Mafia bride Episode 27

By Authoress Jenny 💞
Episode 27
“plea-se let me go” I begged in tears
“you will be a replacement for her death”the guy said walking towards me
I tried to free myself as he walked closer with the gun
I was beyond scared
my whole b©dy hurts so much
“plea-se”I begged as tears kept rolling down my eyes
he first gave me a ha-rd sl@p before placing the gun on my head and sh0t me .
I yelled loudly walking up from my sleep
“Rosie calm down” a voice kept saying but I couldn’t figure it out
a hand kept stro-king my hair and I felt my b©dy calmed
I quic-kly ran to the bathroom and threw up while my hair was lifted up
I used the water to clean up my face and then everything went blank .
I opened my eyes and the ray of sunshine hit my eyes
I closed them immediately and turned to the other side of the be-d before opening them
I opened my eyes and checked my clock
it’s almost 11am and am still on be-d
I dragged myself out of the be-d and entered the bathroom,,,the event of last night kept pla-ying in my head
Gosh this is so embarras-sing ,I wonder what he thinks of me
I pu-ll-ed out all my clothes and starred at my n-ked b©dy in the mirror,I noticed my bo-ob s were fuller and firm and I’m also adding weight
I took a quic-k bath and dressed up ,,I was packing my hair up when Edwardo c@m£ in after Knocking
“good morning sir”I muttered
“how are you feeling now”he asked in a concern tone
“am better “I replied
,”the… doctor dropped…some drugs” Edwardo shuttered
“,ohh ” was the only thing that c@m£ out of my mouth
why is Edwardo shuttering ,he never does that
“sorry for the trouble I put you throu-gh” I added not starring at him
“so why didn’t you tell me”he asked but this time in a more serious and demanding tone
” tell you what sir”I asked trying to figure out what he was talking about
“that your pregnant”he blurted out
for some seconds my legs felt like jelly
“I’m pregnant” I asked in shock while he starred at me blankly
“so I’m pregnant ,I’m carrying a child in my stomach” I added
I laughed nervously while Edwardo just stood there starring at me
while laughing tears were rolling down from my eyes
“I’m carrying a human being”I muttered starring at my stomach
“so you didn’t know”Edwardo asked and I nodded
“so when are you going to re-move it”he said and his words were like dagger to my heart
“I should ab-ort my child “I asked
“the thing is ours , except you have been slee-ping with someone else ”
“I own you and I decide what happens to you and that thing and I want it out”he fired
At this moment I lost it
I landed a h0t sl@p on Edwardo’s face which put him in total shock
“How dare you”I half yelled
“you had S-x with me and got me pregnant and now you want me to ab-ort it all because you own me”
“do you even have a heart” I yelled angrily in tears
“GET OUT” I added
“Rose”he called
“Get out” I added and watched him walk away
I slumped on the be-d and cried my eyes out.
I woke up and my stomach began grumpling
my eyes were swollen from crying ,,I walked downstairs and straight to the kitchen
I fixed myself something to eat and I felt so much alive
I did some house chores, I love it when the whole place is clean
since the whole event earlier I haven’t seen Edwardo
arrh I hate him so much now
the thought of me having a baby still freaks me out.
I made dinner and waited for Edwardo and no sign of him
it was also midnight and he still isn’t back
somehow I felt really worried
finally the door opened and a drun!kEdwardo walked in
he almost sli-pped while I rushed to support him
“oh my… you smell like my Rosie”
“Edwardo you’re drun!k” I replied
“I really messed up ,,I don’t know what wrong with me”he added as I helped him upstairs
“Do you know am going to be a father”he said as I la-id him down on the be-d
“I thought you don’t want the child”I asked
“I’m so scared that’s why,I didn’t mean anything I said ,,I love Rosie “he replied with a smile
My eyes wi-de-ned instantly