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June 18, 2021


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Mama I made it episode 12

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Episode 12. ❤



I soaked the bed crying silently, I can’t really explain what exactly was hurting me but I knew I was hurt, and to make it worst I couldn’t tell anybody or had any shoulder to cry on.

The next day I woke up with my face swollen and saw my mom eating the cake I remained, I was so angry at such attitude and attempted to snatch the packet from her, but I held my peace and went out sitting outside.
Yesterday incident was still boiling in me and I didn’t want to transfer aggression on someone who won’t even understand, so I took my phone to check out updates about the school I’m looking forward to get admitted soon.

Though this my second attempt of trying… first attempt was good but my dad wanted me in medicine and surgery, but I got medical laboratory instead which he rejected the admission and made me sit for another examination.

This time around I applied for nursing science because that was my dream from the beginning, but I changed my mind and applied medicine and surgery when I found out the school offers it and I had the cut off point for it after all.

I know its a big risk knowing I’m training myself,

but I put up the burden in me to finish as a medical doctor to prove to my dad I can still make it without him.
Still on the net I found out the school will be having an entry test depending on the departments/faculty you’re applying for.

Medicine and surgery exams was scheduled in 2 weeks time, and I had to prepare very well for it which my score will determine my entry into the university and into the department I applied for.
I turned off my data and my mom came out smiling at me with her iced stained hands saying things. I don’t need anybody to explain to me that she is reporting herself that the cake is successfully finished by her and I just nodded,

“Weldone o you’ve tried, did you even brush before you ate? I asked and she ran in taking her toothbrush and I just shook my head.
“Mommy please continue with your brushing let me take my dress for work, and I hope you know you’ve just finished your breakfast? I asked getting up from where I sat and she looked at me with a frown.

“Eh I’m just telling you o, because I’ll be

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having my breakfast outside, I said and went in and she ran after me talking and contemplating very seriously………….

There at the shop I decided to call angel again but his number was still not going through.
“What’s going on? Is this not the number he used in calling me? I

asked checking my call log again but it was correct.
I became confused if there is any setting at all he made on his phone that he will be the only one to call or something, and he didn’t call me too at least to talk about the feedback about my mom health.

I didn’t want to get bothered because I was not happy already, i turned and saw I didn’t have much to do and I remembered my exams.
To get textbooks now at a short notice when I’m need of money is impossible, I had to download materials from the net I can use in studying……..

Its 2 weeks and the day for my test. I woke up so weak and sleepy, as I’ve always been using all night to read, and in the day I’ll be working very seriously.
A lady gave me a contract to design the dresses for her train for her wedding, and I had to deliver it the past Saturday which it really ate my time.

I looked so thin that I barely recognize myself in the mirror, but then I had to push on.
I dozed off sitting on the bed that morning and my mom tapped me up.
I cleaned my face and staggered out and got prepared to leave for school considering the distance and the time of the test.

I already bought my mom special meal which is her bread, and i didn’t have to worry about breakfast for her.
I arrived there and saw the number of students there, I was surprised thinking because its a private university the number of students will be less not like a federal or state university.

I got so nervous as it was 5 minutes to the test. I just embraced my bag looking around and knew no one, everyone was strange looking so classy and my heart skipped.

Though I was once like that, but not anymore. Most of my expensive wears was sold out, especially during the period my mom was sick and I got new cheap ones for myself.
The eyes on my body by the guys there got me wondering what was wrong with me, but I ignored them and worried about the nature of the test….. Will it be difficult or something I can attempt?

“Hi, Charity, a girl of my age came to me.
“Hi, Purity, I said and gave my hand for a sake.

“Charity Purity sounds cool, she said and I smiled.
“So you’re here for the test? I asked.

“Yea everyone is, we are the last batch for the test, you know they began last week right? She asked.
“Yea I’m aware, i said and she nodded.

“You know Purity, you wore the wrong side, she said.
“Sorry I don’t get you, I said.

“I mean your shirt, its the back, she said and I looked down on my body to see i was actually wearing the back when I was rushing yo meet up with time.
“Oh shit! I exclaimed but then we heard a bell.

“On the line please and according to your number, a man said.
“Number? Was there number? I asked her.

“Yea there is, what’s your name from the surname so I can check it here, she said checking her phone when I told her and she saw my number.
I was 3 numbers after her and we immediately join the line to enter the hall.

I didn’t even go through the questions when I was given the sheet despite we were given 15minutes, my hands were so stiffed and my body shivering.
I suddenly got so scared to fail but then i remembered my mom and knew my failure will be her failure, she need me more than anything.

I closed my eyes tight gathering every courage I could, because I’ve gone a long way to give up now.
15minutes was over at a short notice, but my happiness was I attempted all the questions.

I came out from the hall and thanked Charity for her help in showing me my seat number,
“It’s okay, but do something about your shirt, she said and I smiled.

“Where can I change up please? I asked and she took me to a corner to turn my shirt over.
We exchanged numbers and i begged her to please inform me on updates because I’m too busy with work to follow the activities on net which she gladly accepted………………

3 days later after the test, the results was out which admission will follow suit, I wasn’t even aware not until Charity called me and I quickly picked up.
“Hi Charity good afternoon, I said.
“Afternoon Purity there is a problem, she said and I stood up from the sewing machine.

“What is it please? I asked so nervous.
“We made it!! I saw your name on the admission list, congratulations to us! She shouted and i screamed jumping all over the shop and bursted outside like i was crazy forgetting Charity was still on call.
She dropped the call and called me back immediately,

“You need to be in school tomorrow okay, see you in the morning, she said.
“Thank you so much thank you, i said to her and she dropped the call.

My neighbors were looking at me and i began to laugh like my mother even more than her,
“Ahhhh Purity no make us fear na, your head still correct so or make we start to charter taxi now? A lady who sells food asked.
“God forbid it will not happen, can’t you think of good things for once? I asked her.

“No vex but wetin happen? The guy who repairs appliances which i do charge my phone in his shop asked.
“I just got admission o, hey God its in Medicine and Surgery, I replied and they all shouted.

‘One plate of food with pure water for you, you too much despite you dey kill yourself with work you still sabi book, the lady who sells food said.
“Thank you, I said laughing.

“I go buy you drink Purity e no easy, no be small place be that o, in fact make i go buy the drink now, the guy who repairs home appliances said and I was still laughing.
“please bring it fast I’m so seriously hungry with all the shout, i told them.

Every customer that came into the shop hearing such good news gave me something or will promise to bring it the next day.
There’s a woman who recently came to my shop to mend her dress, i don’t know what came over me that day i decided to do it free for her.

God directed her leg to my shop again and hearing the good news she offered to be buying anything textbooks till i graduate, little did i know she is a wife to a politician and that mending of her dress i did free to her gave me this favor.
She added extra joy to me and before i finally closed for the day i was so blessed.

I got into the compound dancing and met my mom enjoying her bread, seeing me dance which she loves dancing, she didn’t waste time to drop her bread and showed her moves even without music,
“Ahh mommy don’t carry my dance na, you’re dancing more than me sef, I said and she began to laugh holding my hand and i knew she want to know why I’m that happy.

“Let’s go inside first, i said crossing my hand on her shoulder and she carried her bread back when we got to the door and I smiled and fell on the bed shouting happily which she stood looking at me confused.
I won’t blame her, she has never seen me that way,

“I got the admission! I got the admission! I shouted holding her hand and she was only shining her teeth and my smile faded when i knew she don’t even know what I’m talking about.

She took off the bread she put between her armpit and went out to continue with it, to her she is done celebrating with me.
I took my phone and dialed angel number again, but it wasn’t still going on.
“Angel you promised, what’s going on? I sadly asked looking at my screen wishing he will call…………..

Congratulations to purity 😘
Angel number still not going true for over two weeks now 🤔🤔
What could be the problem 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🥴🥴

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