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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Golden high Episode 39 & 40

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( High School Love )

Chapter 39

By: Summer Gold.



” You heard that right??” Gavin asked
One of the boys got up and started moving toward Lisa
” Don’t tell me he’s going to her ” Michael said
” He is ” Noah replied.
Michael faked a smile and took the bottle water on the table,he took a sip from it,his eyes not leaving the guy approaching Lisa.

” You’re not going to do anything?? ” Ethan asked
” just watch what’s gonna happen ” He smirked and they all focused on Lisa who haven’t jumped into the pool,,

” Guys,,the water is cold ” Lisa said as she dipped her leg into the water
” Come on,,or you want me to pull you in ??” Sharon said
” Am coming in,,,just give me few seconds ” She said and feel the water with her leg again
” Ouch ” She screamed and the rest burst into laughter
” This is hilarious ” Lily said

Suddenly they all kept quiet and their gazes left Lisa,,Lisa was confused, what are they starring at?

” Lisa turn ” Florence whispered to her
” Huh??” She turned back only to find a guy smiling at her
She scoffed,,, she faced her friends back.
” Hey hot leg ” He

said and she faced him
” What do you want??” She asked with a frown
” You,,” He smiled
” In your dreams,” She replied
” That will be cool to dream about someone hot like you,,,” He smiled again

Lisa rolled her eyes,,

” Can you just go away?? ” She said
” Can I have a word with you?? Privately ” He said
” No you can’t,, leave ” She snapped
” Am Kevin,,, and I like you. What do you think?? ” he asked
” Not interested ” She cut him off
” Come on,,,” He touched her back and she faced him angrily
” How dare you touch me !!” She shouted
” Why shouting?? Just admired your body,,you’re really hot ” Kevin said with lust in his eyes

‘ What look is that?? Michael have never stared at me that way ‘ she thought within herself and was already feeling uncomfortable

” I have a boyfriend,, so get lost ” She said
” I don’t care,, he’s not even here Right?? ” He said
” No,,he’s here ” Lisa smirked
” Who is he?? Is he more handsome than me??” Kevin frowned
” Are you handsome?? ” she laughed
” Hey Baby!!” Lisa waved her hand at Michael
” Should I come over??” Michael asked playing along

” Yeah come on ” Lisa replied and Kevin scoffed
” That’s your boyfriend?? ” he asked
” Yeah,so you should leave before he get here ” Lisa smiled
” why will I

do that?? I told you I don’t care if you have a boyfriend ” He smiled and lean closer to her
” What are you trying to do??” Michael’s voice came up
” Hey” Lisa immediately moved closer to him

” You look hot baby ” Michael smiled and kissed her right there

❤ Oh no,,that cute guy has a girlfriend??
❤ Gosh,, damn,,,he kissed her
❤ Am f**king hurt

” This is annoying,,, but am not going to stop ” Kevin whispered to Lisa
” You wanna die young??” Michael asked calmly
” Mich,,don’t do that ” Lisa immediately grab his hand taking him away from Kevin
” Am going to put on my clothes back,, ” Lisa said

Michael pulled her back,,,

” Have fun,,,I will be watching you ” He said
” Come in with me” She pouted
” Not in the mood ” He pecked her cheek before walking back
Lisa finally jumped into the pool,,,

” Wow,,Michael is so cool ” Florence said with a wide grin
” That’s my brother ” Sharon smiled while Lisa cheek was already red from blush
” Are you guys,,dating?? ” Lily asked
” Yeah,,he’s my boyfriend ” Lisa replied with a smile and Lily kept quiet


” Guys come out,,let’s eat am starving ” Gavin said to the girls
” Go on and eat ” Sharon replied swimming more
” Am also hungry,,am going out ” Lisa said getting out of the pool
Gavin threw a towel at her
” Thanks ” She smiled and ran to where the boys are

” Wow this is amazing,,, ” She said and immediately took the cutlery
” That’s mine ” Michael said holding her hand
” What’s yours is mine too ” She smirked
” Really?? ”
” Yeah,,or am I wrong??” She asked and Michael leaned closer to her
” Then ,,,,,your body is mine too??” He asked
” Yeah ” She replied with a smirk

” You’re so naughty ” Michael pulled her head backward and she laughed
” Can you just let me eat in peace?? ” Ethan said
” Oh sorry ” Michael teased and they all started eating as the others join them
” Gosh I miss school ” Noah sighed
” I don’t miss it,,,I prefer staying home ” Sharon said
” You’re never serious Sharon ” Michael scoffed
” I just wish it’s a day school,,,am tired of staying there ” Florence said

” Wow,,,,but it’s cool that way. I’ve never attended a boarding school,, this is my first time and I love it. It’s boring at home ” Lisa said
” Yeah same here,,it’s really boring. I was overwhelmed with joy when you called me today,,,I almost fell because I ran to Florence’s house ” Lily said and they all laughed
” Did you get hurt??” Noah asked looking concerned
” She said almost fell, that means she didn’t ” Gavin said

” Oh,,that’s right ” Noah said and the boys chuckled
” I miss Juliet,,, ” Florence said with a sigh
” She traveled?? ” Sharon asked
” Yeah ” Florence replied
” Guys,,,, let’s sleep over at my house ” Gavin suddenly said
‘ That’s amazing!!! ” Lisa shouted
” What?? Are you that happy?? It’s his house not mine ” Michael said
” I heard him right ” Lisa smiled

” It’s cool,,that house is trouble for me anyway ” Lily said
” Same here ” Sharon said trying to tease Michael
” It’s trouble for you?? Who’s causing trouble for you??” Michael asked Sharon
” You of course ” She replied
” I will get back at you” Michael said
” Hey Lisa,, you got something on your lips ” Ethan said
” Were you starring at her lips??” Michael asked

” My eyes,,,,” Ethan said
Michael scoffed and cleaned it off from Lisa’s lips
” Thanks ” She smiled

The rest of the moment was silent,,

After having more fun,,it was time to go home,,

” We want to go and put on our clothes,, wait here ” The girls went into the changing room.
” It’s really late,,,almost 7 ” Lily said
” But it was fun right??” Sharon said and they nodded
They all put on their clothes,,
” Lisa,, you should be fast,meet us ” They all walked out
” Can’t they just wait??” Lisa murmured and finally put on her blouse,,she carried her bag and was about walking out when someone came in and locked the door behind them

” What the f**k?? You again??” Lisa shouted
” I told you I don’t give up easily ” Kevin smiled with lust filled in his eyes
” Open the door, right now” Lisa said
” I will,,,but,,,you have to do something ”
” What?? ”
” Am gonna pop your cherry right here ” Kevin said
Lisa raised her hand to slap him but decided to calm down

” Are you crazy?? How dare you say that to me!!” She yelled angrily
” Why can’t I say that?? You’re just some b**ch to your so called boyfriend, am sure he’s dating you just because of that. ” Kevin said and rolled his eyes
” Open the damn door ” Lisa pushed him away trying to open the door but it was locked
” I heard your friends Calling you Lisa,,,such a sexy name for a sexy girl ” He said

Lisa roughed her hair,,she was getting scared already,,what is he trying to do with her??

Kevin pulled her and pinned her to The wall,,,

” Stop!!!” She shouted but he was too Strong
He ignored her scream and slammed his lips on hers,,
Lisa tried pushing him away but could not,,,

” What about Lisa??” Michael immediately asked as the girls got to the car
” She will be here soon ” Sharon replied
” Why the hell did you left her?? Why can’t you wait for her!!” Michael shouted at her
” Hey,,,calm down ” Gavin said
” Shut up ” Michael snapped and walked away,,

” Lisa!! Are you there!! Lisa!!” He shouted and ran more faster
No response,,..

He ran to the dressing room but it was locked,,he turned back to leave but suddenly heard a faint cry inside. He immediately moved back to the door

” Lisa,,are you there??!! ” he banged the door
” Mich,,” Lisa called even though it was not loud
” Are you stuck in there?? Why are you not coming out?? Are you okay??” He asked still not opening the door
” Gosh,,why did he have to show up now??” He heard someone’s voice
” What??” He said angrily and pushed the door hard opened

Kevin immediately left Lisa,,,
” What did you do to her??” Michael grabbed his collar angrily
Kevin scoffed and pushed him off
” Dude,,, why so greedy?? Trying to have a hottie all to yourself?? Is she not some random b***h??” Kevin said with a smirk

Michael’s eyes turned red immediately he called Lisa that,,,, he punched him right in his eyes.

” You won’t be able to see another b***h,,trust me ” He whispered to Kevin who was holding his eyes in pain
” Lisa let’s go ” He took her hand and they both walked out.

” Did he do anything to you??” Michael asked touching Lisa’s face
” He ,,,kissed me ” Lisa said
” That motherfucker ” Michael said and turned back
” That’s enough,, ” Lisa pulled him back
” Am sorry,,it’s my fault. I should have waited,,,” Michael said trying not to get more angry
” Not your fault,, am okay ”
” You’re okay?? That idiot kissed you,, am sure he touched you too !!” He suddenly bursted out

Lisa kept quiet and bite her lips

” I knew it,,,,we are going home right away ” He said and grab her hand
” What ?? Home?? Michael,,, am fine, let’s just go with others ” Lisa pleaded
” Lisa let’s just go home!! I don’t want anything to happen to you again!!”
” I will be fine,,,,,you will be there,, ” She said
Michael looked away and roughed his hair,,,,
” Just forget it,,,am all yours ” She teased
” Stop it Lisa,am still mad,,” Michael replied and continue walking while Lisa followed

” Why did you guys take long??” Ethan asked
Michael ignored them and entered the car,,,
Ethan and Lily wanted to go in,,
” Am leaving with Lisa alone ” He snapped
Lisa Sighed and went in,,he drove off just like that.

” What happened?? ” Gavin asked
” I guess something happened ” Sharon said
They almost entered the car but stopped when they saw Kevin coming out with blood all over his face,,,

” Holy shit,,” Lily shouted
” I guess he touched Lisa,,,,” Gavin said.
” Gosh,,,,am in trouble again” Sharon said
” We shouldn’t have left her,,I knew this guy is up to no good ” Florence said
” Let’s go after them ”

They all entered the car even though it was overloaded.


Chapter 40


” What,,they didn’t come here??” Ethan asked in surprise when they got home and couldn’t find Lisa and Michael.
” Have they gone home?? ” Sharon asked
” Call him ” Florence said
” He’s not picking up ” Noah said

They all sighed and sat down,,,

” Can’t believe am hungry ” Lily said touching her tummy,she chuckled
” Me too ” Noah said touching his belly too
” Well,,if you’re hungry. Go and cook” Gavin smirked
” That’s a great idea,,do you guys have ramen?? It’s my favorite ” Lily said
” A lot ” Gavin replied
” Noah let’s go,,,,who else wanna eat??” She asked
” Everyone ” They all chorused

” What?? Everyone?? So why are we the only one going into the kitchen??” Noah asked
” Like you don’t want it ” Sharon said and they all laughed
Lily smiled shyly and pulled Noah along with her,,
” The two look cute together ” Florence whispered
” You and Ethan look good together ” Sharon snapped
” Am worried,,, ” Ethan said trying to cover the topic

” Same here ” Gavin Sighed


” Come on Michael, let’s just go back ” Lisa said
” Are you sure about that? Am just, worried ” Michael said and stopped the car
” I told you I will be fine ” Lisa said
He nodded and turned back,,,
” They should be home my now,,” Michael said heading to Gavin’s house
” Yeah,,,” Lisa agreed
” Anna called,,,I told her you’re fine ” Michael said
” But she didn’t call me ”

” Does she have to do that?? Am the man ” He winked
” Man indeed ” Lisa laughed.
” Lisa,,,you’re not a bit*h to me, you know that right?? ” He asked and hold her hand
” I know ” She replied with a smile
” Good thing you know,,, so don’t think about what that bastard said. Am not going to leave you,,never ” He said and kissed her hand

Lisa blushed and cleared her throat,

” Let’s go,they are probably waiting for us ” Lisa said
” Okay” He started the car immediately,

Soon they got to Gavin’s house,,they went in and the others were surprised,

” Wow,you came back ” Ethan said with a smile
” You look happy to see us ” Lisa smirked
” Of course,,” Gavin said
Michael rolled his eyes and went to grab a bottle water from the dinning room,, it’s not his first time coming here anyway.
” How about Lily and Noah??” He asked and sat down
” They are cooking in the kitchen ” Florence replied

” For themselves?? ” Lisa asked
” No,,for everyone ” Gavin winked
” Oh,,,,” Michael and Lisa muttered

” Hey careful with that ” Noah said as Lily slice the onions
” It’s not my first time doing this,, ” Lily said
” I was just concerned,,I don’t want you to get hurt ” Noah said
” Thanks ” Lily smiled

‘ Her smile is so beautiful’ Noah thought and keep in starring at her
” Hey Noah,,what are you thinking?? Help me with the bowl,I guess am too short ” Lily said as she tried getting it but her hand couldn’t reach
Noah moved closer and took the bowl proudly,,

” Am tall,,” He winked
” I know,, and it’s cool. I wish am tall too ” She teased
” I love you this way,,if you’re too tall,then you won’t need my help next time ” Noah said and Lily hit his chest
” That’s harsh ” She smiled
” Sorry ” He smiled,,,,,

” Taste the sauce ” Lily said bringing it close to his mouth
He ate it from the spoon and moaned
” Wow,,it’s great,,more more ” he said
” What?? It’s for everyone, I only wanted you to check if it’s okay ” Lily said
” It’s really good,,now am more hungry ” He said and sat down on the kitchen table,,
” That’s funny,,” Lily said without smiling
” But you’re not even smiling, and you find it funny?? Noah asked playing with his hair

” I laughed inwardly ” She replied
” Now that’s weird ” Noah said and they both laughed

” Did you hear them laughing?? Wow,, can’t wait to hear the gist ” Ethan said
” Hmm” Gavin said and the others laughed
” What’s funny??” he asked
They all kept quiet,,

” Guys, let’s play a game ” Florence suddenly said
” Truth and Dare!!” Gavin shouted
” Am not in,,” Lisa immediately spoke up
” Why?? It’s always amazing ” Ethan said
” I don’t like it ” Lisa rolled her eyes
” Good for you,,everyone is doing it ” Gavin said with a smirk
” Then don’t choose dare” Michael whispered to her
” Hmmm,you’re right ” She smiled and poke his cheek softly

” Don’t do that here ” Ethan scoffed
” Then get a girlfriend ” Lisa said
” Not now,,,” He replied
” Guys,,let’s eat ” Lily ran in
” Wow,,I smell something delicious ” Lisa teased
” Well,,sorry,,,you’re not going to eat out of it ” Lily smirked
” Great,,” Lisa said and rest her head on Michael’s shoulder

He seem to be busy with his phone,, she grab the phone from him

” Oh no,,give me that ” He said trying to get it from her
” Is your phone more important than your girlfriend ?” Lisa asked
” No,,,,but can you give me back?? ”
” No way,,,are you talking with another girl?? ” She teased making a puppy face
” That’s funny,,fine you can have the phone ” He said
” You guys should stop your hot play and come here ” Ethan said

” Thought you didn’t prepare ours ” Michael said not looking up
” I was kidding ” Lily replied
” Am not hungry ” Michael said
” But am hungry ” Lisa pouted.
” Then go on and eat,, give me the phone. I promise to give you when you’re back ” he said
” Let’s eat together, I can’t eat alone ” Lisa said
” More than five people are eating Lisa,, I am not hungry, seriously ” Michael said

” Fine” She gave him the phone and joined others

” Michael, you’re not really hungry? ” Sharon asked
” Am not ” He replied

After eating,, Lisa and Lily went to do the dishes,,,they washed in silence, only the sound of the plates and water could be heard. Until Lily broke the silence,

” You didn’t tell me about you and Michael,, I guess we are not close to that ” She said
” Am sorry about that ” Lisa said
” It’s fine,,,, now I know. Stupid me,,crushing on someone’s boyfriend ” Lily said with a smile
” Oh,,” Lisa looked up and faced her
” Don’t worry,,,,I stopped already. But I like him a lot,,, ” She said

” You know what??” Lisa asked folding her arms under her br**st
” What ” Lily asked
” Noah has a deep crush on you,,, ” Lisa said and she gasped
” What?? How did you know that?? ” Lily asked immediately
” Everyone knows,,you should have noticed. But I guess you didn’t,,,,, everyone knows he’s really in love with you, but have no courage to tell you ” Lisa said and continue washing

” He’s cute though” Lily said
” Of course he is,,you two will make great couples ” Lisa smiled
” You’re saying that because you want me to forget about your boyfriend ” Lily said
Lisa bite her lips,, she caught her.
” Am not a boyfriend snatcher,,I never knew you guys were dating ” Lily said and wipe her hand with a towel
” Am sorry,,,” Lisa said
” It’s okay,,don’t spoil the mood. Let’s join the others ” Lily said and they walked out of the kitchen.

” Finally they are here,,let’s start the game ” Florence said and they all sat down on the floor.
Lisa sat down next to Michael resting her head on his shoulder,,,
” Who will start?? ” Gavin asked
” Okay,,me ” Ethan said

” Truth? Dare??”
” Truth ” He smiled
” Tell us who you’re crushing on” Noah smirked
” No one ” He replied almost immediately
” That’s not true,, ” Lily said pointing at him
” Okay am crushing on you ” Ethan smirked
” What?? ” Noah yelled
” What’s your problem?? He just said he’s crushing on Lily,why are you screaming?? ” Gavin asked

” Don’t frustrate him,,” Michael said without looking up
” What the hell are you doing on your phone,,am getting jealous already ” Lisa groaned
” Important business ” He replied
” Michael choose one ”
” Dare ” He said without even listening
” I dare you to stay a whole day without Lisa,,and if you don’t do it,,you know the consequence ” Gavin said with a grin

” What??? ” Lisa yelled
” What ,,” Michael removed the headphone
” You can’t hear me??” Gavin asked
” What if I don’t do it?? ” He asked
” Then,,, guys tell him what you all want ” Gavin said with a smirk

” Your car ” Ethan grinned
” Your phone ” Noah smirked
” A kiss ” Lily said
” Uhm,, you’re my brother,,,,,, am going to make it soft,,,,,you will just clean the whole house ” Sharon said
” The cleaner is there ”
” It’s a dare ” She smiled
” Break up with Lisa ” Florence said

” Wow,,you guys are really bad ” Lisa said
Michael roughed his hair,,
” When did I even tell him to dare me?? ” Michael asked.
” It’s all your fault,, you were focused on that phone if yours ” Lisa replied and rolled her eyes
” It’s just tomorrow,,,, just 12 hours!!” Gavin said
” It’s not easy dude,,” Michael scoffed
” Fine,let’s do it. You can’t give them what they want ” Lisa said

” Out of all,,I can only do one,,that’s bad ” Michael said
” Which one??” They all asked curiously
” I can only give Noah my phone,, the rest are worst. And Lily even asked for a kiss,,you really want me to stay away from Lisa ” He said and they all burst into laughter

” Now,deal is on,, stay away from each other tomorrow. No talking, no touching, nothing ” Gavin said
” No,,distance chat is allowed,you want them to die??” Noah said
” Okay,,distance chat” They all chorused happily
” I have no friends ” Michael said with a sigh

They all continue laughing,,,




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