Mafia bride Episode 25 & 26

By Authoress Jenny 💞
Episode 25
I sat down watching the TV when the door opened and Edwardo walked in
he wasn’t alone
A blonde bimbo walked beside him ,I guess this is his who-re for tonight
Anger flu-shed to me and I starred at the both of them
Edwardo totally ignored me like I wasn’t there and went upstairs
I was so pained I didn’t know what to do
I went to the kitchen got myself a glas-s of water and glumped it down hoping it would calm my nerves
I went back to my room and la-id on the the be-d
I felt like crying my eyes out,,why dose it hurt all of a sudden to see him with another lady
Besides he never told me anything ap@rt from having S-x with my and then acting like it never happened
I was so de-ep in thoughts I didn’t know when I sle-pt off
“Get away from me you monster” I yelled angrily as I tried to break free
I looked down and noticed I was tied to something
I struggled to break free but I couldn’t and my hands were beginning to hurt from the rope used to tie my hands
“oh shut it who-re,am going to make your life miserable and then kill you slowly” he said and fear gr!pp£dme
I was trying to see his face but I couldn’t
I tried to shout for help but instead he pointed the gun at me and pu-ll-ed the trigger
I jo-lted from my sleep and ran to the bathroom to puke my guts out
I felt really weak at that moment
that was one scary dream,,it’s so weird
I checked the clock beside my be-d and saw it was 5:00 am in the morning
I la-id on my be-d back and used the duvet to cover myself properly.
I woke up due to the morning sun hitting my face
I felt a little bit better than earlier,,I wasn’t that weak anymore
I wonder what that dream meant ,is it a warning that something bad is about to happen ?
I waved all the negative thought out of my head and entered the bathroom
I did all my morning business and head downstairs
I prepared breakfast and eat almost everything
maybe it’s because I didn’t eat last night ,,and that was when I remembered Edwardo and his……
I focused on the cleaning and in no time I was to the whole place was sparkling clean but I was breathing like someone who ran marathon
I think am becoming lazy
I went back to my room and took a quic-k shower because i was sweaty
I was carving for ice cream
Gosh it’s been long I had any
Thankfully I remembered when my do make me some when she was alive
I ran into the kitchen and found some wh!pping cream,milk …
everything I nee-ded was here
I tied my apron and began ma-king ice cream and some cookies too
it didn’t take me more than ten minutes ,,I put in in the freezer and waited.
The door open and Edwardo walked in ,, so his even out I had no idea
behind him were the guys
“Rick” I yelled happily
he hvgged me ti-ght and k!$$£d my cheeks ma-king me to blus-h
“Rosie I missed you” he said and I smiled
” you look different now ,,are you eating a lot” he asked
” this is 5he result of staying here all day doing nothing” I replied and he nodded in approval
“Hey Tony” I said and we hvgged each other briefly.
I ran back to the kitchen and brou-ght out the cookies they were looking nice now I was waiting for the ice cream
“Hey guys look what I made” I said and the guys turned to me including Edwardo
“woah you did this ” Tony asked and I nodded
I gave them little bowls of ice cream
(I didn’t go near Edwardo ,let just say am still mad at him)
I brou-ght my self a hvge bowl and began scooping and eating the cookies
I was so focused eating for minutes even if they were giving me little br@in freeze
I felt like crying when I noticed the bowl was alre-ady empty
Yes, tears began dropping from my eyes and I had no idea why and that was when it hit me
I raised my head gently only to find Edwardo,Tony and Rick starring at me in awe
Their jaws dropped
Episode 26
I checked the time and it was midnight
Gosh am so hungry
I tied my robe properly and walked out of my room
I entered the kitchen quietly and went straight to the fridge
thank God the moon was shining brightly so I could still manage without putting on the lights
I gr@bb£d and thing my hand could reach and made my way to the kitchen counter
I dropped everything and began eating ,,I did it as quiet as I could because I don’t know what my faith will be if I get caught
I was about to take another bite out of my food when I heard a husky voice
“st©p” he half yelled and I st©pped with my mouth full
the lights turned on immediately and behold it was Edwardo pointing a gun to my forehead
“ROSIE” he half yelled in shock
👶 Edwardo pov👶
since the incident I have always been on alert
I noticed someone entered my kitchen and I was alre-ady midnight
Rosie won’t do such a thing I thought
I picked my gun and walked quietly
wait what type of person goes into the kitchen or is he trying to poison me
“st©p” I said it st©pped moving
I turned on the switch and saw Rosie
her mouth was full and she starred at me in shock and it later changed to embarras-sment
she later starred at her feet and avoided my gaze
“Why didn’t you eat before going to be-d” I asked
“I did”she replied softly
“are you okay Rosie you have been acting like this for almost a month now “I said and saw her expression changed
“I don’t know what’s wrong with me”she said as if she was about to cry
I was beyond surprised ,,and then she started crying
“f*uk Rosie can you st©p that” I said starring at her and it increa-sed
“OMG am so sorry I didn’t mean to,,you can eat as much as you want” I said and she nodded
she dried up her tears and continued eating while I starred at her in awe
she is definitely not okay am calling a doctor tomorrow
I watched her till she was done
I don’t know why but I feel really concerned and worried about her recent behavior
I followed her to her room and she layed on the be-d
“Edwardo do ghost exist”she asked shocking me
“I don’t know” I replied bluntly
Then again she started crying
I ran my hand throu-gh my hair in furstration
“why do you keep doing this Rosie this is unlike you” I said
I just hate to see her cry
what’s happening
why do I even care
“Edwardo ” she called and I moved closer to her
“come close “she muttered and I did
she wra-pped her hands round my n£¢k really ti-ght
“good night” she said in a whisper still not letting me go
am I staying like this
I tried freeing myself but her grip was really ti-ght
so I managed to slide next to her and l@yon the be-d
now we were both cu-mddled up with each other
Some how I felt relaxed
if it were to be other girls
Hell NO
they wouldn’t even dare, besides Rosie is really scared of me ,,she can ba-rely look me in the eyes
But recently only God knows where all this attitude is coming from and I find myself coming close to her .
Her attitudes even helped me ,Yeah that Alicia girl was all a lie
it was makeup
that night when I bought her to my ap@rtment I made her clean the whole make up with a gun pointing at her forehead
she later confessed that she was s£nt and it was Carl who s£nt her
Right now you guys definitely do not wanna know what I did to her
My men are after Carl ,,it seems like since he knows his wanted he has been on a run .
He just pray I don’t find him
I starred at Rosie and she sle-pt peacefully with her hands over my n£¢k
it seems she doesn’t want to let go as if someone is going to take me away from her
I know I sound ridiculous but that’s just the truth
Am definitely getting a doctor tomorrow