He is mine Episode 5 & 6

Episode 05
💐 Sophie 💐
Everyone trooped into the clas-s.
The lunch break is over.
The JAHD boys c@m£ in.
Everyone screemed.
Anna quic-kly stood up.
I covered my ear from the noise.
I ignored them and brou-ght out my time table.
It is a free period.
I don’t like free period.
I took my bag heading out of the clas-s incase I could locate the libr@ry throu-gh the map.
I felt someone held my hand.
I looked at him.
It is the rude boy.
Everyone g@sped.
We stared at each other.
” Dummy” he called.
Everyone bur-st out laughing.
I freed my hand from his grip.
I tried walking out another one blocked my way.
I sighed.
” Sophie, where are you going? Andrew asked.
” To the libr@ry” I said.
” You are a nerd , you know” the rude boy said.
Everyone laughed.
” Why don’t you sit with us? Andrew asked.
” No”
I shook my head negatively.
” Sit down” one of the boys yelled.
I shivered and sat down.
He smiled.
” I see you are a newbie In this school, do you have the idea of who we are? One asked.
I shook my head negatively.
” We are..
” JAHD boys” the clas-s shouted.
I looked at them scared.
” Am Jeremy” he said.
” Am Andrew” Andrew said.
I looked at him.
He smiled.
” Am Daniel” the rude boy said.
” Am Henry” he sm-irked.
I looked at them nodding my head.
” It is true you are a dummy” Jeremy said.
” Don’t you know how to introduce yourself? Henry yelled.
I shivered.
” Am..so..so..Sophie” I stuttered.
The clas-s laughed.
” Nice meeting you” jeremy sm-irked bringing his out his hand for a shake.
I stared at it.
” What are you doing jay? We heard someone yelled.
We all turned.
The K-girls walked inside.
I looked at Anna but she nodded her head.
” What are you doing Jay? You want to shake her? She asked glaring at me.
” Kayla, it’s none of your business” Jeremy said.
“What are you doing with her? One of the girl asked also glaring at me.
I stared at the floor.
” Kaima, what do you think? Henry sm-irked.
” What are you doing here? Daniel asked.
“I was looking for you but here you are? One of them asked glaring at me.
I gulped.
” Why were you looking for me? To dig into your hole huh? Daniel sm-irked.
Everyone laughed.
She g@sped embarras-sed.
” How dare you sit with them huh? Kayla yelled dragging me up with my hair.
I winced.
Everyone g@sped.
” Shut your mouths” kaima yelled.
” Don’t you know who the JAHD boys are? One of them asked.
” Kara, she is a newbie” Kayla laughed.
” Well it’s a good thing but let’s deal with her before she could think of messing with us” kaima said
Kayla held my hair ti-ghter.
I winced in pain and shut my eyes ti-ght
” let’s go of her Kayla” Andrew said.
” And what If I don’t? Kayla asked.
Andrew was about to move but Henry held his hand.
” Kayla let’s go of her hair” Jeremy said sternly.
She held my hair more ti-ghter.
I screemed.
Andrew c@m£ forward and pushed her away from me.
She fell on the floor.
Everyone g@sped.
The JAHD boys laughed.
She looked shocked.
I g@sped.
” Andrew” Kara called.
He glared at her.
The other two girls as-sisted Kayla to stand up.
” Now out of this clas-s” Andrew yelled.
” Andrew, you” Kayla said pointing at her.
” I said OUT” Andrew yelled pointing at the door.
” Jay, you won’t say anything? She asked.
” OUT” Jeremy yelled.
She glared at me then walked away with the girls.
Tears welled up in my eyes.
” Sorry Sophie” Andrew said.
” And what are you all looking at? Daniel yelled.
Everyone looked away.
” You can sit” Henry said.
I nodded my head and sat down.
A teacher walked in
The JAHD boys walked out.
What happened earlier kept repla-ying on my head.
I couldn’t concentrate on what the teacher was saying.
Why me?
Just my first day at school.
The lesson ended and the teacher went out.
I breathed out relieved.
The bell rang.
It is closing.
I took my bag and started arranging my books.
Anna sat beside me.
” Sorry Sophie” she said
” Thanks” I muttered.
” I told you, the K-girls doesn’t want anyone around the JAHD boys” she said.
” But they c@m£ here by themselves” I said.
” They don’t want to know about that” she said.
I sighed.
” You going home now? She asked.
” Not yet” I said.
” Okay” she nodded her head.
My driver is waiting for me.
” Bye Sophie” she said walking out.
” Bye” I said and placed my head on the desk.
Tears dropped from my eyes.
The clas-s is empty.
Everyone has left.
” Won’t you go home? I heard a voice.
Episode 06.
” Won’t you go home? I heard a voice.
I raised my head up and saw Andrew staring at me.
” Why are you still here? You waiting for someone? He asked.
I shook my head negatively.
He sat down beside me.
“Andrew, Andrew” Daniel called entering.
He looked at us suspiciously.
” Dummy” he called.
I gulped.
” I will start going NOW” I said picking up my bag.
I got out of the clas-s and checked my phone.
It’s a message from mum.
The home address.
I sighed and kept the phone in my bag.
” Sophie, wait up” I turned and saw Andrew walking to me.
” I can drop you off” he said.
” No thanks” I said
” Why? He arched his brow.
” Nothing but I nee-d to be on my way now” I said walking away.
I got out of the gate.
But how and where will I get a bus?
I sighed.
This is all because of my parents.
I sighed and stated walking to only God knows.
A car st©pped beside me.
I looked at it.
It’s Andrew.
” Hop in, let me give you a ride” he said.
I shook my head negatively
” Sophie, am only trying to help you” he said.
” I will just get a bus” I said.
” There is no way you could get a bus here” he said.
I sighed.
It’s better I get in.
I don’t know when and where I will be getting a bus.
” Sophie” he called j.erking me out of my thoughts
” Okay” I said.
I opened the car door and got in.
He drove off.
” Where do you stay? He asked.
” Hmmm” I brou-ght out my phone.
” This is the address” I said showing my phone to him
He arched his brow.
” You don’t know where you live?
” Hmmmm… actually we just got in here yesterday.. am new in this environment” I said.
” Ohhh”
I nodded my head.
” Do you know address ?I asked.
He nodded his head smiling.
“Uhmmmm..can you plea-se drop me here? I guess those people over there are waiting for bus, I can just join them” I said.
” Nah,, I will drop you home” he said.
” Really? I asked.
” Yeah”
” Thanks” I muttered.
The drive was silent
He got to the front of the gate and parked the car.
I got down.
” Nice place” he said.
” Thanks”
” See you later Sophie, if you want I can pick you off tomorrow” he said.
” No, my parents will drop me off” I said.
” Okay, bye Sophie” he said driving off.
” Bye” I waved entering into the gate.
I opened the door and got into the sitting room.
I got into my room.
pu-ll-ed off my uniform.
I freshened up.
My stomach grumbled.
I sighed.
” Am hungry”
I got down and prepared something to eat.
I prepared Noddles.
I ate it and went back into my room
I l@yon the be-d.
The memory of what happened at the school refreshed in my br@in.
I sighed.
Just my first day at school, I was bullied and humiliated without doing anything wrong.
My phone rang interrupting my thoughts.
It’s mum calling.
I picked it up
” How are you soph?
” Am fine mum, I know you won’t be coming home tonight” I said.
” Yeah, Sophie and am really sorry about that” she said.
I kept quiet.
I wonder when my parents will ever have time for me.
” Are you at home now? She asked.
” Yes mum”
” Okay dear”
” But mum, who will drop me off at school tomorrow? I asked.
” Come on soph, you were able to find your way home today, so you should be able to get to school tomorrow by yourself” she said
I sighed.
” Mum”
” Sorry soph, just bear with us” she said.
” How about dad? I asked.
” He is fine” she said.
” My regards to him” I said.
” Okay, I have to go now make sure you look after yourself” she said.
” Okay I will”
” I love you Sophie”
I hang up.
I sighed and dropped the phone on the be-d.
I brou-ght out my as-signment and started doing it.
I finished it and lie on the be-d to rest.
💐 Sophie 💐
I woke up the this morning and freshened up. I wore my uniform and packed my hair in ponytail.
I prepared my breakfast.
Bre-ad and tea.
My phone rang.
It is dad.
I picked it up.
” Good morning Dad”
” Morning princess, how was your night?
” Fine dad”
” Just called to say hi to my little princess”
I smiled.
” When will you both be back? I asked.
” Today princess, we will be back home tonight” he said.
” Okay dad, say Hi to mum for me” I said.
” Alright princess, see you later” he said.
” Okay dad”
He hung up.
I finished my breakfast.
I got out of the house and lock the door.
I kept the key in my bag.
I got out of the gate.
I sighed and started walking.
Am sure I will be able to get a bus this morning.
I heard a car horn beside me.
I ignored it and continued walking.
” Dummy” I heard.
I turned.
The car st©pped beside me.
It’s Daniel.
” Dummy” he sm-irked.
I sighed.
“Is this how you wanna walk to school? Don’t dummy like you have a car? He asked.
I couldn’t say anything.
I just kept staring at him.
” What a dummy you are, hop in.. let’s me drop you at school” he said.
” Uhmm…I..you..” I stuttered.
He hissed and ruffled his hair.
” Won’t you get in? He yelled.
I frightened.
If I don’t get in how will I get to school?
” DUMMY” he yelled.
I looked at him.
” Okay, I will” I said.
He opened the door while I got in.