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July 30, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Her secret Episode 19 & 20

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( Hot Romance.)

Episode 19




Rose’s Pov :
” Boyfriend?? How can Tae Yung call Soo Bin his girlfriend??

He’s not a gay right? Am sure he’s not.
I tiptoed out immediately before they find out about me,, something is really wrong. Why did Tae Yung sign into MS again??

I must find out everything,, I

I got into my car and drove off,,, I got home and lucky for me, I found Lisa.

” Hey Lisa, do you know what’s going on?? ” I asked

” What do you mean?? ” she asked

I smiled inwardly, I think she knows something. And am going to use one of my tricks on her.

” I learnt that Soo Bin is Tae Young’s girlfriend,, I can’t believe she’s the girl I’ve being searching for ” I said faking some tears

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I heard her gasp

” How did you know,,, that Soo Bin,,, is a girl?? ” She asked causing me to gasp inwardly

Soo Bin is a girl??!!!!! How come?? How did it happen??

” You don’t have to know ” I replied and walked out of her room.. What the hell???

Soo Bin,,, a girl,,, how is that possible?? She have been pretending all these while??

Am not going to forgive you for this!!! Never,,, I wipe my tears and took my phone. I called my PA immediately,, I can’t wait any longer.

📲 Mam???

📲 Come right now

📲 Okay

I hang up and took my bag,,,, I walked out of my room immediately.

” Mam am here ” My PA said

” Come with me ” I said and we both entered the car

” We have to do something right now ” I said

” Anything for you ”

” You know Soo Bin right??? ” I asked

” yeah,, MS” I smiled

” When you see him,,,, finish him off ”

” You want him dead?? ”

” Yeah,, am going to give you whatever you ask for ‘ I smirk

” Consider it done ” he said

I smiled and got out of the car,,,, he drove out.

Soo Bin goodbye

Lisa’s Pov :

Oh my God,, what do I do?? How did Rose find out of Soo Bin identity??? She will be in danger right now,!!!

I quickly called her, thank God she picked at once,,,,

📞 Hey Lisa, what’s going on???

📞 Soo Bin,, we need to see each other right now!!

📞 Really?? What’s going on??

📞 Rose find out about everything,, you can’t stay there

📞 So where should I meet you?? ”

📞 Come to our meeting point,, but make sure you inform Tae Yung about this

📞 Okay

I hang up and got dressed immediately, I wish she can escape this, oh Lord.

I rushed out of my room,, oh no I forgot my car key. I rushed in again and took the car,, I ran out again.

I walked into the car and drove off,,

Rose’s PA :

I can’t believe she asked me to kill Soo Bin,, what did he do to her?? Anyway who cares,, she’s going to reward me.

I immediately called the MS driver,, he’s my friend.

📞 Hey what’s on??
He asked

📞 Do you have any idea where Soo Bin is??

📞 He drove out some minutes ago

📞 Any idea where he went??

📞 Nope,,,

📞 Okay thanks

I ended the call and sigh,, you can’t escape from me Soo Bin. You can’t.

Suddenly I saw a car coming,, I knew it. He’s the one,, I immediately used my mask and took my gun.

Soo Bin’s Pov :

I rushed out of the mansion immediately Lisa called,, Rose is a witch, how did she find out about me?? How??

Am trying to call Tae Yung but he’s not picking up, what do I do??

I drove out immediately with full speed,,, I have to meet up with Lisa before it’s too late..

Suddenly a car appeared in front of me,, what is going on right now??

He pointed a gun at me causing me to gasp,,, is he gonna kill me??? What the f**k???

Tae Yung where are you???


Episode 20
Semi finale


Tae Yung’s Pov :
” Do you have any idea where Soo Bin is?? ” I asked the driver

” He went out some minutes ago ” he replied

I took my phone and I became shocked when I saw the calls, damn. Why do I have a feeling that something is wrong??

I entered the car and drove out of the compound, I tried calling her but she’s not picking up.

She finally pick the call,,,

📞 Hey Soo Bin, where are you??
I asked

📞 If you want to see him,, come alone

The voice said,,, oh no she’s in trouble. What do I do??

📞 Am going to come alone, please text me the address.

📞 Good

He hang up immediately,,,, I rushed out of the compound with fill speed.

🎻 Soo Bin 🎻

” Why did you kidnap me when you won’t hurt me?? And who sent you?? ” I asked pacing round the room

” I was sent by Rose ” he said causing me to gasp

” Rose? How can she do that?? ” I asked feeling broken
” That’s because she’s jealous of you,,, she love Tae Yung. She can do anything to get him ” he replied

” That’s bad ” I sighed
” But why did you decide to save me ” I asked starring straight at him

” Because,, am a fan. Though,, I never knew you’re a girl. But am a fan of yours ” he said causing me to smile
” Am so glad,, it’s my fan who saved me. Is that not an achievement right now? ” I blink out tears

” It’s nothing ” he said looking away
” But it’s something to me ” I said

We both stopped when we heard a car coming into the compound,,

” I think he’s here,, I have to leave ” he said
” no,, wait!! You can’t leave like that ” I said

” But he’s going to get mad at me ” he replied facing me again
” No he can’t,, he will be grateful ” I smiled

He sighed and nodded,,,,,

Soon Tae Yung came in,,,, I guess he didn’t called the police.

” What’s happening here? I thought you’re in trouble ” he said looking confused
“YES,,, But he saved me ” I said and hugged him

” How did he save you?? ” he asked curiously
” Sir,, I work for Rose. And she sent me to,,,,, kill your girlfriend ” the guy explained

” What?? How dare her?? ” Tae Yung said sounding angry
” I have to teach her a lesson ” he said taking his phone

” Sir,, what are you doing?? ” the guard asked
” Am calling the police,,, she deserved to be punished ” he replied

” What?? No please,, don’t ” The guard shouted and we turned to him looking confused
” Why?? ” I asked

” I will also get into trouble please ”
” Don’t worry about that, I have a plan ” Tae Yung smiled

” Now just speak out ” the police instructed him
” Okay ” he replied and took the phone

📲 Hello mam

📲 Yes Sam,, how is the plan?? Did you get ride of her already??

I gasped when I heard her voice,, how can someone be as wicked as this??
Tae Yung held my hand softly,, damn I still can’t believe this

📲 Yes mam,, I’ve done that. But how about her body??
He asked

📲 I don’t know,, just throw her somewhere nobody is gonna find her

A tear dropped from my eyes

📲 Okay mam
He hang up after that

” I recorded everything perfectly ” One of the cops said
” Sir,, please. I don’t wanna get into any trouble ” the guard pleaded

” Don’t worry,,, after we get her, you are also free ”
” Thank you ”

We all drove into the compound with the police behind us,, we got out of the car and two cops went in.
After some minutes,,, they came out with Rose struggling from their grip. Lisa also followed them,, she ran to hug me immediately she saw me.

” Everything is over now ” she said and I nodded

” What the f**k is happening?? Let me go this minute!! ” Rose shouted
” It’s better you keep quiet or I shut it for you!! ” Tae Yung yelled

” Its okay ” I touched him

He roughed his hair angrily,,
” Let’s leave,, ”

Lisa joined us and we all drove back to the MS Mansion.

I still find it hard to believe all these happened within few months




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