Josie Episode 7

Episode 7
I woke up the next day feeling determined to sing on my own even if Violence won’t let me join her group. I really love singing and my parents dream for me was for me to become a musician when I clock fifteen but they died when I was just twelve. Now that I’m nineteen,if they were still alive,I should have been a famous musician by now
When I was ten
Josie: Mum,dad guess what? I composed another song
Mum: Really?
Dad: let’s hear it baby
(Josie sings her beautiful song with her guitar)
Mum: Whoa that was awesome,I can’t wait for you to clock fifteen so you can start re-leasing your albu-m
Dad: Yes I’m so happy I have a daughter who sings like an angel
Josie:(smilling) I love you so much dad and mom. I won’t st©p singing . I’ll keep singing till I grow up. I’ll use my music to inspire others
Dad: That’s what we want baby, Never st©p singing
I promised my parents I won’t ever st©p singing but after their death that I had to face the harshness of life,I st©pped
Now,I’m going to go back to singing. I’ll tell my uncle to help me out in re-leasing my albu-m
If I can do that,my parents soul will really rest in peace
I took my bath,wore my uniform,carried my backpack and went downstairs. I met Zach eating a meal of pitta bre-ad 🍞 and scrambled eggs
“Hey lil cousin come on come and have breakfast” he called out smilling
I returned the smile he’s always been nice to me”sure” I said and joined him “Where is Violet?”
“She left earlier. She said she had to practice with her dance patners” he replied
After breakfast,we left for school
As i entered,I went straight to my clas-s. Violet wasn’t in clas-s as well as some other people. Guess they went to practice. It was only Dave and another guy that was in clas-s.
Whoa, they’ve brou-ght Dave’s chair. The chair is more cool than ours. It looks like a mas-sage chair and it was beautiful. I wish I can sit there just for once
“You’re staring at my chair too much. At this rate, it’s gonna break” he said
“Hey! Staring at a chair can’t break it and by the way,I wasn’t staring at your chair,I was staring at that paper over there” I lied. Wait,did I just say paper? I really svçkin lying there’s no paper there
He looked behind him”There’s no paper there”
“Err….. actually…..the thing is……a rat just ate it and ran away” I tried to say. OMG that’s worse
He smiled”You’re so stupid”
“I’m not. It’s really the truth”I told him. Wait,he smiled? Then could what Violet said have been true?
Anyway, that aside. I really nee-d a guitar for the song I’m going to be singing. And it seems Dave has a guitar, it’s right beside him
“Hmm…… Dave can i…..can i…..can I borrow your guitar?.. . I’ll return it after today’s show”I said
“What? You this girl you have no fear at all how can you borrow a celebrity’s property. This guitar isn’t just all this common guitar everywhere, it’s only two of it we have in this country,one with me and another with another celebrity I guess”he told me
“Awwwwwww, you’re so sweet” I said confusing him
“Why did you say that?”he asked
And immediately,I took the guitar”thanks for this”
“Huh? I never said you could take it”
“Oh no don’t say that how can you give me forever? I’m just gonna use it and return it”I said
He looked more confused”why’re you hearing the opposite of what I’m saying”
“Oh gosh st©p insisting I use it forever. I’ll return it when I’m done” then I ran out
“That little…”I heard him say angrily as I ran. Thank goodness I finally got a guitar to use for the competition
The competition started and every student from every clas-s were all in the hall
They started calling students group by group for their talent show
Whoa they really have impressive talents
Then they called ‘h0t girls crew’
I laughed. Who c@m£ up with this silly group name
Then Violet and four other girls stepped forward all dressed in really skimpy Sk-irts and black croup t©ps
So they’re the h0t girls crew?I laughed again
They started their choreogra-phy as music was pla-yed in the background
They really have nice dance steps
When they were done,the whole hall was filled with cl@pping and guys were like
“d@t£ me”
“I love you girls”
“You girls are really h0t”
Violet took the microphone”yes we’re really h0t and that’s why we won’t allow any ugly shapeless girl to join us”
I knew she was referring to me
Then they called me out
I went out, everyone looked surprised that I was going to p@rtake in the talent show
“What does this street girl wanna do?” Violet shouted and people laughed,it was the teachers around that silenced them
Then I started singing
All I knew was that it seemed I was not in this world anymore
Everywhere went silent
I finished singing
I opened my eyes slowly
Someone cl@pped
Then another
Then the whole hall was filled with resounding cl@ps, even teachers were cl@pping
I can’t believe this……..
The principal c@m£ forward”The winner of this week’s talent show is Josie Wills”
Wow I’m the winner?
“Miss Josie Wills,what do you want as a price?”
I thought for a moment”I want to go to the detention hall once every week”
Everyone including the principal sh0t a surprised look at me
“Going to the detention hall means two marks is going to be deducted from your every test”he explained
“That’s why it’s a price. Make me go to the detention hall without you reducing my marks”
He smiled”smart girl. Okay”
Today has been so awesome. I decided to return Dave’s guitar to him. He was alone at the gym hall,it was really ha-rd finding him
“Hey Dave I brou-ght your guitar. It was fun using it. It has a good luck charm on it”I gave it to him
He collected it”Your song was okay but not that perfect”he said with a serious face
“Whatever. I may not be perfect but I’m better than you in a way. Yesterday, when I listened to your songs,I figured out you don’t sing with happiness”I told him
He flared up immediately”You…..what do you know about me?”
“I know you’re not happy de-ep down and it’s really affecting the way you sing”
He pinned me to the Wall”st©p acting like you know me so well. St©p interfering in my business either”
Whoa I really hit a soft sp©t in his life. He’s really sad and angry
“That’s how she does. She interferes in other people’s business. She’s a pest”
We both looked sideways,it was Violet as expected
Dave re-leased me and faced her”How are you any different?”he asked
Whoa for some reason,I like this guy. Always countering Violet
Violet looked surprised”What…do…you mean?”
“I was having a discussion with Josie. Who are you to interfere?Pot calling kettle black!”he yelled and left
Violet’s POV
Why does he treat me this way. It’s all because of Josie. Ever since she ever c@m£ to live with us, nothing has ever worked out for me
“It’s all because of you, Josie. Dave spoke that way to me because of you. Also,you won the first position in talents show. Before you c@m£ here,it has always been my group that won it. I hate you!”
She smiled”Sorry about that crybaby” she said and left
Did she just mock me? I’m not gonna let this pas-s I’m really gonna teach her a lesson she’ll never forget and I don’t care even if it takes her life in the process