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August 1, 2021


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He is mine Episode 45 & 46

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Episode 45.



💐 Sophie 💐
I woke up this morning, with smiles on my face.
Andrew has been the sweetest boyfriend ever.
I never knew this is how it feels to fall in love.
Even I want to be with him every moment.
I got up from my bed, freshened up and got dressed for school.
My phone beeped.
I smiled, knowing fully well that it is my Andrew.
It’s a message from him.
” You are the reason behind my happiness, I just want to spend each and every moment of my life with you, I couldn’t sleep all night because I was thinking about you babe… good morning love..I love you so much..winks” it reads.

I smiled.
” I love you so much..ksses” I sent to him.

He replied immediately.
“Ksses? Am sure you need a kss”

I laughed.
” What If I do? I replied him.

” Ohh…I see…my baby also love kss as much as I do… huh” he replied.

” Don’t be naughty Andrew…make sure you get here on time..so we won’t be late for school” I replied him.

” Okay..my lady” he replied.

I laughed and walked out of the room.
I got to the dinning and met mum and dad there.

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” Good morning Dad” I beamed and kssed his cheeks.

” Good morning mum” I also kssed her cheeks.

” Morning princess…you are happy this morning” he said.

I smiled.
” Yes dad”

He smiled.
I sat down and served my food myself.

Thinking about Andrew and I, I couldn’t stop smiling.

” Soph” mum called.

” Yes mum”

” You have been smiling” she said staring at me with smiles on her face.

” Really?

” Yes..look at your cheeks” she said.

” Ohhh”

” Tell me, what’s the secret?

” Nothing mum” I said.

” Sophie” mum called.

I laughed.
” Mum”

“Let her be” dad said.

She smiled at me
” Your happiness is my happiness so my dear, always be happy” dad said.

“Thanks Dad” I said.

” Take care of yourself Sophie and be a good girl” mum said standing up.

I looked at her.
” Mum, am I not a good girl? I asked.

” Of course you are…but I still want you to be a good girl” she said.

I smiled.
” Okay mum, I will”

” Take care of yourself princess” dad said.

” Okay dad”
They both walked out.

I smiled.
I finished eating my breakfast.

I walked out of the house and lock the door.

I got out of the gate and saw my Andrew standing beside his car with his gaze on his phone

I stood there staring at him.
He is just so cute and handsome.

I can’t believe we fell in love with each other.
Only his presence put a smile on my face.

“Keep drooling babe” he said and looked at me.

I smiled and hugged him.
He kssed my forehead.

” Hope my princess slept well? He asked.

I nodded my head.
” What about you? I asked.

” In as much as you slept well then I also did” he said and pecked my nose.

I smiled.
” Shall we?

I nodded my head.

He opened the car for me.
I got in and fastened the seat belt.

He got in and drove off.

We got to into the school.
He parked his car.
We stared at each other.
He brought his lips closer to mine.
We kssed.

He broke the kss, he winked at me..I smiled.
He got out of the car.
He opened the door for me.
I came out.
We held each other’s hand as we walked into the class.

So many students stare at us.
I couldn’t stop smiling.
“Your smile makes you more beautiful.. don’t ever stop smiling” Andrew said.

My smile widened.
He laughed.
” You are so cute” he said.

We got into the class and sat down.
” I will be right back” he said.

I nodded my head.
He pecked my cheek and left.

“Hey Sophie” kaima said sitting beside me.
I smiled.
” Kaima”

” How are you?

” Am fine and you?

” Am also fine”

She looked at me smiling.
” Why are you smiling? Is there something on my face? I asked.

” No…am happy for you Sophie” she said.

I laughed.
” And am happy for you too” I said

” What happened? She Asked.

” Don’t act like you don’t know” I said.

” Know what? She asked trying not to smile.

” Okay then..let me act like I don’t know” I said.

She laughed.
” Where is Andrew? He asked.

” He just left now” I said.

” To where?

” I don’t know.. probably to meet his friends” I said.

She nodded her head
” So how is Daniel? I asked.

” Daniel? He is fine” she said.

” Just fine? I arched my brow.

She smiled.
” Sophie, Daniel also likes me” she whispered into my ear.

” Really? I asked.

” Yeah”

I smiled.
” Has he told you that? I asked.

” Not yet Sophie but I know he does” she said.

I smiled.
” Am happy for you” I said.

” Thank you Sophie…you are just the best” she said.

” And you are also the best” I said.
She laughed.

” Hey kaima” Andrew called walking in with his friends.

” Andrew” she called.

” Hi Sophie” Jeremy said sitting on the desk.
” Hi Jay” I said.
” Jay? You call him that? Andrew asked.

I laughed.
” Not me but Kayla” I said.

“You are jealous? Jeremy asked.

” Of course..he is” kaima said.
He smiled and stare at me.

” What about me? Andrew asked.
I laughed.
” I have a name specially design for you..only you” I said.

He smiled.
” I love you Sophie”

” I love you too” I said.

Henry cleared his throat.
” Sophie, and me? No pet name for me? Henry asked.

” Go get a girl for yourself” Andrew said.

He laughed.
” What about Sophie? He teased.
” She is my only…only mine” Andrew said.

I smiled.
” Possessive boyfriend” Henry said.

” Hey best friend” Daniel called and smiled at me.

” Best friend? They chorused.

” Yeah, Sophie is my bestie” he said.

” Bestie? Only girls does that” Henry arched his brow.

” What! How will you be my girlfriend bestie? Am only her bestie” Andrew said putting his hand on my neck

I looked at him, he pecked my nose.
I smiled

” Jealous freak” Jeremy muttered.

” Daniel…if Sophie is your best friend? What about me? What am I to you? Henry asked staring at him.

” Hmmmm….let me think” he said.

” Blocked head…what are you thinking about? Jeremy asked.

I smiled.
They are just the best.

I looked at Kaima…she was staring at Daniel with smiles on her face.

” Daniel” I called.

” Yes bestie”

” If am your bestie the who is kaima to you? I asked.

He looked at me then kaima.
” Our little secret…I will tell you that later” he said and winked at Kaima.

Her cheeks flushed.
The teacher walked In.

” Bye bestie” he said and walked out of the class.

” Bye Sophie” kaima said.
They all walked out of my class while Andrew and I sat down.
💐 Daniel 💐
I smiled as Kaima walked into her class.

We walked to the JAHD boys spot.
” Hey Daniel” Jeremy said.

” You like kaima? Henry asked sitting down.

” What do you mean? I asked.

” Don’t act like you don’t know… it’s obvious” Jeremy said.

” I Don’t know” I shrugged.

” You like her? Jeremy asked

“Yeah I do” I said.

“Really? Or you are only using her to get rid of your feelings for Sophie” he said.

I looked at him.
“No..l Like Kaima” I said sternly.

Henry Burst out laughing.
I looked at him confused.
Why is he laughing?

” Hey”

” You know I told you that Daniel likes Kaima but he Denied it… Now look at him…he is now a lover boy” he said and continue laughing.

I looked at him.
” I said that I don’t like her then but not anymore” I yelled.

” And now, you like her right? Jeremy asked.

” Yeah” I said.

” Look at him…he is now a lover boy”

I smiled.
It’s true.
I think I have fallen for kaima.

Sophie told me to give her a chance then I decided to be her friend

Kaima has truly changed.

She is not the kaima I used to know.

And now?

I like her.
Am developing feelings for her.

I know she likes me ever since I had sx with her but I thought she only like me because of the sx.

But now I have realized that her feelings are genuine.

She likes me so much even though I hated her.
Am happy she has changed for good.

I smiled.

Episode 46.


💐 Sophie 💐
It’s lunch break.
Andrew pecked my cheeks and left the class.
I smiled.
” Hi Sophie” Anna said.
” Hi Anna”
” How have you been?
” Have been good” I said.

” Sophie” kaima called sitting beside me.
I smiled.
” And she is here again with her smile” I said.
She laughed.
“So tell me where is Andrew? She asked.
” With his friends” I said.
” Sophie , guess what? She asked.
” Guess?
” Yeah”.
” What?
” Just guess Sophie” she said.
” Uhnmm… you and Daniel kssed?
” Shut up Sophie”

I laughed.
” Okay, Daniel finally asked you out?

She laughed.
” Not that Sophie, it’s something else” she said.

” Something else?

” Yeah”

” Well I don’t know” I shrugged.

” Sophie” she pout.

” Just tell me kaima” I pouted

” Oh okay…I will just tell you”

I smiled.
” I actually came up with a couple name for you and Andrew” she beamed.

I laughed.
” Really?

” Yes Sophie” she said.

” Okay tell me” I said.

” I actually combined the both of you names together and guess what I got”

” What?

” Sophrew” she said.

I burst out laughing.
She looked at me with smiles on her face.

” Sophrew? I asked.

” Yes Sophie and am sure you love it right?

” Kaima, that is so lame… sophrew” I said laughing.

” Come on Sophie…it’s actually pretty” she said.

” Can you just stop laughing Sophie?

” Oh okay” I cleared my throat.

” So tell me, you like the couple name right?

“Am hungry kaima” I said standing up.

” Sophrew” she called.

I wanted to laugh.
” Don’t laugh” she said.

I put my hands on my lips.
” Okay…but can we just go have our lunch? I asked.

” Foodie” she muttered.

” Just like you” I said.

She smiled.
” Let’s go”

We walked out of the class.
” Sophie” I heard my name.

I turned and saw Anna walking towards us.
She stood at out front.
” Yes Anna”

” Can I have my lunch with you? She asked.

Kaima looked at me.
” Please”

” Okay” I nodded my head.

” Thanks” she said.

We walked into the cafeteria and bought our lunch.
I bought French fries and smoothie.
Kaima did the same and Anna bought doughnuts and smoothie.

We sat down at the at the JAHD boys seat.
” Where is Andrew? I thought.

I saw them walking in.

Andrew smiled when he saw me.
He sat down beside me and pecked my cheek.
I smiled.

Daniel sat down beside kaima

Jeremy and Henry also sat down.

“Hey” Andrew said referring to Anna.
” Hi Andrew”

” So tell me, where were you? I asked.

” Sorry I kept you waiting” he said.

” He was with a girl Sophie” Henry said.

” What! Andrew gasped.

Henry burst out laughing
” Look at your face, am just kidding” he said.

I smiled.
” I trust my Andrew, he won’t ever do that” I said.

” Really? Jeremy asked

” Yeah”

” Thanks babe, you are the best” he said and peck my lips.

I smiled.
I admire Sophie and Andrew together.
They are just so cute.

Sophie took out of her fries.
” Aaahhnnn” she said pointing it at Andrew’s mouth.

He opened his mouth and took it.

I smiled.

He kssed her cheeks.
She smiled.

” Sophie, you are making me feel jealous” kaima said

Sophie laughed.
” Here, have this” Daniel said feeding kaima with her fries.

Sophie winked at her.
She smiled.

” Hey…what are you guys doing? Andrew and Sophie, kaima and Daniel..what about me? Who is going to feed me too? ” Jeremy Asked.

Henry smiled.
” Come, let me feed you” Henry Said.

He took from the fries.
” Have this” he said pointing the fries at Jeremy’s mouth.

Jeremy yanked his hands off.
He burst out laughing.

” You are so boring,”Henry said.

Jeremy looked at him then hissed.

I smiled.
My phone rang.
I checked the caller it’s mum.
” Please excuse me” I said and walked out of the cafeteria.

💐 Sophie 💐
Anna left the cafeteria.

” So tell me Sophie, I also want to join your study group” Jeremy said.

” Really? I arched my brow.

” Yeah”

” Why? Andrew asked

” Why? To study of course” he shrugged.

” Ohhhhh” Andrew, Daniel and Henry chorused clapping their hands

” Hey” Jeremy yelled.

They burst out laughing.
I smiled.
” So tell me Sophie” he said.

” Oh yeah, you are welcome” I said.

” Thank you Sophie” he said.

” What about me? Henry pout.

” Yeah, you too” I said.

He smiled.
” You are an angel Sophie, you deserve a kss” Henry said.

” Don’t you dare” Andrew said sternly.

Henry laughed.
I smiled.
It’s closing.
I smiled, pack my books into my bag and walked out of the class.
I saw Kara coming.
She stopped at me front.
” Hey kaima” she said with a smile.

I smiled.
” Hi Kara”

” Where are you going? She asked.

” Home of course” I said.

” Really?

” Yeah”

” But have not been seeing you going home in your car but in Andrew’s car” she said.

” Yeah, you are right”

She nodded her head
” What about Sophie? She asked.

” In her class” I said.

” Okay then bye…take care” she said and walked away.

I smiled and walked into Sophie’s class.
I met the JAHD boys there.

Daniel smiled when he saw me.
” Hey kaima” Sophie said.

” We are actually waiting for you” she said taking her bag.

Andrew collected it from her.
She smiled.
” Let’s go kaima” she said.

We both walked out of the class.
” Guess what?” she asked as we got outside.

” What? I asked.

” Don’t be boring kaima, just guess” she said.

“Sophie… please tell me” I pout

She laughed.
” Just guess” she said.

” Okay, you and Andrew are going on a date?

She laughed.
” No”

” Then what?

” Look at your cheeks kaima…they are turning red” she said smiling.

” Sophie… please”

” Okay..I will tell you”

” Thanks”

” Daniel also…

” Kaima” daniel called interrupting Sophie.

” Let’s go” he said.

” Just few minutes… Sophie wants to tell me something” I said.

He nodded his head.
” Okay..tell me Sophie”

She looked at me then Daniel smiling.
” My Andrew is waiting for me…you both should get going” she said walking away.

” Sophie” I pout

She turned and winked at me.

I watched her as she got into Andrew’s car.
” Shall we? Daniel asked.

” Yeah” I said.

I got into his car and he drove off.



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