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March 1, 2021


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Lucifer’s bride episode 14

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Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 14

(She’s mine)

A story by Faith Lucky

Rated 18+

Roxanne’s POV

I returned home feeling really really tired.

Naomi didn’t show up in school throughout the day and it kind of got me worried. But the new guy – Nicklaus – he seemed really friendly and had made my day fun.

He even bought lunch for me.

I walked pass the sitting room and was about entering my room when a maid showed up.

Oh! The new maid.

My hand was already clasped around the hinge of the door but I paused to look at her as she approached me.

“Hi” she said with a smile and it struck me with surprise.

I scoffed and looked behind, then back at her.

Hold on; is she referring to me?

“Uh…hi” I said reluctantly, still feeling confused.

She stood in front of me and sighed.

“I’m Shantel and…I’m a new maid here. First, I want to apologise for what happened yesterday. I mean, the drink and all that. Sorry for speaking that way to you. I was just in a bad mood” she said but I couldn’t say a word.

Is she really apologising?

“So, can we be friends?” She asked and I dilated my eyes in shock.

Wow. Seriously?

“Hello?” She waved at me when I remained quiet.

“You sprinkled something into Damon’s drink yesterday. What was it?” I asked and noticed how she twitched.

“Huh? What…What are you talking about?” She asked and suddenly laughed.

“Oh, that? Please; are you trying to suspect me? It’s just a little ingredient to make it sweeter. It’s something I don’t like sharing with others, but on my way to his room, I suddenly thought about it and decided to add it to his drink. there’s no bad intentions attached.

“Hold on; do you really think I poisoned him?” She paused and laughed again. I just kept watching.

If really it were poisoned, why then is he still alive?”

I gave her a long hard stare aid sighed.

She has a point but, I still don’t feel satiated about it.

“So…can we be friends?” She asked again with a smile.

Why does it seem important to her?

“Um…sure” I replied cursorily, just trying to make her leave.

The truth is, I don’t feel comfortable around her.

“Aww. Thanks a lot” she beamed

“You’re welcome” I replied with a smile as I opened the door and walked into the room.

I leaned my back on the door and thought for a while. Why am I having a bad feeling?

I took in a deep breath and went ahead to change. I needed a shower first.

I went into the bathroom and had a long cool shower and when I was done, I tied a towel around my chest and came out so I could look for something else to wear.

Damon had already stuck my wardrobe with new dresses and it seemed surprising to me.

I was about opening the wardrobe when the door opened and I turned to see him coming in.

Oh, my!


Not now.

I gulped nervously as it dawned on me that I was tying just a towel.

There’s no way he’s going to spare me this time around.

“Mmm..hi” I said with cracks in my voice as stared at the floor.

He was putting on a long red jacket that swept the floor – like he always does.

He walked into the room, levelly, but stopped at the bed, sitting on it.

“Come close” he said in his usual gentle tone and I took a step closer to him.

My feet wobbled as I did.

I walked slowly until I got to where he was, standing in front of him.

“Turn around” he said and I turned around, now backing him.

Fear was eating me up. But I’ve learnt never to go against him or make him repeat himself.

He left the bed and came to stand behind me – very close to me.

I closed my eyes as he pressed my both b***sts and kissed my neck.

Then, he went for the tip of the towel and my heart gave a mighty leap.

Please, no.

I whimpered as he loose tip and the towel fell freely from my body, leaving me stark n**ed in front of him.

He sent his hands to my bare tummy, making me shiver a little.

I could feel his hard c**k press against my bare bu***ks.

“You’re mine, Roxanne” he whispered Into my ears.

“Always remember that”.

He pushed me to the bed immediately and I winced.

He took off his jacket and came on top of me on the bed, in between my legs.

He brought his face close to mine and acted like he wanted to kiss me, but didn’t.

I could feel my heart beating like a party drum.

He moved his lips from mine and went for my b**bs instead, giving my nipples little bites.

I shut my eyes and tightened my hold around his shoulders,, helplessly making little moans.

He squeezed my left br**st roughly and s**ked from it like he wanted it to produce something.

He ended with a little bite on the tilt and next, he unbuttoned his belt and took off his trouser, even without leaving me.

I felt so much fear as I opened my eyes to look at him.

He took my right hand and placed it on his hard c**k and I gasped, making my eyes gleam more brightly than ever.

“Push it in” he said, staring directly into my eyes.

I opened my mouth in shock and trepidation, unable to comprehend it.

Oh, please. I can’t do It.

He gave me an uncanny stare and slowly, I tried pushing It in.

It was so hard and big and I felt my hand get wet as I got it close to my clit.

I can’t believe I’m doing this. He’s making me feel like I’m causing myself pains.

It was so tight and I forcefully pushed it in, , making me gasp.

I took my hand away from it and he adjusted himself closer to me, making it go deeper into me.

“Hah” I gasped and moaned in ecstasy as the pain – sweetness drove me mad.

It didn’t really hurt like the first time – but it still did.

He thrusting in and out of me, making me tighten my grisp around him.

I couldn’t even open my eyes – probably because I was scared of staring at him in the face.

He held my hair with both hands and started going deeper into me, making me release more screams.


Shantel’s POV

I stood outside the door and listened to the moans of the lady – Roxanne.

Who’s she to Lucifer? What does she mean to him?

I don’t know why, but there’s a strange feeling I get when I’m around her. A strong powerful feeling.

I feel there’s something else about her .

Who could she be?

To be continued…

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