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August 1, 2021


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He is mine Episode 15 & 16

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Episode 15.



💐 Sophie 💐
I got home and went straight into my room
I dropped my bag and fell on the bed with my eyes shut.

I opened it and sighed.
I pull off my uniform and walked into the bathroom.
I took my bath and change into a short and a pink blouse going down to prepare something to eat.

I got into the kitchen and prepared Noddles and egg for myself.

I finished eating and washed the dish.

I got into my room and brought out my phone.
I saw a message, I opened it.
” Sophie think about the invitation and stop being a boring nerd, I will be waiting for your reply at school tomorrow” it reads.
It’s from Andrew.
I saved his contact.

I think I will have to go for the party.
To prove to Andrew am not a boring nerd.

I opened my book to study.
I got tired and fell asleep.


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💐 Sophie 💐
I woke up this morning with a slight headache.
I freshened up and dressed up for school.
I got down and saw a paper at the dinning table.
I checked it.
” We already left for work, take proper care of yourself, see you soon.. we love you” it reads.

I kept it back on the dinning table.
I prepared myself bread and tea for breakfast.

I got out locking the door.
I checked the time.

I sighed.
” I will be late for school”

I started walking to the bus stop to get a bus.

I got there Standing.
I sighed ” no bus yet”

Few minutes later.

The bus finally arrived.
I breathed out relieved, I got into bus and it drove off.

I got into the school walking down to my class.
” Sophie” I heard and turned to see the JAHD boys walking behind me.
I ignored them and continue walking to the class.

I got there.
Thankfully there is no teacher there.

I walked to my seat and sat down with my head on the table.

” You okay? I heard someone asked.
I raised my head up to see Andrew.
” Yeah, am fine” I said.
” You sure? He asked staring at me.

I nodded my head.
” But you look pale” he said.

I sighed.
” Am fine”

” You are late today, what happened? He asked.

” Nothing” I shrugged.

” Okay so how was your night? He asked.

” It was fine and I slept well” I said.

He laughed.
” So nerds also sleep?

I hissed.
” Okay, tell me” he said

” Tell you what? I asked.

” The party, are you coming?

” No, am not coming” I said.

” Why?..

” Am not” I shrugged.

” Why are you being so boring Sophie? He asked.

” That is none of your business” I snapped.

He looked at me then walked out.
I sighed and lay my head on the table

Anna sat beside me immediately Andrew left.
” What’s wrong Sophie? She asked.
I arched my brow.
” You are late today what happened? She asked.

I sighed
” I woke up a bit late and had to catch up with the bus” I said.

” Ohhh.. okay, so tell me” she said with a smile.

” What?

” You are coming for the party right?

” Uhnmmm..no am not coming” I said.

” Why? She asked sadly.

I laughed.
” Just kidding, am coming for the party” I said.
” Really? She beamed
I nodded my head.
” Thank you sophie” she hugged me tightly pecking my cheeks.

I looked at her.
” Sorry, am just excited” she said with a smile.
I nodded my head with a smile.

I wonder why she is so excited about this party.

A teacher came in and the lesson began.

The bell rang.
I breathed out relieved” finally”

” Let’s go” Anna said.

We both walked out of the class going to the cafeteria.
” Sophie let’s eat at the cafeteria” she said

” No I don’t want to”

” Why?

” I just down want to” I said.

” But I want to”

” Okay then suit yourself” I said walking away.

I was walking into the class I saw the JAHD boys walking towards me.
They stood at my front with their hands in their pockets.
” Dummy” Daniel called smiling
I hissed.
” What is wrong? Jeremy asked staring keenly at me.

I cleared my throat.
” It’s nothing” I said walking away.

Henry held my hand Making me stop.
I looked at him.
” What do you want now? I asked.

He smiled and winked at me.
I jerked off his hand.
I looked at them all.
” Am not coming for the party” I said walking away.

I got into the class and sat down eating my lunch.
Anna came in and sat beside me.
I ignored her.
” Sorry sophie” she said.
” It’s okay” I said with a smile.
” Thanks” she smiled.
I nodded my head.

” The party is on Friday” she said.
” Tommorow? I arched my brow
She nodded her head.
” Okay but how will I get there? I asked.
” Don’t worry, you can text your address to me.. I will pick you up then we can go together” she said.
” Okay” I said and brought out my phone.
I text my address to her.
Her phone beeped she checked it.
” You stay around? She asked smiling.
I looked at her.
” You know there? I asked.
She nodded her head.
” Okay” I said.

The closing bell rang.
Students trooped out of the class.
I walked out and bumped into the K-girls.
They smirked at me then left laughing.
I sighed and walking away.
I got into the bus and it drove off.

💐 Sophie 💐
I stood at the front of my wardrobe checking out what to wear for the party.

I really don’t what to wear for the party.
I sighed and brought out a red kneel gown.
Mum bought it for me but I haven’t wear it before.
Maybe I should just put it on.

I freshened up and wore the red gown.
It is quite tight making my curves come out.
I sighed

I brushed my hair allowing it to fall.

I applied little powder and lip gloss.
Am not a fan of make-up.

I stood at the mirror staring out my self.
I brought out just 2 inches heel red colour.
I wore it and took a red purse.

My phone beeped.
I checked it.
It’s a message from Anna.
” Waiting for you” it’s read.

I took one more look at myself then walked out.

I got to the gate and a car waiting.
Anna walked out.
She gasped.
” Sophie, is this you? She asked.
I looked at her.
” You look beautiful” she said.
” Thank and you too” I said.

We got into the car and the driver drove off.

We got to the venue of the party.
I could hear music.
We got down from the car walking inside.
We got in.
Everywhere is filled with students dancing and a very loud music playing.
I covered my ear.

We decided to get a seat.
We were walking Trying to get to a seat.
We bumped into the JAHD boys.

They gasped.
” You came? Andrew asked.
I looked at him and smiled.
“You are so hot ” Henry said with his eyes roaming my body.

” Let’s go Anna” I said trying to walk away.
Jeremy held my hand.
I looked at him.
He kept staring at me.
I smiled and removed his hand from mine walking away
We got to a seat and sat down
” Will be right Back Sophie” she said walking away.
I nodded my head bringing out my phone to play some games.

It’s been twenty minutes now and Anna isn’t back.
I sighed.
” Where is she?
I stood up trying to look for him.
I bumped into the K-girls with their short dress just like sluts.
” Wow, it’s so good to have you here” Kara said smiling.
” Thank you for coming” kaima said smiling.
” I hope you enjoy yourself” Kayla said.
They looked at them selves and laughed.
” I really can’t wait” Kara said walking away.
Kaima winked at me and they all walked away.

I sighed.
” Where is Anna?

I saw her coming with a glass of juice in her hand.

” Where were you? I asked immediately she got to my front.

” Uhmmm… sorry..I..I..use the restroom” she said nervously.

I looked at her.
” Okay”

” I actually got you a drink, please have it” she said handling the drink with a shaky hand.

I looked at her.
” What’s wrong? I asked .

” It’s nothing Sophie” she said.
I collected the juice from her walking over to sit down.

Episode 16.


💐 Sophie 💐
I collected the drink from Anna walking over to sit down.
She turned and walked away.
” Where is she going? I thought.

I mistakenly bumped into someone making the drink spill on my dress.

I gasped.
I looked up and saw a guy.
” Uhnmmm..am so sorry” he said.

I stare at him.
” Uhnm, it’s okay” I said.

” By the way you are hot” he said licking his lips with his eyes on my body.

I cleared my throat.
” Please, where can I locate the restroom? I asked.

” Ohhh, come with me” he said.

I followed him he stopped at a door.
” You can use the restroom here” he said.
” Thanks” I said and watched him walked away.

I opened the door.
It’s a room.
I got into the bathroom.


I got out of the bathroom adjusting my dress.
I saw the guy I bumped into in the room.
I looked at him awkwardly.
” What is he doing here? I thought looking at him.
He smiled walked over to the door and locked it.
My heart skip.
” You..what are you doing? I asked fearfully.
He looked at me licking his lips walking towards me.
I moved backward until my back touched the wall.
I gasped as he stood at me front.
Fear gripped me.

” You ..you..

He grabbed my brea$t
I looked at him and slapped hard.
He looked at me angrily.

I tried running but he caught me and threw me on the b.ed.

I gasped as tears welled in my eyes.

💐Kara 💐
We stood at the corner watching how that fool, Anna gave the drink to that btch.
She walked away with the drink in her hand.
She was about taking it when that idi©t sam bumped into her Making the drink spilled on her dress.

I sighed angrily.
” How could he be so dumb?

The plan is that he should stay very close to her so by the time the drink start affecting her, he will be the one to take her to the room and get the work done.
But now the fool ruined it.

” How could you he so dumb and foolish? I yelled panting
” Calm down Kara” Kira said
” Don’t tell me that Kira, she was about taking it but he bumped into her Making the drink spill” I yelled again.

” Keep it low Kara, someone might hear you” kaima half yelled.

I fumed.

I looked at Anna.
” Now you have give another drink to Sophie” I said.
She looked at me with fear written on her face.
” Am… sorry” she stuttered.
I looked at her.
” For what? Kayla asked.
” I can’t..can’t..do that again” she said fearfully with.
” You can’t do it? I asked.
She nodded her head with her gaze on the floor.
I slapped her hard.
She held her cheeks looking at me.
” You can’t do it? I yelled.
” Am sorry I can’t” she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

I fumed angrily.
” Don’t get worked up kara, if the first plan didn’t work, we will need to think of another plan” kaima said.

” Since Sam as directed Sophie to the room we placed the camera, Sam should just go in and find a way to make out with her” Kayla said.

” If we can’t get the video just the picture of it is enough to ruin her” kaima added

I smiled.
” Okay, it is done” I said walking out to meet Sam.

I got to where Sam is.
” Hey” I said.
He looked at me.
” She is in the room now all you have to do now is to get away to make out with her since she didn’t take the drink” I said sternly.

” Okay”

” I want to very clean and perfect job.. don’t mess up this time around or am gonna kill you” I said sternly.

He nodded his head.
” Now go” I said.

He walked away going to the room.
I smiled to myself.
” Sophie, am gonna ruin you” I said walking away to meet the rest.

💐 Jeremy💐
“Do you know for how long I waited for today? The $lut asked smiling as she pulled up her pants.

I laughed looking at her.
I met her at the party and decided to have some fun.
” Now leave” I said pulling up my trouser.

She smiled and wore her clothes.
She blew me a kss walking out.

I smiled picking up my phone.
Sophie came to my mind.
“She is beautiful today though but where is she? I thought walking out of the room.

I was walking through the corridor when I heard a voice crying.
I decided to ignore it but it came louder.
I got to the door.
” Please, please” I heard a crying voice.

What is happening?
Who is there?

” Please” the voice came very loud.
The voice sounds familiar but who is there? I thought.

I decided to knock on the door but it was locked Inside.

I sighed.
I kicked the door but it wasn’t opening.
I decided to kick it with force.
It opened.

I saw a big shock.
My eyes wide opened.
” What?

I saw a guy on Sophie with her dress torn.
He saw me fear grabbed him he got off her looking at me.

Sophie covered herself with the duvet as she cried looking at me

Her tears made me got angrily
” You ba$tard” I yelled and punched his mouth.
He fell on the floor
I pounced on him punching his face.
” You ba$tard, how could you? I yelled giving him a heavy blow on his mouth.
Bl©©d gushed out of his mouth.

” Jay, where were you? Andrew asked coming into the room.

He looked on the bed and saw Sophie.
He gasped shocked.
I stood from the ba$tard.
” Take care of Sophie” I said dragging the ba$tard up.
” What happened? He asked walking close to the bed.
” Don’t ask me questions” I yelled.
I walked out of the room dragging the guy with me.

I called Daniel.
” Meet me at the car now” I said and hang up.
I passed through the back door.
I got the car and met Henry standing there.
” You are coming with me now” I said.
He looked at me.
” Why? He asked.
” I will explain everything to you but now we have to leave to deal with this bastard” I yelled.

I pushed him into the car, Henry sat down beside him.
I got to the driver’s seat and drove off.

💐 Andrew 💐
I was actually looking for Jeremy but Daniel told me he is in a room with one of his $lut.
He Never get tired of sx.
I was walking to the room when I saw a room opened with Jeremy on a guy beating him up.

I got into the room
” Jay where were you?

I turned to see Sophie on the bed

I gasped shocked.
” What happened?

Jeremy walked out angrily dragging the guy with him.

I got to Sophie.
Her face buried in the duvet.
” Sophie” I called climbing the bed
She looked at me as tears gushed down her eyes.
She wrapped herself with the duvet properly.

I moved closer to her and hugged her placing her head on my shoulder.

She cried hard Making my shoulder wet.

I sighed.

” It’s okay Sophie” I said.

” No..no..it..it..no..not..o..Kay..he..he” she stuttered trying to talk but tears won’t let her
“Shuushh, it’s okay Sophie” I said letting her cry on my shoulder.

She stop crying and removed her head from my shoulder.
” Thank you” she muttered lowly.
I looked at her cleaning her tears.
” Let’s me get you something to change into” I said.

She nodded her head.


💐 Sophie💐
As Andrew walked out.
If Jeremy didn’t come here, I would have been r@ped.
I thought as much tears rolled down my cheek.
If only I didn’t come for the party.
I wouldn’t have been in this situation.
” What if that ba$tard had r@pe me?
I will never be able to live anymore.

More fresh tears gushed down my face.
As what Happened earlier flashed into my memory.

Andrew came in.
” You’re still crying?
He asked.
I cleaned my tears.
” Don’t cry anymore Sophie” he said.
I nodded my head.
” You can change into this” he said handling me a nylon.

I took it and looked at him.
” I will be at the door” he said walking out.

I got into the bathroom and change into the clothes Andrew brought.

I got out of the bathroom picked up my purse with my with shoe and opened the door.
I saw him standing.
” Let’s go Sophie, I will drop you off” he said.
I nodded my head like a dummy.

He held my hand as we walked out of the door.
” What about Anna? I thought.

I stopped walking
” My friend is in there” I said.

” Don’t worry, she will find her way home” he said.

I looked at him.
He nodded his head.

We got into the car.
I met Henry at the driver’s seat.

I and Andrew sat at the back seat.
Henry drove off.

I brought out my phone from my phone and send a text to Anna.
” Am sorry, am on my way home, something came up so I had to leave without telling you”

I dropped the phone in my purse.



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