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Living with Mr grumpy episode 25 & 26

👰Living With
Mr Grumpy🌸
Written by me: Authoress Succy💕📚
💧Episode 25💧
i could hear the sound of my heart beat as i got off the car
“you…you said, this was where you were asked to drop me at?”i asked the driver for the umpteenth time
i just needed to be sure
“yeah miss, sir Davis will join you too!
have a swell time” he said and reverse the car, driving out through the event centres big gate
oh! gracious lord!
what in God’s name is wrong with me?
i would have allowed mum to polish my face!
what was i thinking when I had turned her down?i felt like bursting out
i took my eyes allover and the ineffable beauty in front of me, made me rooted to the ground in seconds
oh! my God!
isn’t this paradise?
the beauty that met my gaze is indescribable
young men and women in white apron and uniform dressings moved about nonstop like robots, and some of them seems to be moving after than a car
they don’t look like they are in a hurry, and they don’t look sluggish same time
they look perfect for the job
i couldn’t tell where i was suppose to go in the large compound
i couldn’t tell if i should go right or left.
I was more confused than a man in a T junction
the event centre was super big and the gate kept on opening and closing at intervals with beautiful large cars driving in
my father is wealthy,
but now i believe there’s a limit to his wealth cause what am seeing at the moment won’t be surprising,knowing it’s the paradise God promised to bring
i took in a deep breath and exhaled deeply walking slow and stylishly towards the exterior of the building
for all i know, my date might even be watching me from one of those magnificent closed windows
the event centre is super large having a restaurant section, a pool section, filled with numerous pools
it has a large hall and a well kept garden with flowers, trailing from the building exterior down to the gate and it even extend down to the road side
the owner must really be fashionable to get an idea like this
there’s also a play ground section for kids and adults and am sure there’s lot more, but i stopped eye searching the whole place
am not from the slum, so i need to stop acting like one
but the beauty alone makes me wonder what living in the Huggins mansion would look like, perhaps getting married to their son isn’t a bad idea after all
a well dressed young man with a tag ‘ask me’ walked towards me with his white apron sparkling like sun rays on snow, giving it a perfect view
“good day miss” the young man greeted even before i could beat him to it
“yeah good day!” i replied bashfully
i need to sit my ass down,for heavens sake this heels are f**king killing me, they are way too high!
all thanks to mum!
she can be overbearing at times!
“miss Robyn?” he asked and my eyes elated
“yeah and you?”i asked and he smiled
“not important miss!
sir Davis ordered me to make you comfortable and usher you into your section for the date”he said and I let out the breath I never knew i was holding
that’s thoughtful of him
perhaps he isn’t rude like he acted the other day at the party!
“alright then,is he there already?” i asked and he nodded in the negative
“nope miss!
he promised to he back in 30mins time”he said and i sigh
“he told you to tell me all that?” i asked and he nodded
seems he isn’t bad then!
“this way ma’am”the young man said and before i could utter another word,he’s already few steps ahead of me, i had no choice than to trail behind him
soon we got to a beautiful, well designed room,it’s space alone can best be describe to that of a hall
“here miss!
make yourself comfortable” he said and left immediately
i sat on the seat which was obviously reserved for me, while a table separated i and the seat opposite me
different delicacies were placed on the gigantic table,ranging from my favourites down to mouthwatering dishes
and if not for manners, i would have dug a cutlery into the meal
the aroma alone made me feel the meal was specially prepared my angels
my eyes won’t leave the meal, same way my senses won’t leave my head
i couldn’t tell how long have been waiting for my suppose date,but i need no one to tell me have been waiting for like forever cause my aching feet said so
who knows, maybe the banquet in front of me is meant to be my date
i thought sarcastically
a soft melodious tone was playing from the background and it took the place of my companion making my tense mood light and i relaxed more into the sofa like seat, waiting for my date
i held my purse tightly to myself,taking my eyes up the door,
i froze at the sight that met my gaze
holy molly!!
a cute looking guy leaned on the side of the door screwing two phones at a time
oh!my God!
someone should please tell me he’s my date!
how in Gods name can someone be this cute?
isn’t he the same guy i had met at the party the other day?
gracious lord!
he looks f**king hot
oh! God!
someone should please tell me he’s the one am gonna be getting married to!!
he had a Jean trouser on, a black shiny shoe, as shiny as my mirror back at home
his hair was gelled to the back and the sleeve shirt he had on, fitted him perfectly with three buttons unfixed, revealing his cute chest
oh! my God!
this is the very first time am gonna be seeing him at a close range
i couldn’t help drooling over him
for goodness sake am getting married to him
a popular wealthy celebrity!
a cute,sexy, grumpy,rude jerk!
i think am beginning to see this marriage as a blessing
gawwd! he looks cute
oh if i had known,i would have allowed mum polish my face before leaving
but i still look good right?
i took a glance at him and his eyes were off his phone already and…..
holy mother of Robyn!
he’s staring at me
oh! my God!
my cute date is staring at me
I felt elated as i stared down at my fingers, suddenly feeling shy
he tucked his phone into his pocket and the sound of his expensive shoes on the floor, told me he’s moving towards me or perhaps the table
he sat down on the chair reserved for him and his sweet cologne rushed into my nostrils
oh! my God!
everything about this guy is killing
“i have less than 20minutes to spend,so hurry up miss” he said and my eyes dilated in shock
hold on, is he talking to me?
who the hell is suppose to do the talking?
I or him?
💧Episode 26💧
“i have less than 20minutes to spend, so hurry up miss”i said and could see the surprise look on her face
well that’s how i role, when i aren’t in a good mood and sincerely speaking i really aren’t happy.
for goodness sake i had to forfeit three good shorts all because of this godforsaken date and my date in question is just sitting glued to her sit.
isn’t she suppose to entertain me with her body and make me feel lively like every other ladies does, or is she any different from them?
well i guest she’s not!
though she look humble and reserve unlike other ladies from wealthy home they would strip naked even before my arriving and all i would have done was to lean them on the table and that’s all, heaven knows i won’t f**king put a ring on their finger even if the heavens fall.
she kept on staring at her finger looking shy, surprised and uncomfortable.
well then, only my type of ladies are comfortable with me
you can call them sluts if you want to
i took my eyes back to my phone and Simeon call came in, i rejected it immediately
💬Can’t pick that call right now, am busy💬 i sent him a text and he replied almost immediately
💬What else would you be busy at, if not screwing some ugly bitches💬 he text back and i rolled my eyes
if not that he’s my best buddy, i would have given him a knock when next we meet
💬your dickhead won’t allow you reason
is it possible to screw a bitch and reply your lameass message same time huh?💬i text back,taking a glance at my date
what’s her name again?
Robyn….yeah! Robyn
our eyes locked and she pulled away, staring down at her fingers again
well,she isn’t bad though,she’s like every lady, ‘beautiful!
but truth be told,she isn’t my type of ladies
i like them hot!
super hot ladies! whose heat alone can keep me warm
💬yeah that’s true, so what are you up to that’s keeping you busy?💬 simeon text came in
💬the date i told you about💬i sent, alongside an angry emoji
this silence is f**king killing killing
i took a glance at get again and she had transported her fingers up into her mouth,biting them one after the other
she would use the door when she’s tired or perhaps i will be the first to do that
💬Woah man, i forgot
still can’t believe your getting married soon💬 he sent and i rolled my eyes again and again
keep on enjoying being a bachelor and bucket like, public holes💬 i sent and he called again but i rejected it
💬can’t take this call man,i said am busy💬i sent him and his message came almost immediately
so tell me what she’s like?
slim, tall, plump, short!
come on man!
tell me something💬 he sent and i ignored it,taking my eyes off my phone
it’s past 20minutes already and have gat important things to look into, rather than sit here acting mime movie with my pretty face date
just that we aren’t using gestures as used in mime
“so…….you’ve gat nothing to say?” i asked and her eyes lite up, probably in excitement
“nope I don’t” she replied nodding her head alongside
“your name is Robyn right?”i asked and a smile tuck at the corner of her lips
“yeah and you?” she asked and i refrained from cracking
“you should know my name, cause everyone in Texas, sure does!”i said and a smile crept up her face, slowly wiping off the pretty smile she had on
a brief moment of silence ensued and she broke it
so……….you were the same guy who stepped on my purse the other day at the party?” she asked and I got a hold of a can water,decanted some of it into a glass cup and took a sip
“there’s no point asking when you probably know am the one, you can keep your question to yourself if you don’t mind” i said and her face fell
“just so you know,this so-called date was super lame
i didn’t waste my time though,seeing your pretty face is worth it
but you sulk in a date, get that stuck into your head” i said and took a glance at the dishes on the table, then to my wrist watch
have gat a commercial in the next 17minutes
“make do with the dishes
am done here!” i said and got hold of my phones I had placed on the table and flounce out of the room
the securities i came along with,covered me from crazy fans and paparazzi
as I got into my car and speed up, with the driver fast on the wheel
she should find her way home
📱don’t tell me to calm down Amanda,
don’t f**king tell me that” i yelled into the phone pacing front and back with my hand allover my chest
oh! gracious lord!
am losing it!
i f**king love Davis!
and even a day old baby can notice it, why can’t he just notice it and ask me out huh?
or perhaps does he want mebti pop up the question?
am going mad
i slump on my office chair and took a large gulp from the wine on my desk, swiveling the chair round, then took my gaze out of my office window, with my attention still fixed on my ears, listening to Amanda’s unending sermon
📱since you don’t wanna calm down, what else do you wanna do?” her voice rushed into my ears and i felt like screaming
📱kill, Amanda!!
all I wanna do is to kill
f**king remove every obstacle on my way!
I will kill to get what is mine Amanda!” I yelled into the phone and she cracked, from the tone of her voice, I could tell she was smoking at the other end
📱your making me laugh Jemima” she coughed slightly and I could clearly hear the sound of her inhaling the cigarette
📱you want to kill for a guy who doesn’t know you have feelings for him?
and how sure are you he’s getting married?
you haven’t seen the lady in question
have you?
come on girl,let go of that and concentrate more on us hitting the club tonight” she said and I bit the corner of my lip
she’s pretty right, but Idijt wanna take chances with my Davis
with him I can go crazy,so every lameass lady should keep off
am Jemima!
I don’t give second chances
I looked out through the window again and his car greeted my gaze
he looks hot and sexy as he alighted from it
we’ve gat a shot in the next 5minutes
I quickly drank a lot of water and threw a bubble gum into my mouth
he must not know I drank!
not at all!
I arranged my hair and hung up on Amanda before walking out of my office to meet my love


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