Ghosteens episode 6

Episode 6
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Ethan p.o.v.
“Hun?” I asked startled and she gapsed coving her mouth.
“Don’t bother” she said nervous.
I watch her eat in awe,she such a great eater and talker.
She was rushing the food to the extent that she start to choke,she gulped down water,I can’t help but chuckle.
I was j£rked out of my thought when she hiccu-mpped.
What?It sounded so loud that I thought the world is about to come to end.
“So irritating!” I muttered lowly.
“Did you just say som..”She was about to say when she hiccu-mpped again.
” Oh my gawd!”I yelled hitting the table ha-rd has she flin-ched.
“What to you wanna tell me bow you’ve finished your food”I asked not after she threw a empty bottle at me.
“Sorry”she mumbled and I just nod.
I wonder when she will go.
” Hm…I wanna tell you a little information about myself”she said sadly.
This is the first time she is getting serious.
“Yh!I have wanted to ask you before also” I ch!pped in.
“You wanted to ask?Does that mean you care for me?” She asked blu-shing.
When I thought she is finally getting serious.
“Are you re-ading to talk or not” I asked getting frustrated alre-ady.
Mum would return home pretty soon.
“Ohkay!This my story” she said locking her f!ngerstogether.
I woke up somewhere in the bush surrounded by a angels that I later got to know they are angel in hell,they attacked me wanting to carry me away,I felt weak but immediately they l@ytheir hands on me,I felt power run throu-gh my veins,I kicked them all and ran for my life.I later got to know I can’t re-collect a thing about me that how I bec@m£ a wondering ghost”she concluded bitterly.
I felt bitter also mixed with pity.
It really heart wrenching not having an idea about yourself
“Ethan”, she called tenderly
” Can you help me find out,who I am”she asked looking intently me
👤Reich p.o.v.👤
Mehn!This ugly girl is really good in be-d. Life is not bad tho.
“Him” she cracked beside me.
She kinda irritate me but I jabe to stay low in other to accomplishedy plans.
“Pretty” I said sitting close to her,she is n-ked on be-d.
“You really good in be-d” I praised her and she keeps giggling.
“Do you know Ethan?” I asked immediately he expression change to that of hatred.
“Yh!who won’t know that j£rk!” She fumed in anger.
“You hate him,right?” I asked to be sure.
“Yh!I want to teach him a lesson” she said nodding vigorously.
“Then let’s teach him a lesson like you requested pretty damsel” I replied se-ductively.
“What’s that?” She asked confused.
I moved slower to her and whispered in her ears.
“What??” She screamed almost blocking my earthly ear.
👦Ethan p.o.v.
“What do you just say” I asked picking my words.
“Help me Ethan” she replied in a teary manner.
“I have to know my name even if I can’t know the cause of my death at least I should have a name of mine” She said rushing her words.
“Hm”I hummed di-pping my hands in my hair.
” But how? “I asked,confused.
The weirdest thing that will ever happened to me is helping a ghost!
I never for once imagined it.
“B’cos you are a human,your help is most important, Will you help me?” She asked the third time.
Right now am going crazy…Like how will I help a ghost?
Gosh!She shouldn’t pout her mouth, it is tempting.
“Pls” she begged.
“Give me sometime” I told her and face dropped.
“Alright” she nodded lowly not looking at me.
“Grinnnn!”The door bell rang.
” Ohh,mum is here “I muttered.
“Sweetie” she called walking into the house fully.
“Welcome mum” I replied icily.
“How was school today?”, she asked with full concern.
” Good expect for the fact I was mocked for trekking to school”I replied remembering Lolita.
“Really? Who the hell is that bully?Sorry dear” she said.
“It alright mum,go and shower,I alre-ady prepared some food” I told her.
“Really?What are we celebr@ting” she giggled walking upstairs.
“Nothing mum!” I shouted after her when I heard her chuckle lowly.
Tsk! She must have been thinking I brou-ght my girlfriend to the house b’cos I only cook only if Ivy comes here.
Shalom made me cook today anyways!
I made to turn to my room and I suddenly screamed.
“Oh my gawd!”I said startled
Shalim will be the one to kill me of care is not taken.
How come she stood by the door laughing weirdly.
” She is too beautiful “she said dancing around.
” Who?”I asked
“Mother-in-law” she said grinning.
“What the hell did you just say?” I asked.
What does she thinks she is saying?
“That’s absurd” I muttered
“Guess what?Shalim don’t repeat herself” she replied with a sm-irk.
I know she must have been a bad girl when she was alive.
“Hey! You better go your way!” I yelled after her!
She quic-kly ran up stairs.
Oh my!shalim missed a step.
I saw her falling,her screams is deafening.
I ran has fast has possible.
Oops!I caught her in my hands,In a bridal style,she was frightened and heard unto my cloth so ti-ght.
“Hey! Have you forgotten you are a ghost?So you can’t die” I said chuckling.
“What??” She screamed struggling to get down when she saw how I carried her.
But am not re-ady to put her down and she keeps on yelling.
Crazy ghost!
👰 Ethan’s Mum p.o.v
I heard Ethan talking to himself or probably to a ghost.
I opened my door slightly peeping out when I saw Ethan running up the stairs, he then stretches his hand, he gro-an ed when the thing fell on his hands.
I heard him mutter.
Gosh! Don’t tell me Ethan is bringing a female ghost into this house.
Is it the prophecy..
👈 🔙 BACK
“Magic Mother! I seriously nee-d a child,I beg you” I cried begging the over fed women in my front but all she did was to laugh irritably.
“You request has been fulfilled”She said perfunctory while I looked at her surprised.
” Really??”I asked happily and she nodded .
“But,he will be gifted with a vision of seeing ghost” Magic mother said.
“Gifted?Vision?Ghost?I don’t get mother magic” I replied confused.
“Yea,when he is 18 make sure he doesn’t have an affair with a ghost?” She said again.
Damn! i’m confused,what’s this fatty saying.
“I heard that!” She replied visibly angrily.
“Sorry,mother magic,am just confused as hell” I replied back with pleading eyes.
“I mean your given son would be gifted with a sight of seeing ghosts cus I have to snatch him from the spirit realm” she said breathing down.
“When he clocks the freedom age,make him not fall for any ghost because he immediately he does that,you having a son till old age has been cut…He will die and return back to the spirit world” she explained while I nod.
“Go now!” She yelled.
I quic-kly ran has fast as my leg would carry me.
“I will never let that happened, ‘I’ve worked ha-rd enough than to let a useless ghost ruin my life.I wanna have a son I call my child till old age.
Ethan is definitely taking the wrong step!
I must do something fast,I must get rid of this so-called ghost
But how?
😈 Lucifer’s p.o.v.😈
I grinned evilly when the supreme one(God)told me he is the one at the winning side on Shalom soul.
He thinks i’m a fool,right?It would shock him when he sees his only sceptre(Shalim)in between my palm.
“I think that Shalim of a ghost is bent on knowing about herself” Supreme one said excited.
“Ohh really but she is a loser” I said grinning wickedly.
“Let’s wait and see!she really is bold and determined” Supreme one replied.
“And I think when she knows about her death, you won’t be able to run away from my wrath cus it seems you have an hand in her death when I told you countless time not to interfere with Shalim” Supreme one said shutting his eyes.
“My hope is in Shalim in order to get you defeated!” He yelled but I only smiled.
That pla-yful, unserious as-s?
“See you around” I said walking away not after bowing down.
I hate bowing down to him not like I have any choice,it will end pretty soon when I l@ymy hands on Shalim and where the hell is Reich.I nee-d Shalim now not later!
😬Reich p.o.v.😬
Now that Lolita has agreed, I nee-d to strike the plan.
The problem is that Ethan is a block in getting Shalim,have been trying to decipher his thought but I haven’t be able to do that.
I wonder who is he but I found a way to get rid of him.
I will Change Lolita face to that of his girlfriend and then the plan will strike.
His dead b©dy would be dragged out.
Time to use the black magic even though it is dangerous I will put in my might.
Ethan must die in order for me to take Shalim…
👻Ghost girl(Shalim)👻
After pla-ying around the room with Ethan after the fall, am just feeling bu-tterflies inside of me.
Who says Ethan is a fun spoiler??I made a mistake in saying that.
I sat down when he said he wanted to ask me something.
“What’s that Ethan?” I asked sitting close to him.
“Don’t you remember anything about yourself at all?” He asked.
“Nothing” I replied disappointedly.
“Really?Think ha-rd !” He said
“Ohkay!” I muttered.
“Oops! I dreamt about a girl,she looks so much like me and she is wearing a school uniform “I replied feeling confident.
“Can that be a memory or your silly imagination?” He said giggling.
“I don’t think so,it looked real,I can’t say it is a dream, it looked like a vision” I said and he sighed staring into the space.
He looked like he was thinking about something.
Then he suddenly turned to me.
“Did you see the name of the school uniform the girl is wearing?” He asked searching my eyes.
Wait!I closed my eyes trying to remember.
“Elliott high!” I yelled happily.
“Elliot high?” He asked to confirm.
“Yea,it was written all over her shi-t and he has a badge attached to her shi-t, like she is a prefect” I replied feeling happy I remembered.
“A prefect?” He scoffed.
He took out his phone,did some pressing.
“Elliot high you say?” He asked.
“Yea” I replied eargerly
“There is really a school named Elliot high but the school seems not to he in a perfect shape again.
According what is written here,some rich parent jailed the owner of the school for allowing a night clas-s whose daughter died because of that decision.
” Seems she was wayla-id, and that three years ago”Ethan replied rummaging his hair.
“So bad!” I said lowly resting my hand on the be-d well in order to see what Ethan is doing clearly.
“Let’s check the girl picture if it’s there” I whispered but he ignored.
“To see whether she is beautiful” I giggled pla-yfully but he still ignored scrolling his phone upward.
“This is no fun Shalim, a girl died!” He announced like I don’t know.
My eyes caught what is written there in blue.
A pretty young girl died on her way home.
#The girl picture
Yay! I cli-cked on it without Ethan knowing.
“WTF! You wanna waste my data?” He yelled still holding his phone.
“You are using your mum’s h0tsp©t, so st©p lying” I replied taking my eyes to his phone while he glared at me.
The picture finished loading and…
“E…E…Eth…an..” I stuttered getting teary.
“What?” He asked still not looking at his phone.
“Th…the..picture…” I stuttered again.
He took his eyes to his phone and he screamed throwing his phone on the be-d.
“What??” He said stammering.
*To be continued
What do you think just happened?💁
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