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August 1, 2021


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He is mine Episode 13 & 14

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Episode 13.



💐 Sophie 💐
” Soph” I heard someone whisper into my ears.
” Sleeping beauty wakie wakie”
I opened my eyes and saw mum.
” Mum” I called rubbing my eyes.
She smiled.
” Good morning mum” I greeted.
She sat down on my bed.
” Morning soph, hope you slept well?

” Yes mum, you are going to the office today? I asked.

” I am going but I want to drop my daughter at school today” she Said.

” Really? I arched my brow.

” Yes sweetie” she said with a smile.

She is so happy this morning.
What’s the good news?

” Where is dad? I asked.

” He already left for work” she said.

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” Ohhhh” I mouthed nodding my head.

” Now quickly get ready for school while I serve your breakfast” she said standing up.

” Thank you mum” I beamed.

I got up from the bed.
I freshened up and wear my uniform.
I decided not to bond my hair into ponytail.
I let it fall down.
I smiled.
Have got a long hair.

I walked out of the room heading down stairs.
I got there and met mum at the dinning.
I sat down and ate my breakfast.

I finished eating.
I cleaned my mouth with the napkin.

” You ready? Mum asked.
” Yes mum” I said taking my bag.

We both walked out locking the door.
We got into the car, she drove off to my school.

” How has school been? Mum asked.

” It’s been good mum” I said.

” Thought you don’t like the school? She asked.

” Yes mum I don’t like it but I have no choice” I said.

She nodded her head and continue driving.

She got into the school and parked her car.
” Take this” she said handling me some cash.
I collected it.
” Thanks mum”
” Anything for my little baby” she said smiling.
I fake a frown.
” Am not a baby mum” I said.
” You are always my baby” she said pinching my nose.
I laughed.
” Bye mum” I said coming down from the car.
She also came down.
She hugged me tightly.
” Take care of yourself soph” she said kssing my cheek
I smiled.
” I will mum”
” See you later” she said walking into the car.
I waved at her.
” Bye mum” I watched the drove off.

I turned walking into my class.
I got to the corridor.
I heard a voice behind me.
” That’s your mum?

I turned.
It is Henry.
” Yes, any problem? I asked.

” No but your mum is really beautiful and got a nice shape” he said smiling.

I looked at him.
I walked away heading to my class.

It’s been a while and I tried my possible best to avoid the JAHD boys and the stupid K-girls.

I need to focus on my studies more than anyone.

I walked into my class and sat down bringing out my books.
“DUMMY” I heard a voice.
I don’t need to turn it is Daniel.
I sighed.
” What now? I asked.
He stood at my front staring at me.
I snapped my finger at him.
He jerk back to reality.
“Is this really DUMMY? Where is your ponytail? He asked staring at my hair.
” That is none of your business” I said facing my book.

” Daniel” I heard someone called.
He walked out of the class.

Anna sat down beside me.
” Sophie! She exclaimed.
I looked at her confused.
” Where is your? She asked pointing at my hair.
I sighed.
” I don’t want ponytail anymore” I said.
” You have a long hair” she said smiling.
” Thanks”
” By the way, you look beautiful today” she said.
I smiled.
” Thanks”
” What is the secret? She asked.
I looked at her.
She winked and I smiled.

The teacher came in.
Andrew sat down beside me.
I ignored him and concentrate on the teacher.
He taught and drop his assignment on the board.
I wrote in down so I wrote it down so I won’t forget.
I saw Andrew also writing down the assignment.
I looked at her.
He turned and looked at me.
” You look different today” he said with a smile.
” Thanks” I said staring at him.
” You writing? I arched my brow.

I have never seen him write before in a class.
He nodded his head.
I smiled.

He walked out of the class.
I stared at him as he walked out.

” DUMMY looked different today” Daniel said.
” Yeah she look exactly like her mum” Henry said.

We looked at him.
” You know her mum? Andrew asked.

” Nope, I only saw her this morning, she dropped her off” he said.

” You know she is beautiful” Henry said.

” Henry? I called.
We all fixed our gaze on him

” What now? He half yelled.

” Am sure she got a nice shape like her mum” Henry said smiling.

We heard the bell.
” Let’s go for class” I said.

” Why? Henry asked.

” Nothing, ” I shrugged.

We all walked out heading to the class.

We got them and met the kids there.
We got there and sat down.

” Where is dummy? Daniel asked looking around.

She walked in with her books held to her chest.
I stared at her with her long hair.
She is pretty though.

She saw us but she looked away.
She sat down opening her books.

Then Kayla and her crew came in.
” Jay” Kara called walking up to us.
I hissed.
” What now? I asked.

” Uhnmm.. haven’t seen you around for sometime now” she said putting her hand on my shoulder.

“Yeah” I said removing her hand.

Kayla laughed.
” Jay” she called walking towards me.
” What? I half yelled.

Sophie turned to look at us.
Her eyes met with Kayla.
She smirked and shook her head negatively facing her front.

The boring teacher came in.
Kayla and her crew sat down.

It’s been a while now between K-girls and Sophie.

No drama to watch or fun to laugh at.
Sophie tried to avoid anyone.
She doesn’t speak to anyone.

Even the K-girls don’t pick on her anymore.

The teacher taught and went out.
Kids trooped out of the class.

Sophie was about walking out.
The K-girls stood at her front.

” Hi” kaima said waving her hand.
She sighed and tried walking away.
Kara pulled her back.
” What do you want? Sophie asked.
” I know you must be wondering it’s been a while now” Kayla said chewing her gum just like a slut she is.

Sophie laughed.
” I really don’t have time for all these now” she said trying to walk away.

Kira held her hand.
” Get your filthy hand off me” Sophie said.

” And I don’t?

Sophie laugh.
” It’s been a while now, you know and am sure you wouldn’t want me to start with you now” she said sternly staring at Kira.

” Now let’s go of me” she yelled.
Kira let’s go of her hand.

She smirked then walked out of the class.

” Jay” Kara called.
” Take this you are invited for a party” she said handling me the card.

I looked at it.
She handed Daniel and Andrew and Henry the cards.

“You can also invite your friends along” she said smiling.

💐 Sophie 💐
It’s lunch break.
I walked out with Anna to the cafeteria.
I saw Henry walking up to me he looked at Anna then she walked away.
” Hi soph” he said
” Take this” he said handling me a card.
” What for? I asked looking at it.

” It’s a party, you should also come” he said.

I nodded my head.
He winked and walked away.

Anna came to me.
” What’s that?

” It’s a party invitation” I said.

” Really? She beamed.

” Yeah”

” At where? She said.

” Take” I said giving her the card.

We bought our lunch.
” Few minutes Sophie,” she said
” Where to?
” To the restroom” she said walking away.

” Dummy” I heard someone called I ignored it and started walking.

He held my hand.
I j.erked it off.
” What? I asked.

” Have been calling you since, were did you put your ears? He asked.

” Am Sophie, not DUMMY” I said sternly.

He laughed.
” Dummy Sophie”

I hissed.
” Take this” he said handling me the card henry gave to me earlier.

” You are invited” he said walking away.

I looked at the card.
Folding it and trash it in the waste bin.
I walked into the class


Episode 14.


I walked into the classroom.
I dropped the lunch we bought on the table.
I sat down waiting for Anna to come in.
I wonder what’s keeping her.
I sighed.

Andrew came in and sat down beside me.
I looked at him.

He smiled.
” You don’t like eating at the cafeteria” he said.

I nodded my head.

” Why? He asked.
” I just don’t want to” I shrugged.

” Then why are you not eating? He asked.

” Am waiting for Anna” I said.
He nodded his head.

” So why are you here? I asked.

” Take this” he said handling me the same invitation card.
Henry and Daniel gave to me earlier.

I sighed.
” What for? I arched my brow.

” Am inviting you for a party and I want you to come along with me” he said.

I looked at him
” Why? I asked.

” Just want you to come to the party with me” he said.

” Uhnmm.. I can’t make it” I said.

” Why?

” I don’t party” I said.

He laughed.
” I don’t expect nerds like you to party, you are just too boring to party” he said.

I frowned at him.
” What do you mean?

” Nothing, just think about it” he said.

” Hey Sophie” I heard Anna’s voice.
I looked at her

” See you later” Andrew said walking away.

Anna kept staring at Andrew as he walked away.

I snapped my finger at her.
” Quit staring Anna” I said.

She jerked back to reality and smiled.

” Where were you Sophie? She asked sitting beside me.

I scoffed.
” I should be asking you that” I said.
” Sorry”
” I was waiting for you, did you actually use the restroom? I arched my brow.

She laughed.
” Andrew was here” she said.
I nodded my head.
” What’s this? She asked.

I gave it to her.
She looked at it then with the one in her hand with a confused look.

” Yeah, same card, Andrew gave it to me” I said

” Why?

” What else? For party” I shrugged.

” But Henry already gave you” she said

” Yeah and Andrew gave it to me now” I said.

” Ohhhhh” she mouthed nodding her head with smiles on her face.

” Why are you smiling? I asked.

” Sophie girl” she said and winked at me.

I shook my head negatively.

” So tell me, are you going? She asked.

” No am not” I said.

” Why?

” Nothing, I just don’t want to”

” You know you are very lucky.. it is a great privilege to have the JAHD boys around you not only that they choose to invite you for their party, you know I wish am in your shoe.. do you know how long I have wished to just be with one of the JAHD boys for once? She asked

I looked at her.
” Am jealous of you Sophie, so many girls will die to go to party with the JAHD boys” she said smiling.

I laughed shaking my head.

” You can have this as well” I said giving her the card.

” Really?

I nodded my head.
” Thanks” she beamed.

She is really crazy.

💐Kara 💐
” Now, the party will be holding at my place” I said.

” Yeah but we must find a way to bring that btch to the party” kaima smiled.

” Don’t worry, it is done” I said smiling.

” How? Kira arched her brow.

” The JAHD boys are inviting her over and am sure she will be there” I said smiling.

” That’s is cool though but what next? Kayla asked.

” I really cannot wait to get that btch out of the way” kaima said with gritted teeth.

” But Kara you never talk of the party before” Kira said looking at me.

I laughed.
” I always have my way, that btch humiliated me in front of everyone, she embarrassed me and disgrace in the presence of the JAHD boys and now it is my turn to pay her back” I said.

” Okay, what if she eventually come for the party what will happen? Kira asked.

” Am the master planner here, everything is well planned” I said

” What about the JAHD boys? Kaima asked.

” Nothing but I will need them in the plan” I said.

” And you think they will support you? Kayla asked.

I looked at her.
” Unless you want to get yourself ruined because I know my jay won’t support your plan” she said

I smirked.
” Your jay? I asked.

” So what’s the plan Kara” kaima asked
“All we have to do is to get her drunk, then take a picture of her Making out with a guy then everything will fall in place” I said.

” Wow! Kaima excaped.

” When the school sees it what will happen? I winked.

We burst out laughing.
” Kara”

💐 Andrew 💐
” Why the sudden party ? Henry asked.

” Well I think the K-girls are up to something” I shrugged.

” Is dummy also coming for the party” Daniel asked.

” Nerds like her don’t party” I said.

Henry laughed.
” You know I love partying, it gonna be a blast”

” We will get to screw many btches” Henry said

The K-girls walked in.
” Why the party Kara? Daniel asked

” Nothing.. just want us to have some fun” she said.

” I want us to have some good time together” she said kssing Daniel.

” Kara” kaima called staring at her.
She looked at her then kssed.
She sat down on Daniel’s lap.
Daniel smiled and held her bum.

” You know invite that dumb girl over too” she said kssing Daniel.

“Make sure you bring her to the party” kira said.

” Why?

“Why don’t you invite her yourself? Henry asked.

She smiled.
” You know it’s gonna be lots of fun and don’t want her to miss it” Kayla said unbottoning Jeremy’s shirt.

” Please invite her over jay, am sure you don’t want her to miss the party” Kayla said kssing jay.

Jeremy smiled.

” Will you invite her?

Jeremy winked at her.
” Yeah” he said kssing Kayla roughly unbottoning her shirt.

” Andrew ” Kira called moving to me.
” You are gonna invite her won’t you? She asked wrapping her hand on my neck.

” Sure she will be coming to the party” Henry said with kaima pulling down his trouser.

He laughed.

💐 Sophie 💐
The bell rang.
It’s closing.
Students trooped out of the classroom.
“I need to use the restroom.” I said to Anna.
” Okay” she nodded her head.
I stood up and walked out of the classroom.

I used the restroom adjusting my uniform.
I walked out of the restroom heading back to the class.

I saw the K-girls walked out of the classroom.
I ignored them and walked to the class.
I met only Anna in the class.
Anna look lost.
” Anna” I snapped my finger at her.
She jerked.
” What’s wrong? I asked staring at her.
” Uhnmmm..it..it… nothing” she said.
” Did the K-girls do anything to you? I asked staring at her.

” Uhmmmmmm… K-girls? Uhnmmm no” she stuttered.

” They why are they here? They JAHD boys are not here? I asked staring at her suspiciously.

” Uhmmm..I don’t know” she shrugged.

” Okay” I said taking my bag.

” Uhmmm Sophie..please come for the party” she said.

” Why?

” Well because I will be there so I want you also to be there” she said with a smile.

I nodded my head.
” So will you come please? She asked.

” Please please Sophie” she pleaded.

I sighed.
” I don’t know yet, I will think about it” I said.

” Please Sophie” she said.

” I need to think about it” I said.

” Okay, I know you will be coming along” she said smiling.

I stared at her.
” Bye Sophie, my driver is here” she said walking out.

I sighed.
I feel something is not right?
What were the K-girls doing here only with Anna?

I thought walking out of the class.

” Sophie, Sophie” I heard my name jerking me to reality.

I turned.
It’s Jeremy.
” have been calling you for some time now” he said staring at me.

” Sorry”

” Okay, I wanna invite you to a party” he said handling me the invitation card.

I looked at it surprised.
” Is something wrong? He asked.

” Uhnmmm..no” I said.
” Thank” I collected the card walking away.

” Let’s me take you home” he said.

” Uhnmmm…no thanks” I said walking faster.

I got out the gate.
I kept staring at the card.

I got into the bus it drove off.

” Jeremy, Henry, Andrew and Daniel all invited me to the same party?

” What’s is going on?

” Anna insist I come for the party?

“What did the K-girls said to her?

” Should I go to the party?

So many questions flooded my mind.

” Miss” I heard.
The bus already stopped.
” Sorry” I muttered and came down from the bus.

I started walking back home.


Written by ✍️ owie oyindamola.
Hmmm Sophie?
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