(Life of a model and actress

Season One





💙Kylo’s POV💙

I stared at Jacklyn laying on the bed still unconscious.


After she collapsed in the modelling room,we quickly brought her to the sick bay in the company.

We wanted to take *her to the hospital, but her manager declined the idea,saying that he doesn’t want the press to find out.*


The doctor in charge of treating sick workers in the company has already examined her,and he told us that she probably fainted out of shock.

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I stared at her pretty face,I told everyone not to come in to stay with her,I want to be the only one with her.


I want to watch over her till she wakes up.

And also i want to ask her what she wanted to say to me before she collapsed, I know that I am very famous and handsome,but that shouldn’t lead to her fainting on seeing me,I am probably not the only good looking guy in the whole world,she must have come across lot of guys who are also good looking.


There is more to it.


Suddenly my phone started ringing,I brought it out from my pocket.


I smiled on seeing the caller ID




I swiped to the receiver and placed the phone on my ear.


📱”Yo man,what’s up”He said on the phone


i giggled.


📱”You haven’t stop this your gangster ways”I said and smile.


📱”You didn’t even bother calling me,that’s not fair and you know that right”he said


I smiled again


📱”Sorry bro,have been so busy with works,just travelling from one country to the other, I am currently in Paris”I said


📱”That’s what you get for being so famous”he said


📱”So how is your music career going,are you still under that record label”I asked


📱”Yeah I am,I am planning on becoming independent, I will soon sign out from the record label,they boss me too much”he said and hissed..


I chuckled.


📱”Don’t worry am gonna help you when I am back from Paris”i said.


Suddenly I saw Jacklyn eye lid moving..


📱” Eric I will talk to you later”I said and quickly hung up.


I placed my phone back into my pocket..


I stared intensely at her,she was trying to open her eyes.


Suddenly she opened her eyes.

She stared at the ceiling for some seconds before turning her gaze to me.

She opened her eyes wide again on seeing me.



Don’t faint again,I am not a beast nor a monster” I said facing my palm to her.


She stared at me without blinking…


“Zedd” she muttered.


I looked at her confusingly


Who is Zedd?


“Zedd” she muttered again..


I furrowed my brows,why does she keep mentioning Zedd._


“Hmm sorry,I think you are mistaken,I am not Zedd..

I am Kylo..

Jimin Kylo..

The famous Kylo” I said proudly.


She frowned at me.


“Zedd what are you saying..

You are Zedd..

You came back for me” she said and quickly stood up and engulf me in a hug..


I became more confused.


“Thanks for coming back to me,I thought I lose you,I haven’t been myself ever since you left,everyone said that you are dead but I don’t believe them..

I know that you will surely come back for me that’s why I kept the ring you gave me and declined proposal from other guys..

i was so shock when I saw you..

Thanks for coming back” she said amidst tears while still hugging me.


I patted her back gently and withdraw from the hug.


I need to see her manager,I thinks he knows something about this because I am getting more confuse.


“Hmm Jacklyn I will be right back” I said and stood up.


I was about walking away when she drag me back and gave me a deep kiss on my left cheek


I raised my brows…


“Thanks for coming back to me,I love you so much” she said as she withdraw from the kiss.


I nodded my head and walk out of the room in search of her manager.


💛Jacklyn’s POV💛

I heaved a sigh of relieve has I fell back on the bed.


I am so happy that Zeddicus came back for me.


After the day Zedd proposed to me and I accepted,I didn’t set me eyes on him again.


We reported to the police and after thorough investigation they said that he was dead.


I didn’t believe it,because I didn’t see his cadaver, even thou everyone said that he is dead I still didn’t believe it.


I cried all day waiting for him to come back for me,I wasn’t able to focus any longer on my job as a model.


Thou my parent didn’t approve of the both of us relationship because he is an Asian,but that doesn’t matter to me as long as they is love.


But thank God he finally came back for me,I know that he will surely come back and he is looking more handsome than before.


I have lots of questions that I am going to ask him,and I must make sure that he promise not to leave me again,if he leaves me again I might just commit suicide, because I won’t be able to withstand it.


💙Kylo’s POV💙

I got to the modelling room, everyone quickly stood up on seeing me.


“Has she woken up”


“How is she”


“What did she say”


They kept throwing questions at me.


I sighed..


“She has woken up and she is perfectly okay for the shoot” I said and they all heave a sigh of relieve.


“Hmm Sir Lucas can I talk to you for some minutes” I said pointing towards Jacklyn’s manager.


He nodded his head as he walk towards me.


“Let go outside” I said


We both started walking towards the entrance of the room,we got outside the room,my guards who were standing beside the door bowed at me again,even thou they’ve done that before I entered.


They were about following I and Sir Lucas but I stopped them.


I and Sir Lucas walked a bit far from the room, we got to a point and I stopped on my track.


I turned to him.


“Hmm Sir Lucas,who is Zedd” I throwed the question at him.


He sighed


“I know that she is gonna think you are Zedd ever since she set her eyes on you” he said


I became more confused.


“Please I am confuse,what are you talking about” I said with furrowed brows.


He sighed again..


“Zedd was Jacklyn boyfriend, he is an Asian, but was born and grew up in France.

Zedd and Jacklyn were so much in love with each other,thou Jacklyn parent didn’t approve of their relationship because Zedd is an Asian.

But due to the love they have for each other they couldn’t let go,on the day Zedd proposed marriage to Jacklyn was the day he went missing,after couple of days we saw his cadaver at the shore of a river..

Jacklyn parent and I planned with the police not to reveal Zedd’s cadaver to Jacklyn, because she might also kill herself,thou we told her that he was dead but she didn’t believe, she thought he left her for somewhere and will soon come back for her, we accepted her prophecy and prayed that she find someone else to clear her mind off Zedd.


During those period,I came across you on net,I was really shocked because of the resemblance you have with Zedd,so I tried all possible ways to avoid Jacklyn coming in contact with you or seeing you,I never knew that you were the one she will be modelling with,if not I wouldn’t have approved it” he said


I sighed deeply and placed my palm on my forehead.


“So what are we gonna do now,because after the shoot I will be leaving for New York and now that she thinks I am Zedd what are we gonna do” I said rubbing my forehead vigorously.


Sir Lucas sighed again..


“I don’t know what to do.

Cause if you leave her and go back to New York,she might do something drastic to herself,now that she is thinking that you are Zedd,and she is the only child of her parent” he said with a sad face.


“Okay what do you want me to do now” I asked him frustratingly.


“The only thing that you can do to prevent her from harming herself is to marry her or date her” he said.


“What” I replied with my eyes wide open..




💜Sir Lucas POV💜

I watched has he paced around

I know this is gonna be something difficult for him

Marrying someone he barely knows or love.


But now that Jacklyn thinks he is Zedd,he just have to do that for her

Even thou I tell Jacklyn that he isn’t Zeddicus she won’t believe me,because the resemblance is just too much


And if Jacklyn eventually finds out the truth that Zedd is actually dead, she might just kill herself too,she is so much in love with Zedd.


I hope he can just stay with her.


💙Kylo’s POV💙

I can’t do this

I can’t fucking do this


How can I marry or date someone I don’t have feelings for,I only lust over her, I don’t have any feelings for her.


We just have to tell her the truth,because I can’t do it,

immediately we are done with the shoot I will fly back to New York

I don’t care what happen next


“Sir Lucas I can’t do this,you just have to tell her the truth, because immediately after the shoot I will be leaving *for New York,it’s better you tell her now before it’s too late” I said angrily.


“Please don’t do this,she might harm herself* if she realizes the truth, her parent might die an untimely death if they lose their only child, please Just Stay for her parent sake” he said with a sad face.


I sighed while pushing my hair backward.


I can’t do this..

I really can’t


“Am sorry Sir Lucas but I can’t do it,you just have to let her know the truth” I said and immediately walk away from him


This is an impossible task for me.


We finish doing the photoshoot successfully

During the shoot, Jacklyn kept throwing questions at me like

“How did you become a model”

“Why did you leave me”

“Why are you being cold towards me”


And so on…


She kept throwing lots of questions at me,but I gave her no response,I guess her manger haven’t told her the truth


Everyone including my manger were really surprised on how Jacklyn was clinging to me and smiling all through the shoot.


It was like we’ve known each other for quite a long time


You won’t blame her thou,she thought I am Zedd her so called boyfriend.


After the whole shoot,Mr Donald told me that he has paid me into my back account, he even added more to it for a job well done.


I didn’t see Jacklyn and Sir Lucas in the room


Lucky me….


I bade everyone in the room goodbye,because I will be leaving for New York today

I am even surprise on how the shoot was very fast

I even thought I will be spending up to five days here or more.

But surprisingly, I only spent a day.


Everyone bade *me goodbye, and also praised me for a job well done.


I and my manager with my bodyguards walked out of the company* , paparazzi came from nowhere and started flashing their camera lights on us again.


We walked towards our cars,I and Sir Ethan got into the black Lexus,while my bodyguards got into the other car as we drove out of the company building.


We drove straight to the airport, we alighted from the cars and walk into the airport building.


Camera lights began flashing on us again with people gathering together and yelling my name.


I waved my hand at them as we walked to where my private jet was parked.


I heard my phone ringing

I turned and Tiger handed me my phone.


I looked at the caller ID




I furrowed my brows before swiping to the receiver and placing the phone on my ear.


📱”Hello”I said


📱”Is this Jimin Kylo”the person said with a tensed voice


📱”Yes,who is this”I said


📱”This is Sir Lucas,Jacklyn’s manager”he said


“Jacklyn is currently rushed to the hospital, I told her the truth and after telling her unknown to me, she picked up a wine bottle and smash it on her head”he said amidst tears.





📱”Please come to Zevon hospital, that’s where she is being rushed to” he said with croaky voice.


Why would she do that

I can’t go to be sincere


I hung up the call without giving him a response,I began walking towards my private jet with my guards behind.


” Who was that “Sir Ethan asked


I turned to him


” Never mind “I said as we got into the jet,the pilots were already seated waiting for us.


They bowed and left for their position.


I sat down on the golden chair,while Sir Ethan sat beside me.


I just can’t go and meet her

She should go and look for her zedd else where

I can’t date someone I don’t like,not to talk of marry.


I hope she survive

She shouldn’t have gone to the extent of trying to kill herself


That can’t bring back her dead Zedd

Or make me to go back to her..






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