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June 18, 2021


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Girl of my dream episode 3

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Girl of my dream

Episode 3

me:: what happened then after?

Tola:: he said his gods or what ever told him that am his wife, and if I reject him offer then am dead..

( now I was saturated with fear. me Adeblow, rival of a juju man.)

Tola continue** that’s why I don’t want you to involve yourself. he’s a beast, Kunle can kill a fellow man without looking back. I don’t want to loose you plz. just leave me to my fate.. **crying now**

me:: baby, I have love you from the very first day I set my eyes on you, leaving you to your fate is the same thing killing me too. If I die bcos of you, I won’t regret it at all.. (die for girl for this generation? well na story sha) trust me, in all my life I have…. *** b4 I could finish the sentence something like magnet hold my lip to hers. suddenly she broke the kiss looking away. I was now confused, why would she kiss me? or did I start the kiss? No, I was talking when she kissed me. if she start it, why did she stop it. l was confused but I found myself telling her sorry**

me:: am sorry baby, I didn’t mean to take advantage of you


no don’t worry, it’s my fault.. can I come to your house?

me:: my house?

Tola:: *nodding her head*

me:: fine, feel free to come

Tola:: am coming this evening. prepare something delicious for me..

me:: don’t worry..

********** ******* ******* ****** ******** ******** *******

me:: guys, she is coming this evening.

Godwin:: you don win jackpot be that oo

me:: wating you mean?

Lekan:: na our mouth you want dey hear say bicycle kill driver for express way?

me:: stop that rubbish, you know say I nor dey do that kind thing na? all she need now is my comfort.

Lekan:: comfort indeed. I be small pinkin abi? Godwin make we dey go make we nor spoil he comfort with Tola this evening.. they both left.


five minute later, I heard a knock on my door. I wen to open it

me:: Tola, it’s you. why didn’t you let the rain to stop before coming?

Tola:: I can’t wait. precise, I don’t know when it will stop. will you let me in now?

me:: oh..! forgive me plz. come in.

Tola:: thank you..

(ever since Lekan & Godwin left, I did not go out so I did know that it was raining already until she arrives)

me:: what can I offer you?

Tola:: something hot that can keep my

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body warm from this cold.

**me when be say I local, I did not understand what she meant, I went and make her tea… she drank it all once**

Tola:: am still cold.

me:: sorry baby.. cover yourself with thins blanket.. giving her my blanket… (all these while she was just looking at

me straight in the eyes.) **I stand up to take my leave when she hold my hand drag me to the bed and…

she pull me back and I fell on the bed. b4 I could say jack Robinson we’ve engaged ourselves in kissing.. in between my tight, little Adeblow that know nothing, is telling me to climb mountain Everest.. we were like that when i felt something like current passing from my head going to my toes.. this current was now flowing fast continually.. guy no time time to waste. nobody teach small pinkin how them dey waka so nobody go tell me to touch here don’t touch that place.. the current flow enter my hand carry am go her bre ast. Tola’s n—-e were already strong enough to pierce my skin. initially I was afraid of any activities that could serve as a catalyst relapse.. I heard that first day doing it can result into daddy, mummy did not give me money for sweet. you know what I mean na.. she was on fire but I was so naive to understand her.. (don’t blame me, it’s my first time banging a lady so you know the rest story na)

she was on fire but I couldn’t do much due to my to the tight position. the ecstasy was so high. I thought she will collapse but to my greatest surprise, I heard her calling me in a way that if I were Buhara, I will beg Jonathan to come back to office. but I am me I can’t be who people want me to be.. so Adeblow will always remain Adeblow… back to our story,

Tola:: baby, am boiling, give it to me harder.. Adeblow, blow me up with your strength please. where the strength dey?

**abeg, I no fit go further again.**

after everything, she stood up

Tola:: thank you Adeblow

me:: you’re welcome…

she left for the bathroom to clean herself up. came back.

me:: but babe, you be wan kill me o.

Tola:: don’t tell me you did not enjoyed it….

me:: of cause I enjoyed it.

Tola:: but you’re a learner?

me:: learner? what am I learning? **I never understand what she meant by that**

Tola:: never mind… I have to leave now

me:: but where did you learn all those that you were giving me?

she did not answer me. she just focus on her dress that she was putting on. I just let her be maybe am over stepping my boundary with her.. I saw her off and came back to my room to replay all what that just happen twenty minute ago…

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