Judas in the church episode 42

Judas in the church
Episode 42.
Pastor Chris stood in the interrogation box. When the lawyer saw him he recognised him immediately. It is the same Chris back in school who would wake up and drag them to the middle of the compound for morning devotion. The same Chris who would give his food out to those that didn’t have and stay hungry, the same Chris who would teach his friends for free, the same Chris who would pray and l@yhands on lecturers, the same Chris who was loved by all. The lawyer almost shouted his name and hvg him but then he remembered he was in the middle of a case.
Lawyer: Your honour! I would beg to request that these handcuffs be taken away from my client, he is just an accused yet to be persecuted. He shouldn’t be treated like the common criminal. He is not found guilty yet and this chains on him is not befitting on him. Every man is innocent of any crime until proven guilty and so until then I demand that these chains be taken off. Your Honour!
The judge nodded in agreement and the policemen on duty who had brou-ght Pastor Chris in went forward and re-moved the handcuffs.
”Thank you! Your Honour!”
Turning to Pastor Chris he asked!
Lawyer: Pastor, plea-se could you plea-se tell this honourable court what happened on that fateful day.
Chris: That day, I was with Pastor King and two other sisters from church, Dister Gift and Sister Happiness. We were discussing on a very important matter.
We discussed late into the night before they finally left. After they left I still discussed with Pastor King for a while before going home. My door key had gone bad and I have been calling the carpenter but he didn’t come that day either. Pastor King has even told me that the door should not exceed the next day.
And so when I entered my house, I locked up immediately. I went straight to my room to have my bath and I locked the door too.
After having my bath I stepped out in my towel, I was not expecting anyone to be in my room and so when I c@m£ out I was shocked to see a n-ked woman in my room.
I screamed and shouted because I have never seen this woman in my life and I don’t even know how she got there and before I could un-derstand what was happening, she gr@bb£d my towel and pu-ll-ed it. I was trying to drag the towel so that I wouldn’t be n-ked and then she started screaming and before I knew what was happening there were people at my door alre-ady.
I tried to run to the door to unlock it but she held me down and prevented me from reaching the door. It was during this struggle that the door finally opened and people rushed in and she c@m£ up with the story that I had R@p£d her
”If I heard you right, you said you’ve never seen this lady before?” He asked.
Pastor Chris: Never sir, I have never seen her.
”What about her clothes that was seen on the floor of your house thorn to pieces?”
Pastor Chris: I didn’t even see those clothes until she pointed to them. I never knew there were torn clothes on the ground. This whole thing is still like a dream to me.
”It is alright pastor, you can step out. That will be all for now”
The judge after some minutes of silence demanded that the court should go on recess and should reconvey after 30 minutes.
In this 30 minutes recess, the lawyer was able to speak with Chris one on one and reminded him of himself back in school days. It was a few minutes of reunion.
The lawyer as-sured them that they have a good case and that with God on thier side they would come out victorious.
Happiness quic-kly brou-ght out the food she had packaged in the flask and gave it to Pastor Chris, and once again Pastor Chris refused to eat, but on the insistence of Pastor King and Brother Thomas he had no choice but to eat.
Pastor King: (to the lawyer) sir, is there anything that can be done so that he wouldn’t have to go back to prison today? See my brother is not looking good at all and I don’t want him to go back there today.
Lawyer: I will do my best. Like I said with God on our side, we will smile.
”Amen” they all said
Lawyer: And pastor plea-se forget about the charges I earlier discussed with you. Don’t pay me anything. I know how many times this man fed me in school. This is a little thing compared to what he did for me.
King: Oh I’m happy! God bless you so much sir. God bless you.
Thomas: Don’t worry pastor, victory is sure in Jesus name.
Then they said a word of  prayer before going back into the court.
To be continued
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