Identical Episode 25 & 26

(Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)
Episode 25
Rebecca’s Pov:
“Rebecca?” She called in shock and I felt my head spinning.
“K…Kira?” I also called in shock.
“Wow” she smiled a little
“Tell me this is a dream. Is this you? I never thought I’d be seeing you anytime soon”
“Yeah – and you look good yourself” I said, trying to sound warmly.
“Hm. So, how’s the family? I mean, the last I heard…you were married to Mr Gabriel…with a son” she said and I f0rç£d a smile.
“Well, yeah..I’m married and living happily. And you? Have you settled down as well?”,
“Of course”
“Oh! That’s great news. Well, its really nice getting to see you again, Rebecca. I…nee-d to be on my way now. I hope we get to meet again” I smiled and started walking away.
“You didn’t even attend my brother’s burial” she gr!pp£dmy attention and I turned to look at her.
For a second, I was speechless.
“Something c@m£ up…I’m sorry” I chewed my words
“You shouldn’t be apologizing to me. I’m not the corpse” she grinned and I stared at speechlessly for a while and finally walked away.
I got into my car and slammed the door ha-rd as I got into the driver’s seat.
Damn it!! What thefu-ck is she doing here? I thought she was in America??
And of all the places in Korea, why did she have to return to Seoul?
I hit my head on the sterling again. It was damn so frustrating! She might end up ruining things for me – something I’ve tried to build up my entire life.
No; I won’t let that happen. I won’t let her intrude. No matter what its gonna take, I’ll make sure she doesn’t ruin my life.
Kim nana (Crazy)
I gro-an ed on the floor where I sat.
Aigo! My back was hurting a lot and my tied hands couldn’t help.
It was so horrible.
“I’m tasty” I mumbled with no one in the room.
“I’m tasty!!” I tried speaking a little louder, wishing someone would hear me from outside.
Immediately, the door opened and the grumpy walked in with three boys.
Oh, yes. More sh*t.
“You’re tasty?” He sm-irked and pu-ll-ed my hair.
“Hey! Will you let me go!! I’ll kill you, I swear!” I queried.
“You’ll kill me?” He laughed.
“Well, I’m not surprise, Mi cha. That’s what you’ve always been – a murderer.”
I arched my brows in confusion.
Who’s Mi cha? And why do I have a feeling they’re mistaken me for someone Else?
“Anyway” he continued and stood up.
“I was thinking you’d want to say hi to your little b©yfri£nd”.
I watched in awe as he brou-ght out his phone and made a call.
I couldn’t tell what was going on but it seemed the person he was calling picked.
“Josh!!” He laughed on the phone, revea-ling his ugly teeth.
“What’s up, man?
“Yeah – just a little surprise.
“Oh, right! Your little baby’s here with me
“Awwn. I think she’s missing you”
He paused and laughed, then brou-ght the phone
“Come on, baby; say hi to him” he jeered but I didn’t say a word.
Then, he sl@pped me and I was f0rç£d to wince.
“Mi cha?” The receiver called on the phone and I looked at it.
“I’m not Mi cha” I wanted to say, but quic-kly st©pped myself.
“H…Hello?” I stuttered instead.
What the hell is this? What’s going on? Why am I in a mess that I know nothing about?
“Okay…I think that’ll be all for now” the grumpy man stood up and said.
He continued talking on the phone with the guy while I bent my head in anger and depression.
Finally, he ended the call and he turned to me, smiling.
“Get re-ady, pumpkin. You’ll be going to see your boy friend tomorrow morning. But the problem is…I’m not so sure both of you will stay alive” he sm-irked and walked away.
Mi cha (Cold-hearted)
“So, how do we get in?” Jeremy asked as we stood a little distance from the building.
I leaned on the car and stared intently at the big building.
“They’re armed guards all over” I told him, my eyes fixed on the building.
“It’ll be very difficult getting in. I’ll easily be sp©tted.”
“So…what do we do?” He asked and I cogitated.
“I’ll nee-d to make the move tomorrow. I’ll disguise myself as a cleaner and that way, it’ll give me easy access to look for Kim” I told him.
“Okay…tomorrow morning?”
I just hope I won’t be too late by then.
That basted. I should’ve killed him when I had the chance.
“Um…So, what about you?” Jeremy asked and I looked at him as the thought also hit at me.
I couldn’t go back to the institute. Its possible that bastard has alre-ady told them I’ve been kidnapped.
“I don’t know” I replied and took my eyes back to the building.
“Kim’s parents would be worried about her. If she doesn’t go home tonight, they’d have to alarm the police and according to you, things might go wrong, right?” He asked and I nodded.
“I…I think you’d have to come home as Kim” he said and my eyes beamed.
I snapped and looked at him immediately.
“Yes. I mean, its just for tonight. First thing in the morning, you’ll set out on your mission to rescue Kim, but for now, you nee-d to act like her. If she doesn’t come home, her dad will definitely alert the police”.
I stared at him for a while before taking my eyes to the floor.
The idea rang in my head. He was right; if Kim didn’t go home, her parents might have to involve the police.
But, going home as her…was it something I was re-ady to do?
“plea-se, its getting late. We nee-d to arrive at a decision”, he broke into my thoughts and I looked at him.
So far…I guess I might have to agree.
Kim ji (Kind)
“Yes – over there” I directed with my f!nger as Koraine got closer to my house
Finally, he parked at the de-sired sp©t.
“Right!” He muttered and turned off the ignition.
Hah! At last.
“Thank you” I beamed.l and he smiled.
“You’re welcome. Make sure you’re early enough tomorrow so you can make us another nice meal”
“Of course…I’ll be on my way now. Goodnight”.
“Yeah – bye”
And I left the car.
I stood and watched him drive away before proceeding to the house and uncannily, a smile escaped myl-ips.
I opened the door and walked into the sitting room and there I met mum.
“Hi mum” I smiled and ran into her arms.
“Ahh. You stayed too long, Kim. You got me a little worried. What happened?” She asked with her hands on my w@!st.
“I’m sorry, but it was difficult getting a cab” I replied.
“Hm. So, you’re really working as a cook, huh? How was it?”
“Oh! It was excellent, mother”.
She looked at me and shook her head.
“Anyway, dinner’s set alre-ady. Hurry up and shower so we can eat” she said and started walking away.
“Okay mother” I replied happily and headed for my room.
When I pas-sed throu-gh the dining, my eyes caught with mum’s phone on the table and I st©pped to look at it
I nee-ded to call her. I couldn’t tell, but I just had a strange feeling.
Immediately, I gr@bb£d the phone and walked away to my room.
As soon as I got in, I dropped my bag on the be-d and dialed Kim’s line. I just hope everything’s fine and going as planned.
I called her line but it was switched off
I tried it again but the same thing happened – it was switched off. Why’s her phone down? What’s wrong?
I tried it again, but there was no difference.
Then, I decided to call Gyeong if she’d have any idea at all.
Luckily, Gyeong picked up.
She called blearily on the phone.
📞Hey! Gyeong, its me – it’s Kim ji
I told her and her voice brightened up.
📞Y…Yes. plea-se, don’t try calling back. Its my mum’s line. I…I just wanna ask about my sister – Kim nana. I’ve been trying to reach her but it’s switched off and I’m worried. Would you have any idea about it?
Immediately, the door flung open and I turned in shock to see it was mum.
“Kim!” She called, almost screaming.
The phone dropped my ear.
“Who’re you speaking with? Who’s your sister? And…what do you mean Kim nana?” She asked in an alarming tone, her eyes almost bulging out.
Oh my God!
(Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)
Episode 26
By: Faith Lucky.
Kim ji (Kind)
I felt my feet shake as I stared at her with the phone in my hand.
Oh God! No!
📞Kim? Are you there?
Gyeong called on the phone, ma-king everything worst.
Oh God! What have I gotten into?
I quic-kly ended the call.
“M…Mum?” I stammered nervously.
“Who were you talking with, Kim? Who’s that?” She demanded and my nervousness increa-sed.
“Its…I…Its..its…no one. I just…it’s a friend” I faltered helplessly and she gave me a beady look and drew closer.
“Why did mention Kim nana? And who were you referring to as your sister?” She asked and this time around, her voice was cold.
“It…it was a mistake. I…I mean, I…I just. I…I wanted to call someone else and…”
“You told her your name was Kim ji” she said with her hand on her che-st.
“Kim ji” she repeated and scoffed.
She batted herl-ips for a while and a tear dropped.
“You…you’re not Kim nana” she whimpered.
“You’re Kim ji. You’re my second daughter”.
Mi cha (Cold-hearted)
“You can handle this, right?” Jeremy asked as we sat next to each other in the car in front of the house.
“Yeah”,I muttered and opened the door, going out of the car.
I took in a de-ep breath and approached the house and when I got to the gate, I knocked.
The gateman opened up almost immediately and ushered
“Welcome home, ma’am Kim” he beamed but I didn’t even look at him as I proceeded towards the house.
The whole thing looked like a puzzle to me. Could it really be possible? Do I have a family? Are these people my family?
But what happened? How come I was dumped? Why didn’t I grow up with them? What could’ve happened?
So many thoughts kept flashing throu-gh my mind and I couldn’t even think straight anymore.
I got to the door and slowly pushed it open without knocking on it.
Jeremy had told me my dad wasn’t with my mum but got married to someone else and I think I just met them.
I saw a woman and good looking man in the sitting room, both standing like they were waiting for someone.
The man – could he be my dad? For real?
What if all these were true?
Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Kim is just someone that looks like me, but we’re not related.
“Kim!” The man called with relief and I quic-kly adjusted to the fact that he was calling my name.
I didn’t say a word but quietly moved from the door and went closer to them.
“What the hell is this?” The woman squealed.
“Why are you…looking like a who-re?”
“Kim” the man called, ma-king me ignore the woman.
“What happened to your hair?”
“I decided to go for a new style” I replied calmly as I got closer to them.
“You fixed this?” The woman asked and tried tou-ching my hair, but I moved away.
“Why did you fix this? It looks…weird” the man grumbled and I sighed.
“Well, I’ll change it tomorrow”. I replied.
“By the way, where are you coming from?” He asked.
“I went for a p@rty with someone”.
“I got a report of you punching Mal-chin earlier today. Did that really happen?” He asked and I remembered Jeremy had said Mal-chin was the step brother.
Chat Martinmartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group
“Yes! How dare you l@yyour filthy hands on my son?” The woman snapped and I turned in a flash to look at her.
“Call me filthy one more time and I’ll feed your ton-gue to the dogs” I drew closer to her and said, ma-king her feel my breath.
Patently, she was shocked.
“Kim!” The man called and I looked at him.
“What is wrong with you?”
I moved away from the woman and diverted my face.
“I have no idea what happened. But I think he deserved what he got.
“I’m tired and nee-d to rest” I said and took the stairs.
Kim ji (Kind)
I wept as I placed the ph0togra-ph in front of her – the old picture Kim nana had given me.
She collected it with and more tears dr!pp£dfrom her eye to the picture.
“We didn’t mean to lie to you” I whimpered.
“Kim nana had…wanted me to reveal myself to you, but I was so scared and didn’t know what your reaction would be. I was scared you wouldn’t want to accept me…because you told her I was dead. I was scared you’d reject me and…I didn’t want that to happen. I just wanted to feel the love of a mother and that’s the reason I asked her for an exchange. It was meant to last for just two weeks.
“I’m sorry. Despite the fact I didn’t know you..I just wanted to know what it felt to be t©uçhed by a mother. I just wanted to experience your love for two weeks. I’m sorry for lying to you”
I bent my head and wept more.
“Oh God! Kim!” She wavered and c@m£ to hvg me.
“I’m sorry mother” I wept on her che-st as she ru-bbe-d my back.
“My little baby” she cried.
“You got it all wrong, dear. I’d never have rejected you. I’d never s£nd you away. I’m so sorry”.
We remained that way for a long time, both crying on each other.
Then, after a while, she left me and returned to her seat, staring at the picture.
“Your father and I fell in love while we were still teenagers” she started morosely.
“We used to be the best couples. We ended up together and got married and…life was going on well for us. I got pregnant and gave birth to triplets.
“But few months later, I got to know your father had an extra family. He had a son.
“It broke me,,Kim; to-re me ap@rt. He cheated on me while we were d@t!ngand that was how the lady got pregnant for him.
“That was the source of the rift between us. The lady was trying to cause problems with her son and your dad…he started acting cranky at times, taking sides with her.
“The home I dreamt of was broken and I had to leave. I filed for a divorce and your father was able to convince the court to let him have one of the babies and that was you. So, I left with the rest of your sisters.
“Due to the shock, I didn’t want to be around him. So..I had to move away from the city – come over here to start my life afresh.
“But unfortunately, I lost the last triplet in the course of leaving. She was snatched from me by some hoodlums and that was like the biggest pain I had to face during that period. I did all I could to find her but to no avail and that was how I knew she was gone.
“Believe me, Kim; I did care about you. I loved you so much and never wanted to leave you behind with your dad, but I had no choice. After what he did to me, I developed so much anger towards him and that’s the reason each time Kim nana tried to ask me about him, I get angry and can’t talk about it. It wasn’t because of you,my dear. It was because of your dad”.
I stood like a bloated goat and listened to the story of my life.
My breath was wavering.
She stood up and c@m£ close to me, placing her hand on my cheek.
“I love you so much, Kim. And I’m sorry for letting you grow up without the love of a mother. But now, I promise to fix everything. I’m going to make sure we’ll never be ap@rt again. Me, you, your sister – we’ll always be together from now on. I promise”.
I couldn’t say a word as all I did was shed more teats.
Those were the sweetest words I’ve ever heard.
She bent my face and planted a k!sson my forehead.
“I love you too, mother”, I said tearfully and she smiled.
“Get re-ady. We’re leaving for Seoul first thing in the morning. We nee-d to find your sister” she said mildly and my eyes gleamed.
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