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He is mine Episode 3 & 4

Episode 03.
💐 Sophie 💐
I woke up this morning as early as I could though.
I got up from the be-d, went into the bathroom.
I brushed my teeth and took my bath and wra-pped my towel around my b©dy.
I [email protected]£ out of the bathroom and apply my b©dy lotion.
I wore my undies then my new uniform.
It is just exactly my size.
I packed my hair in ponytail.
I picked up my bag and got out of the room.
I met mum serving the breakfast.
” Good morning mum”
She smiled and pe-cked my cheek.
” Morning soph. Your uniform looks pretty on you” she said with a smile.
I nodded my head, sitting at the dinning.
Dad joined us.
” Good morning Dad” I greeted.
” Morning princess, hope you had a wonderful night rest?
” Yes dad” i said eating.
Mum and dad sat down.
I finished my meal and drank a [email protected] of water.
” Princess we will be dropping you off at school” Dad said.
” Then who would pick me up? I arched my brow.
” You can just get a bus back home, I will s£nd the address to your phone then you will be able to locate it” mum said.
I sighed.
” Mum”
” Come on, you are not a little kid anymore” she said.
I nodded my head.
” Don’t worry, I will s£nd the address to your phone, you can come back home on your own” she said.
” Let’s go” dad said standing up.
” Take the keys” he said handling the house key.
I collected the key and kept it in my bag.
We got out of the house and got into the car.
He drove off.
It was a short drive.
He parked the car.
I was about opening the door to come out of the car.
” Take this soph” mum said handling me some cash.
I collected in and kept in my bag.
” Sort yourself out darling, see you when we get back home” mum said.
” Go to the principal’s office, we have discussed everything with him” dad said.
I nodded my head and [email protected]£ out of the car.
Mum waved at me.
I smiled.
Dad drove off.
I walked fully into the school.
It is extremely big and beautiful.
I saw few students walking around while some discussing in group.
I walked [email protected] them.
I sighed.
” How do I locate the principal’s office”
I just hate new schools.
I kept walking looking around.
I walked into a corridor.
I really don’t know where am going.
I bu-mped into someone.
” Oops” i [email protected]
The drinks on his hand fell.
” Are you blind? He yelled
I trembled.
I looked up at him.
” Uhmm…uhm..uhmm..
” Can’t you talk?” he yelled.
” Uhnmm… Am sorry..” I said.
He hissed staring at me.
” I didn’t mean to bu-mp into you or spill your drink, am sorry” i said.
He looked at me
” Such a dummy” he muttered walking away.
I turned and looked at him as he walked away.
I sighed.
” Just first day at new school”
” He is just so rude”
I kept on walking.
I saw a guy standing with his eyes glue to his phone
I think it is better I just ask someone to direct me to the principal’s office.
I just hope he won’t be rude.
I sighed and walked to him.
I got to him standing at his front.
He looked at me in-serting his phone in his pocket.
” Hi” i said.
” Hey”
” Uhnmm… plea-se can you direct me to the principal’s office? I asked.
He looked at me then my uniform.
” You’re a newbie? He asked.
I nodded my head.
” Okay, let’s go” he said walking away
” Thanks” i said and followed him.
We got to a door.
” Here is the old man office” he said.
I looked at him.
” Thanks” i said.
He nodded his head walking away.
I knocked on the door.
” Come in” i heard his husky voice.
I opened the door and walked in.
I saw a man.
Probably in his late fifties.
He wore a [email protected]
He is not too old though.
He still look a bit handsome.
” Sit down” he said.
I nodded my head and sat down.
” Sophie Lawrence? He asked.
” Yes sir”
” Okay” he said.
He went throu-gh the files on his table.
He handover the time table to me and the school map.
” Welcome to RAINBOW HIGH SCHOOL” he said with a smile.
I nodded my head.
I stood up and got out of his office.
I followed the map heading to my [email protected]
I got to a [email protected]
The [email protected] is really wi-de.
I got in.
I saw few students there talking and laughing.
Some sat on the table chewing gum.
I sighed.
I saw an empty seat.
I decided to sit there.
I sat down and brou-ght out my textbook going throu-gh it.
I felt someone sat beside me.
I didn’t bother to look up.
” Why are you sitting here?
I closed the textbook to look at him.
He had a surprise look on.
He is the same guy who took me to the principal’s office.
” Am sorry, I didn’t know it is your seat.. I found it empty and decided to sit if you want I can stand up” i said.
He looked at me.
”’s okay you can sit” he said.
” Thanks” i said with a little smile.
” Am Andrew, you? He asked.
” Am Sophie” I said.
He smiled.
” Nice to meet you sophie” he said.
He is really handsome.
I smiled and faced my textbook.
A teacher [email protected]£ in.
” We have a new student in our midst” he said referring to me.
” plea-se introduce yourself” he said.
Everyone turned looking at me.
I gulped and stood up.
” Hi everyone, am Sophie Lawrence, it’s nice meeting you all” i said with a little smile and sat down.
I breathed out relieved.
I heard Andrew chuckled.
” Why is she sitting beside him?
” Andrew never liked anyone sitting beside him then why her?
” I just don’t like her”.
I heard the students murmuring.
I sighed.
” Quiet” the teacher yelled.
I sighed.
He called the attendance and went out.
I opened my textbook.
” You love re-ading? Andrew asked.
I nodded my head.
” Ohhh.. I guess you are very brilliant” he said.
I smiled.
I heard the bell rang.
I checked my time table.
It’s English.
A teacher [email protected]£ in.
The [email protected] [email protected]£ silent.
” Now bring out your books or should I remind you to do that? He asked sternly.
Some students murmur.
” If you are not re-ady for my [email protected], now move out” he yelled pointing at the door.
Does everyone yell in this school?
I sighed.
Some students walked out of the [email protected]
” Andrew? He called.
Everyone turned.
” Am not moving out, am re-ady for your [email protected]” Andrew said.
” Where are your books? He asked.
Andrew couldn’t say anything.
” OUT” the man shouted.
He stood up.
I looked at him.
He smiled.
He hissed and walked out.
I sighed.
The man turned to the board.
Episode 04.
💐 Sophie 💐
I checked my time table.
It is government.
I sighed.
Am not a fan of government.
It is very boring.
Students trooped out of the [email protected]
I followed them trying to locate government [email protected]
Everyone entered.
I got in and saw down in an empty seat.
The teacher [email protected]£ in.
I saw four girls cat walked into the [email protected] chewing gum.
I looked at them.
Their Sk-irts are short revea-ling their [email protected]
Are these students? I thought staring at them.
” Quit staring fool” one snapped her f!nger at me.
I gulped and face the board.
I opened my book because the teacher has started writing on the board.
I felt someone sat beside me.
I looked at him..he looked me.
He is the same rude boy I bu-mped into in the morning.
” Dummy?
I sighed and looked away.
” Sophie” I heard someone called behind me.
I turned it is Andrew with two other boys.
I nodded my head and face the board.
” You know her? The rude boy asked.
” Yes” Andrew Said
” Where? One of the guy Andrew [email protected]£ in with asked.
” She is a newbie” Andrew said.
” wonder she is a dummy” the rude boy said loudly.
Everyone in the [email protected] bur-st out laughing.
I sighed.
I felt [email protected]
First day at RAINBOW HIGH SCHOOL he worst than my previous school.
” QUIET” the teacher roared.
Everyone kept quiet facing the board.
My eyes met with one of four girls earlier.
She looked at me angrily.
I sighed and face the board writing in my book.
I felt someone gaze on me.
I looked up and caught the rude boy staring at me.
He win-ked.
I hissed and looked away.
The teacher finish writing and explained the t©pic.
When he was throu-gh he left putting down @ssignment on the board.
The bell rang.
I breathed out relieved.
Everyone trooped out of the [email protected]
I checked the time.
It is time for lunch.
I got out of the [email protected]
I heard students screaming.
” JAHD boys”
Everywhere is just noisy.
Does everyone in this school yell?
I sighed.
I ignored it and walked back into the [email protected]
” Now, how do I get something to eat? I mumbled and place my head on the table.
” Hi” I heard someone say.
I raised my head up and saw a girl beside me
She smiled.
” Hi” I Said.
” Am Anna and you?
” Sophie”
” I know you are a newbie in this school and have been watching you ever since you [email protected]£ into this [email protected] and I must say I like you” she said.
” Okay, thanks” I said.
” I will like us to be friends” she said.
” Friends? I asked.
She nodded her head.
” Why? I arched my brow.
” Nothing” she shrugged.
” As I am, I don’t have any friends probably because I haven’t seen someone I like to be friends with” she said smiling.
” Okay” I said.
” Thanks for accepting to my friend now that we are friends, let’s go have lunch together” she said.
” Okay” I said Standing up.
” I can treat you for lunch” she said.
I smiled.
” No, I have some money with me.. thanks” I said.
She nodded her head.
She held my hand and we walked out of the [email protected]
We got to the cafeteria.
What I saw, shocked me.
” A girl and a boy ma-king out in the cafeteria, kssing each other hungrily”
It is the rude boy earlier and one of the four girls.
I saw Andrew sitting there with the two other boys smiling.
While the other three girls are there too.
Everyone at the cafeteria were staring at them.
I [email protected] in disgust.
What sort of school is this?
” Are you surprised? Anna asked j£rking me out of my thoughts.
I looked at her.
” This isn’t new, those girls sitted there are called K-girls that is Kayla, Kara, kaima and kira” she said.
” And those boys are the most popular and the riche-st boy in the school even the principal can’t question them.. they are called the JAHD boys and this is Jeremy, Andrew, Henry and Daniel” she said.
I sighed.
” Let’s go get our lunch” she said
” I don’t think I can eat my lunch here I will eat it in the [email protected]” I said.
She laughed.
I shook my head negatively.
We bought the lunch heading back to [email protected]
I heard my name.
” Sophie, Sophie”
I turned and saw Andrew walking towards us.
What does he wants?
He got to us.
” Sophie why don’t you have lunch with us? He asked.
I heard Anna [email protected]
I arched my brow looking at the cafeteria.
He laughed.
” Oh that? It is nothing” he said.
” Am sorry but I will like to have my lunch in the [email protected]” I said.
Anna whispered in my ear.
” Just say yes”
” Sophie”
” Sorry but I can’t join your table” I said walking away.
Anna followed me.
We got to the [email protected]
I sat down
” Why did you refuse to have lunch with him? She asked.
I looked at her.
” I mean, you just [email protected]£ in today and he is alre-ady talking to you, he allowed you sit beside him and he is inviting you for lunch with the JAHD boys” she said
I acrhed my brow.
” So?
” Andrew is one of the popular and riche-st guy among the JAHD boys, he doesn’t relate with anyone except his friends but you are lucky.. do you know how many will die for Andrew to talk to them, do you know how many people that wished to just get a chance with one of the JAHD boys or sit with them? She asked.
” I don’t know” I shrugged.
” How I wished you said yes to him, we would have been eating lunch with them” she said.
I sighed.
” Anna”
” But the K-girls they are the only ones who got chance with the JAHD boys.. they could kill for them..they hate anyone around any of the boys” she said.
” So?
” Just be careful around Andrew, someone is watching you” she said.
I looked at her confused.

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