Girl of my Dream episode 4

Girl of my dream
Episode 4
me, Godwin and lekan were just discussing in my room when unknown man badge into my room
unknown man:: who’s Adeb!ow here?
Lekan:: I believe say you mama train you well, na you nor take correction.. and you b fool for wating you do now. how you go enter person house dey ask foolish question? you dey craze for liver b4?
*** for my mind, with this bluffing alone, Kunle will never look down on me cos he know not who we are**
unknown man:: am kunle Tola’s husband. I know you’re Adeb!ow, am warning you to back off cos you don’t know what am capable off.
Godwin:: Mr man, who tell you say people when go school like you dey w@!st their time dey do O.P.C. work? your mama born you as human, you come here dey warn your fellow man like say you b God.. now carry your black as-s leave this place now.
Kunle:: you guys should dare me..
he exit throu-gh the door he c@m£ in with
**another door dey b4? na kitchen door he for take do exit na.. well na story sha**
Godwin:: this man get liver dey come declare war. Adeb!ow, nor fear feel free with Bola abi Tola I don’t know.
me:: guys, I don’t know what I would have done without you. am grateful..
Godwin:: you with this your English self e… we don dey go. come excort us.
me:: I b una excourt? makebuna enta road make I push una go front.
Lekan:: we be wheelbarrow?
we laughed over it and I saw them off. as I was coming back, my stomach started crying for food. okay st©p crying let me feed you some food.
mallam:: oga watin I wan buy?
me:: na you wan buy am? abeg give me bre-ad and 4 eggs.
mallam:: oga, wait here make I go prepare my order..
me:: mallam, una no go kill person with this una English. just go I dey wait.
immediately the mallam left, I saw people running. i was like, what is after them? I stood up to see if I can see what they are running from.
(I forgot, re-aders I get mind to face anything, I trust myself in that p@rt I will never run until I see the pursuer. na still English word)
as I stand up to look, I saw Kunle pointing a gun at me. b4 I turn to say let me run GBOAAA…..! everything went blank instantly… I can only hear people shouting but I can’t see them.
me:: what is happening? am I in the other world?
b4 I know it my b©dy started leaving the ground. I wanted to tell them to drop me but I have no strength to do that. I was asking myself, where are they taking me to? but nob©dy to answer me. I can now hear people calling Doctor…
me:: Doctor in this place? but nob©dy can hear me. I started praying. Lord father, have mercy upon me. I don’t want to die now. I haven’t complete my task on earth. plea-se lord. unto you I commits my life, my soul. I know there is nothing impossible for you.
I was now feeling a sharp pain in my vain. something like nee-dle Piercing my vain. I was still in my dream when I heard a voice talking to me..
Adeb!ow. all the happiness that my parent have ever give me, all the good memories, the best time, moment got lost. ever since i lost my parent to the dead, i have never know what peace is. every seconds, every minutes, every hour and into day is like an horror to me. I do make make wish everyday. do you want to know my wish? (no respond from me) well I will tell you. my wish then was dead should come and take me away. but it seems that dead itself is afraid to take me. but god s£nd an angel to rescue me. I tell you when the Angel c@m£, I was like a little baby that know nothing and always happy anytime the angel is around me. do you know the Angel? (still no respond from me) well is no other person than you. you the happiness that God s£nt to me. well I won’t say you should live or die. but am telling that any p@rt you choose am coming with you, cos I can’t live in this wicked world without you. once the doctor declare that you’re re-ad, don’t feel sad cos I will join you.
Adeb!ow, i love you so much with all my heart.
me:: I love you too
Tola:: can you hear me?
me:: well and clearly..
Tola:: thank you very much for not dying.
me:: where is this?
Tola:: Hospital
me:: for how long?
Tola:: two weeks now..
me:: where is Lekan and Godwin?
Tola:: they left early this morning. st©p stressing yourself, let me go an call the doctor.
me:: no, just go and settle the bill. I can’t stay here..
Tola:: alright then..
***********Six Days Latter*******
Godwin:: but that guy get mind o.
me:: imaging Kunle sh0t me with gun. if this guy make me go back to my past ehh. e go red for am o..
(my past no rugged, when you opponent pissed you off, you know you have to tell you him sumthing that will scare him na. tell him what you are not). I go scatter ground because of kunle. make he no worry
Leakan:: so na watin we go do am now?
me:: make we give am the beating of he life.
Godwin:: okay, we go carry the operation out very soon make he know say we no be weak fellow.
me:: am coming too.
Godwin:: fine come let’s do it together.
**we set Kunle up, give him the beating of his life.** a month later, I receive a call from unknown person….