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His nurse episode 6

🌻🌻Donald’s POV 🌻
I heard Sharon crying and I stopped what I was doing. Why did she come here in the first instance, she is getting to my mean self and I don’t like it.
“Take her out of her Richard.” I said trying not to look at her.
“Please Mr Donald.” She said running to me and hugging me tightly. I felt my heart leap immediately she did so.
“Sharon.” I called calmly. I heard my heart beat very fast.
“Please don’t do it.” She said as her tears wet my bare chest. “If you so it, I will die.” She added weeping seriously.
I was so touched by the way she cried, she hugged me so tight like her life depended on it. I could feel her breasts against my bare chest.
“Let me go Sharon” I replied trying not to feel anything.
“No Mr Donald, I won’t. Please release him, I beg you. You are a good person, I know that so please release him he will never do it again.” She said locking her hands behind my back hugging me tightly.
“Sharon.” I called frustratingly.
“Mr Donald.” She called raising her head to look at me. Her eyes were full of tears and her face was red already. I felt my heart soften as she looked at me.
“Release him.” I sighed heavily looking at Richard.
“But boss, he may go to report you to the cops.” Richard said fearfully.
“He won’t dare. Sharon let’s go to my room.” I said holding her as we left for my room.
“Thank you.” She said as I sat on my bed.
“You affected me.” I said coldly.
“I am sorry for intruding, I couldn’t take it.” She said still weeping silently.
“That’s enough. Come attach these stuffs back to my body.” I said laying on my bed.
She nodded and moved closer to me, bringing all their boring nursing stuffs to my body. She lowered her head as she helped fix the drip on my body.
“You shouldn’t have removed this from your tummy. It is very dangerous.” She said trying to stop crying.
I stared at her and I saw her tears drop right on my chest. She looked so beautiful and innocent, she shouldn’t have seen that.
“Can you please stop crying?” I said looking away.
“Am sorry, I am trying to control it but it doesn’t seem to stop.” She said cleaning her tears with the back of her palm.
“Good” I replied closing my eyes.
“Did you mean it?” She said.
“Mean what.” I replied with my eyes still shut.
“That you really let him go?” She asked again. I opened my eyes slowly to see her face close to mine staring at my face.
I stared at her speechless and I watched her eyeballs glow in her tears.
“Please tell me you were serious.” She said in a low tone as I saw tears threaten to fall off her eyes.
“I was serious.” I said with my gaze still glued to her eyes.
Her face brightened immediately and I saw her smile. I felt so light as I saw her smile, I moved my gaze from her eyes down to her lips and glued it there.
She kept staring at me too, and all I wanted to that was to kiss her. I raised my head up gradually from the bed to meet hers.
And in no time, my lips met with hers. I moved my hand to her hair deepening the kiss. She tasted like vanilla and I wanted to eat it all day.
She disengaged from the kiss looking away.
“I am sorry. I need to go now, if you need anything call me.” She said and ran out of my room.
“Donald are you becoming nice?” My inner mind asked mockingly.
“Of course not.” I replied rolling my eyes.
“You just released a guy that duped you.” The voice said again.
“That is none of your business. Shut up.” I said closing my eyes to sleep. I don’t want to start battling with myself.
🌹 Sharon’s POV🌹
I walked to my room not understanding how I felt. “Was he really going to cut off his wrist if I didn’t intervene?” I thought shivering as i sat on my bed in the room I was given by Mr Donald.
Did he just kiss me? Did I just respond to the touch of a murder?? Oh God, this is so hard to bear. He is making me feel being the best is a very bed idea.
Being the best nurse as landed me into the arms of a dangerous patient.
“Sharon, all you need to do is keep your distance from him, Don’t get on his nerves, pray he recovers quick. And that’s it, you will be out of here.” My inner mind said confidently.
I wish it is as easy as that. His body is so tempting, when I hugged his bare chest and heard his heartbeat I felt like staying like that forever.
“Can you hear yourself? Staying in the arms of a murderer.” My inner mind said.
Oh God, please help me in the house. It isn’t going to be easy.
_______🌞 THE NEXT DAY🌞_________
😈 Monica’s POV 😈
I kept examining my patient’s mouth but my mind was not in what I was doing. I kept thinking about yesterday night.
Donald and Sharon sleeping in the same house at night. This is too much to bear! She shouldn’t have told me at the first place, it keeps distracting me.
“Are you not done?” She said trying not to place her teeth on my hand.
“Ohh sorry, I am done.” I said putting on a fake smile.
“So what is the situation of the gum now?” She asked when she noticed I wasn’t planning on saying anything.
“Ernn..nn good.” I stammered nodding very fast.
“But it still hurts. You have been my nurse for a moth now and I haven’t seen any changes in my gum.” She said in frustration.
“I am sorry, I am walking hard on it.” I replied calmly.
“Hard? I know if it was nurse Sharon that was appointed to me, I would have been okay. I regret having you as my nurse. You are just a waste of time.” She said and walked out angrily.
I fought back the tears that threatened to fall off my eyes. Why do I have to be always compared to Sharon.
“We are two different people.” I yelled as tears rolled down my cheeks. I walked out of the ward and headed to my office.
I got in and I sat by my desk weeping profusely. I need to make Sharon forgotten forever, she is on my neck!
I picked up my phone and switched it on. A message from b**CH popped in and I saw the address she promised to send.
“Hmmmm, let’s do something.” I thought smirking wickedly.
🌻🌻Donald’s POV 🌻
I woke up the next morning feeling quite better than how I use to feel. I had finish taking my drip so I removed it from my hand.
I removed the other attachments and walked to the bathroom to have my bath.
I stood under the shower letting the water touch every part of my body.
I bowed my head slightly placing my two hands on the tiled wall. I began to remember what happened yesterday.
The way her tears stained my chest, how her breast pressed on my chest, how she looked when she cried. I couldn’t control myself and I ended up kissing her, my nurse.
“She is getting to me!” I thought giving the wall a punch.
I quickly finished bathing and I moved out of the bathroom wrapping my towel and the other towel to dry my hair in my hand.
I was still drying my hair when the door opened revealing Sharon.
“Opps I am sorry. I knocked but I didn’t hear any response, so I decided to come in.” She said bowing slightly.
“Come in.” I said moving to my bed.
“You disconnected the tubes already. You should have called me.” She said trying not to look at me.
“Had to take my bath. Didn’t want to disturb, thought you may still be asleep.” I said cleaning my face before standing up the spread the towel in the toilet.
I walked into the room and I saw Sharon staring at my hand with her eyes opened wide.
I looked at my hands and I saw it was bleeding. How come I didn’t see that until now.
“Mr Donald, you are bleeding.” She said running close to me and holding my hands.
“It was a mistake.” I said coldly.
“You are not a baby. You should be careful.” She said pulling me to sit on the bed while I kept staring at her.
She took some cotton wool and a liquid substance from the drawer she kept all she used to treatment.
She soaked the wool with the liquid substance and carried my hand cleaning off the blood carefully.
I cleaned my jaw as I felt pain in my hand. I saw her look at me and I moved my face away from hers.
“Sorry.” She said as she placed a plaster on it.
“Thanks.” I replied removing my hand from hers.
“How are you feeling now?” She asked standing up.
“Better.” I replied coldly.
“I will prepare breakfast.” She said and left the room before I could reply.
🌹 Sharon’s POV🌹
I tried so hard not to look at Donald’s face after what happened yesterday night. I couldn’t sleep well, I kept thinking about how he kiss me magically.
Oh Nurse Sharon, you are done for. Hope you haven’t started growing feelings for your patient.
I got to the kitchen and checked the refrigerator for anything to make breakfast.
I saw some pastas, tomatoes, onions, and some salad ingredients.
“I guess breakfast has defined itself.” I thought smiling. I started making the salad when I remembered the guy that was tied to the chair yesterday.
“Has he gone home? Or Donald has actually killed him!” I thought in fear. I need to check if he is really gone.
I dropped the knife that was with me and walked out of the kitchen heading to the “torture room” because it really looked like one.
I was getting closer but I wasn’t hearing any voices, I moved closer to the door and I saw it was closed this time around.
I looked around me to see if I wasn’t watched by anyone. I placed my hand on the door knob turning it gently.
“What are you doing.” A familiar voice came suddenly making me startle and lose balance. I almost fell, yes I fell on a very hard built body.
Oh no, its Donald.
My head was directly on his chest and my eyes widened when I saw he was shirtless. Was he using that to punish me?
I stood up properly adjusting myself without looking at his face. I kept my gaze on his chest.
“I am sorry.” I stammered in fear. He looked at me speechless and started walking close to me while I moved backwards in fear.
He kept approaching till my back hit the door behind me and there was no where to go anymore.
He finally got close to me and I could hear my heart beat really fast.
He lowered his head and I closed my eyes so tight saying my last prayer.
The next thing I felt was a warm mouth on mine. He is Kissing me again! He pulled me to him by the waist deepening the kiss.
I found myself opening up for him. “Opening up for a murderer? Are you okay?” I thought but I couldn’t stop him, he was driving me nuts.
I found myself touching his abs with my palm. It was so hard and rigid on my hand I felt like sleeping on it.
“Wake up Sharon! He is your patient!” A voice yelled in my head making me break the kiss abruptly.
I looked into his eyes and I saw him look at me softly. “Excuse me.” I said and walked away from his face.
To Be Continued 🥶


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