(Life of a model and actress)

Season One



{New York City, USA}
💙Kylo’s POV💙
“Please reduce the volume of the television, I need to concentrate on what I am doing” I said to Josephine who was busy jumping on the white sofa dancing to a music video being played on the TV.

I turned to her and I saw her still jumping on the chair while swaying her head left and right making her long hair to sway along.

“Josephine” I yelled this time around while dropping my phone on the arm of the chair I was sitting on.

She turned to me with a frown…

“What” she said placing her hands on her waist.

I shook my head and move my hair backward.

“Reduce the volume of the music” I said to her politely this time.

She glared at me for some seconds before jumping down from the sofa,she walk to the center table and picked the remote as she reduced the volume.

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I smiled at her as I picked up my phone to continue what I was doing.

Josephine is my cousin, she is on holiday in her school so she came to spend some of her holiday with me.
I really cherish her so much,when my parent died she was the one who comforted me during the days I was weak,sad and angry.
Thou I dislike her dad which is my uncle,but I can never dislike her,she is so jovial and troublesome at the same time,I so much love her.
And guess what?
She also knows how to prepare some Korean delicacies, because she is so obsessed with Koreans😉.

Few Minutes Later⌚⌚
Everywhere was silent except for the low sounds coming out from the TV,I did not hear Josephine voice singing and dancing again,I didn’t bother turning to her because I was so engrossed in what I am doing.

“Kylo” I heard Josephine call my name making the silence to disrupt.

“Hmm” I replied without looking at her.

“Won’t you prepare for your travel to Paris tomorrow” she asked.

“They is nothing for me to prepare,I just have to go to the airport and get into my private jet and puffff…we are in Paris” I said to her without looking at her again.

She sighed…

I turn to her and saw that she had a sad face on.

“Jose” I called her for short.

She did not look at me,she was just staring at the TV with a sad face.

I sighed..

I dropped my phone among my other phones on the arm of the sofa,I stood up and walk up to her,I got to her and sat on the arm of the sofa she was sitting on,I placed my right hand around her shoulder.

“Don’t worry Josephine, I won’t stay too long, after the modelling I will come back to Paris” I said

“Don’t be sad,okay” I added.

She turn to me and pouted her lips like a toddler who want lollipop.

“I am going to miss you, I wish I can follow you” she said with her pouted lips while blinking her eyes rapidly.



I smiled at her…

“Don’t worry hon,I won’t stay too long,and when I am coming back I will get you lots of stuffs” I said to her.

She smiled at me before engulfing me in a hug.

“You are the best cousin ever” she said.

I smiled and patted her back,before unlocking from the hug.

“You are also one of the best cousin someone can ever wish for” I said,my hair fell down to my nose again.

You look so hot and sexy whenever you hair fall down,if you weren’t my cousin I would have dated you”she said and winked at me.

I used my index finger to poke her forehead.

“You are so silly,go and prepare something for me to eat,my stomach is already grumbling” I said as I stood up from the arm of the sofa she was sitting on while walking back to where I was previously sitting.

“What do you want to eat” she asked.

“Hmmm,I am craving for Kimchi,you can prepare that right” I asked.

She nodded her head

“Okay make me Kimchi” I said as I pick up my phone.

“No probleeeeeem” she said stretching the e,she run into the kitchen while making a vehicle sound.

I chuckled at her childish behavior.
Silly girl….


One of my bodyguards came to open the car door for me..

Immediately I step down from the car,camera started flashing on my face,my manager walk to me and stood beside me,I started walking into the airport with about ten of my guards trailing behind me.

People where shouting and screaming my name from different angles of the airport,some people were even trying to touch me but my guards were fast enough to block them.

Everywhere was crowded with people screaming my name,and loads of camera lights flashing on my face.


🚺I love you so much Kylo

🚹Yoy are so handsome

🚺Please look at me I am gonna die.

🚺Kyloooo,I love you so much

🚹The most handsome man on earth.

🚺Kylo pls sign on my forehead

The crowd was just screaming my name from different angles and saying all sort of things,we couldn’t even walk faster due to the crowd and everywhere was already becoming stuffy.

My manager tapped my hand and gave me a white face mask,I quickly wore it on my face while moving my hair backward which fell down again.

🚺Nooo Kylo,don’t cover your face,we want to see your handsome face

🚺Kylo pls open your cute face

🚹You are so hot Kylo pls open your face.

🚹I love you Kylo please kiss me

🚺My favourite model,I love you Kylo.

Everyone were screaming…

Finally we were able to pass the crowds but it wasn’t easy thou.

We got to where my private jet is parked in one of the airport hangers.


I could still hear the crowds yelling my name from far distance behind.

I and my manager got into the jet with my bodyguards.

The pilot were already seated in the jet,they bowed to me before going to their position.

I and my manager sat down on the designed golden chair in the jet,my bodyguards went to a part of the plane which was meant for them.

I sighed…

“That was so tiring” I said to my manager, Mr Ethan.

“Yeah,it isn’t easy to be a celebrity” he said.

The jet started driving out of the hanger slowly,it finally got out of the hanger and I could still see people shouting and waving at the jet through the window.

I smiled and took a bottle of wine in the wine shelf by my side,two glass cup were on the table already, I poured a generous amount of the wine into the cups,I handed one to my manger and I also took the second one.

Finally the plane took off and I sighed in relieve.

I looked outside the window and I could still see the crowd below still shouting, but as the jet was going higher in the sky I couldn’t see them again.



We got to Paris after six hours on air,I pulled off my face mask as I came down from the jet with Sir Ethan beside me and my bodyguards behind me.

We started walking towards the airport, two off my guards came in front of me while the other six where behind me.

We got into the airport and cameras began flashing again.

You won’t blame them,I am really famous worldwide.

Crowds were beginning to gather again,but people weren’t yelling my name as they were back in New York.

Some people were shouting my name,while some were screaming something in French,and I don’t know how to speak French not to talk of hear it.

I waved my hand at them as we made our way out of the airport.

We got outside and cars were already prepared awaiting for our arrival.



I and my manger got into a Lexus,while my bodyguards got into the other cars behind us,the driver ignited the engine of the car as he drove off.

We got to the magnificent hotel I am gonna be lodging into,one of my guards came to open the door for us,I and my manager alighted from the car.

My guards came behind us as we made our way into the hotel.

We got inside and a French man approached us with a white towel in his hand.

“Bonjour Monsieur” he said bowing to I and my manager.

I nodded my head as I pushed my hair backward.

Sir Ethan started speaking to him in French because he is very fluent at their language.

The Frenchman nodded his head and smiled before using his hand to gesture for us to follow him.

We got upstairs with numerous rooms sideways.

The Frenchman got to a particular room and stopped,he said something in French to Sir Ethan and he nodded his head before turning to me.

“This is your own room,it is one if the biggest and spacious room in the hotel” he said.

Sir Ethan collected the key to the room from the man and handed it over to me,I collected it.

“You have to rest for now,I will send you some pictures and messages,later in the day we will talk about all we want to do,because we will be starting the modelling shoot tomorrow” he said..

I nodded my head.

“What about your own room” I asked him while giving him a questioning look.

“It is the third room after yours” he said, pointing towards the room.

I nodded my head,one of my guards collected the key from my hand and open the door wide for me.



I was wowed at the interiors of the hotel room,it is really big and spacious to be sincere.

I got inside and my guards close the door.

I walk to the magnificent bed in the room,I landed on it making my body to bounce.

I rubbed my eyes before picking up my phone

I need to call Josephine.

I dialled her number and she picked up after the third ring.

“Kyloooo” she screamed on the phone.

I quickly remove the phone from my ear.

Who screams like that?😕

I placed the phone on my ear back.

“How you doing Jose” I said

“Am good,have you gotten to Paris” she asked.

“Yeah” I said,I began hearing music playing in the background of the call.

“I hope you haven’t turn my house upside down” I said jokingly.

She laughed.

“Nope I am just having some fun” she said.

“Okay I will talk to you later then” I said

“Bye love youuuuu” she screamed on the phone.

I removed the phone from my ear and frowned while staring at the phone.

“Love you too” I said on the phone without placing it on my ear,I quickly hung up.

Immediately I hung up a message popped up on the screen of my phone from my manager.

I clicked on it and a picture of a beautiful girl displayed on the screen.

💬”That’s he person you will be modelling with”he added to the picture.

Wow she is such a beauty.




💙Kylo’s POV💙
I stared at the girl picture for some seconds..

She look so beautiful and natural…

💬”What is her name”I texted Sir Ethan.

Few seconds later…

💬”Jacklyn, that’s her name,she is a French and also a famous model, but only within the district of France”he texted

💬”In the evening I will come meet you in your room so that we can talk about the procedures we are to take for tomorrow”he texted again.

💬”Okay”I replied.

I looked at her picture one more time before dropping my phone beside me on the bed.

I stood up from the bed and pull off my coat..

I need to shower…

I was about pulling off my white shirt when it struck on me that I didn’t bring any cloth along.

I picked up my phone again and put a call through Tiger..

He instantly picked up..

📱”Sir “he said.

📱” I need you to get me some good cloth, bathrobe and toiletries “I said.

📱” Okay Sir, give me few minutes”he said and I hung up.

Tiger is my personal bodyguard, he is the one that always shop for my cloths,he knows my size of cloths and the types of cloth I love,so that why I always send him to shop for me.

I hate bringing my old cloths along whenever I am travelling for a short duration.

I love trying new stuffs,that’s why my closet back in New York is filled with so many cloth.

I fell back on my bed as I was beginning to drift to sleep.


🗼(Next Day)🗼
I and my manager alighted from the Lexus.

We were in the company that I am gonna be modelling for…

I put on my face mask as my bodyguards came to stand beside us.

We began walking into the massive cosmetics company.

Sir Ethan briefed me yesterday on what the company is specialized into..
They produce makeups
Body Lotions..
Facials and lot more,but they want me to model for them in the facials section.

We were almost getting to the entrance of the company when a lot of people trooped outside,paparazzi came from nowhere and started flashing their camera lights on us.

A man in suit who looks like he is in his forty’s walked to us beaming with smiles.

“Bonjour,Bonjour” he said handshaking me first then my manager.

Sir Ethan said something in French to the man,he nodded his head and gestured for us come in.

We followed the man inside,the cameras were still flashing on us as we walked into the company.

On getting inside the company, I was wowed,it looks so big from the inside than the outside,elevators were going up and down with people inside.

The man gestured for us to follow him and we did with my guards trailing behind me.

We got to an elevator and the door automatically open,no one was inside so we got in with my bodyguards.

The man pressed a button and the elevator began moving up.



Few Minutes Later…

The elevator stooped and we all trooped outside of it,we followed the man behind until he got to a door and stopped.

He opened the door wide and told us to come in,I ordered my guards to stay outside which they did.

We got inside the room and I was mesmerized,the room was very big,part of it was the place we will be having the photoshoot,another part was the dressing table and chairs with numerous mirror on the wall and light bulbs.

I saw a man and a woman sitting on a chair in the room.

“When are we starting” I asked sir Ethan..

He turned to me..

“The cameraman will be here soon,you will be starting the shoot when the female model comes” he said.

I muttered an oh..

I can’t wait to see that girl…
She looks so beautiful in picture, I wonder how she looks physically.

The French man said something in French to my manager,Sir Ethan nodded his head and smile before the man walked out.

I pulled off my face mask…



“Who is that man” I said to Sir Ethan.

“You mean Monsieur Donald,he is the overall manager of this company” he said.

I nodded..

“Go and have your seat there, so that the makeup artist can start their works” he said pointing to the dressing area.

I nodded and walked there,I withdraw a seat and sat down,they were numerous cosmetics on the table,I saw someone behind me from the mirror.

“You welcome sir” he said with a smile.

It was the guy I saw sitting on a chair with a lady beside him when we first walked into the room.

“Thank you” I said.

“I will be making you up sir,but before we proceed would you love to change the colour of your hair,or leave it the way it is” he said in pure English.

Thank God they is someone who knows how to speak English.

“Hmm,I will love to have a change of hair” I said

“Okay what colour would you like”
Black”he said..

I tilted my head like I was thinking of what to choose.

“Hmm,I will prefer Blonde”I said..

“No problem Sir, and by the way you are so handsome” he said and smile.

“Thanks” I muttered.

He walked away and came back seconds later with a big box,he placed it on the dressing table as he began bringing out the content.



Few Minutes Later⌚⌚
The room was already a bit crowded,everyone was setting the room for the shoot.

My make-up has already been done and my hair was in blonde,I must compliment myself..

I look so hot,sexy and handsome,everyone were really wowed when they saw me,some of the female workers were even trying to flirt with me but I waved them off.

Everything is already set,the person we are waiting for now is the girl that I am gonna be modelling with.

I could see how Sir Donal was pacing up and down the room murmuring something to himself with his palm on his jaw.

Suddenly the room door flung open and I was wowed at the beauty who entered.

Sir Donald quickly rush to her and said something in French,she also replied him in French with a sad face.

I think she is apologizing…

Sir Donald nodded and pointed towards the dressing table.

She nodded her head as she began walking towards me with her face down,the female make-up artist was trailing behind her..

On getting to me she looked up at me and her eyes widen…

I wont be surprise with her reaction,i get that a lot,I am really famous that why…

She pointed to me with her eyes wide open and her mouth agape..

I was becoming confuse including everyone because of the looks on their face..

She was about saying something to me suddenly she collapsed on the floor.

Everyone quickly rushed to her….




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