Holly High school Episode 13 & 14

🌼(A vampire r0m@nç£story)🌼
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa
Episode Thirteen
🌹 Alexa 🌹
” Mom” l called as waves of emotions gush throu-gh me.
“My daughter, l found you” she cried.
Why did this woman betray my mother and made me a sacrifical lamb?
“Alexa” she called and hvg me ti-ghtly.
“Mom”l called as tears well up in my eyes, have grown to love this woman.
“Mother why did you lie to me, when where you planning to tell me who l truly am?
She freed herself from my embr@ce and g@sped in surprise.
“You know alre-ady?” She asks as tears fall freely from her eyes.
“Yes mother, l know everything how you betrayed my real mother,you are a werewolf and how am going to be used to break the curse of my mother, l know it all.”
She uses her hand to cover her mouth as she bur-st out crying.
“Am wicked Alexa,l killed Alva because l was envious.l know you are in this mess because of me, if l didn’t betray Alva everything would have been normal, you would have grown to have the love of your parents and wouldn’t be the Tribrid everyone is looking for.
I caused it all, l know l don’t deserve your forgiveness.
Sometimes l wonder why am not the one to be used for the sacrifice.
Am sorry l never said anything, l was afraid,l don’t want you to hate me, am truly sorry” She cried.
“Mother! I called.
” No my dear, don’t call me mother, l don’t deserve it, am a traitor, l allow jealousy to take over me.”
“Mother don’t be like this, l forgive you,it’s all in the past now, the deed as alre-ady be done, so plea-se don’t feel guilty anymore.
I know my mother placed a curse on you, when l die you die, that’s the reason l will fight to stay alive.
I won’t die but live to grow up together with you.
No matter what happens, you are still the one who bought me into this world and took care of me and for that am grateful, so plea-se don’t tell me to st©p calling you mother, l have your blood in me also.” I said as l hvg her.
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“Alexa! She cried.
“You are just like Alva, am truly sorry, am sorry.”
“Who are you? Draven asked the lady that c@m£ with my mother.
I almost forgot they are here.
My mother bow in respect, so was the lady, is he that powerful?”
“Greetings My Lord, plea-se forgive our manners” they both said.
“Draven nodded in response.”
“Where was my mother buried?” I asked.
“Holly high School”she replied.
“How is that possible?” I asked.
“I know you might have heard that Lord Badmus built it to create a bond between humans and vampires, but that’s a facade.
“Alva was buried there Eighteen years ago by Lord Dylan, before he was found dead,he wrote a letter and in the letter his wish was for Alva’s grave to be taken care of and not to be tampered with.As the original vampire Lord even in death he is respected.
But everynight, the grave kept glowing.
It soon c@m£ to the knowledge of the para-physchologist in Los Angeles.
And they started to inspect the grave and did research on it.
Lord Badmus built a fence around Alva’s grave to keep the para-physchologist from coming but they kept coming.
To protect the secret of the supernaturals he had no other choice but to turn Lord Dylan’s house to a school.
Many humans have always fantasized on meeting vampires so it wasn’t ha-rd , the school developed quic-kly.
Lord Badmus turned Alva’s grave to an office in the school and soon the para-physchologist st©pped coming, they couldn’t find the grave anymore.
“Your mother’s Grave is the principal’s office and your principal is a very powerful witch, the only witch in the school.”
“Draven did you know about this? I asked.
“Yes,l knew” he replied.
“Lord Draven” my mother corrected.
” Mom Lord Draven is my mate”
” What ?
“Yes mother”
“That’s not possible,he has a mate”.
“Ariana is not his mate mother.”
“Beatrice, your daughter is my mate, plea-se hand over her to me willing, after this is all over l will prove to you that l truly love her.”
“Yes my Lord, plea-se protect her.”
“I will, even if it cost me my life.”
“Irene, are they still tracking her?”
” Yes l put a protective wall around us, they can’t find us.”
“Thanks Irene”
“Who are you?” Lord Draven asked lrene the second time.
“My name is Irene my Lord am a witch.”
“A witch indeed!
“Alexa! Draven called and l walk closer to him.
“I want you to bound Irene in electric chains, you can do it” he whispered.
” No but, do as l have said” he whispered
“Okay” l replied and take a de-ep breath, lrene and mother were watching us whispering to each other.
I guess they are wondering what we are talking about.
I closed my eyes and take a de-ep breath, l felt relaxed.
I want Irene my mother’s friend be bound with electric chains, I said inwardly.
I open my eyes slowly but my eyes wi-de-ned at the sight in front of me.
“You are a demon! Mother and l said together in shock.
Episode Forteen
(Semi finals)
“You are a demon! Mother g@sped in surprise.
Lord Draven sm-irked and l too was in shock.
She was screaming in pains due to the electric chains.
Her screams echoed throu-gh the place.
“Irene, how could, l trusted you, how could you decide for ten years?” My mother yells at her.
Pain and hurt evident in her voice.
“What’s your mission?” Draven asked.
“The Tribrid.”
“What do you want with her?”
“My master nee-ds her” she said and gr0@nin pain.
“I must get her blood for my master”she said.
“Whose your master?”
“The demon Lord.”
“What does he want her blood?”
“My master is injured, only her blood can heal him,if he heals she dies.”
“What! My mother exclaimed.
“I was s£nt to you so you could trust me.
I had to wait for her to turn Eighteen, then she will turn to all three creatures , but unfortunately she was captured by Lord Draven, and had her first and second turn with him.”
She has not turned to a vampire yet that is what delayed my mission.”
“Is that all?” lord Draven asked.
“Yes my Lord.”
“She is lying, Alexa bound her with lightening.”
“Wait, l will say everything.”
“I was the one who decieved the vampire Lords,l killed the person they were supposed to meet and told them they have to sacrifice the Tribrid in order to break the curse, it was my second plan to get her blood quic-kly.”
“My goodness, lrene how could you?
How could you?” My mother cried.
I watch in awe at the drama unfolding in front of me.
So the sacrifice was a lie.
“That means she is not the solution, do you know what will break the curse?” Lord Draven ask her.
“No, l don’t l have said everything plea-se re-lease me” She begged.
“Alexa! Draven called and hvg me ti-ghtly.
“So you are not to be sacrifice afterall.”
Mother c@m£ and hvg me as well.
“We found them” we heard voices.
We turned to see, Ariana , an other woman and some guards.
“Greetings Lord Draven.” They all bowed.
“Draven! Ariana called and hvg him ti-ghtly.
“Get lost” Lord Draven yelled and pushed her slightly.
“Beatrice! the older woman called.
“Vivan! My mother said.
“Is she Alva’s daughter?”
“Yes” my mother replied.
“Lord Draven this is the Tribrid, Lord Badmus have been looking for, plea-se permit me to take her to your father.”
“Permission not granted.”
“My Lord.”
“Leave” Lord Draven said.
“My Lord, your father asked us to bring her along with you.” The guards said.
“Capture her” Ariana yells.
The guards all rush to me.
“Don’t” Lord Draven yells.
“Capture her” he pointed at Ariana.
They captured her.
“Draven what are you doing? She asked.
“I told you not to enter my masion, but you want behind my back, took my property and give it to this old witch to track me.How should l punish you?” He asked and grinned wickedly.
“You can’t do that am your mate remember.”
“Sorry, but l found my mate” he said and drags me to his side.
“She is my mate.”
“No!No! Draven it’s a lie, you can’t do this to me.”
“From today onward you are no longer my mate, the day you call me your mate you will be beheaded.”
“I warned you but you didn’t listen, you manipulated my father into believing you are a saint who befits to be my queen.”
Aaaaaaaah,lrene screamed and we all turn to look at her.
“re-lease me plea-se” she begged.
“What’s a demon doing here?” Vivan asked.
“Vivan take the demon to my father.”
“Yes my Lord, but she is coming with us.”
In a blink of an eye am in front of Lord Badmus with the demon and the old witch vivan beside me.
Fear gr!pp£dme.
“Greetings My Lord, here is Alva’s daughter the Tribrid” Vivan said.
“Where is my son? ”
“Your son is safe my Lord, he told me to bring her and the demon” she lied.
“Very good Vivan, you have done well, inform the vampire Lords that we have found the Tribrid, they should all come to the castle.”
” Yes my Lord.”
“What’s your name.”
“Alexa” my Lord.
“Alexa, you are Alva’s daughter the one to break the curse of your mother, how interesting.”
“Why will a mother place a curse that will be broken by the blood of her daughter?” It baffles me.
“Your father was my very good friend, it’s a pity his daughter will have to be used this way.”
“re-lease me plea-se” lrene gro-an s.
“Who bounded the demon?”
” I did my Lord.”
“My Lord, you were decieved by this demon ten years ago, am not the one to break the curse.”
It was her plan to get my blood to heal the demon Lord.”
“Why should l believe you?”
” She is telling the truth.” I heard a familiar voice.
“I turned to see Draven, mother, Ariana and my principal.”
” Father, she is telling the truth, besides she is my mate, l would never have watched you sacrifice her.”
“She is your mate?”
“Yes father.”
“The demon decieved us, she is not the one to break the curse.”
“How did she do that?”
“Alexa! bound her with lightening.”
I did as l was told and the demon roared in pain.
” Now speak,repeat all what you said earlier.”
The Vampire lords all c@m£ in.
“Seize her” one of the Lords points at my mother.
“Don’t Lord Adrain” Lord Badmus said.
“Now start talking”they told lrene.
She repeated everything and she started coughing out blood.
“re-lease her Alex, she is weak alre-ady.” Lord Draven said.
“I re-leased her immediately.”
“If she isn’t the sacrifice to break the curse then what do we do to break the curse, for ten years we have been waiting to capture the Tribrid and break the curse, what a waste of time and effort.”
“The demons have gone too far to pl@ythat kind of prank on us.”
“My Lord! What should we do?”The other lords asked lord Badmus.
“Take the demon to the dungeon.”
“Draven tell the guards to take your mate and your mother to your house, we have to discuss about the situation at hand.”
A guard c@m£ running in.
“My Lord! My Lord! He called p@n-ting
“What is it? Speak”
” My Lord we have been surrounded.”
“By who?”
“The demons.”
*. Author’s pov
“Inform the witches, they should all gather here.”
“Close the entrance and protect the Tribrid.”
Lord Badmus said.
“Yes my Lord.” The guard replied.
Alexa was taking to a room in the castle.
“No matter what happens, plea-se don’t leave this place, you must remain here till l come here myself to get you” Draven said.
“Promise me you will return quic-kly” Alexa said.
“I promise” Draven said.
“plea-se keep an eye on my mother.”
“I will” he said and k!$$£d her on her.
“I love you Alexa”
“I love you too Draven.”
“I will be back okay?
Draven walked throu-gh the large hall in the castle there were witches everywhere.
It’s seems the demons are attacking alre-ady.
The atmosphere is tensed and from a distance two vampires were dragging a dead b©dys.
Draven walked up to them, str!p the demons and throw them in the furnace. He said.
” Yes my Lord” they chorused.
Draven entered the main entrance and entered the Lord Badmus study.
” Draven where is your mate?” Lord Badmus asked.
” She is safe father” he replied.
The vampire Lords were all sitted waiting anxiously for the demon Lord arrival.
They knew he would come.
“My Lord the demon Lord is coming”
“Let him in.”
He walked in confidently.
“Azezeel why are you here?” Lord Badmus asked.
“re-lease my servant and bring me the Tribrid, he said authoritatively.”
“Why should l give you my kind, Lord Badmus asked calmly.
“Don’t test my patience lord Badmus” he said.
“Bring them now else.”
“Else what, bring it on”Lord Badmus challenged.
He threw a ball of magic.
Lord Badmus dodged it, with his super speed in a blink of an eye, he was alre-ady behind Azezeel waiting to slit his throat.
“Azezeel, it isn’t good to be over confident” Lord Badmus said re-ady to slit his throat.
But the knife fell from his hand and disappeared and the vampires g@sped in surprise.
They kept staring at something, Lord Badmus traced there stare at it landed on vivan.
“Vivan what are you doing?” Lord Badmus asked angrily.
“Vivan what are you doing?” The Lords asked vivan.
Seeing they were distracted,the demon Lord used magic on Lord Badmus and lord Badmus fell down injured.
” Vivan are you betraying us?” Beatrice yelled.
” Vivan what are you doing ?” Lord Draven asked angrily and ran to help his father up.
“Am sorry my Lord” she said and started murmuring incantations.
Soon all the vampire Lords fainted.
Lord Draven remaining.
“I know my power won’t work on you, but l have something that would work”she said and brou-ght out a dagger.
“This dagger is rare and was known for killing original vampires.”
“You are a good servant vivan.”
“Vivan, st©p this! Beatrice cried.
Vivan ran towards lord Draven and in a
blink of an eye, lord Draven escaped.
“$h!t! She cussed un-der her breath.”
“Go after him” the demon Lord commanded and vivan disappeared.
“Now tell me werewolf, where is your daughter?” Azezeel asked.
“Never! Go find her yourself.” Beatrice said.
“Tell me now or l slit your throat” He said.
“To hell with you” Beatrice said.
“Since you are very stubborn, it’s okay! Let’s do it the ha-rd way.”
He stretch out his hand and ba-lls of lightening c@m£ out and he threw it at her.
Aaaaaaaah! Beatrice gro-an ed out in pain.
“Now speak, where is she?” He asked.
“St©p the pains you can’t f0rç£ it out of my mouth” Beatrice said.
“Let’s see about that”he said and added more lightening to her b©dy.
Aaaaaaaah! Beatrice screamed in pain.
“Let me go plea-se” she begged.
“You are tired alre-ady?” He mocked.
“Now tell me! Where is she?”
“Just kill me alre-ady” l won’t tell you a thing.
“Fine! Your wish is my command.”
He stretch out his hand and Beatrice closed her eyes waiting for her death, but quic-kly opened them wi-de when the demon Lord yelped in pain.
Standing behind them is Alexa.
And Azeezeels left hand on the floor with blood oozing out from his arm.
The demon Lord gro-an ed in pain, his blood filling the floor.
“Oh no! Alexa why are you here?”
“Mother are you okay?”
“Silly child leave now.”
“My Lord! Vivan called and rushed to the demon Lord.”
“Alexa was surprised, mom why are the vampire Lords slee-ping?
Where is Draven?
Why is the witch helping the demon Lord?”
“Vivan betrayed us.”
“Where are the rest Witches they are outside fighting the army if the demons.”
“What happened my Lord?” Vivan asked.
“Now isn’t the time for questions
Kill the Tribrid l nee-d her blood to heal quic-kly.”
“Yes my Lord” Vivan said.
“Use the dagger, it’s for killing Tribrid not vampires, l wanted to lure Lord Draven away and it worked.”
“Now get me her blood.”