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January 23, 2021


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Mafia bride Episode 27

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By Authoress Jenny 💞



Episode 27




“please let me go” I begged in tears


“you will be a replacement for her death”the guy said walking towards me


I tried to free myself as he walked closer with the gun


I was beyond scared


my whole body hurts so much


“please”I begged as tears kept rolling down my eyes


he first gave me a hard slap before placing the gun on my head and shot me .


I yelled loudly walking up from my sleep


“Rosie calm down” a voice kept saying but I couldn’t figure it out


a hand kept stroking my hair and I felt my body calmed


I quickly ran to the bathroom and threw up while my hair was lifted up


I used the water to clean up my face and then everything went blank .


I opened my eyes and the ray of sunshine hit my eyes


I closed them immediately and turned to the other side of the bed before opening them


I opened my eyes and checked my clock


it’s almost 11am and am still on bed


I dragged myself out of the bed and entered the bathroom,,,the event of last night kept playing in my head


Gosh this is so embarrassing ,I wonder what he thinks of me


I pulled out all my clothes and starred at my naked body in the mirror,I noticed my boobs were fuller and firm and I’m also adding weight


I took a quick bath and dressed up ,,I was packing my hair up when Edwardo came in after Knocking


“good morning sir”I muttered


“how are you feeling now”he asked in a concern tone


“am better “I replied


,”the… doctor dropped…some drugs” Edwardo shuttered


“,ohh ” was the only thing that came out of my mouth


why is Edwardo shuttering ,he never does that


“sorry for the trouble I put you through” I added not starring at him


“so why didn’t you tell me”he asked but this time in a more serious and demanding tone


” tell you what sir”I asked trying to figure out what he was talking about


“that your pregnant”he blurted out


for some seconds my legs felt like jelly


“I’m pregnant” I asked in shock while he starred at me blankly


“so I’m pregnant ,I’m carrying a child in my stomach” I added


I laughed nervously while Edwardo just stood there starring at me


while laughing tears were rolling down from my eyes


“I’m carrying a human being”I muttered starring at my stomach


“so you didn’t know”Edwardo asked and I nodded


“so when are you going to remove it”he said and his words were like dagger to my heart


“I should abort my child “I asked


“the thing is ours , except you have been sleeping with someone else ”


“I own you and I decide what happens to you and that thing and I want it out”he fired


At this moment I lost it


I landed a hot slap on Edwardo’s face which put him in total shock


“How dare you”I half yelled


“you had sex with me and got me pregnant and now you want me to abort it all because you own me”


“do you even have a heart” I yelled angrily in tears


“GET OUT” I added


“Rose”he called


“Get out” I added and watched him walk away


I slumped on the bed and cried my eyes out.


I woke up and my stomach began grumpling


my eyes were swollen from crying ,,I walked downstairs and straight to the kitchen


I fixed myself something to eat and I felt so much alive


I did some house chores, I love it when the whole place is clean


since the whole event earlier I haven’t seen Edwardo


arrh I hate him so much now


the thought of me having a baby still freaks me out.


I made dinner and waited for Edwardo and no sign of him


it was also midnight and he still isn’t back


somehow I felt really worried


finally the door opened and a drunk Edwardo walked in


he almost slipped while I rushed to support him


“oh my… you smell like my Rosie”


“Edwardo you’re drunk” I replied


“I really messed up ,,I don’t know what wrong with me”he added as I helped him upstairs


“Do you know am going to be a father”he said as I laid him down on the bed


“I thought you don’t want the child”I asked


“I’m so scared that’s why,I didn’t mean anything I said ,,I love Rosie “he replied with a smile


My eyes widened instantly



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