to do, please don’t leave me again superhero, Bro-Dad,” tears came rolling down her cheeks as she mumbled those words

Slowly Jeremy dropped the small towel on the floor, he lay next to her, pulling her closer to himself before placing a soft kiss on her forehead

“Richard, I’m scared,” she mumbled

“I’m not Richard but I will protect you, have always does and I will never stop, I promise,” he said stroking her hair gently

A few minutes passed and he didn’t hear from her again, Jeremy stared at her face only to discover that she was fast asleep

He pecked her lips, then her both cheeks before kissing her nose

“You’re beautiful,”



the clattering of heels coming from the door made everyone focus their gaze on who was walking in

There she was, Abigail dressed in a short one-handed black down that stopped right under her @ss, red lipstick, bold earrings with red heels matching her outfit

“Damn!!!!” Derek exclaimed, his eye widening

“Girl you look fire,” Derek added licking his lips, he could feel his little guy reacting to her

Selena, Georgia, and Rose exchange glances, they have been discharged from the hospital

“B*tch,” Meghan said out loud

Agatha didn’t even spare her a glance as she walked over to Abigail and Clara

“B*tches,” she called settling down

“Aggies,” Abigail’s jaw dropped

Was that Aggie or someone else

“Oh, don’t give me that look,” Agatha switched seats instantly

“Aggie,” Clara called, her mouth slightly opened

They were shocking to the core

“I think I have to leave this place for you all,” Aggie stood, knowing bending over on the table

Her black shiny @ss came to view, she knowingly shook her @ss as if something was in her dress

🗣️ I wanna f**k that @ss so bad

🗣️ Damn

🗣️ What an @ss

🗣️ Girl, lemme f**k you

🗣️ I’m as hard as a rock

Coming from behind Michael made to spank her @ss but Barry was fast to block it

His hand mistakenly touch her @ss

“Aggie……” Barry was still saying but a loud thunderous slap shut him up, it came from Agatha

“I never said you should touch,” She spat to his shock

Everyone exchange glances while Barry was left In shock

Simon and Lilly walked in just then

Michael chuckled

“This trip to Canada will be fun,” he mumbled licking his lips

“Hey, are you seeing that?” Selena asked referring to Meghan

“That b*tch,” Georgia spat angrily, her face suddenly lit up as an idea come into her mind

She started going over to Meghan

Meghan was still texting someone on her phone when Georgia sat next to her, Selena and Rose just stood

Rose boiling with rage, how dare Agatha slap her Barry?

“What b*tch,” Meghan snapped

“Seem we are even footing,” Georgia replied with a dangerous smirk lingering on her lips while staring at Agatha

Meghan followed her faze and smirked

Just then Lorenzo and Melody walked in holding hand

“What the f**k,” Selena screamed matching toward them

Michael hardened his fist immediately after seeing them

“That witch,” Selena uttered

“Charles,” Lilly walked over to him, taking his phone from him

He glared hard at her

“Give that back,” Came his angry voice

“You might think you know me, Charles you no nothing about me, I gave it all to you the day you told me that you like me, and we could be s*x buddies,” she chuckled

“I was just so stupid to give you all my attention and you think you were gonna play me? Oh darling, if you play me, I will do the same, I will shatter your heart in a way you never imagined and if you don’t stay off my part I will shatter your family and have your mom and sis crying to you and by the time you will get home you will be forced to address me as Stepmom and if you don’t… I will make your father disown you and give him another son……”

“You b*tch,” Charles snarled and punched her face, Lilly caught his fist

“Avoid me, I’m dangerous,” she yanked his hand off

“You might consider this as a warning,” she added and walked off

Charles balled his fist tightly, who the hell does she think she is? How dare she?

“Lilly, hey Lilly can we talk?” Sebastian said walking towards their table


“Come on, I helped your Boss,” He added

She looked at Simon and he nodded

“That’s right,” Simon replied nodding his head in support

“Fine, make it brief,” she stood walking away with him

Six cops walked in

“Mr. Robert, you’re under arrest for the rape of Miss Agatha Daniel, you have the right to remain silent for anything you say will be used against you in the court of law,” A cop said, bringing out his handcuffs

“Me?” Michael couldn’t believe it

“What’s the meaning of this? My father is a CEO, he can buy Her entire generation, people love me,” Michael ranted as they cuffed him

“Jimmy Johns, you’re under arrest for invading privacy…..”

“Hey, I didn’t post that video… It wasn’t me, Rose told me to do it,” Jim (the girl s*xmate) shouted as they cuffed him

“No wait….. My parents are gonna disown me, Rose tell them you asked to post that,” he pleaded

“Excuse me, do I know you???” Rose asked

Agatha rushed out of there, getting to the bathroom she let out all her tears

Sobbing sorrowfully

“You might wanna cover up,” He passed his big coat to her

She didn’t take it

“Aggie, I understand that you’re hurt but Lemme lavish your milk, lemme lick away your sorrow with my tongue worshipping your temple, lemme turn you upside down and teach you the ways of the spirit, lemme take you to the promised land and help you remove your unholy garment, I will have you speaking in tongues till you bless me with your holy juice ….”




The private investigator who has been following Melody sat opposite a middle-aged man

“Thanks for bringing me out of jail, it’s time to go see my wife and kids,” the man said puffing out smoke

“Don, Goddess only has three kids,” The guy (Jacob) replied

“What do you mean,” Came his rough voice, deep and dark

Don is a dangerous drug lord, Goddess’s second husband

“She Only has three kids, her first child is a mixture of black and white, her second is Masked Melody, no one has ever seen her face but she disguises herself and attends Carrington College, Her last child is Zion and he’s Marcus’s son…..”

“Marcus, after everything I did for Marcus he betrayed me and married my wife,” Don hallowed, gritting his teeth.

“I want her, she belongs to me and no one else,” Don said, stroking the picture of a young adult

It’s actually Goddess.

“Goddess is heavily guarded…..” Don gripped his neck pinning him n mid-air.

“She will come crawling to me, begging on her knees….”

“How???” Jacob asked interestedly

“Goddess has a weakness”

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