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July 23, 2021


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Love on fire Episode 19 & 20

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♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥

(He is arrogant , She is Crazy)


Authoress Sassyjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)

♥️ Episode 19🔥



🙄 Charlotte😒

I can’t believe Bryan feel the same way with me, I always feel this connection whenever is around me, he broke more rules to see me, Charlotte this is your chance to experience true love, my brother really believes I will find true love in the house, even if Bryan is not part of the show but provided his in the house .

I looked at his eyes when he thought am falling in love with Quan, my very wish when I wrote my diary in highschool, I needed someone that will truly love me, be jealous of me, tears dropped from his eyes when he asked the question.

I know I love him, I just hugged him tight without saying a word, and what I ever wanted happened, the last time I thought he was shy to kss me but this time around I made the move,I know its crazy but when I stopped, he held me by the waist and pulled me close again and kssed me so deep.

I feel so comfortable around him, he has woken up love in my heart, then he checked his watch saying, he needs to go now that the light will be back soon, oh how I wish, the show can be over, have found him already.

” I love you Charlotte and I mean it, I can be arrogant at times but please don’t hurt me, don’t be like the rest girls”

Am me Bryan

” We meet at our usual spot tomorrow night”

Love you Bryan

I hugged him for the very last time and he left.

Few minutes after he left, the light came back, that was close.

I fell on my bed with fantasies, Love on fire thank you.

I wish I can lay beside him and then I slept off.


When she ran to hug me, I got the answers I needed without her saying it, she feel the same way, that alone gave me happiness.

She wanted me to kss her but I couldn’t, I just fk girls without kssing, she made the first move and our l1ps and tongue mixed together, her l1ps taste like strawberry, so soft and a good ksser.

Then she stopped, I held her by the waist and brought her close again and kssed her so passionately,now I know I love her.

If it was other girls, I just sleep with them but she is the first lady am kssing with passion without the motive of having sx . I guess mom was right, true love exist.

I checked my watch I was putting on,I need to leave now before the light comes back ,I told her how I felt and she hugged me again, when she told me she loves me, I felt I was no more alone,her light has found me.

I left to my room and then the lights came back.

I was so excited that I started dancing in my room, but I felt sad again, she is in love with Bryan and not Oliver, how will I tell her, the mask guy she hates is the same guy she loves,I will tell her when the time is right.


I woke up so early to watch her come out from her room,she is looking so beautiful and sexy this morning, then she went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, I couldn’t stop watching unknown to me my phone was ringing.


Hi Mom

” Oliver how is everything with you”

Fine mom

” How could you son ?

Then my heart started beating very fast, don’t tell me mom has found out,did the security snitch on me,what will I say to her that she entered my room mistakenly and we became friends and then lovers, g©sh

” Oliver are you with me ?”

Yes mom, mother I don’t really understand your question

” I mean why didn’t you tell me this year show is lively as ever, the rate of viewers and subscribers it’s 10times higher than the previous show”

I had a relieved, this my mother will not kill me,thank God I never open up everything to her so quickly

Yes it’s kinda lively mom

” That crazy girl is really something , I hope she and her partner end up in a good relationship before the show ends”.

How can mom say that, my girlfriend should be with another man,but I can’t tell her now

Mom am little busy now

” Okay son, remember what I told you, you are not allowed to fall in love with any housemate okay”

Okay mom

I hung up

Mom will really freak out when she gets to find out .

Then something got my attention, another housemate having issues with Charlotte,I focus on Charlotte that I don’t even know the faces of other housemate, I hope Charlotte controls herself.

👹 Unknown pov👺

That idi©t has fallen in love with the crazy girl, I have all proves but won’t let it out now.

Now let’s hurt his heartbeat a little by bringing her ugly past to the world.

🙄 Charlotte😏

I was done with breakfast when one of the housemate approached me.

” Hey btch”

Who the fk is she calling btch?

Are you referring to me

” Oh yes I am, you don’t know me but I know you fully well as a slut, you can fool the world by faking yourself but you can’t fool me”

You know what btch I said, I hardly loose my tempers to a fellow girl like me,the next time this happens I will make sure you loose a tooth

” Go on crazy girl, I will make sure I ruin your life, keep your distance from Quan, don’t $educe him as you normally do to other guys to fk you wh©re”

She just called me a wh©re, well I will prove to you how a whore behaves, is like this girl don’t know me at all, maybe she don’t know am from the descedant of the tigress family,by the time I design her face and skin, she will know my craziness is out of hand and has no cure.

I raised my voice at her, I will show you how a whore behave, between the two of us ,one of us will be admitted at the hospital, I wanted to welcome her with slap before destroying her,I decided to slap her then someone held my hand…

♥️ Episode 20🔥



🌼Before the fight 🌼

👫👫👬👭 World Pov 👭👬👫

👭Guess what guys, the crazy girl is in love

👫With who ?

👬Quan of course, did you not watch the part he told her ,he likes her and has a crush

👫 Not only that, you need to see the way they look so perfect together, during their partners game ,he almost kssed her

🙄But she refused

👫Well maybe she is shy you know, guess what she wanted to kss him as well when he made the move

👬Then the stupid warning alarm stopped it

😍 I felt their connection , Quan look so handsome, please don’t date her, date me instead

🙄 Well let’s wait for the day they will finally kss themselves

👫I just can’t wait for the next confession night, let’s hear it all

🙄 Charlotte 😊

My phone buzz

I checked the caller, it’s Ethan, why can’t my brother stop giving me problems, now am far from him, he still disturb me as usual on the phone.


📲Big sis

Ethan how you doing

📲 Not good sis

Why ?

📲 I miss you around the house

Well I don’t miss you at all

📲 I know you miss me

Well little, we laughed,you should have thought of that before signing me up in love on fire

📲 But am glad I did, you are trending all over sis and am happy you finally found your love

What does Ethan knows about love by the way, this little bro of mine won’t cease to amaze me.

📲You and Quan looks so perfect together, everyone is talking about it

Really, but deep down inside me, I prefer Bryan but I can’t tell Ethan

Well is not my love ,we are just going to be perfect

📲 Sis for once accept the truth, mom and dad are happy as well,they wish to speak with you

Oh no no, not them, I don’t have strength to talk today, am going to beat Ethan for this

🌼🌼 Presently 🌼🌼

I raised my voice at her, I will show you how a whore behave, between the two of us ,one of us will be admitted at the hospital, I wanted to welcome her with slap before destroying her,I decided to slap her then someone held my hand….

I looked at who was holding my hands, it was Mr mask, I struggled with him when the btch provoked me the more.

” You want to start a fight, come on hit me hum, you still a btch,the world we know many reasons to vote you out for good”

Mr mask let go, I need to break her head , his grip was too strong,then the girl left.

I forced my hands out but something is not right, this was the same wrist watch Bryan was putting on. Is better I ask Bryan myself why the arrogant boss is putting on his watch.

” Fighting will only bring down your points ”

Oh Mr mask, so you care, I don’t care if it reduces it, she is lucky today and next time she tries it and you try to stop me then I will fulfill my promise by spanking you.

“Oh really, do I look like your kid that you babysit and can spank anyhow,seems I need to be checking out the health status of every housemate”

What ??

Is he trying to tell me I have mental issues, I don’t blame you at all, if not for this show that’s saving you from me, I would have beaten you black and red,then you will know why the name fire is added to the show

I never knew some housemates was watching

” Just get lost”

He walked away.

Everyone in this show are really mad, first it’s that lesbian girl that her nose looks like whipper now is this short being that look like someone that they draw on paper, I will just use hammer and hit her to the ground,her legs are not even equal.

Then Quan came in calming me down with a hug.

” it’s ok Charlotte,it’s okay”

I felt my anger dropped and I became happy again.

But who is Quan to her?

Is she your girlfriend ?

” H.ell no, she is just jealous we are together, remember this show has different kinds of people, so expect the worst from people.”

Well that’s true, she is lucky I was stopped, I was planning to re draw her again with my hands.

He started laughing

” You really a funny girl I must say,my crazy baby”

Did he just call me crazy baby,how sweet of him, I started smiling foolishly..


” Announcement housemates, tommorow will be the confession night, also get ready for the game starting in the next 30 minutes, normally it’s difficult to win this game except you are flexible and good at sports, it’s called climb the height game,you only have two trials so try your best to pass cause this point is very high and I hope we all are getting along with our partners in the house”

It was time for the game, I put on the outfit giving to us and went to the game house where it will be held with Quan.

Quan had to go to the boys direction cause we were separated from them, guess the incomplete being that came to me .

” Scared of height $lut, I bet you am going to win you on this”

What’s her problem ?

She is lucky game sections you can’t start a fight with anyone and for the record am not scared of height slut

She started laughing

” Really let’s see what you got, I thought you only good at foursome,she rolled her eyes and walked in with other girls ”





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