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love me not episode 35

(Ageless Romance)

Episode 35

Many eyes were looking from the window watching the whole drama. Their eyes also caught Ryan who came out running. Beckey smiled as she looked at them both. “Such Cute love birds” She whispered to herself.

Ryan ran outside and quickly boarded a taxi which took him to the airport. He walked all the way to where his bags were. He saw the bo-dy guards waiting for him.

“Sir!” They said simultaneously.

“I’m late, am I?” He asked trying to catch his breath.

“No, But the flight is about to take off, We have to leave now or you might miss it”

“Alright then, Please… Let’s go!” He exclaimed as they all hurried. Ryan took his bags and looked behind him as he ran hurriedly.

“I will be back…. I promise” He whispered as he finally smiled.


“Look at this nau-ghty teacher! Awwn! I’m still happy for you though” Beckey smiled as she jokingly tapped Ruby’s lap.

“Oh Goodness,Beckey….I’m still [email protected]$$ed to face you though” Ruby said almost in a whisper.

“I understand, Trust me….But everyone knows now about your relationship with Ryan, They all saw the drama you guys acted in here” Beckey said as they both laughed.

“So? Is this what you were talking about?” Beckey asked finally looking at Ruby.

“About?” Ruby asked quite confused.

“That time you asked if it was normal to date someone younger! It was about you right?” Beckey asked.

“I guess” Ruby smiled.

“But you disagreed to that, Didn’t you?” Ruby asked quickly.

“Well…. I did but if it’s about you…. Then I humbly agree, Dear friend! Go for it, But it’s a shame though… He left already to the states”

“He promised to be back, I’m going to wait for him”

“Till when?”

“Huhhnn…..I really didn’t even ask!”

“Aigoo! Just look at you talk? What if he comes after 20 years, He would be 39 then and you would be….. Urrgh!”

“You had better shut it! I reject that”

“Alright, Just keep your hopes high and pray too”

“I will” Ruby replied with a smile.

“By the way, Why… Didn’t you tell me?” Beckey asked.

“About us? Ryan and I? I’m sorry, I didn’t even know how to tell–

“No, Not that…. I mean about Phili-p, My brother”

“……Did I find out?”

“Well…. Recently”


“I’m sorry, He really made you suffered, Last 3 years and now! The cops later caught him as your @$$aulter, He has been sued already, He deserves it though”

“I’m sorry about….

“No, You shouldn’t be, He dug his own pit and fell into it himself”

“What of Mira then?” Ruby asked with a deep sigh.

“I wouldn’t lie to you, She isn’t all lively and happy but she will get better, She is staying with me for now”

“Alright, I do hope she gets better, I will come visit her when the right time comes”

“There isn’t any problem about that,, We will be waiting”
Ruby smiled and weakly brought her phone from her bag.

“Yeah… The real truth is in there, It was recorded…. So just post it on the school website, The truth should be known and the culprit should be dealt with, The victims should be apologized to”

“What truth? I’m quite confused” Beckey asked as she looked at the phone.

“You will know that soon,, Very soon” Ruby said as they both smiled.


Few days later, The truth was known. Everyone was shocked! Even the high ups and the students too.

Ruby slowly walked to Mr Tyson office. She knocked twice and opened the door. She met Beckey in already.

“Okay sir, I’m going to leave now” Beckey said as Mr Tyson smiled.
Beckey turned and smiled at Ruby who raised her eyebrows to her. Beckey pinched her jokingly and left.

“Oww… nau-ghty girl” Ruby said as she laughed. She walked to Mr Tyson and bowed her head.

“Have a seat Ruby” Mr Tyson said.

“There is no need for that…. I’m just here to give you something” Ruby said as she searched through her bag. She brought out a letter and placed it on his table.

Mr Tyson whined his head and looked at her.

“What’s that?” He asked.

“My resignation letter, I want to quit”

“What? Why? Is it because of Martha? She will be dealt with!” Mr Tyson said sadly.

“I know but I feel guilty”

“Why? It’s not your fault!”

“No, …..It’s my fault,, I’ve been a bad teacher, Supporting the bad and ignoring the good…. Do you know what my student(Barbara) once told me? She asked if I was really a teacher,, I’ve thought about it and I think she’s right, I won’t be free till I leave here…..Thank you sir for everything, God bless you, I will take my leave now” She said with a smile.


“Sém! Please don’t leave us!” The students in her [email protected]$$ all said simultaneously with loud voices.

“I’m not leaving you guys,, I’m just leaving the school , I will still come visit you guys occasionally” Ruby said.

“Is it because of your relationship with Ryan? Don’t worry,, You can just date him but please, Don’t go!!!” One student said.

“No one will talk against your relationship like we did to Peter and Barbara so please, Stay!” Another said.

“Even…. If you guys talk against us, We will still be together” Ruby smiled.

“Awwwwn!” Many students blushed.

“Okay guys…. I wish you the best, Goodbye! I hope no one or thing break you guys, Instead I hope it’s makes you guys!” Ruby softly said.

“Don’t worry Sém… Nothing can break us since Martha has already been suspended, She is the only bitch capable of breaking us!. But you are the only one who can “Make” us so please….. Don’t go!!!” They shouted.

“I have to go guys,Seriously, Thank you for everything!” Ruby smiled.

“Wait…. Before you leave, Let’s make sure we make what has been broken” A female student said.

“How?” Another asked.

“Let’s make Peter and Barbara get back together! Date! Date! Date!” The female student shouted.

“Date! Date! Date!” The others joined shouting simultaneously folding their palm into a fist.
Barbara sighed dee-ply and looked at them.

“I’m going to think about it…. I just need sometime to think about it,, About my relationship with Peter and Ashley,, Both of them” Barbara said as they all nodded sadly.

“Sém… Let’s talk please” Barbara said as Ruby nodded.

They both went outside and Barbara looked at her.

“Sém…. Don’t leave us yet please” Barbara begged.

“I’ve to go, I’ve my reasons”

“Why?What’s the reason?”

“I’m just not a good teacher? A teacher isn’t all about teaching in school and all,, A teacher is also your guardian and a friend too…. But I neglected my duties and just did whatever I liked,, That why I supported evil and denied the good”

“No,, It’s not your fault…. You weren’t aware…. Many people believed Martha, I did too! I was even against Ashley which I’m now regretting…. I’m going to find it [email protected] to be with Peter and Ashley because I really hurt them, I feel bad and guilty”

“Barbara, I should take the responsibilities of all this, Also remember…. I made you get suspended due to my stupid judgement! I’m sorry”

“Sém… You are just still making me feel bad, I really don’t want you to go”

“I have to, I hope you guys make up! Goodbye Barbara”

“Wait…. Sém, I’m also sorry about what I said”

“Huh? What was that?”

“When I said you should think twice before suspecting someone and even asked if you were really a teacher? Seriously,, I’m so sorry…. I feel bad” Barbara whispered quite [email protected]$$ed as she placed her head low.

“No,, No… You are right, It’s okay and I’m not your teacher anymore so don’t call me Sém…. Call me Mrs Marlene” Ruby said with a smile.

“No, You will remain my teacher which stays deep in my heart…. Sém”


“Oh… I really feel so unhappy! Please,Don’t leave me with the kids here in this school!” Beckey said.

“You know I already made up my mind, Anyways take care and hold on…. What did you both talk about before I came in?”


“You and Mr Tyson of course!”

“Oh… That? Uhh? Well… He… Uh… So… Uhh… He.. Kinda… Uh… Well… Uh… Yeah, So… I…I mean, He….Uh…So.. I..–

“What are you saying right now?” Ruby asked cutting her short while looking at her with confusion.

“He asked me out!” Beckey finally blurting out closing her eyes tight quite [email protected]$$ed.

“What? Seriously? Does he have feelings for you? Since when?”

“Since though, He asked me out since…. You remember that Mike issue?”

“Oh yeah… I do”

“That was when he asked me out?”

“What? Really? Geez! How did you hide it so well? Did you even accept?”

“No, I told him I would think about it? What about you,, How did you hide your relationship with Ryan so well? I couldn’t even tell…”

“Whatever! But why? Why haven’t you accepted?”

“I accepted him today, When I was in his office, Remember?”

“Oh… Geez! You are now dating? Wow! Good luck anyways, You are 22 right– Ruby paused and Beckey nodded.

“He’s 30 right?” Ruby asked and Beckey nodded smiling.

“Wow! Age is just really a number” Ruby said as they both laughed.


Ruby found her way outside with most of her things on her hand. She looked at the huge school and her eyes met with the all students and staff who looked downstairs,Mr Tyson was also staring from his office veranda. They all waved to her. Some began crying.

“WE LOVE YOU SEM,TAKE CARE ❤, WE WILL MISS YOU!” A huge wide banner was boldly written with those words. It was hung on the veranda by the students.

Ruby looked on with a smile. She never knew many people loved her. She felt touched that she began to tear up. She finally waved to them. Every bo-dy waved back.

A Loud Touching Music began to pla-y just then.

🎶 It’s been a long day without you my friend and I will tell you all about it when I see you again 🎶

🎶 When I see you again 🎶

“GOOD BYE SEM!” Their voices roared which nearly shaked down the building.

“Goodbye Golden Dawn College” Ruby’s voice echoed softly as she left slowly with tears escaping from her eyes.

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