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June 20, 2021


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Ghosteens episode 7

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Episode 7

Ethan p.o.v.

I can’t believe my eyes the exact replica of Shalim.

I turned to look at her,her face was already soaked with tears.


“Ethan” she called and her voice was trembling.


She drew closer to me and I no choice than to hug her, she needs a shoulder to cry on.


“Let’s check the name” I muttered to her while she nodded.


I scrolled up,I checked everywhere.


“Here is it” I said heaving a sigh of relief when I saw the heading.



I clicked on it and it loaded but…

No result found like her name wasn’t known.

Seems we have a lot to do.



👻Ghost girl’s PoV


Gosh!My head is spinning.

Like seriously my name isn’t revealed, I turned to Ethan weakly.


“Ethan, am confused” I told him.


“Shalim,there is always a way” he replied and my eyes beamed .


“Really?” I asked blinking my eyes like a doll.


“Will you stop blinking your eyes like that?” Ethan said smiling.


Oh my!My cheeks is turning red.


“Okay!what’s the solution” I said looking serious.


“What if we go have some fun in Elliot high,just going down town will solve the problem” he replied chuckling.


“Oh you mean, we should find out ourselves” I confirmed happily.


I love walking around!


“Yea let’s go!”I said happily but he just nod.


When will he stop been a fun spoiler!


” We are going to Elliot high tomorrow “he announced climbing on his bed.


” Yay!!”I exclaimed throwing

things at him.


“Would you please allow me to sleep?” He yelled throwing a pillow at me but I was fast to dodge it,I threw it back at him.


“Oops!” I hummed when it met him right on his forehead.


He groaned in frustration.


“I surrender!” He said raising his hands.I can’t help but laugh.


All the years have been wandering… I never for once been so free with a human.


Gosh!Aren’t I lucky?



Next day(In the morning)


👦Ethan p.o.v.👦


“Sweetie!” My mum called happily climbing down the stairs.


“Yes mum” I replied taking my seat and Shalim too was sitted also but immediately she came downstairs she ran close to mum.


“She is too beautiful”she mouthed while I smiled.


” Ethan!”Mum yelled at me jerking me out of my thought.


“Mum?” I replied.

Am asking you why you aren’t going to school but you kept on staring at something beside me smiling.


“Sorry mum” I apologized


What has Shalim done to me??


After apologising and telling her I wanted to go downtown, she went out..

I dressed up and left the house


“Here we come Elliot high” she said smiling twirling her cloth around in a dramatic way.


She is too beautiful anyways


“Here we come Elliot high “I said within my heart.


I hope this solution works.

She deserves peace!

We were

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about going out of the main gate when I sighted Ivy.


” Oh!Your girlfriend is here”Shalim said frowning.


But Ivy calls me before she comes,why is she coming now??


👻Ghost girl(Shalim)👻

Gosh!His girlfriend would ruin this tour.

“Your girlfriend is here” I said frowning.

She came more closer until she was right in front of Ethan.


are you?” He asked rushing his word.

Wait!His he been nervous? With his girlfriend? What kind of relationship is that?.

“Am gud,why are you outside? Are you going somewhere?” Ivy asked.

“Yes..No..Yea” Ethan stammered.

“I came here cus I can’t find you in school?” Ivy said.

This is getting boring.

“Ethan!” I called sternly but he ignored me.

“Let’s go inside” Ivy said and he led the way leaving me behind.

I suddenly felt betrayed and jealous.

“I would be back by the time you are through with her” I told him and disappeared immediately.

Am jealous, am getting angry but I don’t love him, right?.

“Gosh!” I muttered hitting my head lightly.



👦Ethan p.o.v.👦

I entered with Ivy,everything seems odd to me even if I didn’t come to school,she will always call before coming.

“Ethan,anything consumable?” She asked looking around as if this was her first time coming here.

“Ivy any problem?” I asked.

“Nothing, even though you are a jerk you house looks magnificent” She commended.

“Really??” I asked suspicious.

Oh no!something is wrong somewhere. Ivy is always on my neck complaining my mum has no good taste when it comes to furnishings.

“Ivy” I called coldy.

“Yea” she replied.

That it!Ivy replies with babe.

I looked intently at Ivy in front of me

This is odd!Or does she has temporary loss of memory?

No that can’t be.

I was deep in thought when I didn’t know when she came closer and sat on my legs in a tempting way

“This is Ivy!she is always bent on tempting me with this her shape”

Hun?why is her boobs more bigger than before?

“Ivy,stop am not..” I trailed off cus she kissed me,I have no other choice than to reciprocate.

She immediately went for my button,unbuttoning it till it got to the last one,we went on kissing hungrily.

She went for my belt while I went for her skirt.

Within a snap of finger,we are both stark naked,I laid her flat on the cold floor in the sitting room and climb on top of her…



😈Reich p.o.v.😈

What am waiting for is about Ethan’s death cus I know by now Lolita would have her way with him and immediately that happens Ethan will have to cough to death.

“As simple as hello”I demonstrated grinning.

Lucifer would be damned happy!

“Shalim am coming for you” I grinned evilly but I must enjoy this life a bit before going back.



👻Ghost girl(Shalim)👻

“Hahaha!” I laughed rolling on the floor.

“Oh my gawd!This man is funny” I said rolling hard on the floor.

After disappearing from Ethan,I came across this funny man receiving money from students after telling jokes but to be sincere his jokes worth it.

He rounded up his jokes with a bumper and I ended up holding a pole to support my self from another fall.

Everyone dispersed after dropping some few dollars.

“Gosh!he is too funny” I muttered walking back to Ethan house.

He didn’t lock the gate?

I got to the door that paved way into the sitting room when I heard Ethan coughing.



👦Ethan p.o.v.👦

I climbed on Ivy to start the real work when I suddenly had the urge to cough,I climbed down from her,took the water on the table sipping a lot and got back on top of Ivy when I heard someone scream my name.


I looked up immediately…

“Shalim?”I called

Am more than shocked,every horny sensation in me died down immediately.

” What are you staring at?”Ivy asked but ignored her.



👻Ghost girl(Shalim)👻

My eyes almost popped out from its position.

“Ethan!!” I screamed with every thing in me.

He looked up immediately

“Shalim?” He called.

My eyes starts to swell with tears.

Why am I crying anyways?The deed has been done.

Ivy stood up immediately wearing her undies in a quick way.

“I never knew you are impotent,you are fake” she yelled taking her bag and went out.

“Ethan! She is fake, that’s not Ivy” I said.

“What?” Ethan asked shocked.

“Did you have anything with her?” I asked curiosity eating me up and he nodded negatively.

“Thank Goodness,you might have died” I replied weakly.

“But who is she?” He asked almost crying as he got up to dress when we heard a car horn outside.

“Mum is here” he muttered lowly.

When we heard her yelling..

“That useless ghost should come out before I exorcise you myself”Ethan mum yelled from outside.

” Ethan!!”she shouted again

“You have to leave now”Ethan said facing me.

” What about myself, will I just go without knowing about myself? “I asked crying.

I suddenly felt something sucking me up.I fell down immediately seems Ethan’s mum has started the exorcism outside,it’s affecting me.

” Ethan”I called weakly

“Shalim!” He called tenderly.

Just because of me Ethan is facing this much, he almost died because of me and now he is almost at the verge of becoming his mother’s enemy.

I won’t allow that,it’s better I leave him for good.

“Shalim”He called again.

I gathered all the strength in me and disappeared away…Far from Ethan…


*To be continued

*Shalim is gone😭Who is following me to deal with these people Lolita,Ethan’s mum,Reich and Lucifer but only the ghost readers would be chosen to meet Lucifer😁

Your authoress can’t fight well am sick😁😁😁

*Stay tuned

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Love y’all💋💋💋

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