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June 23, 2021


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Ghosteens episode 4

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Ghost girl(Shalim)’s POV

“Awwuhhh” I stretched after eating different assorted food and fruits.

It been long I tasted that kind of food.


Ethan is nice but kinda arrogant.


“Thanks Ethan” I greeted happily but he just nodded.

Hm,Too arrogant.


“That ugly duckling won’t dare bully you again” I said but he didn’t reply.


“The way she ran out of the cafeteria is damn embarrassing and she even fell when running” I said beaming with smile but still he didn’t reply.


What an attitude!


“You can go your way now” he finally talked but I wish he didn’t.



“Go my way?” I asked dumfounded.


“Yh” he replied walking away almost immediately but he stopped on the his track.


“Thanks for saving me” he said walking away finally.


“I knew it! He is a joy killer!”I muttered sadly still staring at him till he his out of sight.


” Oh my!”I screamed when an idea pop into my brain.

Oh yes!


👦Ethan p.o.v.👦




I was more than happy with what she did to Lolita and she is such a foodie also.


I stared at her all through

Gosh! She is just too beautiful than Ivy,my girlfriend.


She also attends this school but she is such a late comer.


I looked at Shalim,those dimples are prettily deep.

I don’t have any choice.

than to send her away cus my heart is behaving somehow.Whereas she is a ghost.


*My heart ache has I walked away.


Why is my

happiness all in things that can’t come true?


We finish the morning assembly and we all walked into the class.


I walked straight to my desk cus I don’t keep friends.


“What!” I screamed attracting all the attention of my classmates.


Oh gawd!

I looked around and mouthed sorry to them before they took their eyes off me.


“That grumpy guy is such a weirdo” I heard someone say.


Like I care.

I looked at the person in front of me.

Not person tho…Miss crazy ghost.. Smiling as if she just won a lottery.

What the fuck!


“Shalim,do you have a dead wish” I asked angrily.

Everyone turned to look at me again.


“I’m dead already” Shalim replied unmoved.


“Get the fuck out of here!” I yelled at her.

I tend to yell when am angry.


“Hey weirdo! Who the heck are you talking to” A blonde girl yelled from among the class.




“When he doesn’t have a friend why won’t he talk alone” another said and everyone laughed.


“I didn’t come for you,I came to learn,manage the seat” Shalom said with a grin.


I couldn’t talk again.


I just sat quietly beside Shalim but she keeps giggling.



I will deal with her after class😂


Ghost girl(Shalim)


I can’t help but smile,he must have been super shocked when he saw me on his

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Gosh!This guy is too handsome and hot.He sitting beside me made me have a clearer view of him.


He sat like those bad boys,one of his hand in his pocket….seems like; he love putting one of hands in his pocket.


Gosh! Must he unbutton his uniform.

Oh my gawd! those chest are super

hairy and Oh My!


I was still drooling over his chest when I felt someone sit on me.


“What?” I quickly made to stand making the so called person cough.


Why are people such a Joy killer??



👦Ethan p.o.v👦


I could see this mischievous ghost staring at me.


Why can’t she just go?hun?


I shouldn’t have helped her but she is too clingy.

She would have been receiving her judgement by now.

Such a freaky ghost!


“Babe” I heard someone say making me look up immediately.

Oh my girlfriend!


“Miss late comer” I replied sternly.

“Like I care” she replied rolling her eyes seductively.


Before I could see Jack! She sat down beside me,or should I say she sat down on Shalim.

She immediately start to cough.


“What have you done” I mouthed to the Shalim.

Seems she didn’t expect it also.

“Did you just say something?” Ivy,my girlfriend asked.


“Nope,drink this water” I said handling her the bottle of water as she sipped it.


“Good Morning class” our history teacher greeted.


“Morning sir!” I heard someone screamed.

Shalim again?

She already sat on the bare floor.

Has she forgotten i’0m the only one she is disturbing by her scream?


I helped the wrong person…oh no!I helped the wrong ghost, crazy ghost.


👻Ghost girl(Shalim)👻


Serves her right?

Can’t she asked if someone is sitted there already?


Weird Girlfriend and boyfriend..Ugh!


Both arrogant and grumpy.

See how he is giving her water…Mere cough.


“Yuk!I can’t stand this”I muttered sitting down on the cold tile angrily.


I will frustrate the heaven out of him.


” Good morning class!”A man in his mid forties greeted.

But no one replied.

This students are spoilt and rude.


“Morning sir!” I screamed happily as if my life depends on it.

Am loving this already.



“Oh,the class is very interesting! I got to know some important places God created” I said to myself happily.


I turned to look at Ethan but he is busy talking to his girlfriend.


“Ethan!” I called,he looked at me glaring angrily.

He has many problem


He is rude,arrogant, cold,grumpy and gets angrily to easily.


His girlfriend looks like Lucifer’s wife in hell…Ethan doesn’t have a good taste in girls..

I mean look at me, i’m far more pretty than his girlfriend.




☁In the uppermost of earth(Heaven)☁


👿 Unknown p.o.v.👿


“Lucifer the supreme,Allow me go down the earth and I will surely bring her to you” I said bowing down.


No one dare look at the supreme one.


” Hey you falter too much,you should know God is the one supreme”Lucifer said smiling evilly.

I know he loved the name already.


” But you know she is the one that owns the sceptre, you must be extra-careful” Lucifer warned.


“I know and that’s why am ready to go bring her” I replied confidently.


“Your wish is granted! Bring her here is all I need! Whatever method, hell is becoming boring.I need her” Lucifer roared grinning making me smirk as well.


The earth is in trouble!


*To be continued

What’s gonna  happen now and who his Lucifer talking about sef😏?

Don’t you think someone is in danger??


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