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His nurse episode 5

🌻🌻Donald’s POV🌻
I became so happy hearing Sharon will be moving in with me. Will I say that murderer helped me catch her or what?
“Ohhhh” I said touching my forehead tiredly. I still felt some pains in my throat but it didn’t hurt much.
“I am sorry for what happened earlier, I shouldn’t have left you.” She said sadly.
“It was so fast, I couldn’t even see the person.” I said trying to sit up.
She came close to me helping me up, I sat properly looking at her beautiful face. She is really beautiful.
“I understand Mr Donald, I will make sure I catch that person. But for now, I think moving you home is the best option.” She said and I nodded happily, tho I didn’t make it obvious.
Father came to me and after checking me they moved me into the ambulance. I was on the stretcher in the ambulance when I looked out the window to see Sharon talking to Frank.
“I so hate that guy.” I thought angrily.
I watched to talk to him and I saw he had a sad countenance on. I am very sure it is about her moving in with me that is driving him nuts. He should go to hell for all I care.
Sharon came in shortly and sat beside me smiling. Geez, she was really getting to me.
“You will be fine, I promise.” She said still putting on the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.
I nodded speechlessly as the vehicle started moving and I closed my eyes to relax. The incident that happened in my ward flashed into my head.
“He/ She came in from the door wearing an oversized overall dress. He/she had a nose mask on and also a face cap. He/she ran to where I was laying with some spray in the hand.
And before I could say anything or scream for help, he/she sprayed it. It has a great foul and shoking smell.
I started to have difficulties in breathing, and that was it. I went unconscious. ” I said and opened my eyes to see Sharon holding a phone close to my mouth.
I looked at the phone and then at her, and she quickly removed the phone from my face.
“I needed the information so I decided to record it.” She said concentrating on her phone.
“And what will you do about that?” I asked rolling my eyes.
“Play it for the cops of course.” She said boldly making me laugh.
“I don’t do cops girl. I kill anyone who messes with me, I don’t involve the cops,they are useless.” I said and I saw the shock on her face.
“You kill? You have killed before?” She asked stammering.
“Yes I have.” I replied boldly. She stared at me and I saw her mouth moving but words weren’t coming out.
“Are you okay?” I asked mockingly.
“Yeah ..yea… I am good.” She said still staring at me making me grin widely.
“She didn’t see that coming.” I thought giggling.
A message popped in my phone and I saw it was from the slut I messages earlier. She was asking I send her my address.
I ignored the message slipping my phone back into my pockets. I am not in the mood for bchs now, who knows she may be the one that poisoned me.
😈 Monica’s POV😈
I walked home after my work at the hospital. I couldn’t stop thinking about what Sharon said.
“How will Mr king allow her to live with him?” I thought angrily. This isn’t fair at all.
I thought I would make her cry but this even drew them closer. But not too soon Sharon, I should be the one with him not you.
He should be seeing my face not hers. I know what to do. I picked up my phone to call Sharon’s number. I saved her number with bestie.
Not anymore, she isn’t anymore. I edited it and changed the name to “Bch”. I dailed her number and she picked up when the call was almost disconnected.
📲 Hey Monica, sorry for picking up late.
📲 I understand dear, you busy with Donald huh?
📲 Yes, he is kinda scary but handsome tho giggling
📲 You seem to like him already rolling her eyes
📲 C’mon Monica. He is my patient laughing
📲 Hmmm okay, called to check up on you.
📲 Thanks so much. Would you love to come visit me sometime?
📲 Sure!! happily
📲 Okay dear. Will send you the address soon, see ya!!
📲 Bye smirking
I hung up and threw my phone in my bag. Visiting her will be a good opportunity to get her fired finally. Maybe this time around, Donald will notice me.
“I will do everything to get him to notice and like me” I thought smirking wickedly.
I walked into Mr Donald’s house with my luggage in a travelling bag at night. I entered the living room and i saw everywhere was dark and quiet.
I had laid him in his room before going home to park my stuffs. I am really going to start living with Almighty Donald, am murder to be precise. Oh God safe me.
I dropped my luggage in the living room and walked to Mr Donald’s room to check up on him. I got to his room and opened the door but I couldn’t see him.
All the attachments I left on his body was all in the bed, including the drip attached to his hand and his hospital garment.
“Mr Donald!” I called but heard no replies. Where the hell is he? He shouldn’t be walking around now, he is still very weak.
I placed my hand on my forehead tiredly, this man shouldn’t make me lose my job with his reckless attitude.
I walked from his room back into the dark living room. I walked to where the light switch was and was about putting on the light when I noticed the reflection of light from another room which wasn’t where I laid Mr Donald.
“He may be here, I am going to so yell at him once I see him. He us risking his life and my job because of his stubbornness.” I thought walking to the room in anger.
I stopped abruptly when I started hearing voices from the room. It wasn’t just a voice, it was different kinds I was hearing.
“Who is in there with Mr Donald?” I thought tip toeing to the door. It was slightly open, so I peeped into the room closing one of my eye.
I could see Mr Donald shirtless, he had only shorts on. I must confess, he is really hot. His abs were crazily curved.
In front of him sat a guy, I couldn’t see his face but I managed to see that his hands were tied to the back of his chair. What is going on?
I saw another guy holding something like a tray forward to Mr Donald. I tried picturing what was in the tray but I couldn’t see it clearly.
“Sir please I am sorry. I was paid to do so.” The guy that sat said fearfully.
“Paid to do so?? By who?” Mr Donald asked coldly.
“Please don’t let me say it. He will Kill my family.” He said in tears.
“And who told you I can’t ruin but you and your family?” Mr Donald asked in anger picking up something from the tray.
“Ahhh a knife.” I yelled forgetting I was eavesdropping. I placed my palm on my mouth opening my eyes wide. I saw all of them look at my direction.
I was about running when I heard a very cold and wicked voice behind me. It wasn’t Mr Donald’s voice of course.
“Where do you think you are going to?” The voice asked abs I was glued to where I stood. I started shivering in fear, Oh God is this my end?
I started hearing footsteps walking towards me. I thought of running, what if he is with a gun? What if he is a good thrower of knives?
Soon I felt him grab me by the shoulders pulling to the room. “Please don’t kill me. I didn’t see anything, I am just a nurse, please let me go.” I blarbed in fears as I shut my eyes real tight.
“Here is the intruder boss.” The voice said said releasing his grip on me.
“I swear I didn’t see anything. I was just passing by.” I said with my eyes still shut tight.
“Open your eyes Sharon.” I heard Donald’s cool but cold voice. I opened one of my eyes slowly expecting to see a gun in front of my head or a knife but I only saw Mr Donald standing in front of me.
I opened my eyes fully and looked away as fast as I could, it was really scary.
“When did you come back?” He asked moving my head with his hand to meet his.
“Not quite long.” I managed to say as I felt heavy drops of sweat roll down my back and tummy.
“You are sweety.” He said mockingly.
“Me.. .me sweaty? No.” I stammered shaking my head. He laughed out loud and I must say he is so handsome when he laughs.
“Let’s finish the business here then you can treat me.” He said moving back to the man tied on a chair.
I looked behind me and I saw the man that dragged me in was the tray carrier. I looked into the tray and I saw different kind of sharp knives.
I opened my eyes wide in shock but as I saw the man’s face I cautioned myself and faced Mr Donald who was holding the man on the chair by his hand. I saw him take the knife in his hand closed to him and I felt my heart leap.
“Wait! What are you about to do?” I asked fearfully.
“Sharon shut up and let me finish my business.” He yelled making me flinch.
He moved the knife to his wrist and started slicing it. “Please don’t, I beg you in the name of God.” I said crying bitterly..
To Be Continued


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