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His average wife episode 25

🙍🏼‍♂️ His Average Wife 🙍🏼‍♂️
( Not like a model )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 25
You may be able to fool others.
To make them believe your hollow laughs and fake smiles,
But you can’t fool the likes of me
A person like me who has mastered the art to talk more with eyes and less with words.
The silence of an empty office welcomed Elle as Ashton was gone leaving her alone.
Her thoughts preoccupied with what has just happened between the two.
She could hear her heart thumping in her chest wildly.
Her line of thought was broken when she saw Jake calling.
Moving towards the washroom she answered in a cheerful voice
“Hey, sassy boy! What’s up!”
“Sassy boy? Well that’s new!”
They both laughed trying to make each other cheerful.
“How is your mother?”
“She fell down the stairs and sprained her ankle… nothing serious”
“Oh thank God I got scared!”
“Even I got scared but seeing her I am relieved….you know first she went all mad at me for not picking up my calls…but then she forgave me”
Elle smiled but a ping of jealousy was felt.
She hoped her mother also loved her like that.
“Elle, you are fine right? ”
“Offcourse sassy boy! Why won’t I be?”
“Nothing just Sammy and all…I just wanted to make sure you are fine”
Sammy’s name was enough to bring tears in her eyes again.
How bad she was trying to hold in her pain.
“I am fine Jake…”
Her voice was quivering and she knew he will guess that she is going to cry.
“…I am a bit busy sassy boy…will call you later!”
Cutting the call she allowed the tears to flow out.
She looked at herself in the mirror to see how bad she looked.
Those brown eyes which looked dull had dark circles around them.
She could see a pimple forming on her forehead and this little thing just managed to frustrate her more.
She hated seeing her reflection and averted her gaze to her hand, splashing some water on her face she allowed her tears to get lost in it.
Faking a huge smile on her face she looked back at the mirror.
Patting her cheeks she was ready to go on with her today’s mission of irritating her husband.
Elle was not the kind of a girl anyone could understand easily.
She looked strong and fierce on the outside but on the inside, she is mostly shaking and paining.
She will never let anyone else drown in her own miseries.
She didn’t share the pain, she only shared happiness.
And that was the very reason why people thought she was bipolar.
If only they could understand the sadness behind those smiles and the pain behind each cheerful word she spoke.
The smile didn’t make her feel any better, still, her heart cried when the scene of Sammy’s closing eyes flashed in front of her.
But again this was a part of life
She knew this is happening because this was the first time she saw someone dying.
Power of time will make all these pains go away and she trusted it.
Straightening her back she made her way back to his office.
But to her surprise the person sitting inside made her take a step back.
There sat Lorena with one leg crossed over the other in an elegant manner.
Her pink dress and silk-like shiny blonde hair were making her look like a Barbie doll.
But sadly Elle never liked Barbie dolls, she was more into avengers and Mario.
Elle’s eyes widened for a second not expecting her to be here but again she was Ashton’s business associate and here this building was the hub of their business.
She wanted to leave before she could see her but sadly Lorena had seen her.
She turned around to leave when Lorena’s voice stopped her
“Hey! Elle right?”
Elle’s hands dropped from the handle as she turned around to look at her.
Elle said awkwardly ashamed of meeting her after what her anger made her do at the restaurant.
Lorena stood up giving her a warm smile.
“Come and sit Elle, we can have a chat till Ashton returns from his meeting”
Trying not to offend her Elle sat down next to her trying not to make eye contact with such a beautiful creation.
Lorena could see the shyness in the girl’s eyes.
She didn’t look like the same crazy girl she met that day.
“So…how is married life going on?”
The very first question made Elle look up at her in surprise.
Did she knew of their arrangement..had Ashton told her already?
“It’s fine I guess”
Elle said hoping for Ashton to return and end this awkward conversation.
“You know Elle …Ash and I go long way back…he was that introvert boy which every girl dreamed to date…and I was that famous celebrity who everyone knew. As cliché as it sounds but we the most gawked at couple.”
Elle just nodded knowing where this was going to go.
Just how many girls has her husband dated?
“We dated and you won’t believe this but truly he is such a wonderful person at heart….I mean he may seem to be cold sometimes but he cares. He cares a lot for the very few special people in his life”
“And why are you telling me this Miss Lorena?”
Elle asked looking at her with confusion.
To her surprise, Lorena placed her hand on Elle’s shoulder making Elle relax a bit.
“I am not a villain Elle…I don’t intend to snatch away your husband from you as you must be thinking”
Her blunt words made Elle doubt the intentions of this lady.
“No Miss Lorena…I do-”
“Please Elle don’t lie now, I saw the fire of jealousy in your eyes when you approached me in that restaurant.
It is completely understandable.”
There was a silence between them for a few minutes as Lorena sighed and turned Elle’s seat towards her.
“See Elle..I love Ashton okay…I really love him but he doesn’t. He doesn’t love.
He can care but he can’t love.
He has closed his heart to everyone and just won’t let anyone in.
I want you to teach him to love…”
Lorena grabbed Elle’s hands in hers as she requested her with pleading eyes.
Elle looked confused.
“I know Elle…I know you are not what he expected…I know his tastes quite well.
But the girl he wants does not exist alright…those high standard rich brats are just a piece to showoff ..
.I have met enough in my life but never came across many who care for anything except their Prada purses and Jimmy Choo stilettoes.”
Elle just stared at her. She couldn’t understand if a girl like her could exist.
“But …you yourself….”
Elle said
“I know you must be thinking that I am no different than them. Well, to be honest, I am also like them…my dad has spoiled me to the extent he buys everything I place my finger on. But when it comes to love Elle….I can’t buy it..I just can’t afford it.
I realize this but most people out there don’t….they are just blinded by greed and power.”
“You must be thinking about how weird I am but to be honest I don’t care.
I just want the best for Ashton and you can be the best.”
“Really….but I….I am just a normal girl…I am noth-”
“Oh dear how badly mistaken you are.
The way I saw Ashton look at you….you must be special or else normal things don’t intrigue Ashton Lockwood.”
Elle couldn’t believe this. Was this lady saying the truth?
Does he feel something for her ..but then why does he behave so coldly with her.
Elle laughed at her moving her head in a no.
“You…you are badly mistaken…Ashton…he doesn’t-”
“You will see Elle…you will realise it yourself.
But for now, I want you to make him live his life.
To learn to love, to enjoy. He has closed himself inside his own made walls …I want you to break them all.”
“But I can’t…how can I?”
“You can Elle….only you can. So tell me are you in?”
Elle looked at her anxiously while Lorena’s eyes shined with hope.
“Okay…but what do I have to do?”
Lorena smiled at her with a lot of excitement in her eyes.
“We will start with it tomorrow, here is my address….”
“Can I hug you, Elle?”
Elle looked up to see how excited Lorena was.
She was nearly jumping with excitement and before Elle could reply she was embraced in her arms.
Elle for once felt so wrong about herself.
This girl here was everything she didn’t think she would be.
A throat was cleared in the background and both broke their hug to see a stunned Ashton standing over there.
His eyes for once looked genuinely surprised.
“Ash you are back!! I met Elle today…she is such a sweet girl!”
Ashton internally laughed at her statement.
Sweet and this girl.
She was anything but sweet.
“I think you forgot your last encounter with her I guess?”
He said smirking while placing the files on his table.
Elle stomped her foot as Ashton took a hidden glance at her.
She gave him exactly the reaction he wanted.
“Oh that…it was just a bad start… anyways tomorrow Elle is coming to my place and we both are having a girls day out!”
Now Ashton’s eyes nearly dropped out of their sockets.
“You girls are really weird…one day you want to kill each other and the other you are like friends now?”
“Don’t exaggerate Ash…we definitely didn’t behave like that”
He sighed taking his focus back to the files on his table
“Do whatever you want…just don’t disturb me…and you…have you finished typing?”
He asked making Elle rub her neck in awkwardness
“No…I haven’t even started”
He gave her that cold look and she immediately picked up the laptop and the sheets.
“Lori come let’s discuss the project”
And with that, they all got back to work but not before Lorena winked at Elle to which she replied with a smile.
“What’s cooking between you guys?”
Ashton asked Elle as they were driving back from work.
She asked looking bat him through the passenger seat.
“Since when did you because friends? And if I remember correctly this was just your second meet”
“She is not like I thought…she is a really nice person”
Elle said staring at the road in front unknown to her Ashton was staring at her.
A long silence stretched between them which was broken by silence.
“Lori is my childhood friend…we have spent most of our childhood together as we shared the same school and our families knew each other.
Then in high school, I dated her but then we decided not to get too much involved.
After high school she went her own way, I went mine and that day on our honeymoon we met for the first time in the last 7 years.”
Was Ashton Lockwood really giving her an explanation?
Elle couldn’t believe her ears.
“We are doing a project together so she keeps visiting sometimes”
He looked at her to see her fidgeting with her hands again.
“Elle? Are you listening?”
“Oh yeah!! It’s just that I never thought you would explain”
He looked back at the road avoiding her gaze.
“Well you deserved to know considering you are my wife”
His words made her blush in the coldness of the night.
“Can…can I ask you something?”
She asked already expecting her question to be too personal for him to answer.
He said changing the stations of the radio.
“She is beautiful…and nice …and smart…and everything you wanted your dream girl to be like….so why didn’t you marry her?”
“Who ….Lori? why will I marry her if I don’t love her?”
“So why did you marry me if you don’t love me?”
Her question made him stop the car all of a sudden.
For her to only realise later that they have already reached their home.
She crossed the line she thought.
He looked angry all of a sudden as his knuckles have turned white on the steering wheel.
“Haven’t I made myself crystal clear Elle as to why I have married you?
Is the contract alone a proof not enough to show how badly I didn’t want to marry you?”
“I know…. it’s just…..I… thought…..maybe you…..”
“You thought wrong Elle!! Whatever your fuck*** up brain thinks it all damn wrong!!”
His sudden increase in voice made her tremble with fear.
She had awoken the beast again.
“Why…why are shouting at me? Can’t you talk normally like a civil person? Just why do you have to shout at me like that?”
He moved her hand through his hair in frustration.
“Because you don’t understand things normally!! You don’t get it when I say it once that this marriage is nothing but a legal contract! What you think is all wrong!!”
She had tears in her eyes, the day was all ruined once again.
“I just…asked…”
“No Elle it’s not just that!! I know how your stupid brain works!!
You think this is a fairytale where you will make me fall for you….you think I am your prince charming…when I am not Elle!!
I can be a villain in your story but never a prince… never…”
He was fighting his own battles which were unknown to her.
She tried to place her shaking hands on his shoulder to only have him press her back on her seat.
Trapping her body he looked into those tears eyes to only close his own eyes in frustration.
“You are hurting yourself Ash…please let me heal you.. please”
His hands turned into fists on side of her head as he dipped his head near her shoulder blade.
Her chest was moving up and down as her eyes were crying.
“I will never love you, Elle……I can only hate you….I…just can’t…”
And with this Elle had done something which Ashton couldn’t.
Placing her palms on his face she had pulled up his face and smashed her lips on his.
He couldn’t control.
Her salted tears could be tasted in the kiss and he deepened it further.
Trying to take away all the pain he had given her.
Only when the taste of salt got replaced by that of blood did he stop.
Pulling back from her immediately.
Regret filled his eyes and he again placed his head on her shoulder in defeat.
“I am a beast, Elle….I can only give you pain ”
With this, he was gone banging the door of the car shut and making the windows of the car to vibrate with its force.
Elle sat there shocked at another one of her fail attempts of opening up this man’s locked heart.
But then she felt wetness on her shoulder to only see teardrops trailing down her chest.
The very realisation of the fact that he was crying on her shoulder made her realise that what Lorena said was true.
He was hurting himself as much as he was hurting her and only she could bring him out of this pain.
“I will fix you, my dear husband…I will fix you to immortality even if I have to break myself to perishability”
She whispered with determination in her eyes and love in her heart.
Next day:
Elle stood in front of Lorena’s house debating on ringing the bell or not.
When to her surprise the door opened on its own to be only hugged by Lorena
“You have been standing here for the last 5 minutes now… debating …I can’t let you go from here now can I?”
Pulling her inside Elle stood flabbergasted.
If Ashton’s house was a mansion this freaking place resembles a palace.
Huge chandeliers adorned the ceilings as the tiles below her feet even reflected her face.
“Lorena I only have 3 hours
…I have to return to my clinic”
“Oh come on Elle it’s Sunday today plus I have already booked your appointment ”
“Appointment…for what?”
Asked Elle confused
“For your makeover Silly, what else?”
“Make over….my make over..but wh-”
“No if’s no buts….Elle just trust Lorena’s guts”
And with this, both broke down into fits of eyes tearing stomach cramping laughter.
TBC 💢💢💢


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