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July 24, 2021


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He’s a korean sex god Episode 77 & 78

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He’s A Korean S*x god 😋

Hide your Wives!


Episode 77

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋



Location: Itaewon

💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

What has Lee Chun gotten me into? I am so nervous standing on this stage, I could feel my weak legs shaking underneath.

Many strange eyes on me – most of whom were staring at me like.

Will you just get down that stage!

And I really want to get down the sage, run out in fact but I had promised Lee Chun I will sing for him, and that’s what I plan on doing.

Although the crowd ain’t too welcoming, I drew strength from Lee Chunk. I had my eyes on him although and he also had his eyes on me, giving me that lovely smile of his.

After introducing myself and the song I wish to sing I took in deep breaths and started.

The intrumental came up and the lyrics of the song appeared in a monitor hung up in the roof, but I don’t need to look at the monitor to sing this song, course I know it by heart and I don’t want to take my eyes off Lee Chun, not even for a second.

🎶 Notice me

Take my hand

Why are we

Strangers when

Our love is strong?

Why carry on without me 🎶

I sang nervy and shaky at first, afraid to unleash my full voice as I didn’t want the crowd to laugh at me but looking at Lee Chun’s face was given me more and more confidence.

He had this face like he was just falling in love with me for the very first time.

🎶 And every time I try to fly I fall

Without my wings

I feel so small

I guess I need you baby

And every time I see

You in my dreams

I see your face

It’s haunting me

I guess I need you baby 🎶

I sang this time I could feel the emotions in my heart and my vocals were showing the emotions, people started paying more attention to me and what I was singing.

i know they ain’t my words but they felt like mine, the song felt like something I would write.

Lee Chun face is what I do see in my dreams, I see it every single day in my head.

🎶 make-believe

That you are here

It’s the only way

That I see clear

What have I done?

You seem to move on easy

And every time I try to fly I fall

Without my wings

I feel so small

I guess I need you baby

And every time I see

You in my dreams

I see your face

You’re haunting me

I guess I need you baby 🎶

At this point I was singing completely from my heart, my eyes still on Lee Chun but I could sense a thousand other eyes were on me. I wasn’t nervous thought course it was only Lee Chun I was seeing at this point, it felt like the others don’t exist.

I know this is a sad song and I pray a situation never comes that will course Lee Chun and I to separate or that he leaves me, but why I love this song so much is because I can sense the emotions from it.

The lady that sang it most have been greatly in love when composing the lyrics of this song, just the way I am greatly in love with Lee Chun.

🎶 I may have made it rain 🎶

Please forgive me

My weakness caused you pain

And this song’s my sorry

At night I pray

That soon your face will fade away

And every time I try to fly I fall

Without my wings

I feel so small

I guess I need you baby

And every time I see

You in my dreams

I see your face

You’re haunting me

I guess I need you baby 🎶

At this time almost everyone had gathered around that vicinity to hear and watch me sing, there was total silence, only my voice could be heard.

🎶 And every time I try to fly I fall 🎶

Without my wings

I feel so small

I guess I need you baby

And every time I see

You in my dreams

I see your face

You’re haunting me

I guess I need you babyyyy 🎶

I couldn’t really control my emotions any longer as little tears escaped from my eyes, the feeling of me singing that song with Lee Chun staring was overwhelming.

And as I finished singing I could hear the great applaud from the crowd. I couldn’t believe people were actually applauding me.

It’s weird but great, although their applauds really doesn’t mean much to me. Lee Chun’s love and approval is all I want.

Speaking of Lee Chun, he was already up on his feet applauding too and slowly he walked to meet me, the smile on his face priceless.

When he got close to me, he gently wipe the sting of tears in my face with both thumbs

” You did well, you did extremely well. I am so proud of you MINE. I love you ”

He said and that made me feel very happy, especially when he said he was proud of me.

I know he loves me but that’s the first time he will be saying he is proud of me, and I love hearing that, it made me feel worthy for him.

He stared at me with so much love in his eyes before he took in my lips in a long passionate kiss, his sweet lips making my mood even sweeter.

People were still staring and most of them now have recognized the person with me was actually Lee Chun, the popular Lee Chun and that made them more amazed and unlike the not so good reception I got from the people in the spinning restaurant, this was different.

People looked actually happy for us and they started taking pictures of us together, like we were some kind of a celebrity. I know Lee Chun is a celebrity but this was new to me, so new.

It was a cool feeling but I started feeling shy, really shy.

“ Jeez! Why are they taking pictures ” I said and Lee Chun smiled

“ That’s because they haven’t seen a girl more beautiful as you before. You are really beautiful ”

He said with his hands on my waist and face.

“ Let’s go away from here, please ”

I said, course his words were even making me feel more shy.

“ Why? I want the whole world to see my beautiful girlfriend, with the voice of an angel ”

He said then smiled for the camera.

“ She is my girlfriend and I love her! ” He shouted

” Jeez! You so silly. Let’s gooo ”

I said drawing him by the hand, but he didn’t want to go at first as he stiff himself so the people could continue taking pictures of us.

“ Lee Chun! Let’s go! ”

I yelled, the shyness killing me.

I wondered how I managed to sing in front of the crowd in the first place.

“ Alright let’s go, shy baby ”

He teased, and following me.

I took him away from that area, to another place where we were less recognized by people, I say less because it seems everyone seemed to know us by this time.

They just kept staring, no matter where we went.

“ Why are all these people still staring? ” I asked, moving my body close to Lee Chun’s as we walked course of shyness, like I wanted to enter inside of him.

“ Well maybe because we are the newest, cutest couple in town and also this ” He said showing me his phone and I saw pictures of me and him all over the internet and all social media platforms.

It was like breaking news.

I could see funny headlines and captions like

Lee Chun the Sëx god finally has his heart stolen.

Love Birds – Cutest couple in town.

Meet Lee Chun’s girlfriend, the girl with an angels voice.

10 romantic pictures of Lee Chun and his pretty girlfriend kissing.

The list goes on

” Oh my! ” I excliamed blushing.

“ I told you I will make the whole world know you are mine, you are now famous and everyone knows you belong to me now. Mine alone ”

Lee Chun said and he drew me in for a hug.

Unknown POV

Finally it was time for action, they were in the right position and she was exposed, her back an easy target as she was in an embrace.

I brought out my pistol and aimed it at her.


😍 Lee Chun’s POV 😍

As I hugged Ji-a, my eyes moved away to some distance ahead of us and that’s were I saw them, the three men who tried to abduct Ji-a the other night.

What the hell are they doing here??

And what’s this? one of them has a gun pointing at this direction.

Oh my God!

They are trying to kill Ji-a.

I wanted to get Ji-a out of the way when


I heard the gunshot sound

“ Ji-aaaaaaaa ”





Episode 78

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋

Location: Itaewon

😍 Lee Chun’s POV 😍

I was too late, I couldn’t get her out of the way in time, I couldn’t get Ji-a out of the way in time before he pulled the trigger and my heart cut when I heard that sound – the gun shot.

” Ji-aaaaaaaa! ”

I screamed out with everything in me, holding her tightly instinctively so she won’t fall… I saw her eyes popped out and a part of me died instantly.

“ No ji-aaa! Nooo! ”

I screamed some more and I couldn’t bare to look at her wounds.

I couldn’t bare to see it, I just held her tight… at this time there was a panic in the whole place and everyone were on the run and hiding.

My eyes went to the man who pulled the trigger, our eyes met, my eyes and face reflecting my great anger and pain, but he had this surprised look on his face when he saw me like he didn’t know I was there, then the three of them ran away.

I thought of giving chase when I heard Ji-a’s voice.

“ Lee Chun ”

She said softly and I felt my heart bleed and my whole body became hot.

I felt like crying_ No dying instead of her and I still couldn’t look her at her wounds.

“ Hush, don’t speak, save your energy.. you will be fine, I will call the ambulance.. I won’t let anything happen to you. I won’t! ”

I said trying to hold the tears in and I forced myself to look at her wounds, I needed to act, I needed to try and stop the bleeding before the doctors can get here to do their jobs.

I took my eyes to her stomach…but I saw nothing, do blood stain or sign of a gun wounds and I looked stunned.

She wasn’t bleeding! She isn’t dying! It’s a miracle!! or I am running mad??

“ W.. what? How is this possible? Y.you were shot? I saw him pull the trigger ” I said stuttering a little bit.

“ I wasn’t shot ”

She said and I still didn’t believe her, so I checked all over her body, from her head to toes and back to front…

True, there was no gun wounds.. she wasn’t shot, maybe the bullet missed?

I was so overjoyed that nothing has happened to my Ji-a that I pulled her in for a very tight hug…but then I started hearing a whimpering cry close to us.

Turning to the direction where the cry was coming from, I saw a boy, like same age as me crouched down on the ground holding a girl in his arms, same age as Ji-a.

There was blood stains everywhere around especially on the girl..Oh my! She is dead, she was the one that was shot.

It was really sad, they seem like a couple. I know the guy most be going through a lot of pains right now. I wish I can help but it’s too late the girl was already dead…

“ Let’s get out of here, I am taking you home

I said to Ji-a and I took her out of there as fast as I could….

Mubo’s POV

“ The boss will be happy, we have completed the mission, the girl is dead at least we can rest now and not worry about the boss asking for our heads ”

I said as we came out from that vicinity we did the operation.

“ Yes I am so happy, we didn’t mess this job, I never like it when the boss gets angry, he looks more like a demon and it scares the shit out of me ” Bumo said and we both had a laugh… But the third of us, the one who pulled the trigger himself Kum-di wasn’t laughing nor smiling.

“ What’s up man, why the long face, huh? The job is done we should go drink some couple of beers to celebrate ”

I said trying to put him in a happy mood. He loves beers so much.

“ Yeah, I know the job is done. We killed the girl we were sent to kill but I saw Lee Chun and the other girl we failed to kidnap that day ”

He said and I and Bumo were shocked by that.

” What! Where? ”

We questioned.

“ They were in Itaewon, infact they were so closed to the target but I didn’t see them until I had pulled the trigger, if not I wouldn’t have pulled the trigger then I would let us kidnap the girl first before taking out the target hence killing two birds with a single stone so to speak.

And I am sure the boss will have been extremely happy if we had brought the girl. He wouldn’t call us useless again and I think Lee Chun is in love with the girl, he would pay lots of cash to see her release”

He said and I and Bumo reaction was …

“ Hell No! ”

We chorused at the same time.

” There is no way I am trying to abduct that girl again, she is bad luck and that Lee Chun of a guy is a madman. You are thinking about kidnapping his girlfriend because you were not in the receiving end of his beatings that day, if he had beaten you, you would have just shot him dead instead of thinking about kidnapping his girlfriend and we both know only a fool will try to kill Lee Chun, course his father would definitely find you and that person would wish they were never born.

So please let’s just forget about that girl and Lee Chun and enjoy our successful mission ”

I said, getting close to the van.

“ Well, I guess you are right, we shouldn’t dwell in the past ” Kum-di said then the three of us entered into the vehicle and he drove off…



* 💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

Inside the limo the driver drove us home. I had my head resting on Lee Chun’s chest and his palm where constantly petting my head.

Today was fun, I had so much fun with Lee Chun, never felt so happy but the ending wasn’t so much good. It was a bad ending, a really terrible one

This wouldn’t be the first time I would see a dead human body, people do die in the orphanage home countless times but this would be the first time of me seeing someone being killed.

A young beautiful girl just died like that and I couldn’t help but think it could have been me. I could have been theone shot dead there today.

Nobody wants to die but I am not really scared about dying, however today I was, not because of myself but because of Lee Chun.

I could see the look on his face when he thought I was the one shot, when he thought I was dying. He looked weak, terrified and lost

That look scared me, I never want him to feel that emotion he felt at that moment again. I don’t want to die neither do I want him to die too.

I hope the dead young girl’s soul find peace and rest…t’s too hard to die when someone is in love….

We didn’t say much on our way back to the mansion, I guess both of us were still in shock about what happened but Lee Chun had this look on his face, like he was in deep thoughts.

I wonder what he was thinking about but something was telling me it has something to do with those men that killed that girl today, same men that tried to abduct me the other day_ maybe it was me they were actually targeting but mistaking shot the poor girl.

Evil men! I pray they don’t go unpunish.

I really don’t know what Lee Chun is thinking but I hope he isn’t thinking about doing anything funny, I don’t want him taking any risk that would put his life in danger…

” What are you thinking about? ”

I asked raising my head up from his chest to look at his eyes.

“ Nothing… don’t worry yourself, you should continue resting okay ” He said then flashed me a charming smile but I won’t let him bride me with that.

“ No, I don’t feel like. I need to know what you thinking about.. hope you ain’t having any crazy thoughts, like going after those men, because if you are I don’t need to remind you how dangerous they are, you saw it yourself they just killed someone ”

I said, hoping that makes him rethink what he was planning to do but he wasn’t phased by my words

“ Today will be the last day I will let them come this close to you, you can’t understand how it felt when I thought I had lost you, when I thought they had taken you away from me.

First they tried abducting you and this! What do you think they would do next time?

I don’t plan on giving them a next time, I have make it my priority and concern to make them pay for their crimes ”

He said and I don’t know why, that just made me fearful for his sake.

“ What? B..but I am alright, nothing happened to me, I am fine. I really don’t want you getting yourself involve with anything relating to men of those kind, they are dangerous. Please I love you too much to lose you, please..”

I said almost in a state of tears and he pulled me to himself, resting my head on his shoulders once more.

“ It’s alright, it’s alright MINE, you won’t lose me, I will be always here for you. I will always be here to love you and to protect you, I promise you this ” He said stroking my hair with his fingers….

I know those men deserve to be punish but I don’t want Lee Chun to be the one to spear head anything and end up losing his head.

No way. I will die if anything bad happens to him…



Location: Smith’s Mansion

🛍️ Mia’s POV 🛍️

I just finished bathing and was coming out of the bathroom wet with only a towel wrapped around my body from my chest down to part of my thighs.

Majority of my laps was exposed as I walked on the cool floor tiles leading to Smith’s bed.

Yes, I am in Smith’s room and I bath in his bathroom, but No, we haven’t had sex yet.

I am just coming back from my father’s company, had an hectic day and I really needed a shower, which is what I did….

Smith was lying on the bed with only a boxer, engrossed in his phone that he really didn’t admire and lust on my body as I hoped he would, and to be honest I really didn’t like that.

What could be taken his attention away from me?

Getting close to the bed I started faking a cough so as to get his attention, and I succeeded as he took his eyes to me.

“ Are you alright pretty flower? Do you need water? ”

He said with a concern look.

“ No I am fine.. what are you looking at in your phone? ” I said giving him a slightly suspicious look, but then he smiled brightly.

“ You wouldn’t believe it, your brother is now dating ”

He said and that sounded weird.

“ What? Lee Chun? ”

“ Yes, it’s all over the internet, his girlfriend is quite beautiful but I don’t think I know her, she is no actress, model or musician ”

He said but I was still in shock that Lee Chun is now dating.

“ Let me see that ” I said reaching for his phone, he gave it to me and my jaws drop when I saw who the girl who Lee Chun is dating was.


“ What? H..how is this possible? ”

“ What? You know her? ” He asked.

“ That’s the girl I am telling you about, the one my brother knocked with his car and that is staying at our house. Ji-a ”

I said and he looked surprised.

“ I thought you said they don’t like each other? ”

He asked

“ I thought so too… I know Lee Chun doesn’t have good intentions towards her. That brother of mine is sick.. ”

I said already starting to get worried and even angry, that I didn’t even know when Smith left the bed until I felt a hand touch my laps.

“ Hey, forget about your brother and this Ji-a for now. I want to eat you ”

He whispered into my ear then removed the towel from my body

The next thing I know was the feeling of his two fingers rubbing against my puṣṣy entrance and his lips rushing mine

“ Ahhhh ” I moaned out




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