Holly High school Episode 11 & 12

💓(A vampire r0m@nç£story)💓
Episode Eleven
“Are you going to capture me and take me to your father?”
“plea-se tell me you won’t”
“Am going to protect you” he said.
” Huh”
“Are you hungry?let me get something for us to eat.”
” Lord Draven”
” Call me Draven, l will be right back.”
Was he being honest when he said he is going to protect me?
How will sacrificing me break the curse of my mother?
When was she ever gonna tell me the truth?
My life is a mess right now.
I sighed and rest my head on my knee.
I started to feel pains.
Oh no! Not again.
I use my both hands to block my ears.
My head is pounding,there are voices screaming in my head.
Oh, no what’s happening to me.
I can’t see clearly.
There is an heavy wind and trees started falling.
Lord Draven ran in.
“Control your thoughts” he yells.
” Help me” l tell him.
” Control your thoughts make the pain st©p” he yells.
” I can’t, help mean plea-se.”
He c@m£ closer squat in front of me and place hisl-ips on mine. He k!$$£d me.
My mind went blank.
The ground st©pped shaking and everywhere because normal again.
The pains are gone.
I stare at him, as we k!$$£d each other like our lives depend on it.
Why do l feel so much heat when he is around me?
His t©uçh s£nd shivers down my spine.
He run his hand down my back and k!$$£d me aggressively.
Why do l feel this way?
Those thoughts kept running throu-gh my mind.
After sometime he pu-ll-ed away slowly.
We were both breathing ha-rd .
” Don’t you feel it?”
“I know you do”.
“The Sparks that erupt throu-gh your b©dy when l t©uçh you and when l k!ssyou, when l hold you and when am around you.”
” Have you ever wondered why?”
” Why you feel so arou-sedby me, why you feel like you nee-d more when l k!ssyou.”
I stare at him speechless.
How does he know about this? I ask inwardly.
” You want to ask me how l knew?”
“It’s because l feel it too”.
” You do?”
“Yes l do and l can’t seem to get enough of you.”
“It’s because we are mated”.
” You are my mate Alexa” he said.
I froze for some moment.
I can’t believe this.
Lord Draven my mate!
“How can we be mated?”
” Your clan is gonna use me for sacrifice remember.”
” Alexa plea-se don’t reject me as your mate if you do a p@rt of me dies.”
“And why is that so? l thought you have a mate, your girlfriend Ariana isn’t she your mate?”
” Are you mated to two persons.”
“Ariana is not my mate.
Our relationsh!pis a facade.
I was f0rç£d to be in a relationsh!pwith her since l couldn’t find my mate when l turned eighteen.”
” As the heir to the throne, am supposed to have a mate when l turned Eighteen.”
” I was f0rç£d to d@t£ Ariana and see her as my mate.”
“What about Ariana? Doesn’t she have a mate?”
” Her mate rejected her, that’s why she bec@m£ who she is, she finds plea-sure in bullying people just to conceal her hurt and she practice black magic.”
“l love you Alexa, plea-se don’t reject me”.
” You love me?” I asked perplexed.
” The first time l k!$$£d you. Immediately l knew you are my mate.l felt a connection.
I don’t know when or how it started but l know l feel something for you and when l k!$$£d you, you bec@m£ calm, which means you feel the same way.”
” plea-se accept me Alexa, with each pas-sing day my feelings for you only get stronger, plea-se accept me” he said.
“I accept you.”
“I don’t know what this feeling is but l think l love you too.”
I love you too Draven.”
( Lord Badmus Castle)
” Lord Adrain, why did you go behind my back?”
” Why didn’t you tell me you have captured the werewolf.”
“My Lord, l didn’t go behind your back, the werewolf have been captured but we can’t find the child.”
” Alva’s daughter?”
” Yes my lord.”
“Where is the woman.”
” She is at my prison My Lord, she is unconscious.”
” She lied about the whereabouts of the child. My men are still searching for her.”
( The guards walked in)
“Greetings My Lord”.
” Greetings Lord Adrain.”
“Any clue about his whereabouts?” Lord Badmus asked
” No My Lord” they chorused.
“Keep searching thor0ûghly, you must find him.”
“Yes, my lord.”
“You may leave.”
“My Lord who went missing?”
” My son.”
” My Lord, how did this happen?”
” He v’e been abs£nt from school for some weeks now and he is not in his Masion, have s£nt my guards to search for him.”
“plea-se make sure to find him my Lord, nothing should happen to him, he is the heir to the throne.”
” I will, nothing will happen to my son.”
” Bring the werewolf to me, l want to see her.”
” Yes my Lord.”
” You may leave.”
(Lord Adrain leaves and Ariana walked in)
” Greetings my Lord.”
“What brings you here?”
“My Lord, l know the whereabout of your son” she said
“You know where l can find Draven?”
” Yes my Lord.”
” I was very worried my Lord, l didn’t see him in school and didn’t see him at home so l went to my aunt for help.
“Your aunt the witch?”
” Yes my Lord.”
“She helped me track him.I know where he is now.”
” Good, very good.”
“Yes my Lord.”
“Go with her and bring my son.”
” Yes my Lord” they chorused.
” My Lord, he is not alone,he is with a girl, a witch and a werewolf” she said.
” Alva’s daughter?”
“What did you say my Lord?”
” Never mind, bring her along with him.”
So Alexa is Draven’s mate after all.
Who else feels like beating Ariana?
🌺 Holly High School 🌺
🌼(A vampire r0m@nç£story)🌼
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa
Episode Twelve
*. 🌺Alexa🌺
” Thank you for accepting me” Draven Said.
” So what now?” I asked.
” We are going to complete the mating.”
“How do we do it.”
” We are going to get inti-mate.”
” Like having S-x?” I ask in awe and he nods.”
” Am a vir-gin, never had S-x, l heard first time is painful, can’t we just be mates without having S-x for now?”
” That makes us incomplete, we are not fully connected, l want to mark you and make you mine” he said as he k!$$£d me.
I felt the s-en-sation, the heated de-sire l have when he k!sses me.
” Draven am not re-ady, can’t it be some other time?” I said between k!sses.
” Are you sure about it?” I
He ask as he trail k!sses down my n£¢k to my collar bone.
His k!sses s£nt shivers down my spine.
“Hmmmm, yes, oh my gosh, don’t st©p, l m0@n ed.”
“You see it you want me as much as l want you”she said and k!sses me aggressively.
I was feeling h0t all over, l really want him all of him.
“$h!t” Draven yells breaking our intense make out.
” What?” I ask catching my breath.
” Hurry, we have to leave this place,they are tracking us.”
” Who are they?”
” I don’t know but it might be my father.”
“What should we do?”
” No more questions just come with me.”
(Inside the prison yard)
” You ve done well Beatrice” lrene praised.
” He fell for it so easily, l can’t believe he thought l was unconscious.” Beatrice said.
“And he thought l was weak, what a s-en-seless Lord” lrene said.
” Thank you Irene for everything.”
” Don’t mention, let’s leave.”
” This pas-sage is heavily guarded, how do we pas-s?” Beatrice asked.
” That won’t be difficult, let’s use the diguise spell.”
In seconds, they were diguised as guards, they walk past the guards confidently.
” They will ask us to bring our identity card before we can pas-s throu-gh the gate” lrene said.
” Yes what do we do?” Beatrice asked.
” I have an idea, since we are now guards like them, let’s offer them wine and make them drun!k. Lord Adrain isn’t around and he s£nt most of his eligible men to search for your daughter, we have high chances.” Irene said.
” So how do we get some wine”Beatrice asked.
“Let’s steal some from Lord Adrain’s study.”lrene said.
“What! I don’t think that’s a good idea, his study is heavily guarded with pure blood vampires, they will percieve our scent” Beatrice said.
” That’s easy, we go as maids and mask our scent” Irene said.
” What would l have done without you? thanks once again for everything.”
They diguised as maids and lrene mask their scent.
They got to Lords Adrain study and as expected, they were lots of guards surrounding it.
” What are you both doing here?” They asked in an intimid@t!ngvoice.
” We are here to Clean the study room” they said in unison
“The study has been cleaned alre-ady, you should go back” they said.
” The Lord said we should clean his study trice a day before he returns.”
“Oh! you can go in” they said.
They got in and heaved a sigh of relief.
” How do we go about it?”Beatrice asked.
” Del@yis dangerous, we have to find a way to leave as soon as possible.”
” Then how do we leave, we just c@m£ in, they will suspect us if we come out too quic-kly” Beatrice said.
” I have an idea” Beatrice said.
” We are going to put the wine inside the soapy water, you scream and pretend to splin your ankle,then l will help you out and carry the soapy water along.”
” That’s too lame” lrene said
“We have to change plans, l forgot l have my amulet here with me, we wouldn’t have come this far. Am going to cause a distraction” lrene said.
” What distraction?” Beatrice asked.
” Am going to blare the alarm, they will think Lord Adrain as arrived and rush to welcome him, then we escape from here before they discover they v’e been tricked.we rush to the gate and l use my Amulet to make us invisible, we collect the keys unlock the gate and escape.” Irene explained.
” Good idea” Beatrice praised.
The alarm started to blare, the guards rushed out to welcome Lord Adrain.
Beatrice and Irene diguised as guards and ran along with them.
The guards ran out and found out they v’e been tricked and rush back inside.
Immediately Beatrice and lrene bec@m£ invisible.
They collected the keys and opened the gate.
The guards stood in awe, the gate opened but the couldn’t see the person that opened it.
“The prisoners have escaped” A guard screamed as they ran out of the castle.
” The guard is a powerful witch, he could see us” lrene said.
” plea-se help me track my daughter, she is in danger, l can feel it” Beatrice said.
” I know were she is” lrene said.
” Vivan is tracking them also.”
” Vivan the old witch! Why is she tracking my daughter?” Beatrice asked.
” Your daughter is with Lord Badmus adopted son.”
“What? How did this happen?” Beatrice asked.
” Lord Badmus must have s£nt vivan to track them.”
” My goodness! I have to find my daughter, Lord Badmus must not find my daughter.”
” We have to get to her before they do.”
” Let’s leave” Irene said.
🌹 Alexa 🌹
“Draven, it been long we v’e been running, am tired.” I said.
“Hold ti-ght am using my speed.”
” Wow, this is awesome, let’s keep going like this.”
“Am l really going to die?” I asked.
” You will never die Alex, am going to make sure if it.”
” Nothing will happen to you okay!
” They are close by, what should we do?”
“We are going to nee-d your power this time Alex.”
” I don’t know how to use my powers.”
” Alright, take a de-ep breath and wish we can be invisible.”
I took a de-ep breath.
I want Draven and l to be invisible l said inwardly and opened my eyes.
” Are we invisible?” I ask.
” We are not” he replies.
” You have to put more effort be more relaxed, try again.”
I tried again.
“Are we invisible?”
“Yes, you did it Alex”.
“Aren’t they going to find us?”
“Only powerful witches can see us but l don’t think they are witches but vampires.”
” What the hell!
“What happened”.
“Another set of people are tracking us and they seem to see us.”
“Who are they?”
“I don’t know let’s go.”
” Lord Draven!
“We found them.”