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April 17, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His daughter nanny Episode 3 & 4

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🌸 Daughter’s

🍁 Nanny

[^A mother for his daughter^]

________Jenny writes^



💋 Episode3️⃣💋

{The breakfast🥘}

Maureen sighed for the unpeemth time. She just saw Scott Mandy got down from the car.

Scott Mandy?

She was too surprised to believe.

No one knew he had a daughter.

But wait!

Was he married?

Is he divorced?

Why is he living alone?

She asked herself those questions and it seems no one was going to answer her.

She glanced at the wall clock in the room and squinted her eyes to have a glimpse of the time. The wall clock was made of platinum which made it shine in the dimmed lights. The time was 11:24pm. She was having problem sleeping. Her eyes were wide open and it seems as though she just woke up.

She got up and thought of checking on Alexa. She stood up and walked to the door. She was about opening the door when she remembered one of Alexa’s rule. It was to always wear flip-flops or sandals. She hates it when someone walks barefooted.

She trodded back to her bedside and wore the pair of flip-flop Mrs Smith had given her earlier.

She fitted her feet in perfectly and she walked back to the door. She opened the door gently to avoid any noise and fortunately the door made no sound.

She stepped out of the room and

was about walking down the aisle of doors when she saw the silhouette of a person retreating into the darkness. The person turned on the light and it was Scott Mandy.


She was in the same corridor with Scott, the cutest musician. He was a musician and also the face of Las Vegas. He also owns the largest producing designers accessories in America. He is also the ambassador to almost fourteen big companies. He’s a young billionaire.

She gasped as she saw him turn back to face her. He got startled and he stared at her.

Maureen bowed slightly as she ran back into her room

She held her chest and breathed out the breath she didn’t notice she was holding.

She ran to her bed and jumped on it.

The memories came back.

How he turned back to stare at her looking so startled.

She remembered she’s still on the flip-flop and she giggled at her clumsiness. She can’t ruin the bed on her first night.

She jolted down from the bed and placed it near the lamp stand.

She jumped on the bed again enjoying it’s comfiness.

It was far more comfortable than her old, squeaky bed.

She yawned and closed her eyes awaiting the arrival of sleep.


Scott sat on his bed as he remembered the figure he had saw earlier on. He knew she was the new nanny. He had saw her short interview on the CCTV footage.

He always check on his beloved daughter anytime he arrives from work. That had been his duty since his wife eloped with

another man. That was seven years ago. He wasn’t wealthy as he is now. He was still at the struggling stage. Alexa was three then. He had cried for days. He lost his wife not to death, but to another f**king man. He seems so incompetent.

But things fell in place after about two years later and he made sure that the five years Alexa and him has spent in wealth was memorable. He want Mabel to know he was competent and able.

He brought out his apple laptop from his drawer and clicked it on. Alexa’s picture showcased as it beeped. He had took the picture unaware of Alexa. She was sipping her strawberry juice as he took the picture. They had gone on a picnic with Mrs Smith that very day and it was fun.

Mrs Smith was like a family to him. She was his father’s personal maid but when his parents died, he took her in even when things were still rosy. She had worked with his father for twenty three years. She started working with his father when she was 28. She had only stayed with him for 13 years and he had taken her as his mother.

Luckily, she didn’t object. She had a grown of daughter of about 31. She’s married and stays in Washington DC.

He heard a beeping sound. That was when he noticed he had zoned out again. Well, he does that many times.

He checked the mail and it was from a restricted number.

He didn’t bother checking it. He just did some paperwork and prepared to sleep. He put off the white lights and it was remaining the blue ones.

He covered myself properly with the duvet. He can’t possibly risk his health again. He has cold issues. The day he slept unknowingly on the couch with his laptop on his legs. He couldn’t breathe properly the next day. He had cough, catarrh, difficulty in breathing and so many lung problems.

He checked his set alarm and slept off.


Maureen yawned as she woke up. It was still dark outside. She has been accustomed to waking up early. She turned on the lights and it was some minutes past six🕕.

She got up and went into the bathroom. She saw three brushes and decided to choose the one with black color. She doesn’t have a favorite color. Maybe she once had, but have forgotten as times goes on.

She brushed and emptied her bladder in the modern cistern. She had a long bath. She didn’t remember the last time she had showered, so she used her time. By the time she dressed up. It was some minutes to seven. She was putting on a purple top with a black joggers. Clothes have been stock up in the wardrobe.

She wore a white flip-flop and matched gently out of the room. The passage light was on already. She walked through the aisle of doors. Alexa’s room was four doors away from hers. She got there in no time and opened the door gently. She went in and noticed the light was still off. She switched it on and the little girl was still sleeping.

She chuckled at the girl’s sleeping position. It was funny.

She walked to the wardrobe and opened it.

She remembered how she had gasped when Mrs Smith showed her the clothes in it. They were just to luxurious and classy. She smiled and brought out Alexa’s uniform. It was in colour gold and white. The inner shirt was white while the jacket was gold. The skirt was gold also and it was flayed.

She took the girl’s Thursday bag and transferred her books from the Wednesday bag to the new bag.

Well, Alexa has a bag for each day.

So today being Thursday, she’s putting on the Thursday bag.

She went into the bathroom and prepared a bath in the bath tub.

Maureen had a glimpse at the time and it was seven already.

She went across the girl’s bed and shook her light calling her name.

“Alexa! Alexa!! Alexa!!!” She called her gently.

“Hn!” The little girl answered rubbing her eyes.

She opened her eyes and the first person she saw in ages was her nanny.

Her dad has always been the one waking her up until he got a nanny for her.

She grumbled a good morning and stood up to go bath.

“No! You have to pray first. Prayer before all things, okay?” Maureen corrected her.

“But I don’t even know how to pray!” Alexa protested.

“Come, let me teach you!” Maureen answered.

She couldn’t believe that a girl as old as this didn’t know how to pray.

She held her hand on the bed and started praying tell her to say Amen.

After prayer, Alexa stood up fast and rushed to the bathroom.

That was the ever first prayer she had conducted and she liked it.


It was breakfast time and Maureen had helped Mrs Smith make some macaroni, salads, cheese and banana juice as dessert.

Since they were the only workers in the house, so they all say together to eat.

Maureen couldn’t help but glance at the image in front of her.

She was eating breakfast with her celebrity crush.

She mentally fanned herself.

She started feeling heat under the air conditioner.

Her mind wasn’t at rest.

She hadn’t thought it would be possible.

Meanwhile, Scott was busy admiring the beauty hidden under the scars. The white skin under the pink-inflicted skin.

He wondered of how he could help her.

He had had a thorough research on her background and he was determined to help her retrieve the remnant of her parents property.

He looked up and their eyes met. He cleared his throat and stood up to leave.

“Bye pumpkin, see you soon!” He said and kiss Alexa’s forehead.

“Bye momma!” He said to Mrs Smith

Maureen wondered what he’ll call her.

“Erm, bye Miss Fynn.”

He said and left.

He knew her surname during the research and he had wondered whether to call her Maureen or her surname but he was surprised he had called her that.

“Nanny, am done!” Alexa’s tiny but bossy voice rang through out the dining room.

“Oh, okay. Let’s go!” She answered and they matched out.

“See you soon Mrs Smith!” Alexa said and waved to the old woman.

Maureen just smiled at the woman and led the way out.

“Hey, good morning!” She greeted Zoe and John. They were seated on the car trunk.

“Let’s get going!” Alexa instructed and the jumped down from the car trunk.

Zoe opened the door for Alexa and ushered her in.

Maureen sat with Alexa at the back while Zoe sat in the passenger’s seat and John was driving.

Everyone kept quiet probably b’cos of Alexa.

They got to her school in no time and she helped her down.

She collected her bag and she saw her wave to a girl about her age also.

“Olivia!” She called.

The other girl turned and ran towards her.

“Nanny, meet Olivia. Olivia meet my Nanny!” She introduced

“Hi!” Olivia greeted.

“Hey. Both of you be good girls and be diligent, okay!” Maureen said and waved bye-bye to both of them.

She got into the car and they zoomed off.

Zoe and John were so funny and she also got to know that John was married.

She got home and as she help Mrs Smith clean the kitchen she continued thinking about how her eyes had met with Scott’s.

She was overjoyed with the fact that she just ate breakfast with Scott.

She jumped as she cleaned the kitchen’s cabinet.

Mrs Smith just chuckled and continued her work also.


💋 Episode4️⃣💋

{She’s a mystery)

She had just finished bathing. She didn’t want to bath but she was so sweaty after the walk Mrs Smith made her do.

Mrs Smith had insisted that she know all around the entire compound. The mansion was so large that after the walk, she felt like dying. Her legs ache badly. All she could think of was to bath and take a nap.

She put off her flip-flop and got ready to sleep.


“So let’s cooperate with the new merger so we could gain more profit!” Scott said to his employees

“Thank y’all, you can get going!” He announced and they all stood up waiting for him to notice them.

Well, most of his workers were ladies and they always try to get on his sexual side.

He stood up and matched out of the board room. His office was directly opposite the room. He decided to go to his studio.

He rolled up his sleeves and unbuttoned the first two buttons of his shirt.

He grabbed his keys and made way to his car.

He took the fleets of stairs since the elevator was under observation.

It got stuck yesterday.

He walked down the stairs skipping two stairs at the same time. His phone beeped and he brought it out. It was a message from a restricted number. He remembered the mail he saw yesterday, it was also from a restricted number.

He shrugged and read the message.

“Heyyo! It’s been long. So you think you can override me with your wealth? Well, let’s see how it goes!”


Is this fool tryna blackmail me?

He dipped the phone back into his pocket and unlock the car.

He heard the click sound and called his secretary.

“Erm Rodney, I gotta go now. Keep the company going!” He said while he nodded.

“And yes, meet with the new manager of the developing company and ask about the location.” He added

He nodded again, he just love nodding.

He couldn’t employ a female secretary b’cos the last time he did that she practically almost raped him.

He got into my car and zoomed off.


Olivia and Alexa we’re seated at the long bench licking their ice cream and also waiting for the arrival of their drivers.

“So Alex, how’s your new Nanny?” Olivia asked

They both call themselves ‘Alex and Olive’.

“Well, she’s coping and I kinda like her!” She said licking her strawberry ice cream.

Yeah, her best flavor is strawberry while Olivia prefer banana flavor.

“So, you know next week is my birthday. So get me something good, okay?” Olivia said.

“Olive, I’ve told you before that anything I wanna get you is supposed to be a surprise, so keep shut on that topic and don’t lemme spoil my surprise!” She stated.

“Chill, okay? It’s just a harmless question. So how’s you and Jones going?” She asked winking at Alexa.

“Oh my God, I thought I told not to bring up his topic again!” She seethed getting angry at her best friend already.

“Ohh, my driver is here. See ya tomorrow!” Olivia said and pecked her cheeks.

“Byee!” Alexa answered

She was annoyed that she’s going to be the only one now.

She brought out her phone and made a call to John.

“Where the hell are you?”

“We are on our way Alexa!” He answered and hung up.

A boy of about her age sat beside her.

“I thought I told you before not to come close to me, huh?” She said angrily

“Sorry, I just wanna be your friend that’s all!” He said scared at the fact that she could slap him now.

“Well, I don’t wanna be friends with a brat like you. Fuck off!” She said and left annoyed.

Only Olivia could understand her, and only her could understand Olivia too. They were birds of the same feather so one else could keep up with them.

She sighted her car and rushed to it.

“Why were you late? You want me to be kidnapped?” She asked Zoe.

“Sorry Alexa, there was a heavy traffic on the way. Let’s get going now!” He said and helped her in.

Maureen just watched as the little girl lashed out her annoyance on people old enough to father her.

The drive home was silent again not like when they were coming.

They had actually stopped at an hotdog shop to get hotdog. They were competing on who was faster in eating it. And John had emerged as the winner while she took last.

They spent almost half an hour doing that.



They got home and Maureen help Alexa with her uniform. She help her choose her dress while she bath.

Alexa wore a white kneel length gown which glitters with the diamonds bonded with it. She helped her pack her hair in a messy bun leaving a little strands beside her ears.

They settled down to eat at the dining and it was just the two of them.

Mrs Smith refused to eat on the dining and said she preferred eating in the kitchen. That was where she always had lunch while Alexa has hers in her room.

It was a meal of home made pizza with assorted chicken. And desserts with strawberry shortcake for Alexa and hamburgers for the rest.

She helped Alexa with her homework and get her ready for her nap.

“Maureen, am not sleepy. Can we go read in the library?” Alexa asked.

“Uhm, yeah. Let’s go!” She answered the little girl.

Alexa led the way out of the room and they went through the aisle of doors. They halted in front of a tall door with the inscription LIBRARY on it.

They entered and Maureen was fascinated by the way books were arranged orderly. The room smell of books.

Alexa rushed towards a row of books and picked one.

It was the rows for erotic novels.


“You read these?” Maureen asked amazed at the fact that this young girl read stories with high sexual fantasies.

“Yeah, dad got it stock for me!” She said and sat on one of the numerous chairs.

So her dad knows about this and still load more for her.


She picked a novel from the section of ‘Mystery and Fiction’

She enjoyed reading stories about mystical figures, magic, fiction, witchcraft, wizardry and so mind enchanting novels.

They read for a very long time that they didn’t know dinner time had passed.

Even Mrs Smith thought they were still sleeping and decided not to wake them up


Scott came in early at around 9:30pm.

He was early b’cos he left the company early to the studio.

He saw Mrs Smith asleep already with her head on the kitchen counter. He helped her up and walked her to her room. She didn’t even know she was moved.

He walked majestically towards Alexa’s room and he saw it empty.


He went to Maureen’s room also and it was empty. His fear started growing.

What if they had been kidnapped?

He shook his head and ran up the passage making sure to open each door.

He got to the library already panting and opened the door. There he saw his daughter and his dad nanny reading peacefully.

He did a sign of relief and smiled at the fact that his daughter actually read a book with another person apart from him.

She had always read with him saying if she does with another person she’s might not understand.

This woman is beginning to be a mystery.



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