Judas in the church episode 43

Judas In The Church!
By: Excellent Rymez
A.k.a Mummy E
Episode 43
Mrs Odogwu had vowed never to step her legs in that church again. She was also going to make sure that when her husband stands up or get well, he won’t go back to the church. Since her husband was brou-ght to this hospital all she does is cry and cry.
Mr Odogwu finally opened his eyes and gradually was able to sit down but he couldn’t speak. Each time he tried to talk he ends up struggling to breathe and coughing. Mrs Odogwu had to run to call the doctor.
The doctor checked Odogwu and demanded for some tests to be carried out on him. The tests was done and in few minutes the result was re-ady.
Doctor: Mrs Odogwu I’m afraid that the accident must have affected your husband’s speech and he may not be able to speak for some time.
Mrs Odogwu: okay, what is the “some time?” How long is the “some time?”
Doctor: Madam we are not certain about the time, it may take weeks or months, or even years I can’t give you a specific time. He may not even talk again but God forbid it.
Mrs Odogwu: Amen o (she started crying) she turned to her husband. Honey, if you can hear me plea-se nod your head.
Odogwu nodded.
Mrs Odogwu: Honey did you hear all the doctor said, do you un-derstand it?
Odogwu nodded.
Mrs Odogwu: okay, that’s a good start, I will get you a paper and a Biro, so that if you have anything to tell me you just write for me okay?
Odogwu nodded again.
Mrs Odogwu opened her bag and brou-ght out a pen and a Biro and handed them over to Odogwu. Odogwu drafted out something on the paper and gave it back to his wife. Who held it and re-ad it loud.
”plea-se s£nd for Pastor King, I nee-d him to pray for me”
h0t tears flowed from her eyes as she watched her husband who was still struggling to write. Finally, when he was done he gave her the note.
”Honey, this is my second chance, I died and went to hell, an angel told me that I was there because I was a selfish person, a liar, a cheat and worst of all that I turned the house of God into my personal business place and took possession of it leading people astray and to hell. I begged and begged to be forgiven. I did not know how but I suddenly woke up and found myself here. plea-se s£nd for Pastor King, I nee-d him to pray for me, I nee-d him to take back his church, I nee-d him to beg God for me to not s£nd me to hell. Honey plea-se call me Pastor King plea-se.”
Mrs Odogwu could not hold back her tears as she kept re-ading the note over and over again. She saw how scared her husband looked and she saw him crying from his heart. She quic-kly kept the note on her bag and ran out of  the hospital in search of Pastor King.
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