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August 1, 2021


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Golden high Episode 37 & 38

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( High School Love )

Chapter 37

By: Summer Gold.



Lisa opened her eyes slowly and discovered something cold on her head,she took the towel and turned, she was surprised to see Michael sleeping beside her,,she smiled and moved closer to him. She took his hand and wrapped it around herself, she rest her head on his chest and closed her eyes again.

She soon opened again,,she can’t sleep but Michael is not waking up. She sighed and started making some silly sound with her mouth,,,,

” Gosh,,Lisa ” Michael opened his eyes
Lisa smiled at her successful work,,

” Wake up,,” She said

” Are you okay now??” Michael asked

” Am fine,,,,I got a little headache. I guess I cried too much ” She pouted

” Don’t cry because of Hazel,,,I told you she’s going to come around soon ” He said

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” She called me a thief,,, I stole her dad,,,,and you ” Lisa said and fondled with her finger

” Mr Leo is also your dad,and she’s just a friend to me. So Lisa, you didn’t steal anything from her,,,” Michael said

” I really feel sad,,it will be cool to have a sister right?? ” Lisa said

Michael smiled and pulled her closer,,he pecked her lips.

” You two will make great siblings,,, with time ” He said

” Gosh,,am hungry ” Lisa said

” Let’s go out,,,,” Michael suggested

” With Sharon,,,”

” I wanted just the two of us,,,gosh,,fine ” He groaned and Lisa chuckled

” Do I need to change into something else??” Lisa asked

” You’re perfect this way,,,but your hair ” Michael said

” Yeah,,,and yours too ” She pointed at him

” It was all your fault ” Michael replied

” What ?? How??” She asked

” Do you know how many times you jumped on me while sleeping?? ” Michael said

” Nobody ever complained about that ” She rolled her eyes as she brushed her hair

” Nobody slept with you” Michael replied

” Fine,,just forget it ” She said with a groan

” No I won’t ”

” Are you going to tell everyone right now??” She faced him

” Yes,,what else ??”

” Oh no,,,you can’t do that!! ” Lisa shouted

” Well watch me do that ”

” What do you want me to do to keep your mouth shut??” Lisa said

” Well,,,,just one thing ” Michael winked at her

” What is it??” She asked

” Hmmm,,,,can I just ask later?? Let’s go ” He said and they both walked out of the room,,,

Sharon was watching a movie when they entered,she turned to them with a smile

” You guys really take your time more than I expected ” She said with a smirk

” Nothing happened Sharon ” Michael said

” I never said something happen, did I??” She scoffed

” It’s obvious that’s what you mean,,,” Michael said

” Fine,,,even if something happen,, its nothing ” Sharon said and Michael gasped

” What??” He immediately grabbed her hand and drag her out of the living room,,

” What’s wrong??” Lisa asked no one in particular,,she sat down.

” Michael stop,,what are you doing ” Sharon asked but he ignored her and continue dragging her until they entered her room.

” You just said even if something happened between Lisa and I, it’s nothing ” Michael said

” Yes ,,,does it matter?? You guys are dating ” She said With a smile

” Wait Sharon,,don’t tell me,,,you and Gavin,,already had s*x ” Michael said expecting her to tell him No

” Well,,,that,,, ” Sharon said itching her neck

” Am going to kill Gavin ” Michael said and walked out of the room

” No,,Mich!! Wait !!” Sharon ran after him

” What’s wrong ??” Lisa asked as she saw Michael walking out,,,,she could see anger all over his face,,,he look so mad

” Lisa help me stop him,,” Sharon cried out

” What happened,,, Michael stop, where are you going looking like this ” Lisa immediately ran to his front

” Stay out of this Lisa,,I need to teach that motherfucker a lesson” He yelled pointing outside

” Who??” Lisa asked

” Gavin,,” Sharon muttered slowly

” What?? But,,why??” Lisa asked looking confused

” Let me go Lisa,,,, ” Michael said but Lisa held him back

” If you go,,am going to cry ” She said and he looked down at her,,,he roughed his hair and faced Sharon angrily

” Am sorry Mich,, ” She said

Lisa grabbed Michael’s hand and took him upstairs, they both entered his room.

” Can you explain what happened to me??” Lisa asked

” Am really disappointed in my sister,,and I am mad at my friend,” He said trying to calm down

” What’s happening ”

” Can’t believe he had s*x with Sharon ” Michael said and she gasped

” What?? Did he,,rape her or something?? ” she asked

” That’s exactly why am mad!! She gave in to him!! She allowed him take advantage of her,,,she’s so shameless ” Michael said angrily

” Oh no,,,,but you have to calm down,,,you look ugly if you’re angry ” Lisa said

Sharon came in,,she was tearing up.

” Michael am sorry,,,I disappointed you but,,it’s not his fault. Don’t be mad at him,,it’s my fault ” She said

” You made him do it?? Sharon when will you ever make me happy?? Why the hell did you do that!! ”

” Am sorry,,,am really sorry ” She cried

Michael shook his head and took his phone,,

” Am going to tell dad ” He said showing her his phone

” No!! Please, don’t do that,, please ” Sharon immediately ran to him

” You don’t want me to call him?? You are ashamed?? You shouldn’t ” Michael said and keep on operating the phone

” Michael please,,, don’t,,,, Lisa,, talk to him ” She said.

” Sharon,, why ,,,why??” Michael asked and a tear dropped from his eyes.

” Am sorry ” Sharon said

” Lisa,,,let’s go get something to eat ” He said and went out

” You Shouldn’t have done that,, you know he’s going to get mad at you,,your parents too. He’s not going to tell them,, but,,,,gosh I don’t know what to say ” Lisa said and ran out

Sharon fell on her kneels crying her eyes out,,,

” Michael,,are you okay??” Lisa asked

” Get in the car Lisa,, I don’t want to talk about it ” He said

Lisa nodded and entered ,,he drove out of the house in full speed.

” Calm down Michael,,, ” She tapped his thigh

” Am fine,,,,,just upset,I never knew she could do that. ” Michael sighed

” I understand how you feel,,you love her ”

” And I love you more ” He smiled

” That’s a lie,, ” Lisa laughed

” Wow,,now you’re doubting my love ??”

” No,,,,,,just kidding. Am glad you’re calm ” she said

” Thank God you stopped me,,,I don’t know what I will do to him. But I don’t think I should get mad at him,,it’s all Sharon’s fault,, Gavin wouldn’t force her,, ” Michael said trying not to get mad

” It’s fine ,,,Michael,,this place is amazing,, let’s eat here ” Lisa said pointing

” They don’t sell food here,,, just snacks ” Michael told her

” I don’t want food ,,,I want some pie and maybe,,,chocolate cream ” She said

” Fine,,,” Michael packed the car and they walked in. It was already getting late

” Let’s just buy and go home ” Michael said

” Okay,,,”

They were still getting what they want when they started hearing noise from out the other part ,,,

” What’s happening?? ” Lisa asked

” Stay here,,am going to check ”

” No let’s go together ” Lisa said and immediately ran after him.

” How dare you!!!” The woman shouted at a teenager who doesn’t seem to care

” You should fix my glass back!! ” the woman yelled pointing at the broken door which was made of glass,,,

The girl she was talking to was deep in thought,, she look so messed up ,,her eyes red and her look were so cold.

” Am f**king talking to you!!” The woman slapped her hard but she didn’t move

❤ Do you think she’s okay??
❤ she’s not saying anything

” Lisa,,,,,is that not,,,Hazel??!!” Michael shouted pointing at the girl

” It’s,, her ” Lisa replied wondering what happened to her

They both ran toward them and stopped the woman from slapping her again

” Don’t touch her,,,,,am going to pay you,,,,” Michael was said and immediately brought out his credit card

” Am going to remove the exact amount from it ” The woman smirked and walked away with Michael

Lisa stared at Hazel who doesn’t seem to care about anything,,,,

Soon Michael came back,,,,,, he took Hazel’s hand and they all went out.

Hazel threw his hand off angrily,,

” Hazel,,” He tried touching her

” Now you’re acting all nice???? Huh??” She asked with a dry laugh

” What the hell are you doing to yourself ”

Hazel took a glance at Lisa,,,,,

” Can’t you just disappear?? ” she asked

” Hazel stop ” Michael said

” Don’t touch me,,,,,,” She snapped and dipped her hand into her hood,,she brought out some cash

” I only wanted to cause some trouble,, but you spoiled everything,,, here is your f**king money ” She took Michael’s hand and dropped it there.

” You can just spend it on your girlfriend instead ” She said and walked away

” she need help ” Michael said shaking his head

” Are you sure she’s going to be okay??” Lisa asked worriedly

” I don’t know,, am not sure ” He replied with a sigh.


Chapter 38


” Let’s leave,,” Lisa said hold Michael’s hand
” Am worried about her ” He replied
” What?? Worried about her?? She’s fine,,let’s go ” Lisa said
” What are you thinking,, am just worried, that’s all ” Michael said
” Anyhow ” She rolled her eyes

They both went into the car and drove home,,,,
” Goodnight,, and thanks for this ” Lisa said and roughed his hair
” What’s that ” He laughed
” see you tomorrow ” Lisa smiled and pecked his lips before running in.

Michael shook his head and went into the house,,, Sharon was already sleeping on the couch. He sighed and sat down beside her,,he removed the scattered hair from her face. She opened her eyes and he immediately looked away, she sat up still avoiding his face.

” Have this,, you like chocolate ” Michael said handing over the chocolate bar to her
” You got me this?? ” She asked
” You don’t want it??” He asked
” What?? Thank you, ” She smiled faintly
Michael stood up but she hold him back,
” What ”
” Am sorry,,,, ” She said
” For what??” Michael asmile
” Oh,,,,,,,”
” Am not mad at you,,,I guess I overreacted. He’s your boyfriend anyway,, but you should be careful. ” He said with a smile

” Really?? You’re not mad ??” She asked rushing her word
” No am not ”
” Wow” She hugged him
” I was scared,I thought you won’t talk to me ”
” That’s never going to happen,, you’re my sister. And I love you,, ”
” I love you too,,,” She replied and hugged him again.
” Mom is not coming home tonight ” Sharon said
” She called??” Michael asked
” Yeah,,she called you first. But she said you didn’t pick up ” She replied
” Oh,,,,okay ” Michael said

He nodded and got up ,,,,,,

” Gavin,,,,, ” Sharon said but stopped,Michael faced her raising his brow
” What happened to him??” He asked
” He,,,,,,wanted us to hang out,,by weekend ” She said
” Why are you telling me?? Go with him,,” He replied
” No,,,,he want all of us,,he called you but,,”
” Gosh,,I did not see any of the calls ” Michael said and went upstairs

” Thank goodness he’s not angry,,I thought I was going crazy ” Sharon said touching her chest
She immediately unwrapped the chocolate bar munching on it hungrily
” Wow,,this is great ” She said


Hazel walked into the mansion, her parents were waiting for her worriedly when she came in. Flora immediately rushed to her and hugged her tightly,,

” Where did you go??” She asked worriedly
” Are you hurt somewhere, did anything happen?? ” she asked checking her out
Hazel threw her hands off and went upstairs without any sparing them a glance.
” What,,,,did she just ?” Leo pointed upstairs looking confused
” Yeah,,she don’t want to see me right now,,” Flora said with a sigh
” Don’t worry,,I know what to do ” Leo said and got up,,he took his phone and went out of the house.


” Okay baby,, have fun ” Anna said and pecked Lisa’s cheek,,she ran out of the house but she bumped into someone
” Ouch ” She touched her head and locked up
” Michael!! ” She rolled her eyes
” Why do you always run?? Trying to show off your skills or what ” Michael teased
” Tell me sorry” She said
” No I won’t,, not my fault ” Michael replied

” You really won’t tell me sorry? ”
” Why will I do that?? ”
” Then am going to stay home ” She turned back
” Don’t you dare ” Michael laughed
” Just say sorry ”
” I can’t ”
” Then leave ”
” Okay ” He replied and carried her
” Michael,,what are you doing?? ”
” what does it look like?? Am carrying you since you’re stubborn ” Michael replied

” Fine ,,,carry my bag too ” she smirked
” No I won’t ”
” Fine,,” She rolled her eyes,,,Michael dropped her in the car and also entered
” Are you not the one driving?? So why are you here??” Lisa asked as he sat beside her at the back
” Sharon will be driving ” He joked
” Then am out,,am not ready to die ” She said
” We can die together ” Michael said
” No,,,even in Titanic,it was Jake who died. ” Lisa smirked savagely

” So you mean,,I should die alone??” Michael asked pretending to be angry
” Oh,,,no,,I didn’t mean,, it that way,, ” She said
” Then how do you mean!! You really want me to die so you can date someone else ?!” He yelled
” No Mich,,I was just kidding,, am sorry ” She said
Michael burst into laughter
” I got you ” He said and continue laughing
” I was scared,, please don’t do that again ” Lisa said and sniff in her already forming tears

” Am sorry,,” Michael said and leaned closer to her
He was about kissing her when Sharon opened the door,,
” F**k,,” He muttered and got out
Lisa chuckled,,
” Hey Lisa,,,,brought something for me??” Sharon asked with a wink
” Shut up ” Lisa snapped knowing what she meant by that
” Did I disturb anything?? ” Sharon asked
” The seat belt ” Michael said ignoring her question

” He ignored the question ” Sharon whispered to Lisa
” come on Sharon ” Lisa said with a scoff
” Fine,I won’t say anything again ” She replied

The drive was silent until they got to Gavin’s house,,they all got down from the car.

” Am sure his parents are not home ” Lisa said
” Of course,, he’s the only one home. ” Sharon replied and shook her head
Michael cleared his throat and went in,,Sharon and Lisa followed him. Ethan and Noah were there already playing video game,they don’t seem to notice them.
” Wow,,let me join you guys ” Michael immediately grab the game from Gavin and joined The other two
” Gosh Michael ,why me!!” Gavin shouted taking it back from him
” Fine,have it ” Michael returned it and smack his back

” Have mine,,The two are winning anyway ” Noah said handing over Michael
” No,,don’t give him,,” Ethan shouted
” Why?? Because am going to win??” Michael smirked and started playing

Lisa and Sharon faced each other and then back to them,,,, the boys were so busy that they don’t even care.

” I won!!!” Michael shouted
” I knew it,,why did Noah hand over to him ” Gavin said
” F**k,,I almost win that. ” Ethan roughed his hair
” Oh,,Lisa and Sharon are here??” Noah smiled and Gavin turned to them
” Oh,,,,,,Lisa ” Ethan waved at her
” Thought you’re busy ” Lisa scoffed and pulled Sharon,,they sat down and ignored them
” This is everyone??” Gavin asked
” Florence will be here soon,,,and Lily ” Sharon winked at Noah

” Huh?? Lily??” Noah asked immediately
” Yeah,,she’s Lisa’s friend. It was her was her who called Lily ” Sharon said
” Wow,,that’s amazing ” Ethan said
” They are here ” Lisa suddenly said showing them her phone
She ran out and soon came back with Lily and Florence
” Hey Lily ” Ethan was the first who hugged her
” Hi” Lily replied with a smile
” hey Michael,, ” She waved at him from where he sat
” Yeah ” Michael replied shortly

” I guess am invisible ” Florence rolled her eyes and sat down,
“They are just carried away because of Lily,,” Gavin said
” I know ” Florence replied
” Guys,,I can’t wait,let’s go have fun!!!” Sharon shouted
” Yeah me too ” Lisa said
” Let’s go,,am tired of just sitting ” Michael said and got up

Lily immediately stood up and ran to him,,,
” what ”
” Am going with you ” She said with a smile
Lisa scoffed and looked away
” Fine,,let’s go,,” Michael said
” Am going in Gavin’s car ” Sharon said
” No one asked you not to ” Ethan laughed
” Lisa and I will come with you,,I can’t drive ” Ethan added and winked at Michael

” That’s better ” He said and they all walked out of the house talking so loud


” Wow this place is amazing,, Lisa let’s swim??” Sharon shouted
” That’s a great idea,,I brought my bikini anyway ” Florence smiled
” Me too,,I knew this is gonna happen ” Lily said
” Hmm,,,I can’t swim here ” Lisa said
” But why??”
” Can’t you see all these people,,,, ” Lisa said and they all turned to see them

Many teenagers like them too were having fun,,

” Does that matter?? Come on babe let’s go and change ” Lily said
” Guys,, we will be back ” Sharon turned to the boys who were busy chatting
” Where are you going?? ” Gavin asked
” We wanna swim,,so we got to change ” Florence replied
” Oh,,,okay ” Ethan said and they all walked in dragging Lisa along

The boys find somewhere to sit,,

” Wow,,never knew this place will be amazing as this ” Ethan said looking around
” Yeah it’s really amazing,,, let’s get something to eat,,and for the girls too ” Gavin said
” Are you sure you’re not only worried about Sharon ??” Noah smirked
” Shut up Noah,,,she’s my girlfriend not my crush ” Gavin replied

Michael and Ethan laughed,

” That one got me ” Ethan said
” Fine,,am going to confess to her soon,,stop laughing at me ” Noah said but they continue laughing

The girls came out,but without Lisa who was hiding,,,

” Why is Lisa not coming out?? I guess she’s shy ” Ethan said as they watch the girls jumping into the pool.

” Come on Lisa!! Come on,,,you’re okay!!” Sharon shouted
” I will just go and put on my clothes back ” She replied
” Come on Lisa,,,,join us ” Florence said
” Okay fine ” Lisa said and walked out with a towel around her
” Take the towel off ,,don’t tell me you’re jumping in with that ” Lily laughed

” No am not ” Lisa replied and removed the towel

❤ Oh my God,,
❤ F**k who the hell is that??
❤ She’s so hot!!

” Michael look up ” Noah tapped Him and he looked up
He looked shocked when he saw her,,,how can someone be as hot as that??

” Wow,,she’s really,,,,” Gavin immediately covered Ethan’s mouth with his palm
” He’s going to kill you ” he whispered to Ethan

Michael could not take his eyes off,,he even took her picture, but his joy was short lived when he began hearing whispers from the group of boys sitting next to them.

❤ Gosh,,,
❤ I don’t think I can hold myself
❤ Am going to her
❤ No,,I saw her first,,

He scoffed,,,,

” You heard that right??” Gavin asked
One of the boys got up and started moving toward Lisa
” Don’t tell me he’s going to her ” Michael said
” He is ” Noah replied.




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