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His little mistress episode 13

💋 Irresistible attraction 💋
✍ Author Viola’s novels ✍
👯 ѕєcrєt αffαírѕ 👯
🍭 e̲̅p̲̅i̲̅s̲̅o̲̅d̲̅e̲̅ 13 🍭
“Where is this?” Terry asked, gazing around
“just a place I found out on my own” Amberle replied with a shrug
“what do you know about Nerissa?”
“Nothing much.. Except that she was Goldsax’s mistress”
Terry walked to one of the tables and scattered a pile of papers on it.
“what do you know about her death?” he asked
“Goldsax killed her”
Terry paused and glanced at her “what other details do you know?”
“why are you even interested in Nerissa Smith? I mean she’s dead and you have no possible relationship with her”
“just tell me all you know”
Amberle sighed. She was bored with everything.
“Zac told me few things…” she adjusted and continued “he told me that Nerissa was his first mistress and he kinda did really love her until she found out about the game. He tried convincing her to join but she wouldn’t even think of it. Then one of Goldsax’s business partner picked interest in her and offered a huge amount of money to Goldsax if he would give her to him.
Goldsax struck the deal but Nerissa refused. I think she was protecting something Zac didn’t mention.
When Nerissa couldn’t stand it anymore, she attempted running away but it was difficult cause she was also locked in the penthouse.
On the day she tried running away, Goldsax caught her but didn’t want to run after her. He shot her with an attempt to shoot her leg but he missed it and the bullet went into her heart”
Terry slowly opened his eyes that were closed all the while she was talking.
“What happened next”
“I think Zac later realised that Goldsax didn’t really miss the bullet. She had seen a very important document that would lead to his end and she stole it. When Goldsax realised, he was scared and went after her. He stopped her before she could get to the gate and strangled her to death”
Terry nodded in understanding “Zac didn’t tell me”
“maybe you didn’t ask”
“yea.. I didn’t”
Amberle smiled “after her death, the police set out to arrest her murderer. Cause according to Zac, Nerissa was the only daughter of a business tycoon but she had eloped with Goldsax because she loved him but her parents wouldn’t let them be together. Goldsax promised to make her his wife but he didn’t raise her above a mistress”
“What else did he tell you?”
“about the court case” Amberle replied “Goldsax wasn’t held a suspect cause he denied seeing her two weeks before her death and her corpse wasn’t found near his residence. He had lied that she ran away with her new boyfriend. But the police found out she was strangled through her autopsy”
“new boyfriend?”
“that’s what he made people believe but he didn’t mention the new boyfriend. He claimed he didn’t know who he was. And there was no evidence against him because her corpse was found in a field far from his residence”
“Zac knows a lot” Terry said
“that’s all he knows.. He doesn’t know how the case was closed”
“that’s what I have to know if I’m to re-open the case”
“Goldsax closed the case and he has the documents and records of the court’s final hearing”
“maybe I should find someone who was present during the final hearing?”
“Zac already tried but he knows no one and the few people he found out about all seem to be far away.. Mostly dead like Goldsax killed them and others missing without a trace”
Terry let out his breath slowly and picked a picture of Nerissa’s on the table. It was pinned on a table with a knife.
Amberle moved closer to him and looked at the picture he was holding.
“she really was beautiful.. Reasons why Goldsax couldn’t let her go”
“if you know all these, are you scared for your life?” Terry asked, looking at Amberle
“I am and that’s why I need to get away. I don’t want to die without seeing my mom again”
“you’ll have to render your service to me today”
“What service”
“help me search all the books in this room. I believe the court case is here, we just have to find it”
“that’s a big work”
“you just got to help me”
“you’ll have to spend the night over in return”
Terry chuckled “are you still thinking about that?”
Amberle shrugged “maybe”
“then it’s a deal”
She chuckled “lets get to work” she said and walked to one of the shelves.
“did Nerissa suffer a heart condition?” Amberle asked as she went through a book
“no” Terry replied
“I think I found Goldsax’s statement in the police station.. Come see”
Terry quickly got up from her was sitting and walked to Amberle.
He sat beside her “how did he get the statement?” he asked
“maybe he stole it from the station. Zac said he stole everything that has to do with the case” Amberle replied
“what does the statement say?” Terry asked
“Goldsax said she was suffering a severe heart condition and she always went to the field whenever she was down. He said…” Amberle started reading out the words in the book, “… mᎪᎽbᎬ shᎬ hᎪᎠ ᎶᎾᏁᎬ ᏆᎾ ᏆhᎬ fᎥᎬᏞᎠ ᎪᏁᎠ suffᎬᏒᎬᎠ Ꭺ hᎬᎪᏒᏆ ᎪᏆᏆᎪᏟᏦ. ᏆhᎬᏒᎬ ᎳᎪs ᏁᎾ ᎾᏁᎬ ᎪᏒᎾuᏁᎠ ᏆᎾ ᏆᎪᏦᎬ hᎬᏒ ᏆᎾ ᏆhᎬ hᎾsᏢᎥᏆᎪᏞ….”
“he thinks she probably suffered a heart attack and died?” Terry interrupted
“that’s what it says. One of his thought though. When he realized the police conducted and autopsy, he put the blame on her new boyfriend”
“Nerissa never had a new boyfriend neither did she suffer a heart condition”
“her family members countered that statement. They said she never suffered a heart condition but Goldsax insisted that she did but she hid it from them”
“so many lies” Terry sighed
“let’s just keep reading” Terry said and went back to where he was sitting.
Amberle sighed and looked away, she was already tired of reading.
Terry took another book from the shelf and continued reading. Amberle held her own book like she was reading but she was actually watching Terry reading.
Terry looked up few minutes later and caught her staring.
“I don’t like reading” she blurted out
“you just have to try”
“why can’t you tell one who she was to you?”
Terry heaved a deep sigh and said “do me a favor and read.. I’ll tell you when we’re done”
Amberle rolled her eyes and continued reading, this time Terry was the one staring at her.
“Goldsax is obsessed with beautiful women” he blurted out
Amberle stopped reading and looked at him. He smiled and she chuckled.
“you should be reading” she said
“I know.. But I easily get distracted”
Amberle chuckled and closed her book. “if you’re tired of reading then let’s talk”
“we don’t have to to talk.. Goldsax would be returning soon and we’ve got a lot of books to read”
“we could steal all the books and read them later” amberle suggested
“No” Terry objected “let’s just read”
Amberle frowned and continued reading.
“I’m not pushing you away Amberle” Terry said guiltily “I’m just trying to be careful so we don’t regret in the future. I know what am talking about and you know what I mean. Who your are to Goldsax and who I am to him… We can’t get closer than this”
“that doesn’t stop you from talking to me”
“talking to you means spending more time with you and when Goldsax and the men returns, there’s not going to be such time anymore”
“That’s why we have to make good use of the time we have now”
Terry smiled and shook his head “no.. I’m prone. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life missing anyone again” he said and Amberle understood he was talking about Georgia.
“Alright.. I understand” Amberle simply said though she didn’t even understand his reasons. Or maybe she did but she didn’t even care.
7:24 pm ⌚
Amberle tossed and sluggishly opened her eyes. She realised she had slept off and jerked up.
They were still in the library and she had slept off with the book she was reading on her hand.
Amberle looked around and saw Terry sleeping on the floor with a newspaper in his hand and she chuckled.
“I’m not the only one who slept off”
Terry slowly opened his eyes and saw her sitting on the floor and watching him.
“you slept off” he accused but didn’t sit up
“you also did”
“I did because too slept off and I didn’t want to wake you”
Amberle rolled her eyes “you’re putting the blame on me”
Terry sat up “it’s the truth”
“I’m hungry”
“we’ll eat papers”
“you can’t starve me Terry, I’m really hungry”
Terry got up and walked to her. He stretched his hand to her and said “let’s go”
Amberle smiled and placed her right palm on his open palm. He closed her palm in his and pulled her up then they walked out of the room holding hands.
“your palm is really soft” Terry said, fondling her palm
“are you touching it for the first time?”
“No.. But I’m feeling it for the first time”
Amberle laughed as they walked to the door that led to the stairs. They got to the door and Terry held it open.
“ladies first” he gestured
“you want me to go out?”
“sure.. Or don’t you want to go out?”
Amberle grinned widely and snatched her hand from his “my delight” she giggled and ran down the stairs
“she’s driving my crazy” Terry said to himself and went after her
🍲🍱🍚 KITCHEN 🍠🍳
Amberle tied an apron and rubbed her hands excitedly “so what are we cooking?”
“watch the chef cook” Terry replied boastfully and passed a tray of peppers to her “De-seed the peppers” he instructed
Amberle obeyed and when she was done she said “done!”
Terry smiled “now Cut them and the onions into thin slices” he instructrd while he sliced the chicken into thin slices. When he was done with the chicken, he used the grater against one of the lime to get grated rind. Then he Placed the shavings into a bowl and then squeeze the juice from both limes.
“I’m done!’ Amberle announced
” it took you so long to slice them” Terry teased
“i wanted to make them perfect”
Terry chuckled “Add the cayenne…” he instructed and she obeyed
“now oregano…”
“caster sugar…”
” cinnamon…”
“and salt/pepper”
Terry pushed the bowl to her and have her the spoon “Now mix everything together”
Terry watched her mix the ingredients then he placed the chicken into the marinade bowl and made sure that all the pieces were coated.
“Place the bowl on the side for about 30 minutes. Just a tip – the longer you leave it in the marinade, the more juices will soak into the chicken pieces” he instructed. Amberle nodded and did exactly as hr had said
Terry placed an oiled pan on the stove and added the chicken and marinade to the pan.
” we’ll cook everything until the chicken is tender or for about 5 minutes” he explained and Amberle only nodded “you’re not understanding a thing are you?”
“I’m totally not” Amberle laughed then asked “who taught you how to cook?”
“my mom.. she was a good cook”
“Was? is she dead?”
Terry nodded
“oh” Amberle mouthed “i’m sorry”
Terry smiled and added the vegetables into the pan. He stirred and cooked until the vegetables were soft.
“Now you’ll place the chicken mixture into a warmed flour tortilla with guacamole…” he demonstrated and she watched him “…sour cream, and salsa”
“what’s that for?” Amberle asked
“Garnishing” Terry replied “then roll the wrap and garnish with parsley.. dinner is ready”
“That was quick”
Terry smiled and served the fajitas in two different plates.
“what about Barbara?” Amberle asked
“This is just for the both of us.. I already served Barbara” Terry replied then they sat on the breakfast table and started eating.
“you’re spending the night over right?” Amberle asked during the course of the meal
“eat” Terry stated and she continued eating.
Minutes later,
“I enjoyed the meal” Amberle says as Terry did the dishes
“And I hope you learnt”
Amberle shrugged “I guess I did”
Terry chuckled “you guess?”
He finished with the dishes and returned to the library while Amberle went to her room to shower. After showering, she walked out of the bedroom and stood in front of her full length mirror.
“what do I wear?” she asked her reflection “something.. Beautiful and seductive that Terry wouldn’t be able to resist” she smirked and rushed to her wardrobe. She chose a short, lace night dress that stopped just below her butt.
Amberle put on the dress and stared at her reflection disapprovingly.
“I wouldn’t want him to see me as a slut on some desperate chic” she snarled and walked to the wardrobe but on a second thought, she walked back to the mirror still wearing the dress.
“I love it” she giggled and shut her eyes as she imagined what Terry’s first impression would be when he sees her on the dress. He wouldn’t be able to resist her like he always does and that was exactly what she wanted.
Amberle fluttered her eyes open and saw Terry standing behind her through the mirror. She froze and watched his eyes devour every part of her body. The dress was working, she could feel it.
Amberle slowly shut her eyes again and felt something cover her from behind. She got furious thinking Terry had covered her body with his jacket. Amberle opened her eyes and realised that he was actually hugging her from behind with his head buried in her neck.
Heat rose from Amberle’s stomach to her chest. Terry’s lips were getting closer and her heart decided to skip a beat, the smell of him hypnotic beyond reason.
Her whole body tingled, the feel of his frame leaning on hers as his arms wrapped around her felt nearly forbidden. He pulled her in, claiming her mouth, hungry and intense, until her knees gave in then he slowly laid her on the bed. By the time Amberle became aware of her fingers, they had already slipped under his shirt…


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