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Mama I made it finale

Episode 45.❤
Story by Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik).
On the eve of my dad birthday Success decided on his own to pick my mom up because I was tied up with many things to do.
They arrived late though and I quickly showed her the dress and everything to match with it,
“Who bought this? She asked.
“Myself of course, I lied.
“And why? I’m not wearing that okay, its too expensive, my mom said.
“Huh mom what are you saying? Are you rejecting my gift? Thanks anyway, I said with a frown and left her in the room and my dad met me.
“Has she agreed to wear it tomorrow? He asked.
“I don’t know, she’s saying its too expensive so I won’t be surprised if she rejects it to go on simple, I replied.
“What will I ever do to make your mother happy with me? He asked.
“Truthfully dad I don’t know, just give her time, I replied and I saw Success coming.
“Okay I’ll go have my rest now, my dad said when he saw him and I nodded telling him goodnight and held hands with Success.
“Where’s everyone? I asked.
“They will be here tomorrow, you said you wanted furthering? He asked.
“Yea to the side of psychiatric, I replied and he looked at me.
“Did my mom suggest this to you? He asked.
“No why? I asked.
“Because she was planning to give you her hospital, he replied.
“Are you serious? But I know nothing there, I said.
“Now you want to go her path you’ll be more fit there, though she only wanted you to work there treating the recovering patients, I think you’ll be fit all round, he said.
“She never told me this, I said.
‘She wanted to, but that’s a nice part though, he said.
“Yea I feel I should help others same way your mom did to my mom, I’ll be forever grateful to her, I said and he stopped looking at me.
“You mean you’ll be forever grateful to your mother in law to be? He asked and I laughed.
“To be? I asked.
“Yes to be, will you marry me? He asked in a very jovial way that I didn’t take him serious.
“Dear its late and tomorrow will be a busy day you know, I said and he brought out a ring from his pocket.
“I meant that question I asked you, don’t mind I’m not on my knees and my friends aren’t here to take pictures and shout SAY YES! he said smiling and I knew he meant it.
“You know its yes without being told nau, yes! I shouted hugging him.
“I know right that’s why I didn’t hit my body to impress you, he said laughing.
“And I love it this way honestly, you just know me too well, mom need to see this, I said happily dragging him to my mom……..
That night I slept with her but she kept looking at me,
“Mom aren’t you going to sleep? I asked her.
“I’m just admiring my daughter is that a crime? She asked and I sat up,
“Is there anything you want to tell me mom? I asked.
“I’m just happy for you Purity, I’m just remembering the day you were born, you were so healthy and beautiful despite I wasn’t sound. I didn’t want to let you go and fought with anyone who tried to take you away from me, they thought I would strangle you one day or you won’t have a better life with me. But somehow you returned and decided to stay with me still, just look at you now, soon my little daughter will soon be a wife, my mom said and I held her hand.
“Staying with you was not a bad idea after all, it gave me what I never knew I could have and I’m happy I made the decision, I said.
“And you made it, she said smiling.
“Yes I made it, and soon you’ll carry another child, I said winking at her and she playfully hit me.
“I’m okay with you Purity, she said.
“Nah nah I don’t agree to that, I’m just imagining how My joy will be fulfilled when I see you and dad back together and we stay as one big family, I said and she was quiet.
“Tomorrow will be a busy day, goodnight, she said and laid down……….
The next day Charity and Success family arrived, and they saw the ring before the party will begin in the evening.
“I don’t understand why he engaged you when I’m not there, Charity said with a frown and I laughed.
“Maybe he didn’t want your shout to confuse me, I replied and she smiled.
“Guess what? She asked almost in a whisper.
“What’s that? I asked very serious to know.
“I think I found him, he’s cool but I’m scared not to have my hopes too high because we are barely a week, she replied.
“Its okay dear just take it slow alright, I can’t wait to celebrate you soon, I said.
“Me too, congratulations again darling, she said and hugged me………..
The party began and I saw my mom came out so beautiful on the dress she rejected, according to her Abigail helped her in everything and I screamed my stomach out.
The makeup and hair do I saw her with made me cry when I was busy running around with Charity to make sure everything is in order for the party, I totally forgot about my mom but got the surprise of my life.
My dad went speechless when he saw her, who will believe she was once tagged a mad woman parading in the village and molested by everyone.
She hugged Success mom first while everyone was still looking but she shook her head and followed Success mom to a corner.
I went to Abigail and hugged her tight,
“Thank you so much, I said to her.
“But why? Its nothing, she said and we looked at our dad and saw he was out of this world,
“Hmmmm sister what do you think? Abigail asked me.
“Dad still loves her, but my mom is just doing shakara because she loves him too, I replied and we laughed.
“I heard that, same way you did shakara for me, Success came behind me.
“Ahh when was that nau, I said laughing holding his hand.
“So what are you girls gossiping? He asked.
“Nothing much, just that my dad wants to be with my mother and its really troubling him, I replied.
“So what do you think we should do? He asked..
“See how we can bring them close, I replied and he nodded.
“Okay I have an idea, he said taking us in.
We took a flower and did it as a bouquet with a card inside and I took it to my mom,
“What’s this? My mom asked.
“From an admirer, you know you got so many eyes on you today, I replied and left as she slowly took it and saw the card inside.
Meanwhile Success and Abigail left to meet my dad to work his magic on him and we met somewhere feeling fulfilled.
“Let’s watch what is going to happen, Abigail said smiling………….
In the midst of the celebration my dad shared a little of all he passed through, introduced his family to everyone and his success, then he paused for a while,
“There’s something most of you didn’t know about me, once I was with an angel before we got torn apart, that angel gave me Purity who is a medical doctor, and ermmmm….. I feel so honoured today to introduce to everyone today the brave woman who was with me at the very beginning, Hilda, my dad dropped and I turned to my mom clapping for her.
Success mom whispered in her ears and she slowly walked up to my dad,
“Have I ever said you look so lovely? My dad asked her and everyone awwwnnned.
“It wasn’t just your pretty face that got me close to you back then, but your kind heart was next to nothing. Everything we shared is still fresh in my heart, and everyday I pray we continue in making more memories, lasting ones till I take my last breath. This was our dream Hilda, I promised you this when you were carrying Purity. Though I was penniless, but every step I took to success was to take Care of you and our little princess. Please Hilda, take this Man back, I accept I failed you but please I’m sorry, please give this man a chance again because he never stopped loving you, my dad said letting go of his stick to hold my mom hands.
My mom face was already in tears as she looked at me, I couldn’t say anything to her but gave her the chance to make her own choice, but I prayed she should take him back.
“Peter you’re forgiven, my mom shakily said.
“Thank you… Thank you but Let’s get married please, give me a chance to fulfill my promise to you, my dad said.
“Whatever you want if it will make my daughter happy, she replied and I smiled.
“Thank you mommy, I said and hugged her……………….
My joy was indeed complete seeing my parents together as i have always wanted.
But in order for them to get married, my dad had to divorce Eunice.
I wanted them to have that chance of celebration first but they refused I should get married first, and I went down the aisle 2 months later with Success.
There at my wedding was when Charity showed me her boo, he was handsome and looked cool to me,
“How is he? She replied when he left and I smiled.
“He has a big head, Success replied rolling his eyes and Abigail who was my maid of honour laughed.
“i know what to do with you later though you’re joking, She said to him.
“But how is he able to cope with your madness? He try sha, I added.
“Oh Purity stop na, I just want to know what you think about him, I’m so anxious you know, she said.
“He’s a nice guy but you should know Better than I do na, its not all about the looks, I replied.
“Does he have everything you Need in a guy? Looks can be deceiving you know, Success added and she heaved.
“Yea you’re right, she said and I touched her.
“Don’t worry yourself too much okay, what is yours will keep coming to you, I said and she hugged me.
“My girlfriend is already married, how time flies, she said.
“Don’t squeeze her too much jare, Success said taking her hands away from me playfully………..
Its 2 months already and my parents turn, I sat with my husband looking at them despite the years they were apart, fate found a way to still bring them together.
“Just try to imagine the heart break Eunice will have in jail when she hears about this, Success whispered To me.
“She tried to separate them but they still got married, that’s what love do right? I replied smiling at him and Charity came from no where and sat down in our middle,
“Bia you this small witch, Success said hitting her head.
“Know how you hit someone wife to be o, Charity said to Success and I saw a ring,
“Wait he proposed? I asked taking her finger.
“Yes darling, 3 days ago, she replied.
“I told you didn’t I? Congrats baby, I said hugging her.
“Thank you, she said.
“Congratulations my fish, Success said scratching her head laughing…………..
We all lived happily ever after even after the release of Eunice, she had no choice than to accept she was the loser and that there are some things that can’t just be taken, like the love of my parents💓
Love you all 😍



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