Lucifer’s bride episode 13

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 13
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky by by
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Roxanne’s POV
I was so confused. What could possibly be going on?
I remained standing for some time and finally went into Damon’s room.
He was facing the window when I entered and I saw the maid dropping the cu-p on a small glas-s table in front of the be-d.
“Your drink is served, sir” she said with a bow.
Oh, my! Damon’s supposed to drink it. But what did she sprinkle into it? What if it’s poisoned?
“You can leave” Damon said without turning to look at her.
She bowed again and turned around to leave and as she did, our eyes ran into each other’s.
She paused and looked at me as we stood face to face and her eyes seemed to gleam.
Then, she stared away and left the room.
I looked at the drink and didn’t know what to do. Whatever it is, I have a bad feeling about the maid and the drink. What ever she sprinkled into the drink couldn’t be safe.
Damon suddenly turned from the window and approached the be-d.
He was putting on a long black jacket and walked with his hands crossed behind his back.
“G…Good evening” I greeted nervously with my gaze low.
He didn’t say anything as he just sighed and sat on the be-d.
He took up the cu-p and my heart skipped.
Oh, my! He’s going to drink it! What do I do? I can’t let him drink it.
But…I’m scared. If I tell him about it…
Oh, goodness!
What if he doesn’t believe me? Or something goes wrong? And I end up in more trouble?
I badly wanted to say to say something but felt so scared.
I watched anxiously as he brou-ght the cu-p closer to his mouth and…Mercies!
He drank from it!
He did!
My eyes dilated in shock and angst as he gulped more of it and kept the cu-p back on the table.
My heart beat ra-pidly like a p@rty drum.
“Come close” he said softly but I couldn’t move immediately.
He used his index f!nger and cleaned the lower p@rt of his l!pand I gulped nervously and went closer to him.
He still looked normal. Like…nothing was happening to him.
But…If the drink was poisoned, shouldn’t he be choking or something?
I got to where he was and he held me and made me sit on his legs.
That was when a different fear began in me.
Oh, Roxanne! I’m not re-ady for this right now. Not again.
I’m still feeling a lot of pains in between my legs and it’s not going to be funny if hefu-cks me right now again.
He made me fall on the be-d and he got on t©p of me afterwards. My heart was beating ra-pidly.
He placed a k!sson my n£¢k and lifted his hand to my che-st, pressing my b00bs.
He squee-zed my right bo-ob and bit the tilt from my shi-t.
I shut my eyes ti-ght and tried not to make any sound, even if he clouded me with me so much ecstasy and feelings.
He brou-ght his hand down from my che-st and s£nt it beneath my dress, ma-king me whimper.
“plea-se don’t” I cried in my heart.
I was tem-pted to say it out, but couldn’t since he’s warned me never to beg him.
I was so scared. I wouldn’t be able to bear the pains if he uses me again at this moment.
I was yet to recover from the previous ones.
I felt his cold hand go slowly throu-gh my l@ps all the way to my p*nt and I shivered.
Oh, mercies. Why does he have to do this to me?
He moved my p*nt and ru-bbe-d my cl!t and I g@sped and held him ti-ght, almost piercing my f!ngersinto his skin.
Oh! plea-se, plea-se; don’t do it. Don’t.
I whimpered and a tear strolled down my cheek.
He ru-bbe-d my cl!t and made me feel the fear of f!ngering at that moment. I was so scared.
Suddenly, he brou-ght his hand out of my dress and left me, sitting on the edge of the be-d.
“Return to your room” he said icily without looking at me but I was startled and couldn’t move immediately.
“Don’t make me repeat myself” he added and I swallowed ha-rd and left the be-d.
Hold on; what just happened? Is…is he really asking me to return to my room…without tou-ching me?
I cleaned off the tear on my face and paused to look at him, but he wasn’t staring at me.
I couldn’t believe it. I was scared he was going to f0rç£ himself on me again. But what happened?
Without further reluctance, I opened the door and walked out of the room.
I sniffed when I got out of the room and surprisingly, I found the maid over there – standing close to the room.
She was backing me at first, but when she s-en-sed my pres£nce, she turned and looked at me and her eyes flashed.
She looked angry and restless.
I stood, staring at her without saying a word. I mean, I didn’t even know what to say.
Why was she here? And why does she look this angry and restless?
I furrowed my brows in suspicion and she glowered her eyes at me and walked away.
Shantel’s POV
I walked into the maid’s quarters and kicked the be-d.
What the heck just happened? Why didn’t the poison have any effect on Lucifer? He should be dead by now!
I prepared it myself; I used my own blood in ma-king it and with the other contents involved in it,,it’s capable of killing any supernatural being -no matter how powerful he or she is.
It seems Lucifer has grown more powerful than I thought. I can’t believe the poison didn’t work on him.
No! I must get him no matter what. I must fulfil my promise to the elders.
The reason he’s unable to suspect me is because I’m among the few lucky people he can’t detect and I’ll make sure I kill him no matter what.
I’ve always been looking for this opportunity – an opportunity where he’ll be killed so my brother can take over the throne. And now I’ve finally gotten one, I won’t lose it.
Roxanne’s POV
I woke up the next morning, feeling more relaxed. For the first time since I got here, I sle-pt so soundly.
I sat up and thought about Damon. Remembering he didn’t t©uçh me last night still bemused me and I couldn’t get it off my mind.
Oh! How I badly wish he’d continue acting that way. I just wish he wouldn’t t©uçh me again.
But who am I kidding?
I took in a de-ep breath and went into the bathroom. I had to get re-ady for school.
I brushed my teeth and took my bath and when I c@m£ out of the bathroom, breakfast was alre-ady on the be-d and Sally was there as well.
“Hey” she called as she dusted some of the items in the room.
“Um…good morning” I replied and sat on the be-d.
“You look…” she paused and smiled.
Look what? I thought.
“Anyway, forget it. So,, how was your night?” She asked.
“Splendid…I guess”.
I started eating immediately, feeling really hungry.
Sally kept talking and entertaining me with lots of jist until I consumed the whole meal.
Then, she gave me some privacy to dress up and I wore my spiffy uniform and got re-ady to leave.
I paused and thought; Damon didn’t come to see me like he did the previous day.
Oh, plea-se! I hope he continues this way.
I got out of the room, walked pas-s the sitting room and when I got outside, my ride was alre-ady waiting for me.
I got in and the driver took off immediately.
I walked quietly into the noisy clas-sroom and went straight for my seat.
I wonder if I’d ever get to make any friends aside Naomi.
I got to my seat and surprisingly, I couldn’t find Naomi there. I mean, someone else was on her seat.
I paused and pondered over it.
It was a guy – a young and…If I might say, handsome guy.
He was scribbling down something in his book and didn’t pay attention to me until I took my seat next to him.
But, where’s Naomi?
“Hi” he looked at me and said with a charming smile.
“Uh…hi” I replied, muzzy.
He nodded and went back to writing in his book.
“Sorry to ask” I called his attention after a short pause and he looked at me.
“Um…what happened to the lady on this seat?”
“Oh! I…have no idea about that. I’m actually a new student and when I got here, the seat was empty. So, I took it” he replied and I sighed and nodded.
Oh, my! Where could Naomi be? She didn’t tell me she’d be skipping clas-ses today.
Not long after, the science teacher c@m£ in and the clas-s bec@m£ calm and settled.
I bought out my book from my bag and tried bringing out my pen as well, but couldn’t find it.
Oh, Roxanne! Don’t tell me I left it at home.
Oh, goodness! No.
What do I do now?
The science teacher commenced writing on the board and I bec@m£ stuck.
“Here” the boy beside me said and I turned to see him proffering a pen to me.
“You can use this” he said.
I stared at him in shock. How…How did he know I was looking for a pen?
“Uh…Thanks” I replied and took the pen from him, looking down at my book.
I shook it off and concentrated on the lesson and thought out the first three periods, Naomi didn’t show up.
oh my! Today’s gonna be so boring for me.
The bell went off for lunch and the students started dispersing.
I also stood on my feet, not knowing exactly where to go.
The boy beside me stood up as well.
“Um…Roxanne, can…”
“How did you know my name?” I cut him off, surprised.
He twitched and itched his nape.
“Uh…its written on your book” he replied and I looked at my bag and back at him.
“O..Okay” I said with a nod, tucking my hair behind my ear.
“So,, as I was saying, you know, I’m a new student here. This is just my first day here in Glamour High and I was wondering if you could do me a favor by showing me round the school” he said with an appealing look.
Wow! He was handsome. But, Damon still beat him to it.
“Oh! I’m sorry, but I’m also a new student – just started yesterday. So…I’m not familiar with the school either” I replied.
“Perfect” he chuckled.
“We can work it out ourselves. Come on; let’s have a a look around together”.
I scoffed and batted my lashes. I don’t even know him.
“Come on; it’s gonna be fun” he said and I adjusted my bag.
“Um…what’s your name?” I asked.
He smiled uncannily.
“Well, you can just call me Nicklaus”.
To be continued…