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August 1, 2021


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Her secret Episode 17 18

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Episode 17



🎻 Soo Bin 🎻

” You think you’ve won right?? ” He said pressing me more hard on the wall
” Lee,, stop all these. We are friends,, why did you change a lot??? ” I asked

” Stop!!! We are not friends!! I don’t want to be your friend,, I love you so much,, ” he said and left me alone
” Am,,, sorry Lee. But,, he’s the only one I love. Am so sorry ” I said

” Just leave me alone,, go out ”
“Lee, try to understand. You are hurting yourself with these ” I said pointing at the alcohol lying on the floor

” Do you care if I hurt myself??? Just leave me alone and go to Yung!! ” he yelled

I shook my head and walked out of the room,, should I call Yung?? No, I don’t want him to be worried about me.

I entered my room and collapsed on the bed,, what is happening right now???

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My phone beeped and I check, what?? Message from Lisa??

💌 Hey

💌 Hi Lisa

💌 Can we meet tomorrow?? We need to talk

What?? What are we going to talk about??

💌 Okay, sure. Where??

💌 I will text you the address tomorrow,, make sure you show up

💌 I will

💌 Thanks

Now what,,, is there any problem??

🎻 Lisa’s POV 🎻



How do I tell her right now??? But still she need to know that her life will be in danger if Rose finds our about her identity.

” Hey,,, you are here. I’ve been waiting ” She said with a smile

I nodded and walked closer to her,,, I was really stupid. I should have known,,, she’s damn short.

Am still taller than her with a few inches,,,,

” Am glad you came ” I said and sat beside her
” Of course I will,, we are best friends ”

” Exactly,,, why will you keep a damn secret from your best friend??? ” I asked facing her angrily
” What do you mean?? ” She asked

” Soo Bin,,, you are a girl. I knew it,,, you are a girl not a boy ” I said

She stood up immediately, like she’s scared. That’s her weakness,, she get really emotional easily.

She need to be strong if she have to face everything on ground.

” How did you find out?? ” She Asked curiously
” Does that really matter?? Do you know the consequence of what you did??? If more people find out about this,,it’s going to destroy the career of the MS!! ” I yelled and stood up

I roughed my hair

” I don’t know what to do right now ” she said almost in tears
” I hate it when you cry,, when will you stop being weak?? You have to fight right now!! Do you know that Rose is seriously searching for the girl Yung is in a relationship with??? If she ever finds out that it’s you. She’s gonna hurt you, trust me Soo Bin ” I told her

” She can’t find out,, I can’t let her find out ”
” She’s going to know, you should be more careful. For now,, you should not dress like a girl. Yung is gonna understand ”

” And trust me,, I will be there for you okay?? ”
” Thanks ” She said

I hugged her tightly,,,

” Do you know,, I’ve always wanted a best friend?? But,, Rose is just the opposite of what I want ” I said

I heard her chuckle

” Is that funny?? ” I asked as we disengage from the hug
” Not really,, am just happy ”

” You and Yung look really cute together, ” I said and sniff in my tears
” What’s wrong?? Why are you crying?? ” She asked wiping my tears

” I’ve always wanted to have a boyfriend,,, that’s gonna care for me. Who will love me more than I love myself,,,,,,, and then. When I met you for the first time,, I fell in love with you. ”

” Soo Bin,,, it hurt. It really hurt to find out that you are actually a girl,, it hurt so much ” I said crying out loud
” Am so sorry Lisa ” She said and hugged me
” Am so sorry ” She said again

I only nodded

” Am I ugly?? ” I asked looking straight into her eyes
” What do you mean?? Of course you are beautiful ”

” You think am beautiful?? ”
” Yes you are ” She replied

” So,, why haven’t any guy tell me that he loves me?? Why??? ” I cried more
” Lisa,,, you don’t have to think that way. You are beautiful,, just calm down okay?? Am sure someone who really cherish you will come for you soon ” She said and wipe my tears

” Thank you ” I said
” Anything for you ”

” You don’t have to worry about anything,, just inform Yung about it, am sure he will protect you ” I said after I was calm
” But,, Lee Min is being hard right now. I just hope he won’t expose me ” She said sadly

” He likes you,,, that’s why he’s being terrible. It hurt to watch someone you love loving someone else,, you can’t blame him. I will talk to him,,, I hope he listens” I smirk

” That’s cool “.

” I deserve a medal right?? ” I asked
” More than a medal ” She said and we both laughed



Episode 18


🎻 Lisa’s Pov 🎻

I breathe in and out before going into the mansion,, I met Kang Min and Yeon Jun doing something on their phones.

” Hey guys ” I called with a smile
” hey Lisa,, ” they responded
” Is Lee in?? ” I asked and they nodded

” Thanks ” I said and took the stairs
Damn,, am somehow scared. What if he gets mad at me?? But I have to do this for Soo Bin,,

I sigh as I got to the door of his room,, lord help me. I knocked,,,,
” Get lost ” his voice said coldly.. He doesn’t even find out who the person is??

I ignored his word and went in without knocking again,,
” Hey Lee,, it’s me Lisa ” I said smiling
He look finished,, I saw bottles on the floor. Damn he has been drinking.

” Lee,,,,, ” he interrupted me
” What do you want?? ” he asked coldly without looking up
” Can you just stop all these?? I know you are in love with Soo Bin,,, but she’s in love with someone else ” I said.

” Stop!!!! I hate that statement!! And who the fuck do you think you are to tell me what to do?? ” he asked facing me angrily.
I flinched but calmed down my face,,
” Lee Min,,,,, you are hurting yourself with all these. And if you are hard on her,, that doesn’t make her love you ” I said

He stood up and moved closer to me,, my heart in my mouth already.
” Get out ” He said angrily
I gulped down into nothing starring at his blue eyes.

” I told you to get out!! ” He yelled and pulled me up
” Am going to leave,, but try to understand what am telling you. Okay?? ” I said and walked toward the door.

He pulled me back and I faced him, why did he stop me?? He pulled me closer to himself and I gasp,,,,

” What are you doing?? ” I asked almost in a whisper
” I don’t know ” He replied starring at my lips.
What is he trying to do???

His face moved closer to mine,, I was about saying something when he kissed me. What!!!!

I just stood still and allowed him do his thing,, after he’s satisfied. He left me,,, I bashed my lashes in shock.
I opened the door and rushed out of the room,, what happened just now??

Why did he do that?? And why did I let him do it??

🎻 Tae Yung 🎻

” Tae Yung,, you can’t just leave the band that way. Just Come back for us” Yeon Jun pleaded
” Am sorry, I can’t ” I replied calmly
” Are you crazy?? How do you expect us to do everything without you?? Am sure Lee Min was not in his right sense when he talked to you that way ” Kang Min said making me scoff

” I don’t care ” I replied
” Just come back,, for Soo Bin ” Yeon Jun said and I became quiet

I know she really need me right now,, but,,,,

” Please you don’t have to think about it. We all need you,, we miss you a lot ”

They both moved closer to me and hugged me,,

” Am so sorry I left that way ” I said
” It’s fine, we understand you. Am glad you are back now ” Kang Min said

” Says who?? ” A voice said and we unlock from the hug
We turned back only to find Lee Min standing with both hands in his pocket

” What do you mean?? ” I asked
” I thought you left, so why are you coming back?? ” he asked with a smirk
” I don’t have a reply to that ” I said calmly

” Then I guess you are so stupid that you forgot about how we used to be when we were young, remember we always insult each other playfully?? I wonder why you got so angry that you decided to leave the band ” he Scoff and I grin

” You are so annoying ” I said and hugged him
” I know, you don’t have to tell me ” He replied and I smack his head

” What have I missed?? ” Soo Bin asked as she came in
” Maybe just,,,, that,,, Kang Min will be getting married soon ” Yeon said

” What?? He never talked about having a girlfriend, so why will he get married so soon?? ” She asked

We all burst into laughter, how can she believe so soon??

” What?? What’s funny?? ” she asked
” You believe me?? ” Yeon asked causing us to laugh again

” How dare you guys joke about that!! ” She yelled
” I told you, I’m the only true one here ” Lee Min said with a Smirk
” Now I know ” She replied

” What about me?? Your boyfriend?? ” I pouted
” Hmm,,,, I will have to think about that ” She replied with a smile




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