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last day at mystery high episode 23



(It should all be kept a secret)

Episode 23


By : Kebby NG Media Services

“Your majesty the crown prince is here to see you?”The guard by the door called out before opening the door to admit Louis into his father private chamber.

The king stared at his son who was all dressed in his uniform and ready for school.

He just can’t believe that the girl Louis had chos£n as his other half turns out to be Suzanne daughter.

Suzanne, it’s been years since he saw her last, he was surprised when he saw her again at his mother house but he didn’t try to approach her to get to talk to her.

It wasn’t a right time to do it and it certainly isn’t now too, the only time good enough is when their two kids are married.

They never got the chance to do it because Paul had taken her from him in the past and she had also fallen for him but now every thing will change

“Good morning your majesty”Louis greeted as he gave a deep bow.

“Seeing as you have come to me dressed in your uniform,it must be about some thing very important” the king said

“It is about some thing important your majesty”He said

“What is it and drop the formalities”The king said

“Well, Harvey has returned”he said

“What! When and why did he return with out consulting me first “The king yelled out

“I figured you wouldn’t have know of this yet and so I made it my job to come tell you my self, Harvey arrived last night and the first place he visited was Sharon”

“That is some thing we have to prevent” the king said

The king said surprising Louis, he had thought his father was angry about what he did cause he never talked about it ever since what happened that day but it seems like he is in support of it.

“Have thought of it father and I think that we should s£nd Harvey back to the states, some thing to get him distracted a while so the wedding can take place with out his interruption”Louis said

“You are right?The wedding must take place in his abs£nce, I should have thought of a way to make him stay there for long”the king said

“You are the only one who can s£nd him there with out him making a fuss but there is another solution too dad”he said

“What ??”

“Push the wedding date soon”He said

“But you know tradition must take place, you have to the necessary stuff for your wedding, you……”

“Right now that is not important, we have to get Sharon and i married and this is the fastest solution have thought of, well that is only if you agree on it “Louis said and for a while the king thought of it and then nodded in acceptance.

“That’s a good enough solution, what if Harvey gets to learn of the truth before the wedding?”The king voiced out his concerns

“We will have to find a way to prevent him from showing up”Louis said already thinking of one already.

“How do you feel today mom?”Harvey asked as he walked into his mother chambers.

His mom had been ill for the past one week and no one bothered to call him.

He would still be at the states dealing with the states affair when he should have been here for his mom.

“Better, I wasn’t expecting you back until a week away”she said

“I know but I had to return, for you and for my other half”He said

“Your other half,don’t tell me that you….you already found her”she asked as she stared at the ring in his hand

“Yes, have found her mom, I didn’t want to talk to you about it until every thing is sure and now more than ever am sure of it”He said

“Am sure your father will be so proud, proud that you are least got your prospective bride, that you are one step ahead of Louis”She said

“Louis haven’t gotten his prospective bride yet?” Harvey asked

“From what I heard last, he hasn’t gotten her yet and your father is very frustrated about it, you should bring that girl to your father, who knows, he might just give you the crown prince position” his mother said

“You are sure about this?”Harvey asked and she nodded.

“Your highness, your royal guard have arrived” the queen escourt said.

“Let him in”The queen said and as soon as the door was opened, the man walked in.

“Why did you have to invite your royal guard to your chambers?” Harvey asked his mom

“It’s been a week since my illness began and I have to get Information on what’s going on in the palace, I think some thing have been going on but they are keeping it well hidden.that was why I called for my royal guard”she said

“And I hope that this time you have managed to get me some more information” the queen said and he nodded gently

“I managed to find out that the king along with the prince are planing a wedding”The guard said and both mother and son yell out a what!!!

“What wedding? Whose wedding?”The queen asked

“I still don’t know about that yet but all I know is that they are all planning for a wedding and am afraid that it’s a wedding of some one from the palace”he said

“Whose wedding might it be?”the queen asked as she stared at her son who was also wondering who was getting married..

“Take care of your self and please be careful of humans”her mom said as she drove off.

Sharon sighed as she walked into the school, she was still feeling strange when Mart caught up to her.

“Good morning*Mary greeted

“I can’t say it’s a good morning for me too!”Sharon replied


“Just because……”She finished softly

“Just because?”Mary asked a bit puzzled

“You won’t under stand, you are quite lucky not to be in the kind of situation am in”Sharon said

“What situation?” Mary asked again

“A situation that toes you to some one you don’t love at all”She said

“Don’t say this to any one but am getting married to Louis soon”Sharon confided in Mary.

Mary knew that she had forgotten a bit of her memory but she never knew that she could have forgotten Mary being Louis sister.

“Sharon!Mary! ” Nina yelled holding up her phone and when she got to them she was breathing harshly

“You won’t believe what came out on the news today?”She said

“What?”Sharon asked

“Some one in the royal family is getting married”Nina said

“You mean the news is out?”Mary said as she and Sharon took the phone from Nina.

“Of course, it’s a pity though that they didnt say which one of the royal family will get married, I really want to know ” Nina said

“How dare him! How dare him put out some thing like this?”Sharon muttered as she walked past Nina and Mary heading to where the Lord’s of the school room is.

She got there and didn’t bother to knock, there was Luther, Liam and Louis

“Judging from the look on your face, you must have heard” Louis said as he stared at her

“How dare you make such an announcement?”Sharon yelled at him

“What’s going on? You two look like two lovers fighting”Luther said

“That’s because we are! Can you give us some privacy?”Louis said to Luther and Liam who gave them both a look before leaving the room

“Why did you have to put it on the news, the thought of marrying you makes me sick already but now you have done far worse Louis and…..”

“And you hate me for it, well I know that already but that wouldn’t change any thing, you and I have found our selves in a situation like this and so we need to do all we can to adhere to it” Louis said

“I won’t! I give up okay, I won’t get married to you or any one and to heck with who ever is get ruined with it”Sharon said and turned to leave only for Louis to push her to the wall.

“Let go!”she yelled at him

“Sharon? Sharon! Are you here Sharon?”Harvey called from out side and immediately Louis put the bolt and stared down at Sharon who tried to pull away


“Shhhhhhh………. Harvey mustnt know that you are here”Louis said

“And do you think that I will listen to you, I will scream at the top of my voice till he comes to my rescue”she said

“You wouldn’t…..”

“Har……”Sharon stopped when he pulled her into his arms, silencing her by klzzing her deeply.

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