Girl of my dream episode 3

Girl of my dream
Episode 3
me:: what happened then after?
Tola:: he said his gods or what ever told him that am his wife, and if I reject him offer then am dead..
( now I was saturated with fear. me Adeb!ow, rival of a juju man.)
Tola continue** that’s why I don’t want you to involve yourself. he’s a beast, Kunle can kill a fellow man without looking back. I don’t want to loose you plz. just leave me to my fate.. **crying now**
me:: baby, I have love you from the very first day I set my eyes on you, leaving you to your fate is the same thing killing me too. If I die bcos of you, I won’t regret it at all.. (die for girl for this generation? well na story sha) trust me, in all my life I have…. *** b4 I could finish the s£ntence something like magnet hold my l!pto hers. suddenly she broke the k!sslooking away. I was now confused, why would she k!ssme? or did I start the k!ss? No, I was talking when she k!$$£d me. if she start it, why did she st©p it. l was confused but I found myself telling her sorry**
me:: am sorry baby, I didn’t mean to take advantage of you
Tola:: no don’t worry, it’s my fault.. can I come to your house?
me:: my house?
Tola:: *nodding her head*
me:: fine, feel free to come
Tola:: am coming this evening. prepare something delicious for me..
me:: don’t worry..
********** ******* ******* ****** ******** ******** *******
me:: guys, she is coming this evening.
Godwin:: you don win jackpot be that oo
me:: wating you mean?
Lekan:: na our mouth you want dey hear say bicycle kill driver for express way?
me:: st©p that ru-bbish, you know say I nor dey do that kind thing na? all she nee-d now is my comfort.
Lekan:: comfort indeed. I be small pinkin abi? Godwin make we dey go make we nor spoil he comfort with Tola this evening.. they both left.
five minute later, I heard a knock on my door. I wen to open it
me:: Tola, it’s you. why didn’t you let the rain to st©p before coming?
Tola:: I can’t wait. precise, I don’t know when it will st©p. will you let me in now?
me:: oh..! forgive me plz. come in.
Tola:: thank you..
(ever since Lekan & Godwin left, I did not go out so I did know that it was raining alre-ady until she arrives)
me:: what can I offer you?
Tola:: something h0t that can keep my b©dy warm from this cold.
**me when be say I local, I did not un-derstand what she meant, I went and make her tea… she drank it all once**
Tola:: am still cold.
me:: sorry baby.. cover yourself with thins blanket.. giving her my blanket… (all these while she was just looking at me straight in the eyes.) **I stand up to take my leave when she hold my hand drag me to the be-d and…
she pu-ll me back and I fell on the be-d. b4 I could say jack Robinson we’ve engaged ourselves in k!ssing.. in between my ti-ght, little Adeb!ow that know nothing, is telling me to climb mountain Everest.. we were like that when i felt something like current pas-sing from my head going to my toes.. this current was now flowing fast continually.. guy no time time to waste. nob©dy teach small pinkin how them dey waka so nob©dy go tell me to t©uçh here don’t t©uçh that place.. the current flow enter my hand carry am go her bre ast. Tola’s n—-e were alre-ady strong enough to pierce my skin. initially I was afraid of any activities that could serve as a catalyst rel@pse.. I heard that first day doing it can result into daddy, mummy did not give me money for sweet. you know what I mean na.. she was on fire but I was so naive to un-derstand her.. (don’t blame me, it’s my first time ban-ging a lady so you know the rest story na)
she was on fire but I couldn’t do much due to my to the ti-ght position. the ecstasy was so high. I thought she will coll@pse but to my greatest surprise, I heard her calling me in a way that if I were Buhara, I will beg Jonathan to come back to office. but I am me I can’t be who people want me to be.. so Adeb!ow will always remain Adeb!ow… back to our story,
Tola:: baby, am boiling, give it to me ha-rder.. Adeb!ow, b!ow me up with your strength plea-se. where the strength dey?
**abeg, I no fit go further again.**
after everything, she stood up
Tola:: thank you Adeb!ow
me:: you’re welcome…
she left for the bathroom to clean herself up. c@m£ back.
me:: but babe, you be wan kill me o.
Tola:: don’t tell me you did not enjoyed it….
me:: of cause I enjoyed it.
Tola:: but you’re a learner?
me:: learner? what am I learning? **I never un-derstand what she meant by that**
Tola:: never mind… I have to leave now
me:: but where did you learn all those that you were giving me?
she did not answer me. she just focus on her dress that she was putting on. I just let her be maybe am over stepping my boundary with her.. I saw her off and c@m£ back to my room to repl@yall what that just happen twenty minute ago…