Identical Episode 27 & 28

(Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)
Episode 27
Mi cha (Cold-hearted)
Smartly, I was able to locate Kim’s room and I looked around in amusement.
Her pictures were all over on the wall and indeed, we had the same face. It was more like I was staring at myself.
I sat on the be-d in a ruminative mood. What if all these were true? What if I really belong here?
But what happened? Why did I grow up in the streets? Why was I dumped?
I had so many questions and nee-ded answers. Perhaps, I’d go for a DNA test when I meet her.
Shortly, I heard a knock on the door and felt disturbe-d as I wondered who it might be.
The knock c@m£ again and I left the be-d and decided to go check it out.
I opened the door to behold a young male – one who I might say was cute.
“Kim!” He smiled wi-dely while I kept mute and stared at him without letting him in.
Suddenly, his smiles faded and got replaced with a confused one
“What happened to your hair?” He asked the same question everyone’s been asking me”.
“Why’s it…long and red?”
I sighed and relaxed more on the door.
“I fixed it”, I said coldly.
“Huh? B…But why?”
“I have my reasons, mister. Its late. I’d love to get some sleep”.
His jaws dropped.
“Did you just call me mister?” He asked crankily.
“Since when did Williams change to mister? Are you angry with me, Kim?”
“I’m not. I’m just tired” I said with a sigh and made a sign like I wanted to close the door.
“Uh…I know its late, but…I just wanted to give you these” he said and stretched out the polythene bag he had with him.
I stared at it briefly before collecting it
“Thanks” I muttered and tried closing the door, but he st©pped me.
What the hell?
“Uh…one last thing…I must admit – the new hair looks good on you” he said with a smile while I just sh0t him a stare.
I didn’t say anything but closed the door
I returned to the be-d to sit and opened the polythene. Hm. They were cu-pcakes. I wonder who he is to Kim. I can’t believe he c@m£ all the way here to give her these
I took out one of the cakes and had a bite and hmm. It tasted yummy.
And suddenly, the thought niggled at me
That was the first time I was collecting something from someone that saw me as a friend.
I paused and looked down at the cu-pcakes.
So, this was what it felt like – having friends who wouldn’t mind coming late at night just to give you cu-pcakes? Friends who’d take you to the p@rty?
So, this is what it felt like?
Kim ji (Kind)
I stood at the balcony nervously, waiting for him.
I couldn’t help but feel twitchy about it.
After a while, I heard the door open and I turned to see him coming out.
Okay; I guess it’s now.
“Kim?” He called and c@m£ closer to me.
“Good morning” I greeted with my gaze on the floor.
“Yeah…good morning. Uh…why didn’t you come in?” He asked and I took in a de-ep breath.
“Actually…I c@m£ to pas-s an important information to you.” I paused and sighed again.
“I’ll be leaving, sir. I…I nee-d to embark on a journey with my mum. So, I’m afraid you might have to look for another cook”.
His jaws dropped immediately.
“What?” It c@m£ out in a whisper.
“Wh…What are you talking about? What do you mean you’re leaving?”
“I’m sorry, But the urgency just c@m£ up and I have to leave with my mum. I’m really sorry”.
He scoffed and ruffled his hair.
‘Is it really necessary?” He asked.
“Yes- my mom’s alre-ady waiting for me. I just felt it wise to inform you” I replied she he sighed and ruffled his hair again.
“So…when will you be coming back?” He asked and I bit myl-ip, knowing that wasn’t certain.
“I’m…I’m not really sure. But…”
“What?” He cut me off.
“What exactly is going on?”
“It’s…its nothing serious. Just…a personal issue.” I replied and looked down at the floor and for a while, he didn’t say a word.
“Can I…have your contact?” He asked gruffly and I shook my head.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t have a phone”.
“What?” He flin-ched.
“Fine! Just stay here and I’ll get my phone so I could give you mine” he said and I nodded slowly.
Then, he turned around and went into the house.
Mi cha (Cold-hearted)
I brushed my hair and made it fall on my shoulders before leaving the room, re-ady for my rescue mission. This time around, I dressed more simple – considering the fact that I nee-ded to go as a cleaner.
I was about climbing down the stairs when a grumpy looking boy showed up.
“You!” He snarled and gr@bb£d my hand.
“You’ve really got some nerves, huh? How dare you punch me in the face in front of my friends?”
Oh! Let me guess? He’s the step brother.
“You really think you’ve grown enough wings to talk back at me, right? You really think you can stand me??”
I scoffed.
“If you don’t let me go in the next two seconds, you’ll have yourself to blame for it” I stated icily and he fumed.
“You pest! You’ve really got some nerves, huh? Right! Let’s end it once and for all! You want a fight, I’ll…”
Before he could finish up his statement, I punched him on the nose and kicked his leg.
“And you’re not even my size” I stated and kicked him again, ma-king him lose balance and fall off the stairs.
“Ahhhh” he screamed as he rolled on the stairs.
I stood and watched him quietly until he got to the end of the stairs then, I went to squat in front of him.
“There’s just one thing st©pping me from killing you”,I said calmly, looking into his bleeding face.
“You’re lucky” I added and left.
Kim nana (Crazy)
I sat tiredly on the floor, my back leaned against the wall.
My head and w@!st ached a lot – all the joints in my b©dy. I was so tasty and hungry.
Oh, God! I’ve never felt this way my entire life. How will I get out of here?
I closed my eyes and tried to take in the pain and everything. But after a while, I heard the door open and opened my eyes to see who it was.
It was a guy.
What did they want again? Or is it time to move?
He c@m£ towards me and I wanted to move back but couldn’t.
“What do you want?” I asked again and he looked behind before looking back at me.
“Hey”, he called and squ-atted in front of me.
“I’m here to help you. Josh s£nt me” he whispered and di-pped his hand into his trou-ser pocket, bringing out a pocket knife.
Surprisingly, he cut my ropes with it, ma-king me free.
“Here” he placed the knife in my palm.
“Make use of this. The boys are having a meeting and now is a perfect time to escape. But you still nee-d to be careful. Try to go out throu-gh the fence and keep running till you get to the junction. Josh is there waiting for you. plea-se, you nee-d to be fast and smart” he concluded and stood up.
I was gobsma-cked and watched him leave the room. I couldn’t even say a word the whole time.
I took my eyes to the knife with my hand.
Was this for real? Could he be trusted? But who’s Josh?
I thought for a while and finally decided to take the risk. Then, I stood up and reached for the door
Episode 28
Mi cha (Cold-hearted)
I left him bleeding on the floor and got into into sitting room. Where’s everyone? It seemed to be empty.
I decided not to pay attention to it and just walk away and when I got outside – out the gate – I met the guy from yesterday. What’s his name again?
Geez! What’s he doing here?
“Kim!” He smiled as he c@m£ closer to me while I st©pped walking.
Hold on; he looked nervous.
“Hi” I managed to say.
Well, I didn’t know his relationsh!pwith Kim. So, I had to act nicely.
“Uh…I was just on my way to see you. Are you going out?” He asked and I noticed something.
His left hand was crossed behind his back the whole time – like he was hiding something.
“Obviously Williams; I’m going out. We’ll nee-d to talk later” I told him and tried walking away.
I was alre-ady wasting enough time.
“Hold on, Kim; plea-se” he stuttered and blocked my way.
Like seriously?
And…he brou-ght out the left hand.
Oh! They were flowers. He had some dazzling flowers with him.
“Um…I just dropped by to give these flowers to you. I hope you accept them” he said nervously, holding out the flowers to me.
I stared at it with surprised and emotion.
That was…actually the first time someone was offering flowers to me.
I was mute and didn’t say a word and slowly, he pushed the flowers into my hand.
“Kim” he chuckled.
“I…really want you to know that being friends with you has been one of my best experiences and sometimes I wonder what I’d have possibly done not knowing someone like you.
“You’re special to me, Kim. And…I always want you to remember that.”
He paused and took in a de-ep breath.
“I…guess I’ll leave you to whatever it is you want to do. We’ll talk later. Um…I don’t know if I’ve said this before but…I really do like your new hair” he said and I chuckled.
Then he smiled and tried walking away.
“Williams” I called back his attention and he turned to look at me.
“Thanks for the flowers”.
For a moment, we were silent, just staring into each other’s eyes.
And I had no idea why I had to smile.
“Stay safe” he win-ked at me and finally left and I stood speechlessly and watched him.
I exhaled and batted my lashes, trying to get over it.
Then I turned around and headed to the place where my car was parked.
Surprisingly, when I got there, Jeremy was alre-ady waiting at the front seat.
I scoffed and opened the door, going into the driver’s seat.
“You’re late” he said before I’d even say a word.
“I thought we talked about you not coming with me. Its dangerou…”
“Did you get some flowers for me” he cut in and t©uçhed the flowers I held and I sighed and kept it at the backseat.
“So…shall we proceed?” He asked and I shrugged and started the car.
Rebecca’s Pov:
I sat in the empty dirty room and waited for her to come. Why the hell was she taking so long?
I tapped my leg on the floor and couldn’t wait. I just nee-ded to get this done and over with.
After a while, I heard the door open behind me and turned to see her coming in.
I stood up with my bag and faced her as she walked in.
“Rebecca” she called.
“You kept me waiting, Kira” I said with a grouch as she stood in front of me.
“Yeah – I got hooked up with something and right now, I’m still very busy. So, if you wouldn’t mind, could you cut to the chase, plea-se?” She rushed her words and I sighed.
“I want us to talk, Kira” I started calmly.
“I know…we’ve had our experiences in the past, and I know we weren’t really in good terms. But I want you to know as time goes on, life goes on as well and I’ve moved on. I’m married, Kira; happily married and I’d really appreciate it if you just focused on your life and let me enjoy mine.
“I have no idea why you’re back here in Seoul, but I really want you to stay away from me. plea-se Kira, let’s all mind our business”.
She looked at me and laughed, cl@pping her hands.
“Really?” She chuckled.
“Are you serious about this, Rebecca? I mean, is this actually the reason you called for me?”
She paused and laughed again.
“So….you’re happily married after killing my brother, right?” She asked and eyes dimmed.
“What’re you talking about?” I asked calmly, tho.
“Do you take me for a fool, Rebecca?” She scoffed.
“Your so-called son belongs to my brother. But you badly wanted to get married to Gabriel and so, you denied my brother of the child and put the responsibility on Gabriel. And when my brother tried to make a move, you had him killed like an animal. You shameless bit-ch! You killed him”.
There was a stunned silence as we both stared into each other’s faces.
Her eyes were glinting.
“I didn’t kill your brother” I said coldly.
“You can keep denying it all you want, Rebecca, cause that’s what you are – a lying bit-ch. But I promise you, I’ll make you pay” she spoke into my face and I nodded and stared down at the floor.
“I called you here so we could talk” I said with my gaze on floor.
“But it seems it was a waste of time”.
And immediately, I di-pped my hand into my bag and brou-ght out a knife, driving it into her belly.
“Argh!” She gro-an ed as I stabbe-d her dee-per.
“I didn’t want to do this, Kira; but you f0rç£d me” I muttered as she choked with blood, struggling for air and words.
Then, I brou-ght out the knife and she dropped to the floor instantly.
I sighed and looked around. Of course, they couldn’t be anyone around.
And without a second thought, I left the building.
Kim nana (Crazy)
I jumped down the fence and hurt my knee a little.
Aigo! It hurt!
I struggled to stand on my feet and that was when the whole thing bec@m£ clear to me.
I did it!! I escaped the building successfully. The boy was right. The rest of the men were in a meeting and it made it pretty easy for me to escape.
I nee-ded to run – run very fast before someone notices my abs£nce.
I moved my legs and tried all I could to run. I started running as fast as I could.
But where will I go? This place was looking so deserted. Where am I? How do I get out of here?
Then, I remembered the boy’s instructions: he said Josh was waiting for me at the junction.
But who’s Josh? I don’t even know him. And I don’t get why they keep addressing me as Mi cha.
I continued running, avoiding the road that’d take me to the junction. I nee-ded to find another way.
I kept running for a long time and luckily, saw a car coming towards me.
Aigo! God really answers prayers!
I st©pped and started waving at the driver, hoping they’d st©p. But what if they were among the bad guys?
I continued waving and finally, the driver screeched to a halt in front of me.
Hah! Thank goodness.
I didn’t hesitate to run to the car.
But even before I got to the driver’s door, the door opened and a lady c@m£ out.
Am I hallucinating or what?
I st©pped walking immediately as shock gr!pp£dme
“Kim?” She called, agaped and my anxiety increa-sed.
I’m not dreaming, am I?
She looked exactly like me!