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last day at mystery high episode 22



(It should all be kept a secret)

Episode 22


By : Kebby NG Media Services

“I hate you! I hate you so much Louis, you have no idea how much I hate you”

Louis kept on hearing her inner voice in his head and though he didn’t like what he was hearing, he had to get rid of Harvey before talking to Sharon to know if she was going to show him just how much she hated him.

It would really be a [email protected] task! How will he get her to fall for him, just thinking about the word love makes him feel a bit weird and to top it all, he hates her.

He has never fallen in love before and he certainly wouldn’t, he will only make Sharon fall for him, his granny had made it clear that if at least one of them gets to fall for him,every thing will be good.

“What are you still doing Louis, cant you see that Sharon and i need to have some alone time?”Harvey said harshly and that brought Louis starring at the guy whom other half he just stole.

Harvey wouldn’t certainly like to know that he taken his prospective bride but he has no choice when it comes to this, Sharon is his for the taking.

“I only came here because I had heard of your arrival, make sure you get to the palace quickly and do what you are ought to do,I will leave just as you have requested”Louis said and turned to leave only for him to hear Sharon voice.

“Wait !”He smiled knowing that Sharon wouldn’t let him go as it is.

He turned to see her pulling free from Harvey to walk towards him.

“Now that I think of it, I realise that Louis and I have a group project together, I had asked to see him earlier today and he came for that you should just head back, Louis will take me back home, good night Harvey”She said pulling Louis by his arm so they could walk off with out Harvey asking them to stop.

She pulled off her hand from his when they got out of Harvey sight and judging by the car which was speeding off, Harvey must have left.

Did he really think every thing will be the same when he returned, once he gets to know what happened, he wouldn’t think such way again.

“You smiling in this situation clearly tells me that you are enjoying what is happening “Sharon said and that brought his gaze to her.

“Why would you think such a thing?”Louis asked as he stared at the angry blue eyed devil in front of him.

Does she know that she is very beautiful when she glares at him like that.

“I will ask you this for the last time Louis. Are you sure you want to marry me cause I certainly don’t want to, are you sure you are in love with me cause am certainly not in love with you, will you be willing to live the rest of your life with me, knowing how much I hate you?”She asked all this questions that it took Louis a while before answering.

“Yes”He replied.

He had brought them both into this situation and if she ends up hating him for the rest of his life, he wouldn’t mind.

“I hate you! “Sharon said voicing out her inner voice from earlier.

Louis found him self being pinned on the wall by her.

He has forgotten that apart from biting her, she is now one of them and as one of them, she had the power to do this.

He thought as he stared at the angry Sharon starring at him as she pushed him back.

“You have no idea how much I hate you Louis and you dying right here will give me a great satisfaction”She said and Louis suddenly found him self starring at Sharon whose face had now changed to its full form.

A vampire.

Knowing how dangerous an angry vampire can be, he took hold of her neck and hit the spot where she would fall Unconscious, which she did immediately.

She fell on him like a stuffed teddy and Louis held her tight while he watched her vampire features disappear.

Lifting her fragile body into his arms, he walked the short distance to her house and knocked once or twice before the door finally opened.

“What happened?”Suzanne asked

“I had to knock her out, she was getting all angry and had shown her true form”He said while her mother led him to Sharon room

He deposited the sleeping Sharon on the bed and waited while her mother put the bed duvet over her.

“What happened?”Suzanne asked giving him an angry glare.

He knew that Sharon mother never liked him and it’s all because of what he did to her child.

“She got all hysterical when she saw me and I …..”

“You should know that you are the last person Sharon would like to see! Why did you have to show up?”She asked

“I had to because of Harvey”Louis said

“I don’t care what ever reason you have of showing up here, you are my least favourite person now, so please leave”Suzanne said

“I know you are still angry about what happened to Sharon but I……”

” You nothing! She had been a happy girl, with out worries and certainly not looking like this but after you….after you…..her life have been a mess, the angry look in her eyes hurts me a lot and that’s why I get angry my self when I see you crown prince” she said

“I under stand! I will leave just as you have requested”He said turning to leave.

” No… no. ..I don’t want to! Leave me alone…please”Sharon screamed out and that stopped Louis in his tracks

“Is she…. ”

“Having a night mare? Yes she is and that solely falls on you, leave before she wakes up and find you here Louis”she said and again and Louis turned to leave only to stop and stare at Suzanne who was now sitting on the edge of the bed holding Sharon hand.

It took him a while to leave the room because he was starring at the sleeping Sharon.

He had bitten her Expecting her to get out to get over the worry and that she should just accept this new life that he had created for her but that is some thing Sharon is finding [email protected] to believe.

What will he do if she happens to remember that he had been the one who caused her to be in such mess, she will never ever forgive him, he thought as he walked out of the room and down the narrow stairs.

Now is not the time for him to get s£ntimental, he had to find out what Harvey knows first and he took that thought with him until he got home.

Louis got back to the palace a bit late and he was walking through the garden, heading into the house when some one pulled him roughly to the wall.

He looked into Harvey black eyes and judging by the look on his face, he was very angry!

“Just what the hell are you playing at Louis! Why are you loitering around Sharon, I thought I told you to stay away from her?”Harvey asked

“And you think I will do it just because you have asked me?”Louis asked in return

“You should! You know Sharon is mine and just seeing the both of you together gets me so riled up”He said

“And what are you going to do if I don’t stay away?”Louis found him self asking

Harvey happen to be ruffling a favourite clothe of his right now and that is making him see red as it is .

Harvey gave a smile before pulling away from him.

“You wouldn’t like what will happen once you get to know what I will do”He said and walked into the mansion.

This is bad. Not only does Sharon hates him and makes it clear she is not interested in the wedding, Harvey had to return too to claim his wife.

Dad has to do some thing, he has to s£nd Harvey some where before he gets to ruin every thing, he thought as he walked into the palace.

Sharon opened her eyes to see the sun drifting into the room.

What had happened last night? She had totally blank out after…..after what exactly, she wondered as she got up.

The door opened and her mom walked into the room.

“How are you? “She asked

“Feeling worse”She replied

“You will get to feel better in a…..”

“Lies! I can never be the happy girl I was once. I can’t stop the darn marriage from happening but I certainly will do some thing mom?”She said

“What? “Her mom asked waiting for the worse

“I will certainly make Louis life a living hell, that I promise”She said stiffly.
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