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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Love on fire Episode 21 & 22

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♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥

(He is arrogant , She is Crazy)

♥️ Episode 21🔥



😏 Oliver 😏

That was close, how come I didn’t change my wrist watch today but thank God she didn’t ask about it, I just have to put on my arrogant character for her not to suspect.

My instincts concerning that housemate is totally bad, maybe Charlotte knows her from some where but I was happy I tried to stop her from starting a fight there, I don’t think Charlotte values her point, seeing this dude hugging her spoilt my mood again but the most important thing is that she choose me over him.

She just have to follow up with him to remain in the show cause the show believes at this stage, you must have been crushing on someone already and been a partner with the person gives you the chance of knowing the person and love might actually develop.

I just hope she doesn’t develop any feelings for him, I know what to do.

The next game will be starting soon, I think I better watch at my mini office.

What problem does this girl has to do with my woman and it’s difficult to evict her from the house, she is getting lots of fans already, People wants to know what she has

to say about Charlotte. I pray whatever it is ,she should not try to ruin her image cause I won’t take it likely with her .

” Really let’s see what you got, I thought you only good at foursome,she rolled her eyes and walked in with other girls ”


Foursome. This is bad, really bad, am going to ask her everything tonight at our usual spot, I just hope she isn’t a wh©re like the girl said.

The boys started their games,most of them fell and landed on the foam on the floor to avoid any casualties.

Seems like Donald or Quan might win or the other talk guy.

Now my concern is Charlotte, I just hope the word the girl told her won’t affect her in the game.

😯👫👫👫World pov 😯👫👫

😊Oh mine that new girl knows a lot about Charlotte

🙄She is getting more popular right now

😯 What’s her name again

👫 Tasha Torsney

😯 She is also beautiful, I think they are both going to fight for handsome Quan

👫 Guys, she just said Charlotte is good at foursome 😲😲😲

👫I think she knows alot about Charlotte

😊 I can’t wait to know the winner of the game

🙄 Charlotte 🙄

I hate that girl, the game started, some of the girls started climbing from the beginning of the game, they had to jump from each obstacle, some where unable to do it and they failed and given their last trial. So have to use the rope and they landed on the ground,it was so h©rrible but thank God for the

foam they arranged on the floor.

I heard my name and Tasha, so the wtch name is Tasha, why will she be starting with me.

Time to start the game

” Let’s see what you got btch”

She got some nerves

I had to jump with my legs close,then widen it to pass the obstacles,then had to jump very high with that balloon lifting me to get the rope,I had to hold it gradually as I move slowly, she was already ahead of me.

” That’s good btch, am happy you have not lost it.”

To h.ell with you, i said, I had to remain focus on what I was doing.

Now I got to the final then I lift myself holding the rod as I step down slowly and every one clapped .

I can’t believe I won this stage with this psych©.

I saw her going to talk with Quan but was happy he ignored her and came to me.

” Hi babe,how was it”

I won, I said in excitement,what about you.

” I won too ”

” Let’s go get juice at the fridge to celebrate”.

Sure I said smiling.


Some of the housemates were busy talking with their partners,same with me.

” So tell me your favorite color”

My favorite color is white and pink,what about

” Brown”

Wow that’s nice,I love chicken and noodles very well, what about you

“Well I actually love Chickpeas”

Wow I can’t remember the last time I had that

We talked for some hours and I got tired, needed some rest and I told him

I got to my room, so exhausted and I fell on the bed,I saw a letter.

I opened it, wow it’s from my Bryan, I can’t wait to see him tonight,have alot to tell him, I just hope he don’t think otherwise of what that wtch is saying about me.


The confession night

I can’t believe it’s another confession night , I wish Bryan will be with me, had a great time with him last night.

We all sat down and the arrogant boss gave the opening speech and then he welcomed each housemates to talk about their partners.

Each of the house mate said something amazing .

It was Quan turn and my face turned red.

” Well I won’t lie, the first day I came to the house, when Charlotte Introduce herself, I laughed and no ladies has made me happy that way, she was just her self and no pretence ,I was sacred to approach her in the house so I watched her without her knowledge till the day I spoke with her. I was happy she accepted me to be her partner, her smiles light up my world, how we solve riddles together, play games,she Is just so wonderful. I think have fallen deep in love with her ”

What!!!! Everyone applauded in excitement,the crazy girl is lucky.

They asked him things about me like my favorite color and he got them right as I nodded.

It was my turn and I stepped out, I was asked a few questions about him after I said a few things

“What’s his favorite color? ”

Green I said,they asked him and he nodded,shit green is Bryan favorite color..

👺 Unknown pov 👺

Talk about her past life in the confession night,the video will be out by tommorow and definitely it will ruin that killer girlfriend life.


♥️ Episode 22


😉Earlier 😉

🥰 Charlotte 🥰

I was at the usual place with Oliver, he carried a Moody face, what possibly could be the problem, I accepted to be his love yesterday and today his moody.

Why do I have such an ill luck in a relationship that just started!!! What am I supposed to do, I can’t be crazy to him now or it might work?

Hey, I hit him, why are you Moody ?

” Take your hands off me”

Did he just say that, doesn’t he know am very soft, I just need to be real crazy for him not to know my weakness.

Really ?

” Who are you Charlotte ? Tell me”

I don’t get you Bryan

” What does she mean by Foursome ??”

I was weak don’t tell me, hid dumping me, I can’t begin with heartbreak in this house

I don’t know

” I want you to go, but please take the part”


” Don’t ”

I hate this, I can’t face him, am going to kill that girl for ruin my chances, I took the part he asked me to take, then I saw petals on the ground in form of love and I saw a drawing of me, did he actually loves drawing, wow this is so beautiful but he asked me to leave,I turn around only to see him laughing.

” You know no matter I can never let you go, I love you Charlotte, I was just pranking you to see your reaction, I bet you are really crazy ”

You j.erk,I hit him and hug him, thank you,I never knew he was this good in acting and I fell for it.

So you love drawing ?

” Yes but I forgot about it for a long time but when you came, I remembered am good at it”

Wow,that’s amazing, well I just love dancing..

” Yea it’s obvious”

So tell me your favorite color
” Green is my favorite color”

Lovely color, mine is white and pink.

So tell me your favorite food

” Don’t really eat much and I don’t have one but let me just say noodles”

Mmm weird.

” I don’t think that housemate mean well for you, you need to be careful”

She won’t do anything stupid okay

” Saw the way you smiled at Quan”

Bryan is jealous wow

” Am not jealous, why would I be”

😉😉😉 Presently 🌼🌼🌼

It was my turn and I stepped out, I was asked a few questions about him.

Well, his handsome and cute, never took note of him in the house but let me say destiny brought us very close,his eyes are charming, perfect blue colors,he can be a j.erk at times and a good artist . I don’t really know how to best appreciate him but am lucky I found him.

I noticed the changes in Quan face, some murmured, ” Quan doesn’t have blue eyes but dark brown”

I was asked to tell his favorite color

Green I said,they asked him and he nodded,shit green is Bryan favorite color..

What have I done ? Quan is not even an artist, I was actually just thinking of Bryan.

Ooh I mean Brown,just pulling his legs,they applauded and I sat down close to Quan,I noticed mr mask has been looking at me ..

Quan doesn’t look bright.

They called on Tasha

She complemented her partner alot and they asked her if she anything else to say about the other house mates.

She said yes

” Who may that be Tasha ?”

” Well our crazy Charlotte,I believe if her partner truly loves her, he will stick by her no matter what am going to say and show”

What’s she trying to do

🥰Oliver 🥰

Am happy the crazy girl loved it,she thought I wan quiting,that’s why Ava tells me am really good in acting.

I got very jealous the way Quan complemented her at the confession night, he will never steal Charlotte from me.

Charlotte was called as well , but guess what,she was actually describing me to the other house mates, I couldn’t stop looking at her.

She called my favorite color instead of Quan, you need to see Quan face now.

Tasha was called as well,she also talked about her partner but I got very scared when she was asked a question and she decided to talk about Charlotte.

” Well our crazy Charlotte,I believe if her partner truly loves her, he will stick by her no matter what am going to say and show”

oh no, please don’t ruin her for me,I looked at Charlotte,I noticed she has fear in her eyes even when tries proving strong.

Everyone wants to know everything about the crazy Charlotte, I guess the world will be glued to their TV now.

” Charlotte is a btch, she is good at pretence, guess what, she is in to hard d.rugs and also fk guys for fun, her plan in the house is to get fk and who knows $educes the boss

Is she out of her mind ?

Please Tasha,mind the way you use your language on your fellow house mate I said

The presenter warned her as well.

” Oops so sorry, but I got prove, watch this?”

Oh my God, how come the video and why is it showing worldwide.

What is happening,I told the people at the media room

” Sorry boss we don’t know how,it seems hacked,we are trying to stop the video from playing”

Better stop it or you loose your job

I looked at Cherry, she was already crying like a baby and shaking, Quan left and the presenter told Tasha to go to the waiting room and closed the confession night.

Everyone are leaving her, I decided to meet her and wiped her tears with my handkerchief, I should have known Tasha wants to ruin her life.

She rested on my chest,I did not mind I will be shown live, but I can’t leave her like this ..

👫👫👫World Pov🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

😧I can’t believe Charlotte is a whore

😶Why would she sign up for the show,she doesn’t need love at all

😶 Sleeping with four guys , saying naught things

😊 I was thinking they are going to show her nude but they covered it and only showed her talking and the guys about to devour her and it ended,I received a slap

😧 Shut up your mouth

😭No matter what,I remain team Charlotte, what if she was drugged ,she don’t even look in her right senses

😧I feel bad for her, I wonder the pains she is going through now, Tasha you are stupid, spoiling your fellow girl status like that

👨‍🦰She is really pretending,can’t believe this.



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