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July 28, 2021


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He’s a korean sex god Episode 79 & 80

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He’s A Korean S*x god 😋

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Episode 79

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋

Location: Smith’s Mansion 🏛️



🛍️ Mia’s POV 🛍️

In a twinkle of an eye Smith was able to change my mood from anger to horniness.

At this point I cared less about any sick thoughts Lee might have for Ji-a, all I care and was thinking about is how Smith was making me feel…

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His lips were rushing mine, kissing me like he had been starving for years and he still had his fingers on my V, rolling and romancing the entrance before…he dip two fingers inside my honey pot making me produce a loud moan as he started fingering me.

” Ahhh..”

I moaned into his mouth, as he was still feasting on my lips.

His free hand found it’s way to my bøøbs. He was greedy with the way he squeezed them, wanting to squeeze both bøøbs at the same time using just one palm.

Not possible but he did a really good job at it that my nipplës became really hard and sensitive…

In our standing position he kept kissing, squeezing and fingering me deep and the pleasure was insane.

I needed his diçk inside of me this instant. Like now! but I know Smith would want to delay a little bit before fücking me, so I just have to make do with playing with his diçk.

So I reached for his boxer and brought out his huge, semi erected diçk.

With his member in my hand I started stroking it…but it was hard to concentrate on what I was doing as Smith was fingering me really hard and fast while still squeezing my boobs and kissing my lips.

The pleasure was too much for me to be able to focus on his diçk, that at one point I let go his diçk to place my hands on the back of his head.

“ Oh füçkkk… ”

I kept bemoaning into his mouth…

He kept at it and I remembered his diçk, taking it, I resumed stroking it. This time I tried my best to concentrate and do it right..my concentration paid off as he groaned into my mouth.

Clearly he was enjoying the stroking I was giving him, so I stroke his diçk even faster…

After awhile he kissed me to the direction of his bed until.. I fell down, back flat on the bed, at this point his diçk was fully erected and it was pointing at me like a sword.

His gaze on me was hungry and I could see him stare lustfully at my puṣṣy.

I loved the feeling I got when he gives me those naughty looks.

Getting on the bed, he reached for my bøøbs and started sucking them, his fingers messaging my V area.. before he exchanged fingers for diçk.

I felt that fat, long member of his pushing it’s round head inside my wet creamy honey pot..as it enters and expand my puṣṣywalls I felt the rush of tingling waves of pleasure clustering and hitting my puṣṣy.


It feels great!

As he started thrusting in and out of me, while his mouth was still on my breaṣts, sucking but at this moment he was licking my left nipple, I felt like I was in cloud nine.


It feels fuçking great!

I tilt my head back with my eyes slightly open and my hands on his back with my fingers dung into his flesh.

“ Füçk!.. Oh fuvk! ”

I moaned out loudly as he increased the pace at which he fuvked me.

He was going in and out of me so fast that my V heat up, making low groans of his own.

” Ahhh.. füçk! ”

I moan and gasp, leaving my mouth wide open as he pushed his diçk deeper inside of me.

I want to cum! Gosh!

I can feel it coming, and I started jittering my hips to his diçk movement….




Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️

😍 Lee Chun’s POV 😍

“ Are you alright? Do you need anything…water? ”

I said to Ji-a but she shook her head.

She was sitting on the bed in her room while I was standing, an inch away from the bed.

Yeah, we have gotten back home to the glass house. I really don’t know how to describe today’s outing with Ji-a.

I guess Bitter Sweet is the only thing I can think of that kind of fits what happened today, but all in all, I am just glad and happy nothing bad happened to Ji-a…

“ Let me help you with this ” I said crounching down on one knee holding one of her legs.

“ What are you doing? ” She asked.

“ Helping you with your shoes, or do you plan on sleeping with your sneakers on? ”

I asked then gave a smile at the end, she shook her head.

“ No.. I don’t think I am even going to bed anytime soon and I still need to take a shower. I stink! ”

She said and I chuckled.

Funny but not true, she doesn’t smell bad at all, infact she smells really great…

I helped her untie her shoelace and removed the shoe off her foot. I did same with the other foot, then stood up.

” Thank you ”

She said softly and I smiled, admiring her pretty face for some seconds.

I can’t believe I almost lost this beautiful creature today…

” I also need a shower, maybe we will bath together ”

I teased and watch the shock and shyness form on her face.

” Huh…b.bath together? ” She said almost in an exclaim with her eyes dilated.

“ Yes, bath together. Ain’t you my girlfriend? So we ought to bath together ”

I teased again, putting on a serious face and at this point she was shy to death. Her cheeks were all red.

” N..no, I want to bath alone ”

She said weakly.

I know she really didn’t mean it, she liked the idea of bathing with me but was really shy to admit it.

“ Really? You don’t want to bath with me? ”

I asked and she nodded in agreement.

“ Really? Meaning you lied to me when you told me your body belongs to me. You lied about that right? It belongs to someone else right? That’s why you don’t want to bath with me.. ”

I said pretending to be angry and heart broken and she fell for my games.

“ No! No, I didn’t lie when I said that. My body does belong to you, it belongs to you, no one else and I do want to bath with you but I am really shy ”

She said, looking really bothered that I am annoyed with her and that just felt really cute.

“ Really? You do want to bath with me? ” I asked, staring into her eyes.

“ Yes ”

She said, then covered her face with both palms.

A soft laugh escaped my teeth, as I found her shyness really cute also. Everything about her is cute.

I came and sat down close to her on the bed, she was still covering her face.

” Take off your hands, I want to kiss you ”

I teased and she shook her head.

“ Huh? I can’t kiss my own girlfriend?..Eish, this girlfriend of mine is too stingy, just too stingy”

I complained then chuckled when i saw her peep at me from the gap between her fingers before quickly covering her face once more.

” Okay, I will be leaving now, you can bath in peace when you are done doing that, do have a nice rest. We will talk more tomorrow.

I love you ” I said then proceeded to get up from the bed.. but then something drew me back.

“ Don’t leave ”

Ji-a sweet voice said, I turned around to see that she wasn’t covering her face anymore and one of her hands was holding onto mine.

” Please don’t go ”

She said again, both of us staring into each other’s eyes.

She was still shy though as I saw her swallow down her saliva.

My eyes were aline with that of her lips, and the sight was tempting.. the redness of her lips, mouth watering.

I moved my lips to meet her’s…taking her lower lips, I placed my right hand on her cheek, moving my fingers up her face, passing her ear and into her hair.

I kissed her passionately, like I had lost her and just found her now, she sat like a rock, arms straight by her sides only her lips were moving.

Obviously she is still a novice but kissing her is way better than kissing 100 experts.

I won’t lie and I am not exaggerating. I haven’t tasted anything sweeter than her lips before. I haven’t!

It’s almost impossible to stop, like it’s really hard to pull out from the kiss once started course it gets even sweeter by the seconds…

I did eventually stopped and when I did stop, I saw that her eyes were still close, she looked like she was in a trance and she still had her lips pouted.

She still wanted more kissing and that made me smile, course it means she is really enjoying kissing me as much as I am enjoying kissing her.

“ Ji-a, you can open your eyes now ” I said tapping her arm alitte bit and she opened her eyes, like she was waking up from a nap while having the best of dreams, and her tongue was licking her lips.

With the way she was licking her lips, it just makes me feel like kissing her again but at this rate I will end up eating her lips out, course it’s really delicious!

“ I love you Lee Chun. I really do..I can’t explain how you make me feel ”

She said, she was shy but yet she said those words and it gave me some weird kind of sweet feelings.

“ I really do love you too Ji-a. I love you so much ” I said cupping my hands round her cheeks and resting my forehead on hers.

We then went quiet for some seconds before..

“ Let’s bath, let’s bath together ”

She said.

Oh my God!

She didn’t just say that



Episode 80

Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️

💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

I don’t know if I was thinking properly when I first said those words “ Let’s bath, let’s bath together ”

Maybe my mind was still in cloud nine cause I just finished kissing Lee Chun sweet lips and was saying what I really don’t mean.

But I am sure, I am in my right senses now, when he asked to confirm what I just said. I know bathing with him means we will be both be naked and exposed to each other’s bodies.

It means anything can happen and by that I mean SËX!

My mind was putting all these into consideration when he was spoke..

“ Really?..are you serious about it, do you really want us to bath together? ”

He asked and I have never seen the expression he had on his face right now before.

He was looking more like a 5 year old kid who couldn’t wait to unwrap his Christmas present.

I finally came to a conclusion in my head and my answer remains..

“ Yes.. I am sure. Let’s bath together, I want us to bath together ”

I said softly trying to maintain eye contact with him but that proved tricky, as I found myself shifting my eyes away from his beaming gaze..

I felt one of his hand on my shoulder and the other underneath my laps, I took my eyes to him and he was smiling happily at me.

Then he lifted me up from the bed and I quickly wrapped my arms round his neck as I feared he will mistakenly drop me.

“ Don’t be afraid. I can never let any harm come to you. I love you ”

He said staring into my eyes and I bit my lower lips slightly down.

He took gentle steps away from the bed, heading to the direction of the bathroom. His eyes constantly on mine as he walked, while I was constantly switching my eyes from his face to somewhere else..

On getting to the bathroom he closed the door shut, walked to the shower before gently dropping me on my feet.

I stood still and straight like a tree, not knowing what to do next. I had completely forgotten how to bath, like honestly.

Lee Chun still had his eyes on me as he started unbuttoning his shirt… He wasn’t muscular but he has a sexy smooth body with a slim stomach. Not my first time seeing his body but it was my first time admiring them.

” Do you plan on bathing with your clothes on? ”

He asked, smiling softly.

I shook my head ” I will take my clothes off ”

I said but my hands were taking forever to undress myself, as it was just on one spot, so Lee Chun helped me with it.

“ Hey, let me help you with that ”

He said moving closer to me that his body rub against mine.

Our body contact felt excruciatingly sweet.

I didn’t object, I couldn’t and I felt his fingers on both sides of my shoulder, then he moved his hands down my body until it gets to the end of my top that was resting just a few inches up my belly button.

My heart at this time was beating hard as expected and my whole body had become super sensitive to his touch. Like I can feel every slightest touch of his, the feeling was enough to serve as sweeting for an ice cream…

He slowly started pulling my top off, from my body and my heart rate was increasing… He pulled it up until it got to my breaṣts region and I had to raise my arms up so he could take it off my head, which I did.

He glanced down at my breaṣts and smiled softly. I felt shy even though I still had my bra on.

Yeah, I was still putting on my bra and my jeans trouser.

He walked away and hung my top on one of the steel rails, then he started working on his trousers – removing his belt and taking off the trousers from his legs.

“ Will you be taking that off or do you still need my help in taking that off also? ”

He asked with his eyes on my jeans.

“ I can do this myself ”

I said, then started unbuckling my belt after which I pulled down the jeans off my legs.

I was standing naked with only my bra and panties on. I felt uncomfortable, mostly because of the way Lee Chun was staring at me but I do love the feelings I got from his feasting, hungry stares on my body.

He was now only in his clean white boxer while I, in my undies and we both stood staring at each other for some seconds.

“ You know it’s never to late, I can go so you can bath alone.. ”

He was saying but before he could finish his sentence I unhooked my bra revealing my bøøbs.

I saw his jaws drop and eyes dilated for some seconds as he kept his eyes fixed on my breaṣts.


I am so freaking shy right now but I didn’t stop there.

I reached for my pant and gently pull it down from my legs..but I couldn’t face him, I was too shy.

So I turned around when I was about removing the pant from my puṣṣy. He didn’t see my V but he is seeing my butt now.


Lee Chun is seeing my butt!

Turning on the shower “ Let’s bath ”

I said shyly still backing him…

After some seconds I felt his hands placed gently on my waist and his lips at the back of my neck, kissing me tenderly.

I could also feel something else, something strange…what’s this long, pointing thing I am feeling pushing against my aṣṣ? Could it be one of his legs??

Oh my!

This is no leg, the long and pointy thing pressing against my aṣṣ, most be…

Geez! Is that his diçk???

My God, its really hard and massive and I had this strange urge to turn around so I can see it and grab it, but I didn’t as I was also scared of it.

Jeez! It was pressing hard against my aṣṣ..

As the water from the shower came down pouring on us, he reached for the soap and started rubbing it on my back then he used his hands to wash my back in a gentle massage.

He massaged my back down to my aṣṣ, squeezing my aṣṣ a few times – I know he did that deliberately and that got me moaning out.

He took his time washing my back, especially my aṣṣ and the running water from the shower kept washing the foams away.

Then he crouched down from behind me and started washing my back legs, doing it in a slow, steady pace.

Honestly I have never had a bath this tense and enjoyable before but it was about to get scary and sweet.

After he finished washing my legs, he stood up straight “ Turn around so I can wash your front too ” he whispered into my ear and that gave me the shivers.

I slowly turned around and he had that naughty smile on his face as he stared at me face but then glanced down at my bøøbs.

“ You are perfect, flawless ”

He flattered then placed the soap above my chest region.

He rubbed it on that area before he started using his palms as a sponge.

With his palms he started rubbing and washing my shoulder and neck, then down to my breaṣts.

He washed inbetween my bøøbs and I moaned softly

” Ahh ”

It felt tingling great!

He washed down to my stomach, his eyes on my face.

Gosh! The feeling I was getting was insane.

I am so enjoying this.

He washed my belly then moved his hands back up to my breaṣts region… this time he took my breaṣts into his hands.

He gave both my breaṣts a squeeze and I felt a wave of tingling sensation hit my puṣṣy and my nipples became really hard that it hurts.

He squeezed them again and kept squeezing them – he was doing it gently and slowly.


Gosh…Oh God! It feels so great!!

” Ahh..ahh…ahhh ”

I kept moaning out.

He squeezed and squeezed, giving my nipples alitte pinch there and then.. it hurts but felt great…

I could feel his hard long diçk pressing on my stomach and I didn’t know what got into me but I just found myself grabbing hold of it.

I didn’t stroke or romance it I just held on to it and Oh My God! It was so large and thick in my palm.

A wide smile formed on Lee Chun’s face when I held his diçk and he gave my bøøbs a rough squeeze before rushing my lips in a deep kiss.

He kissed me so hard that I let go of the grip on his diçk and after a long kiss that got me breathing hard, he started kissing down my neck all the way to my bøøbs.

He then took one of my bøøbs into his mouth and started sucking it

Gosh! Fūck!

This feels great!!!




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