🦋 His

🌸 Daughter’s

🍁 Nanny
[^A mother for his daughter^]
______Jenny writes^



💋 Episode5️⃣💋
{What is this feeling? }
“Erm erm!” Scott cleared his throat and the two ladies turned to the door.
“Daddy!” Alexa beamed and ran to hug him.
“Good evening sir!” Maureen greeted at the same time bowing.
Scott just waved to her and carried his daughter. He pecked her cheeks and draw it also.
“Daddy, Maureen read with me today and surprisingly, I understood!” She said happy she finally found someone she could read with when her dad is absent.
“Yeah, I saw that!” Scott replied glancing at Maureen.
Her head was bowed and her very long hair covered her face but he could tell that she was laughing underneath.
“Did you have dinner already?” He asked out of the blues.
That was when Maureen and Alexa remembered that they haven’t had dinner.
“Oh no! It’s past bedtime already!” Alexa panicked as she checked her wristwatch.
She had been taught not to have anything else when it is past bedtime.
“Well, you can just have some fruits and light foods!” Scott said as he noticed the fear in his daughter’s voice.
Maureen stood still as she adored the love between both father and his daughter. She remembered her parents and wished she had had a longer relationship with them.
Tears prickled down her cheeks and Scott noticed it before she could clean it.
“Maureen, what’s wrong?” He asked and dropped Alexa. He rushed to her side and held her by the shoulder.
“Nothing sir!” She said and took his hands off her shoulders. She wiped her tears and made a faux smile.
Scott didn’t understand why he behaved that way.
Why did he felt pain when he saw her tears?
Why did his heart felt broken when he saw her hot tears?
They all matched to the dining awkwardly.

Maureen made a quick dish.
It was honey cookies, brownies, chicken wings and red bug juice.
They all sat at the dining each facing their food with probably lots on their mind.
“So dad, next week is Olivia’s birthday party.” Alexa said cutting the weird silence.
“Yeah, what’s up with it?” Scott asked putting a mouthful of brownies in his mouth.
“Well, I want to make a surprise for her!” Alexa said sipping her strawberry juice. She didn’t want the red bug juice, so Maureen had made her a strawberry juice instead.
“Well, a surprise like what?” Scott asked getting interested in the surprise issue.
“I don’t know yet!” Alexa said scrubbing her neck.
“Hnn! Should I get her a car in your name?” Scott said raising one eyebrow.
He look so cute as he did that.
“Hmm! That’s nice also but I want you to perform that day!” Alexa beamed as she cling her cutleries together.
“Okay, I’ll check my schedule, okay?” He said and draw her cheek.
He love doing that.
Maureen looked up and their eyes locked again.
Cold shivers ran down his body and she also felt some stupid fireworks in her head🎆🎇
They brought their eyes down at the same time and focused on their meal.

Scott raked his hands in his hair and remembered how he had felt when their eyes met. How his heart had prickled when he saw her tears.
What could this feeling be?
He shouldn’t be having this type of feeling for his daughter’s nanny.
He sighed and remembered the blackmailer. He wished he could know who it was.
He need a bodyguard now to always protect him.
He had no feud against anyone.
He’s a lone man.
His mind drifted back to the lady that had trapped his soul.
He shook his head and turned off the lights ready to sleep.

Maureen chuckled as she blushed really hard. Her mind played the part he had touched her shoulders. She felt he should remain that way. She wished he could always hold her shoulders that way.
She touched her shoulder one last time and covered herself with the duvet

Mrs Sandra panicked throughout the house. She hadn’t seen Maureen for three days now.
Does that mean she got a job?
No, she can’t.
I’ll make sure I get her and get rid of her the same way I killed her parents but hers is gonna be in a refined way.
Get ready Maureen!
I’m coming for you.
Mama Gina is on her trail and another person is on Scott’s tail.



💋 Episode6️⃣💋
{The nightmare }
Maureen couldn’t sleep that night after she had a terrific nightmare.
She dreamt that she was burnt alive.
She had prayed against the dream but her mind still seems unrest. She was scared.
She stayed awake, rolling from one side of the bed to another.
It was actually a long night for her.
Morning time

Maureen stood up and went to take her bath.
She wore a black, kneel length, body hug gown. She wore a black UGG to match with it.
She matched to Alexa’s room but with each steps she make the nightmare keep reflecting in her brain.
She shrugged it off and went into the girl’s room.
She was about waking the girl up when she suddenly remembered that today was Saturday.
She hit her head and went out back.
She jogged downstairs and met Mrs Smith in the kitchen. She was cooking.
“Good morning ma’am!” Maureen said as she jumped and sat on the kitchen counter.
“Good morning my darling. How was the night?” Mrs Smith enquired.
“Hm, it was so bad, I couldn’t get some sleep!” She answered.
“I had a terrific nightmare that almost sent the daylight out of me!” She added
Mrs Smith chuckled and answered.
“It’s just a nightmare. Keep it out of your mind!”
“But it felt so real!”
“Then, did you pray about it?”
“Of course I did. Let’s get to work, shall we?” Maureen said and jumped down the counter.
They made Lasagna, Marshmallows, Taco casserole and Grape juice with Strawberry juice for Alexa. Desserts for Pasta and Veggies.
By the time they finished cooking, it was some minutes to nine.
She hurriedly went to wake Alexa and on her way she bumped into Scott. She almost fell but he held her by her waist in a way that her hand was on his shoulders and his hand on her waist. It felt so overwhelming that she wished that the time should stop forever leaving them like this.
He released her a held her hand for proper support.
“Sorry sir!” She pleaded and bowed intensely.
He just chuckled and patted her shoulders then left.
Her joy knew no bound when she heard him chuckled. When he now touched her shoulders, she felt like dying.
She looked up and there she saw the little witch.
She catwalked towards Maureen and chuckled before leaving also.
Why are they all chuckling?
She shrugged and went back downstairs. The person she wanted to go and wake was awake already.

They had all finished eating and Scott had gone out. Alexa was operating her laptop in her room, Maureen finally slept and Mrs Smith was in the kitchen reading some journals.
Scott has received a call from his secretary that the UCI unit have recruited some able bodyguards already so he had to go check them
He saw them and they were standard.
He gave each of them some activities something like competition.
So the winner is gonna get the job.
They were to pull eight large tyres at once so the first to get to the finishing line is the winner.
They started competing and the winner was a huge masculine guy.
He’s Andrew.
Alexa had rushed into Maureen’s room thereby disrupting her perfectly made sleep.
She said she saw a new bag online and would like to get it. So she wants Maureen to follow her.
They left with Zoe and John.
They got the bag and she got a bag for Maureen also.
On their way back, they got attached and Zoe was shot in the arm. They finally got to escape but before they could get to the hospital, Zoe lost consciousness.
In the hospital, the doctor said he can’t be mobile until about two months or so.
“So did you see the shooter?” Scott asked
“Yes, it was one of Marshall’s boys!” He breathed out.

“Marshall?” Scott yelled.

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Last last, bodyguard don arrive. The story begins…
Hmmm! Marshall’s on the Scott tail.
Mrs Sandra is on Maureen’s tail.

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