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July 30, 2021


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He is mine Episode 47 & 48

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Episode 47.



💐 Sophie 💐
We got to Andrew’s place.
He parked the car, we both came down and walked into the sitting room.
I got there and sat down on the couch.
He smiled and sat down beside me.

He stare at me with a smile on his face.
“What? Is something on my face? I asked touching my face.
He shook his head negatively.
I smiled.
” Quit staring Andrew” I said.

” You are beautiful” he said looking straight into my eyes.

I smiled.
” Thank you”

” I love you Sophie”

” I love you too”

” I love you more” he said.

I laughed.
” I love… He pecked my l1ps interrupting me.

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I looked at him.
He winked.
“You don’t need to say” he said.

I smiled.
” Why are they not here yet? I asked.

” Don’t know” he shrugged.

” You know Sophie, I don’t want them to come” he said.

” Why? I arched my brow.

” I just want it to the the two of us..just us” he said staring at me.

I smiled.
” Really?

” Yeah…I want every moment of my life with you Sophie..just you” he said bringing his lips closer to mine.

I kssed him wrapping my hands round his neck.

” Hey” I heard someone voice.
I wanted to break the kss but Andrew press his l1ps more on mine.
I responded to the kss.

💐 Kiama 💐
We got to Andrew’s place.
Daniel parked his car.
We came down from the car and walked in.
We got in and me Sophie and Andrew kssing on the couch.
Their kss made me remember Daniel and I.
My cheeks flushed.
I looked at Daniel…he winked at me.
” Why don’t you let start ours? He whispered in my ear.

I shivered.
“Hey” I said.

Andrew and Sophie kept kssing each other.

They stopped kssing and stare at each other.
” Why don’t you just get a room? I asked sitting down.
Sophie’s cheeks turned red.
He buried her face in Andrew’s chest.
He laughed.
” Hey, when did you get in? Andrew asked

‘” when you too were too busy to notice us” I said.

He smiled.
” What about Jay and Henry? He asked.

” Here we are” Henry said walking in with Jeremy.

They sat down.
” Sophie” Jeremy called.

He removed her head from Andrew’s chest.
” Hey Jay”

I gasped.
” Sophie…look at your cheeks”

She quickly buried her face in Andrew’s chest.

I laughed.
” What happened? Henry asked.

” Sophie” Daniel called.

Andrew removed her head from his chest.
” Look at me” he said.
Sophie opened her eyes and looked at him.
” You are beautiful” he said and pecked her forehead.
She smiled.
She looked at me.
” Sophie” I mouthed.

She laughed.
” So let’s start” she said bringing out textbooks from her back.
I brought out mine.
” Aahnnn….am hungry” I yawned.

She laughed.
” Hungry? Daniel asked.

I nodded my head.
” Even I am hungry too” Henry said rubbing his stomach.

I laughed.
” Foodies” Sophie said.

” Sophie…am hungry” Henry said looking at her.

” So? Andrew arched his brow.

” Am talking to Sophie, not you” he said.

” And I am Sophie” Andrew said.

Henry looked at him then hissed.
Sophie laughed.
” We are here to study not to eat” Jeremy said.

” But if I don’t eat…I might end up dying” Henry said pouting.

“Then die if you want to” Daniel said.
I gasped laughing.

” What! He exclaimed.

Sophie laughed.
“Go and get water” Andrew said.

He stood up and walked away.
He came back later with apple in his hand.
” I will just manage this but am still hungry” he said eating the apple.

” Where is mine? Daniel asked.

” Go get it yourself” he said.

I smiled.
” Come with me” Sophie said standing up.

I stood up and followed her.
We walked into the kitchen.
Its so big and beautiful.

” What are we doing here? I asked.

” Noodles” she said.

” Noddles?

” Yeah” she said bringing out the Noddles.

” I can’t let you die of hunger” she said.

I smacked her head.
” Ouch kaima” she said.

I laughed.
” Sorry” I said.

She nodded her head with a smile.
💐 Andrew 💐
What’s keeping Sophie and kaima?
Are they cooking something? I thought.

” Where is Sophie and kaima? Jeremy asked.

” In the kitchen” I said.

” Really? Henry beamed.

I laughed.
” Foodie”

” I told you Andrew, Sophie is such an Angel” he said.

I looked at him.
” Am sure, she went into the kitchen because of me” he said.

I laughed.
” Once she is through with the food, I will give her a big kss” he said.

I smacked his head.
” Don’t you dare try that with my girlfriend” I said sternly.

He laughed.
” Jealous freak”

I smiled
Am jealous?
Yeah, am only protecting what’s mine.

Sophie and kaima walked into the sitting room.
” Food is ready” Sophie said smiling.

Henry stood up.
” Really? He walked to Sophie.

She nodded her head with a smile.
He pulled Sophie to him and hugged her.
Sophie tried to pull away but he held her tight.
” Henry” I half yelled.

He laughed and broke the hug…he ran away.

I smiled.
So crazy.
” Let’s go” Sophie said.

We all stood up and walked to the dinning.

We saw Andrew eating noodles.
He loves food.
” Foodie” Jeremy muttered sitting down.

We all sat down.
He looked at Sophie.
” You are the best Sophie” he said and blew a kss.

I shook my head negatively.
” You prepare this Sophie? Jeremy asked.

” I and kaima” she said.

He nodded his head.
” Don’t you like it? Sophie asked.

” It’s nice” he said eating the noodles.

“You are the best babe” I said and kissed her ear.

She laughed.
💐 Sophie 💐
We finished studying.
I packed my books into my bag.
We all walked out of the house with Andrew’s hand on my shoulder.

“Thank you Sophie” Henry said immediately we got outside.

I smiled.
” Thanks Sophie” Jeremy said.

” Bestie” Daniel called and winked at me.
I smiled.

“Why are you all thanking me? I asked.

” Because you are the best” they chorused.

I laughed.
” You deserve to be happy Sophie” he smiled staring at me.

” Thanks” I said.

” See you all at school tomorrow” I said.

” Can’t we just have a sleepover? Henry asked smiling

” No” Andrew said sternly

” You are boring” Henry said and frowned at Andrew.

I laughed.
” Let’s go Sophie” Andrew said.

I hugged kaima.
” What about me? Daniel asked.

I looked at Kaima, she smiled.
I looked at Andrew, he smiled.

I hugged Daniel.
“Take care of yourself” he said into my ear.
I broke the hug.
” Sophie? What about me? Henry pout staring at Andrew.

I laughed.

I looked at Andrew, he nodded his head.
I moved to Henry and hugged him.
” Look after yourself Sophie” he whispered into my ear.

I smiled and broke the hug.
I looked at Jeremy.
He opened his arms.
I smiled and hugged him.
” Never stop smiling” he whispered into my ear.

I broke the hug and nodded my head.
” Anything else? Andrew asked.

” Uhnmmmm what about a kss? Henry asked.

Andrew looked at him sternly.
He laughed.
” Bye” I waved walking away to Andrew’s car.

He also got in and drove off.

Episode 48.


💐 Jeremy 💐
I was driving home when I decided to stop at a restaurant to get some food for dinner.
I got there and parked my car.
I got into the restaurant and bought the food.

I was heading out when someone bumped into me, making what I about fell down.
” Oh my! She gasped staring at the floor.
” Am so sorry” she said picking up what fell down.

” Am sorry…Its wasn’t intentional…I wasn’t concentrating…am sorry” she apologize.

I looked At her.
” If you want, I can get another one for you” she said.

” No…it’s okay” I said.

” Are you sure?

” Yeah, I will just dispose it and get another dinner” I said.

She smiled.
” Am so sorry about that” she said.

I nodded my head.
” Am Katherine” she said bringing out her hand.
I took it.
” And you?

” Jeremy” I said.

” You’ve got a nice name” she said and smiled.

” You too”

” Yeah, so why don’t we just have the dinner together? She said.

I arched my brow.
” You know…we can just sit here and order what to eat” she said.

” Please”she pleaded joining her hands together.

I smiled.
” I can’t say no, can I? I asked.

She laughed.
” Okay” I said.

I threw the previous food I bought away.
We walked back into the restaurant and ordered dinner.
She wanted to pay.
” No…I will” I said.
She smiled.

We finished eating.
” Thank you Jeremy” she said.

I smiled.
” It’s my pleasure”

” You know..I was just feeling bored at home then I decided to take a stroll and eat in a restaurant tonight” she said.

” Okay”

” It’s nice meeting you” she said.

I smiled.
” By the way, you are pretty” I said.

She laughed.
” Thank you” she said.

” Can we be friends?she asked.

” Sure” I said.

“Thank you..can we exchange contact? She asked.

” Sure” I said.

She gave her phone to me.
I typed my number there.

She smiled.
” Bye, my driver is waiting” she said waving at me.

I smiled and waved back.
I got into my car and drove off..

I got home and walked straight to my room.
I pulled off my clothes and freshen up.

My phone rang.
It’s an unknown number.
I picked it up.
” Jeremy” I heard her voice.

It’s Katharine.

I smiled.
” Hi, I guess you are at home now? She asked.

” Yeah” she said.

” I just called to say hi and also thank you” she said.

” It’s okay” I said.

” Alright Jeremy, I will talk to you later,” she said and hung up.

I lay on my bed.
Sophie came to my mind.
I smile.
Am happy she is happy with Andrew.
I like her but just as a friend and a sister.
I love everything about her.

I smiled remembering her.
💐 Kaima 💐
Today is Saturday.
Big brother already left to his house while mum travelled.
No school today.
But am going out on a date with Daniel.

I sat down in my room going to my wardrobe.

I sighed
I don’t know what to wear.

What should I do now?

Let me just call Sophie over she might help me out.

I picked up my phone and dial her number
She didn’t pick it up.

I sighed
She is not picking up.

What should I wear now?

I sat down on my bed.
My phone rang.
I smiled when I saw the caller.
It’s Sophie.

” Hey kaima, I missed your call” she said.

” Yeah, how are you? I asked.

” Am fine, what about you? She asked.

” Uhnmm…am fine too… Sophie can you please come over? I asked

” Why?

“Just come over…I need you here Sophie please” I said.

She laughed.
” Don’t worry I will send my driver to pick you up” I said.

” Okay” she said.

” Thank you Sophie…I love you”

She laughed.
“Go and tell Daniel that” I said.

” Shut up Sophie…won’t you say you love me too? I asked.

” I love Andrew” she said laughing.

” What about me? I pout.

” Okay…I love you” She said.

I laughed.
” Good girl” I said.

Bad girl” she said.

” Sophie”

” See you later Kaima” she laughed and hung up.

I smiled.
She is just amazing.

I will just wait here for her to come.
💐 Sophie 💐
I laughed.
I will just wait for her driver to pick me up.
My phone rang.
It’s Andrew.
” Hey babe” he said immediately I picked it up.
I smiled.
” Guess what? He asked

” What?

” Am missing you a lot” he said.

” Even am missing you too” I said.

” Why don’t you come over? Let’s go have some fun” he said.

” Uhnmmm…I wished I could but am Sorry” I said.

” What? Did something happened? He asked.

” Not really, but kaima just called me and she wants me to come over to her house” I said.

” Why?

” I don’t know… until I get there” I said.

” Okay why don’t I come and pick you then? He asked.

” You are so sweet Andrew but kaima’s driver will be here soon” I said.

” Oh…but I want to see you” he said.

” Okay… come and pick me up then, let’s go there together” I said

” You are the best, babe” he said.

” I love you Andrew”I said.

” I love you more” he said and kssed his phone.
I laughed.
” I can’t wait for kss your sweet lips, I have missed it so much” he said..
I smiled widely.
” Okay babe, I will be there soon” he said.
” Alright” I said and hung up.

I packed my hair in ponytail and change my clothes.
A text came to my phone.
It’s from kaima.
” My driver is waiting outside” it’s reads.

I walked out of the room with my phone and purse.
Mum and dad went out.

I got to the gate and saw the driver.
“Sorry… you can go” I said.

” But ma’am kaima asked me to pick you up” he said.

” Yeah..I just spoke to her now” I said.

He nodded his head and got into the car…he drove off.

I stood at the car waiting for Andrew.
Few minutes late.
I saw his car coming.
I smiled…he got to my front and parked.
I got into the car before he could come out.
He laughed and pecked my lips.
He drove off to kaima’s place.

We got to the house.
He drove in and parked his car.

We got out of the car.
I smiled at the building.
It’s nice.

We got to the door.

” Am here” I texted her.

Few minutes later.
The fire opened.
” Sophie” she said and jumped on me.

I laughed
” Kaima”

” Don’t injure my babe” Andrew said.

Kaima gasped.
” He is here too?

” Of course”

” Why did you bring him? She whispered into my ear.

” I didn’t…he wants to come along also” I said.

” What are you saying kaima? Andrew asked.

” Uhnmm…it’s nothing” she said.

” Let’s go in” we walked in and sat down

Here is beautiful.

” Uhnmm…. Sophie come with me” kaima said holding my hand.

” Where are you talking my girlfriend too? He asked.

” To kill her” she said.

” What! Andrew gasped.

I laughed.
” You are crazy kaima”

She smiled.
” Let’s go”

” What about a kss? Andrew asked.

I looked at him and walked to him.
I placed my lips on his to peck him but he deepened the kss.

” Aishhh… sophrew…this is my house” she half yelled.

We broke the lips laughing.
” Are you jealous? Andrew asked.

” Don’t make me feel jealous” she said.

” How about I call daniel here? Andrew asked.

” He will be here soon” she said.

” Really? I asked.

” Yeah…let’s go” she said.

We climbed the stairs and got to her room.
Her room is beautiful but messed up.
” Sophie…I don’t know what to wear” she said pointing at the clothes scattered on the bed.

I sat down on her bed.
“Should I wear this purple gown or this yellow gown? She asked.

I looked at her.
” Where are you going? I asked.

” On a date” she said.

” A date with daniel? I asked.

She nodded her head smiling.
I stood up and jumped on her, hugging her
” Sophie, you are gonna fall me down” she half yelled.

I laughed and broke the hug.
“Sorry…am just happy” I said.

“Thank you Sophie”

” Now let’s get you ready” I yelled smiling.

She laughed.




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