Josie Episode 6

Episode 6
Still Dave’s POV
This girl really made me smile…… I put on a serious face immediately. I’m not a kind of person to smile easily
“Hi” I looked sideways, it’s a girl right beside me,she was smilling sweetly
Gosh! I hate girls that flir-t
I didn’t reply her
She stood up and moved closer to me “Hi Dave Sky. I’m Violet Philli-ps. I’m really a great fan of yours I find your music really cool.i’m so happy to finally meet you facially and since we’re in the same clas-s. We can hang out more often. My dad owns Philli-ps steels,one of the largest companies in this country”
“So how is that my concern?” I sh0t at her
She looked taken aback at my reaction”I’m one of your fans and I’m really a high clas-s girl so I just thought we suit each other”
I didn’t say anything
After sometime,she brou-ght out her hand for a shake”I hope we get to know each other more better”
“I’m not interested in knowing someone like you” I told her not receiving her handshake
She looked like she was about to cry”You have to be nice to me. I love you so much. You’re really my type”
I’ve heard those words from a lotta girls so it’s getting boring alre-ady
I got up and left the clas-s,I heard some people stiffle a laughter. We’re they ma-king jest of her?
Josie’s POV
Hmm……. today’s clas-s is finally over. I carried my backpack and left the detention hall
As I was walking down the hallway,I heard students in group whispering among themselves
“Dave Sky rejected Violet Philli-ps”
“Are you kidding? she’s the h0ttest girl in clas-s one why would he reject her?”
“You should know a celebrity’s taste is really high”
“But her dad owns Philli-ps steels, she’s really rich”
“He may wanna d@t£ someone that is also a celebrity”
“But he’s really cool. I wish he can d@t£ me”
“Come on,for him to reject someone like Violet…..”
Whoa! I really missed a lot in clas-s. I really love watching all this kinda drama. Violet is going to be so heartbroken. I don’t pity her at all. That serves her right. Until she changes her attitude,I’ll never pity her
I kept walking to the parking lot. All throu-gh the way, students from everywhere still kept on talking about Violet and Dave.
I got to Dave’s car finally. There he was, waiting for me
“Hi Dave”I waved at him
He smiled”Hey lil cousin. Firstly,I apologise for not showing you round the school in the morning, something c@m£ up”
“No, it’s nothing. My clas-s was really not ha-rd to find” I lied Dave really has a good heart,I shouldn’t make him feel bad since he apologized alre-ady”so let’s go home. Where is Violet?”I asked as I entered the car
He entered too”She went out with her friends she said she’ll be back home later. I think she’s really hurt. Dave Sky rejected her”
“Really?what happened exactly? Tell me in full details”I said,eager to hear the story line. I Know Dave is really rude so rejecting someone won’t be ha-rd for him but that really serves Violet right
“Wait,I should be the one asking you to tell me in details. You’re in her clas-s, shouldn’t you know better than me?”
I cleared throat”Actually……the thing is……hmm……I was…. I was put in detention”I finally bombe-d
“What?! Detention? On your first day?How?”
“You don’t nee-d to get angry. I really had fun being alone in the detention hall. There was tv in there so I watched and pla-yed alone. They even brou-ght my lunch to me. I felt like a star”
He laughed”yeah it’s fun but a day in detention means minus two marks from every of your test scores”
At least it was better than standing
We finally got home. I showered,had lunch and Google searched Dave Sky
Whoa….. he’s a musician
I downloaded one of his music videos
He’s really good at dancing but his songs……. doesn’t feel like he’s happy…. Could he be pas-sing throu-gh some difficulties?
Dave entered”What are you doing? Are you practicing for tomorrow’s talent show in school? Will you join?”
“Talent show?”
He nodded”Yes. We do have talent shows every Tuesday. Any student get to do what they know how to do better”
“Oh…. I love singing. Can I sing”
“Of course, Violet even has a singing choreogra-phy group in school,you can beg her to allow you join them”
I felt happy”Really? If I tell her will she let me?”
Okay that wasn’t Zach’s voice,I looked towards the direction of the voice,it was Violet
“You’re back?”Zach and I asked in unison
She ignored the question and moved closer to us”Zach plea-se excuse us. I wanna have a word with this pest”
Zach sighed and left, closing the door to my room
“What brings you to my room?,Miss Violence” I said that violence quietly so she won’t hear”And why won’t you let me join your group?”
“Our group is not for street girls like you so forget it. I c@m£ here especially to warn you. I caught Dave smilling at you this morning”
Dave smilling at me?
Dave,that rude jackas-s, smilling at me?
She must be going nuts
“I just c@m£ to warn you to stay in school quietly. Stay in school like you’re a ghost student. All you did in school today,you did all that to get attention right? Don’t you ever think of ma-king Dave smile again,if he wants to smile it should come from me. Dave is mine,you get that?”
She’s really nuts
Does she think I’m flir-ting with him
Dave, rejecting her has really tampered with her br@in